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2 / 10

"This hotel is rotten. When we arrived at this hotel we were straight away not impressed , but we still were a small bit opitmistic. That soon changed after we received our keys & as we made our way to our room. There was this discusting smell which lingered throughout the hallways. We opened the door to our room & the smell was still there. The room was just rotten it was filthy it looked like it had never been cleaned ( the thoughts of it even send shivers down my spine) I was even afraid to sit on the bed in case we got eaten by ants or somethin. The room was also completly unsafe there was a back door into the room with a tiny lock which could be broken into by the weakest of people. The bathroom was the most discusting thing I've ever seen in my whole life, I actually felt while I stood there that a dead body was going to fall out of the bath tub. We couldn't even stay there we got our stuff & left.

This description is not by no means an exaggeration, even ask the locals if you don't believe this comment

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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2 / 10

"We were very impressed with the location of the hotel, as well as the roof top swimming pool.


PROBLEM 1/. The Sol e Praia are only a Residential establishment NOT a Hotel, so there is no where to eat except a breakfast room, at night we had to find 1 of 3 restraunts with only a poor photocopy of a map indicating the location of the eating establishments, we had booked and paid for half board

PROBLEM 2/. the Sol e Praia is not on the map so one has to follow directions given in broken English to get onto the map.

PROBLEM 3/. After retuning to the Sol e Praia we went to the bar, we were alone, the bar has more pillars than an underground car park, and there is only 1 bar man who is NOT a waiter and there were no drinks trays available - so two trips to the bar. The bar T.V. show Spanish, German, Portuguise as well as Sky News and BBC World News. No Euro Sport.

PROBLEM 4/. At approx midnight the bar closes, we had been joined by 6 fellow trravellers who had booked in at 11pm with nothing to eat, as it was Sunday and all the local restraunts (the 3) had closed at 11pm. (the bar also closes between 9pm/10pm so the bar man can have his dinner).

PROBLEM 5/. We were in room 420 when we went to our room the bed was soaking wet, with water dripping through the ceiling.

"We have no spare rooms, we are full" was the responce and there is only the night reception man on duty after midnight. Atapprox 2am the night man found us spare mattresses and we slept on the floor of the balcony.

Problem 6/. It appears that there is only 1 maintainance man and Monday is one of his days off, after 2pm we were given another room with a view of heating panels for a solor heating system.

PROBLEM 7/. On our floor none of the fire doors closed without scraping the tiled foor, there is no soft furnishings on any of the corridors so every sound echoes also the corridor, the stairs are open wooden polished planks and are very hard so they also sound trhough out the hotel corridors, in attempting to close out the noise is how I found out the fire doors would not close.

PROBLEM 8/. We were awoken on the Wednesday morning by the screams of 'Fire, Fire' it turned out to be a drunken nutter, but it conversation with the reception staff next day, on my question as to why it was a NONE SMOKING hotel, yet there were signs asking people not to smoke in bed. "clints do smoke in their rooms that is why we turn off the fire alarm, it used to keep going off all the time". We checked out within the hour.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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2 / 10
Sleeping in a tent is better than this hotel

"We were on a camping tour in Portugal and booked a couple of nights in this hotel for some comfort. When we arrived, the hotel receptionists checked in all portuguese holiday makers before us, even though we arrived at least an hour before one couple, then they told us our room wasn't ready, so we waited another 2 hours. Receptionist was not friendly. When we finally got into our room it was like a box that the bed filled and it was on the ground floor facing a car park, which was not great for secutity for us because the door from the veranda was beat. The room itself needed alot more than a lick of paint! 2 worst nights in a hotel ever. sleeping in a tent is better than this hotel."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008

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9 / 10
Loved this holiday! If booking,...

"Loved this holiday! If booking, request a room with a sea view, because it is worth it. The hotel is next to the gorgeous beach. The bay seemed quite isolated which was nice. On the cliff above the beach is a good cafe and restaurant. The desserts are great here! And there are amazing views over the bay.

The hotel was very basic - the best thing about it was the location. However, the rooms were cleaned daily and we had a private balcony overlooking the sea.

The pool was fairly quiet (bearing in mind we went in September). The pool was on the roof of the hotel overlooking the sea and was a great place for sunbathing!

The staff were friendly and there was Internet in the reception, which we used on a regular basis to check the weather!

Sometimes we were stuck indoors due to rain and thunderstorms but the weather the majority of the time was great. During this time, we played table tennis downstairs in the hotel.

