JW Marriott Resort Hotel

230 Moo 3 Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand
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Perfect holiday

"We had heard good things about the Marriott in Phuket and decided to give it a try. We stayed for two weeks and had a great time. My wife and I were looking for someplace comfortable that had two bedrooms as we have two children who are 4 and 6. We booked one of the two room villas and were not disappointed. The vill was very spacious, clean and had many of the things that a family of four need such as a washing machine!

The hotel is rather spread out and staying in the villas meant that it was a five minute walk to the main lobby. However, with the beautiful gardens this was never a problem and you never felt you were in a full hotel even when we heard occupancy was at 85%.

There are three swimming pools and one or another can get busy but there was always plenty of space at one if another was full. One thing to be aware of is that if you are going to spend anytime eating outside, be warned of the flies. For some reason, they were everywhere anytime we ordered food or a drink.

The staff at the hotel were great and many times went out of their way to see if they could help.

The hotel is a bit far way from many of the busy tourist areas so we followed the advice of other posts and hired a car which worked our really well.

In summary, I would highly recomend the Marriott for familes. It was great.

10 / 10

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Wonderful Resort

"Stayed here for two weeks in March 2006. If this resort was not so isolated it would be absolutely perfect. Although it is not that far from Phuket town it seems to take ages to get there as well as other areas. The beach is not used much as the sea is quite dangerous which is also a shame. Having said all that it really is a stunning place. We stayed in a two bedroom apartment which was lovely as in fact all Marriott Vacation Club apartments appear to be. The apartments are very close to the hotel resort so there are restaurants and three fabulous swimming pools at guests disposal. The restaurants although a little pricey are very good. I particularly enjoyed the Italian restaurant. Ordering food into the apartment is also an option and a very good one. We did this twice, one of which was an in-room barbeque, really fun and really good. The service at the resort is exceptional, in all the restaurants and around the pools. Quite a special place. It would be a great place for a honeymoon if you just wanted to hide away! Shame it is away from any little town but we still loved it. We were four adults/2 couples."

8 / 10

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Comfortable Room & Excellent Service

"Beautiful grounds. Excellent service. It's now June- monsoon season. But the room's so beautiful that you can just stay in for a day or 2 with a book. Good value.

I fell in love with the turtle aromotherapy burner in the room. It cost 600bht. Easy.

However, it was out of stock at both the hotel shop and housekeeping. Marriott offered me the option of buying the current used burner in my room.

BUT Marriott's housekeeping wanted to charge us 600bht + 10% service charge for the used burner in my room. No way. I don't understand how 10% service charge levied by housekeeping is justified.

8 / 10

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"We are a family of four (with two children under 5) who stayed in the Phase 2 Villa of the Marriott. This hotel is superb and while I feel as though I could go on and on about it, I'll try and break down my main points so as to maintain some clarity and organization.

Check-in and Reception - On arrival we were greeted with garlands of flowers. In years past when I stayed here, there used to be a cold drink included. I'm not sure if the drink is limited to certain guests or times of the day because some guests did get one and others did not. The staff are extremely welcoming, friendly and cordial. I think that we'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who didn't meet the "friendly and welcoming" description in Thailand though!

Our children were greeted with open arms, and each given a toy turtle and beach balls on arrival. The check-in moved quickly, and we were shown to our villa.

Villa - Since I have not seen the hotel rooms, I cannot comment on those but the villas are beautiful. We had a two bedroom, two bathroom unit. It was very clean and well-equipped. The maids had made a cute elephant out of the towels, and decorated it's eyes and ears with pink orchid petals! Now, who wouldn't smile at such detail?! The villa was perfect for our stay here, and the kids loved having room to run about. We looked out onto the beautiful trees and garden and had complete privacy. There were a few pesky ants in and around the villas, but nothing major. Also the phase 2 section is a bit of a walk to and from the lobby, so we generally called for a golf cart. I do think the rooms were perfect....if I had to add something it would have been a map of the resort since it was hard finding our way around. We also appreciated the free internet access from the Villa (this does not apply to the hotel rooms from what I understand).

Grounds - Absolutely impeccably maintained. The staff take pride in the grounds, and were up early mowing, weeding, planting, pruning etc. The pool staff were very attentive and immediately brought drinking water, speay bottles and towels to our poolside area. The pools are wonderful - there are three to pick from. We spent a lot of our time at the children's pool, and the newer pool that had a swim-up bar with waterfall. We even had lunch here one afternoon and the kids were just giddy getting to eat lunch sitting in a pool with a waterfall right behind them! We also appreciated the childrens play pavilion. My daughter had fun here. The only thing I would caution over is that they were playing a PG movie that scared my daughter a little. Nothing too major, but a point worth noting.