Breakfast was adequate. Choice of meat, cheeses, fruit salad, and croissants daily.

In the evenings I would recommend travelling into Lagos. It is a gorgeous town which has an amazing atmosphere and culture. There are loads of restaurants here. Conveniently, there is a land train that stops regularly outside the hotel that takes you into Lagos. Although it is not a long walk, I would recommend getting the land train as we got lost when attempting to walk!

If you're after a hotel next to a gorgeous beach, not far from the town, then this hotel is for you. If it's luxury you're after, then perhaps look elsewhere!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently

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4 / 10
very dissapointing

"Just returned from a weeks stay at this hotel.The staff were friendly but that did not compensate for the shabby conditions of the rooms.We had two rooms in the dungeon,sorry the basement,both rooms had problems such as yellow/brown water -lights,doorlocks,TV,telephone,radio all either missing or not working.After complaining we were offered other rooms on the second floor but on inspection they were only marginally better and the terrace was a shared facility(by that I mean anyone in the hotel had access).The breakfasts were "ok" but on two mornings they ran out of cereals and fruit juice-not what one expects from a so called three star hotel!There also appeared to be a shortage of tables even though the hotel was nowhere near full.So why did we stay for the pre- booked seven days-we enjoyed brilliant weather and were out of this Portugese Falty Towers most of the time.You have been warned!!"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007

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6 / 10
great location poor hotel

"well then whee to start, we arrived at the hotel at about 1300 after a long transfer from the airport (although it was a minibus we seemed to have drop offs in every town on the way to lagos!) Upon arrival i was informed my room would not be ready untill 1600 even though they were informed we would be arriving at faro at 1030, so we left our bags in the reception and made our way to the beach. What a beach! definately the most picturesque beach on the algarve well served by two snack bars and a restaurant for evening eating looking over the bay, a word to the wise when we went high tide was about 1500 and came to nearly the rocks in the middle of the beach, this provided some fun for those of us in the know watching people trynig to gather up their possetions before they were soaked!. Upon finally checking into our room which was small but clean we realised that three out of five of the lights didn't work so i went to the bar, which was closed and would be until 2100. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as our room was directly above the serving area. The patio openend onto a closed small walkway which recieved no sun all week so drying beach towels was pretty difficult. The breakfast was what you would expect (ham cheese bread croisants etc) but did become a bit repetative. The pool opened sporadically and the pool bar was never open, so no midday snacks in the hotel! The walls were very thin as i could hear people showering two or three rooms away.

Lagos town in very good, the food is reasonably priced and for those looking for something a bit lively the party bars fill up about 2230 whytes bar is probably the best of these especially if they open downstairs. For those who need sat nav at home try to buy a map or remember street names as after a few it can become something akin to the labyrinth!

Local to the sol e praia is a restaurant called paraiso, which was by far the best restaurant which i visited and probably the cheapest,the grilled sword fish was excellent as was the flambe steak, but the one at the beach was not without its charms.

If you are hiring a car be very carefull on the n125 this road is like a rollercoaster and has the highest deathrate in europe.

Happy camping!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007

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2 / 10

"While I was apprehensive about visiting the Algarve (not the kind of place I usually go), I must say I was very taken with the area and would go back again - but not to Sol e Praia.

The location is good, just few steps from a really decent beach, and remarkably peaceful - BUT I booked the hotel because it was advertised as having wifi which I need to work. When we got there, one receptionist told us wifi had been out of order for the last couple days. Later on, other receptionist admitted Sol e Praia in fact DO NOT have wifi. In other words, the marketing was misleading and staff lied to me in my face and made me make a fool of myself for days running, as I would come down to reception every morning and afternoon, with my laptop, asking if the problem had been fixed.

Other than that, the room was basic (I can live with that) but dirty. Really dirty! Somebody else's hairs all over the bathroom, including pubic hairs, is not my idea of a holiday and though we asked to have the bathroom properly cleaned three days running, it didn't happen. Only after we complained to the company we had booked through, and after having informed management that we were leaving early.

Oh, and the light wasn't working in the room and was never fixed either.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007

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6 / 10
Lagos, Dona ana & the Sol e Praia Hotel

"Just returned from 10 day stay (24/06-04/07) in the beautiful town of lagos, staying at the Sol e Praia Hotel.

The hotel is clean, friendly but does definitely not supersede it's 3 star status.

We were met at reception at 11.30am by a friendly english speaking girl who allocated our rooms, she gave us some very basic information on hotel layout etc and the standard welcome pack, we were surprised to learn at this stage that when booking through lastminute you are allocated a rep (through medhotels). We were also informed that the hotel bar would not be opened until tuesday night (this was sunday).

This no doubt added to the realisation that the sol e praia is very quiet as hotels go...with no music in any public area.

When we arrived at our room, i was pleasantly surprised to discover that my requests made when booking online had been noted. we had indeed been given ' a high room with sea view'.

when i had requested this i didn't hold out much hope as the rates were higher for a sea view, it just shows it's always worth asking.....

Now as any regular traveller will know, it's the rooms in a hotel that belie it's star status and the sol e praia is no different.

As the pictures show the accent is on functional rather than interesting but was exactly what we were expecting.

I believe there have been other comments about renovation and although by no means run down, the hotel would benefit from a little 'modernisation'.

After we dropped off our cases, we decided to have a look at the pool, intriguingly located on the roof!

Although the area directly underneath the pool is quite a large terrace, the pool area itself is very compact, with room for only approx 7 sunloungers, though usually with at least two free.

sunbathing by the pool is only for the determined however as it was so windy that 1 hand was on the parasol at all times, for fear of spearing a fellow holday-maker.

There is a small drink/snack bar next to the pool but this was only opened towards the end of our stay.

Now, although Dona ana is beautiful and seems to be the beach that is always used to represent the area in brochures, there isn't much to do in the evening.

There is the resturant/cafe on the steps leading to the beach and unless you fancy a walk, thats it really.

Luckily this restaurant is reasonably priced and excellent quality with great views of the beach and lagos town in the distance.

During our stay a brand new restaurant popped up right next door to the hotel: 'NAUTICUS' is a bar/restaurant that is open all day. we ate there once and although there is nothing to complain about, it's a little uninspiring and is very obviously brand new but given time it could be great.

As we found out on our last night (isn't that always the way?), the best eating to be done in the locale is at 'O Briol', which can be seen from the hotel terrace but is accessed on the road into town. A 3 course meal with wine cost us around £20 here and very nice it was too.

Our first visit to the breakfast area was somewhat of a shock, due to the fact there was only around 2 other couples present, needless to say that by the end of the week we were queuing to get in as more and more people arrived.

The breakfast was of standard european fare (cereals, cheese/meat, croissants etc and we had no complaints there.)

Breakfast is served officially between 8-10am but there was always someone eating until 10.30 and the staff didn't seem to mind.

Amenities in the local area include a couple of mini-marts (mercados) the aforementioned restaurants and a couple more bars.

A little tip: the market nearest the hotel is more expensive than the one at the top of the road on the way into town..where the staff are also friendlier.


Lagos itself can be reached about 3 different ways from D.ana.

There's not much time difference between them, mainly just different scenery. it's a pleasant 15-20 minute walk whichever way you go and is honestly not that taxing.

There is a tourist 'noddy train' every hour which costs 2.50 euros for a return, a not so regular bus service which is 1.50 each way, there is also the taxi option which staff informed us would be around 4 euros..

Once in lagos the abundance of restaurants soon becomes apparent, with most being very reasonably priced and serving excellent quality food. we only had a couple of disappointments in the 10 days we ate out.

Honourable mentions must go to 'Nectar', an excellent wine/tapas bar staffed by a lou reed lookalike and 'Xpreitaqui', which is a funky little bar directly opposite with friendly staff and the best caiprinhas in town, both situated on Rua Silva Lopes.

A stroll up the main streets will see numerous flyers hoisted at you for all the little bars serving cheap cocktails well into the early hours, whilst there's nothing wrong with these places and certainly nothing shady about them, they could be in any town, any street, anywhere and it's worth seeking out the 'real' bars such as those mentioned above for the true experience

One thing that strikes you about Lagos is the amount of 'art' and sculpture. it quickly becomes apparent that by comparison, most english towns come a poor second when it comes to architecture and also pride in their locale. Even the most functional items are good to look at..

Overall, there's loads to see in Lagos and i would definitely consider a return trip.

the sol e praia, whilst functional and uninspiring, is reasonably priced, friendly and clean.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007

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2 / 10
Mystified at good reviews...

"The overall postitive reviews of this hotel surprised me. I used to work in a hotel and have traveled a fair amount and this was my worst experience ever.

I'm going to be fair and say that it was late at night, my boyfriend and I made a walk-in reservation, and I asked for the cheapest room.

The lobby looked very nice and I was afraid it would be over our budget but we found a room with a balcony for 55 euros.

The front desk clerk was nice enough. He gave us keys to a room on the third floor-the deco was severely out-dated (although it was never actually in fashion) and the room truly reaked-as if a rat had died in it, though we couldnt find the source.

It was also very musty. I tried to bear it because I usually don't like to complain and I figured it would only be one night-but neither of us could bear the foul smell for long. The last straw was when I ran the water in the sink and it came out brown even after letting it run for a few minutes.

So we finally told the clerk and he was very accomodating and switched us to a second-floor room with a shared balcony. The odour was no longer there, just a slight mustiness. The water was still yellowy-brown but I just figured I would get through that night without a bath and use bottled water for brushing my teeth.

Then as we were about to head into town we tried to lock the balcony window and the lock was stuck-it would not budge at all.

Tired and cranky we decided to just pack our things and leave. We didn't like the idea of a shared balcony with a window that didnt lock with our valuables in the room. Once I got to the front desk, the clerk did not give us a hard time but did mention it was a fixable problem. And it was true- we could have switched rooms again or had it fixed, but my boyfriend and I could not bear to look at another room for fear of what we would find, and we found accomodations elsewhere that night.

While my boyfriend was leaving he ran into another guest who said she loved the place and had been there for a week. And the reviews here aren't bad. Maybe my mistake was getting a lower-priced room. Be careful what area of the hotel you stay in if you plan to stay here.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007

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2 / 10
This hotel is situated in a beautiful...

"This hotel is situated in a beautiful location on cliffs overlooking a lovely bay and is right next to the sea.

The hotel was basic but clean and comfortable with a small, but clean rooftop swimming pool. And I'm afraid that's where the good points end!

There is a bar in the hotel but there were very rarely any staff in there to serve. The breakfasts were VERY basic with a selection of breads, 2 types of cold cuts and cheese slices. Croissants appeared on one day only during our 1 week stay.

There was free internet access for guests but this was constantly in use by staff playing games. The reception staff appeared disinterested in guests to the point of ignoring us. The cleaning staff were great however, very efficient and friendly.

The worst part was that the hotel was used as a base for visiting American teenagers. 3 coach loads (90 teenagers) arrived twice in the week we were there and it was hell! The noise was bad enough during the day but at night it was constant and became unbearable; so much so that we had to move to another hotel for the last 3 days to get some sleep.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently

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4 / 10
Ideal beach holiday

"Fantastic location next to a wonderfully clean beach (Accessed by 30 or so steps) Pleasant 15 minute walk to town, take sensible / non slip shoes as the cobbled paths are slippy. Breakfast was nice consisting of cereals, breads meats and cheese (fruit and croissants on occaisions too) this was consistantly topped up by the kitchen staff and plenty for everyone.

I had read the reviews before i booked and was quite excited as everything sounded lovley on arrival things seemed great until i openend my room door!! There was absolutley no way thet these rooms were refurbished in 2005!!! I had stained bedcovers, dirty floors, cracked tiles in the bathroom, OTHER PEOPLES HAIR IN THE BATH!!! I did go to reception to see if all the rooms were to the same standard, and was told that 'Yes all rooms are the same' I mentioned the problems with my room and a note was made by the receptionist.

A little later that afternoon i saw two maids leaving my room and thought great everything must have been sorted....this wasn't the case I still had the dirty covers, floor and hairs in the bath. (the covers and floors were actually the same state until I left one week later, and the hairs were cleaned away by ME)

The roof top pool was very quiet and relaxing until day three when the building work started up next door! the pool looked, on first glance to be clean, but a closer look told me differently, It was only cleaned once during the week (which looked to consist of a hose draped into the pool and left for half a day)

The rooftop bar opened in total for approx 8 hours over two days of our stay, this seemed to be due to lack of staff.

I found, as did other guests i spoke to, the hotels bars to be very expensive and chose to go to the little shop between the hotel and beach as this was far more reasonable.

All in all if I had to sum my holiday up I would have to say the Hotel was far too overpriced for what you get but if you are a beach and sun lover then it's ideal as you don't need to stay in your the hotel to appreciate that!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006

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10 / 10
Very pleased!

"The hotel has a terrific location next to the beach. Our room was clean and comfortable with lemon trees growing outside. The breakfast was excellent....the Portuguese are top notch with their food.

The young lady at the desk was charming, helpful and spoke several languages fluently. We will definitely go back!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006

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