The fitness room was under work while there, so they had moved it to a room to the side of the lobby.

Service - The staff are wonderful - and like I said earlier, I think a lot of it has to do with the lovely Thai culture. The staff were always smiling, and so accomodating. There were a few instances where mistakes were made but they were always very gracious and apologetic. One thing we had problems with were wake-up calls. Sometimes they came about 15 minutes after the requested time, and one morning we didn't get one at all (even though we had requested it the previous night). The staff said it was computer generated and a wake-up call had been made, but we didn't get one and I'm not sure what happened. We ordered a lot of room service, and enjoyed the meals.

Food - By Thai Standards, food at the hotel is expensive. But there are no other dining options in the area so we ddi opt for room service quite a bit. Portion sizes are generous, and in some cases we even ordered kids meals to save on costs. We grabbed snacks at the Siam Deli, but always for take-out because they charge 15% more for eating in there. The food was good, and my kids love the fish and chips. The Thai food was always delicious, and this is typically what we ate while there. The satay was delicious and a good option for kids (sans the peanut sauce which adds spme spice). We also enjoyed the Saturday Night "Thai Bazaar" which allowed us to sample Thai delicacies that one often sees the locals eating but might not venture to try by oneself. This was great fun, and the food was delicious.

Overall - This place is indeed paradise. The people, the culture, the resort amenities, dining, is just amazing. We didn't use the spa and were tempted to try the beachside massage for only 400 baht, but there is certainly something for everybody at this resort. It is large enough that one still has privacy and solitude, while catering to families and couples. It is, in my opinion, the people that make this place so special because they make each guest feel welcomed and honored to be there. This resort deserves five stars all the way!

10 / 10

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Go elsewhere

"To put this review in context, we are very seasoned travelers. We were disappointed with our stay for a variety of reasons, many of which may appear rather picky, but together left us with a bitter taste.

Let me start with the positive. The hotel facilities are indeed beautiful as other reviewers pointed out. We stayed at the so called villas, which are in fact a large two bedroom apartment, not a separate house, as the ads imply. That was not a big deal.

One major source of disappointment was the service. Many employees seemed to make little effort to be nice. Some were. But many others clearly were not. That is unusual, especially in Thai establishments.

Another major source of disappointment was the constant nickle and diming. The place is completely removed from anywere else and rather than trying to make up for it the hotel charges you for everying, and I mean everything. Today, when I had dinner at the restaurant, they even charged me for each of the very small portions of butter that I asked for with my sandwich, as a minor example. Everything is charged. The kids room has PC's but charges for usage. The pool has absolutely not games for kids but sells these for a hefty fee. They do offer you 4 small bottles of water, but those taste horrible. They do offer better water, but again for a high fee. There are many many more examples.

The place is quite far from anywhere else, and is hence boring after a day or two.

In short, having been in several other resorts here (Hilton, Sheraton, and once that are more pricey), I would avoid this one.

4 / 10

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Fabulous Vacation Spot for Adults and Children Alike

"- Lovely grounds

- Great restaurants (for the most part). Would have to agree with one reviewer that kitchen and table service were sometimes slow, but service was always gracious and thoughtful

1) Good continental offerings at Siam Deli and Marriott Cafe

2) Excellent Italian food at Cucina

3) Not so great Thai food at Ginja (IMHO, Thai food is best rustic and cheap - they tried a bit too hard to refine the cuisine and lost a bit of the wonderful flavor contrast of Thai food)

- Semi-private beaches - lovely, warm, clean, with no more than 20 people in sight at any given time

- Wonderful housekeeping staff (and such lovely creations with the folded towels!)

- Great pool for kids and complimentary Kids' Club from 9 - 5

As advised by another reviewer, do take a taxi into town on your first day to Big C or some other supermarket and stock up on your staples - beer, coke (bottled water is complimentary, but the tap water didn't make us sick), fruit, snacks. It's well worth the $12 cab ride not to pay hotel prices for such things. Cab fares are fixed from place to place, so no need to worry that your driver's pulling a fast one on you.

Didn't get to try Baan Rim Pa as many suggested, and this may sound funny, but one of the best meals I had was in a Thai chain restaurant at the Central Festival Mall, where we ordered a Seafood noodle soup, an excellent pahd thai, a green mango salad and deliciously earthy sauteed morning glory with two coconut milks for just over 5 bucks. Can't remember the name, but they have a display kitchen right in the front, and it's on the second level.

Phuket Fantasea has a crazy (in a good way) show you just have to see to believe. Vaudeville schtick meets the Vegas strip meets National Geographic meets Animal Planet on one stage. Quite entertaining in a surreal sort of way.

If you're into produce like I am, visit the downtown fresh market, where they sell everything from shrimp paste to jack fruit to mangoes to rose apples (and lots of other stuff) at dirt cheap prices. We were warned not to have fruits or salads or anything that might be washed in tap water, but no one in our family (who range from slightly sensitive to iron-stomached) got sick from water or ice while there. And if you're there in April, by all means get your fill of the wonderfully sweet, fragrant and delicious mangoes and pineapples!

Great resort, great vacation spot - unbelievable bargain. Very highly recommended.

10 / 10

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Magic! A beautiful resort.

"My wife and I stayed at the Beach Club for eleven nights, and it was a truly fantastic experience. The resort itself is beautiful and faultlessly maintained; the two-bedroom apartments are spacious and extremely comfortable.

Although located on the beach front, little/no use of the beach itself is made. In all honesty, it’s not one of the world’s great sandy beaches, and the resort makes very little use out of it. Everything is focused on relaxing around the resort’s three swimming pools, all of which are lovely in different ways. The main pool is spectacular, split into three separate interconnecting sections; the new south pool is possibly even better, with a bar set in the pool behind a miniature waterfall. Given the intense Phuket heat, attendants are constantly bringing water, cold towers and fruit to guests around the pool.

One thing to bear in mind is that this resort is set a long way away from the busier areas of Phuket, with Phuket Town approx 40 minutes drive and other towns even further away. Driving is not a problem, but be prepared for some long spells in the car if you want to venture around the island. After the first few days, we decided to dispense with the car and spend our time in the resort. At time of writing, there are four restaurants open including a fantastic beach-front restaurant serving traditional Thai dishes with a focus on fresh seafood; a good quality and authentic Italian restaurant; a more contemporary restaurant serving a really good buffet or “a la carte” options. The concierge told us that two more restaurants are to open near the south pool, which will give plenty of options for those deciding to stay resort based.

While the food (and service) in the hotel is great (Sala Rim Talay – the beach front seafood restaurant – is wonderful), a couple of recommendations elsewhere in Phuket. Baan Rim Pa (ask your hotel concierge) is a restaurant set in a cliff-face on Karon beach, with a spectacular view and great service. A more authentic meal can be found at the Natural Restaurant in Phuket town – the food is amazingly cheap (£1.20 for a main course!?) but fantastic quality. It’s certainly an experience to eat there, and I would recommend it to anyone.

10 / 10

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lovely hotel

"Mom and I stayed three nights in an oceanview room last year and we enjoyed our stay. Their good service started at the airport by driving us in a very comfortable car with mineral water and cold towels in it. We were welcomed at the lobby with cool drinks. The room was very nice and we liked the area called 'sala', which I had never seen in any other hotels in the world. It's a thai-style resting area. The bathroom was quite big with seperate bathtub and shower booth. You can see the ocean while taking a bath if you leave the window between the room and the bathroom open but since the hotel is a low-rising building, I could see the ocean partly between the trees. The swimming pools were nice and big and the food was good. The staff were very kind and friendly and the spa was good. The atmosphere at the spa was very relaxing but the treatments and the massages were quite expensive. There's hardly anything at the beach. If you want the quiet beach and like to use all the facilities in the hotel, you'll like this hotel."

10 / 10

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Pampered As Never Before!

"My husband & I enjoyed very much our two week stay here. The accommodation was very comfortable & relaxing & we particularly enjoyed our time spent at the smaller villa pool where we wanted for nothing. The shuttle into Patong was welcome although we would have liked more flexibility in the pick-up times. The restaurants, especially the seafront one, were excellent with attentive & friendly staff who were so obliging in meeting our various requests. In fact we loved it so much that we are hoping to visit again in 2006."

10 / 10

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"Was there for my honeymoon. Just a mere 15 minutes from the airport. Great service from the airport pickup to departure.

This is one of the many beautiful resorts I have been to in Thailand. But what really sets this place apart is the excellent food and superb staff service.

10 / 10

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Address: 230 Moo 3 Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand