Vale de Carros Hotel

Apartado 6015 Olhos d'Agua, Albufeira 8200-925, Portugal
7.5  / 10
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1 / 10
left after 2 days

"Awful location..depressingly dark rooms..dangerous 10 euros a night this place is grossly overpriced..lethargic staff..Hotel places the emphasis firmly on football, booze, karaoke, quizzes, chips and hangovers. Or to be more accurate, a pub atmosphere. located miles from nowhere with a 30 minute walk to the beach. best thing about this place is the bus stop to the old town. Could not handle more than two days of barking dogs, depressing rooms and an insomniac rooster so checked out and went a few miles nearer civilization. Would not recommend to anyone over the age of 21."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: stay somewhere else
  • Good For: , Skiing

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7 / 10
pretty nice

"We went as a family of 3, got there early evening, and the friendly barman sorted us out.

Got our keys to room 25, which was nearer the quiet pool, so we were never disturbed by the barking of the dogs opposite, in fact I think it was too hot for them to bark poor things. So arriving about 7pm on a Sunday meant that the hotel for food had finished at 5 (but later in the week) meant that we went to Langoustines which we enjoyed, we went 3 times and can recommend the tuna steak with onions and the prawn and salmon kebab.

Yes staff are friendly and we nattered to the Manager who was approachable and good to talk to with a wind up sense of humour ;) which we liked.

Apartment was basic and clean,but it was breezy some nights and the door would bang a bit and scare you half to death. We were visited most days by the cleaning staff. Pool was clean too and don't bother laying out your towels on the bolted down loungers (not that we did, we can read notices :-p) esp near the big pool as they are taken off back to reception. Neither are very big pools and the bigger one is near the restaurant, we preferred the smaller one.

But the grounds are so clean and well kept so it isn't hardship to lay on an inflatable under a cool shade of a tree. There is a variety of of families from different countries, and despite being August it wasn't packed out to us.

The bar was well stocked and apple juice , rum and coke (generous serving btw) and a pint of tages light beer was 8 euros.

We didn't do any trips (sorry) nor use the kids club so cannot comment on that. I feel it isn't a place where if you wanted to stroll about for a early morning walk it not that pretty, but we didn't see anything on foot much beyond the restaurants.

No microwave in the rooms, there is a kettle to put on the electric hob but we took ours as it was quicker. Although it was self catering we ate out every evening for 3 of us (our 9 year old had adult portions!!) it was between 43 to 57 euros for wine and two desserts.

Now my bug bear, my step daughter does like sausage and chips occasionally but the kids menu was limited in ALL restaurants they only had burgers, egg, fish fingers, sausage, and erm calamari, all with chips. I know its difficult with kids but I wish that they could do a smaller amount of adult portions, mind you with our step daughter it is "no you have to eat all your chocolate mousse or you won't any any more carrots and broccoli" kids eh!

Hugos is very nice and a sweet guy who runs it does amazing portions and it very good value for money, and that place does a 1 euro beer if I remember reading it correctly after my 3rd glass of green wine.

The chinese next to pizza restaurant Sole Mio was great and the fried ice cream dessert was so big that Homer Simpson could probably only eat 3. I heard that Pinhal was nice as well.

There is a place I think known as 'the strip' and that is a clubby place so I heard but we didn't go there, but we visited Old Town which was nice when it livens up, but I wanted occasional little boutique places, and interesting shops, now I know I didn't walk everywhere, but i was disappointed as I felt there was no individuality there, just same old shops selling the same old thing. But for a change of scenery and a 10 euro fare, it is nice to have a look after all.

We are not beach people normally but a short bus ride kindly provided by the hotel took us to Falasisia beach which was gorgeous, there is a little cafe which does limited food which is okay, and to hire 2 sunbeds and shade was 12 euros. We went most days, and all the blokes we spoke to including mine got burnt feet, so ladies tell them to keep spraying their feet, with suncream or you may be walking barefoot as one lovely bloke had to for 3 days.

We never saw a single Mozzie so none of us were bitten, but take stuff just to be on the safe side.

Summing up if you want a quiet reasonable holiday, excellent english is spoken (but we did our best with their language) restaurants that are pretty nice, but there is a choice to do things, I think you wouldn't be too bored with a 10 day stay.

Tips Langoustines the restaurant did free wifi which we discovered on the last day.

It isn't the flattest place to go, and walking to the resturants you do have to be careful. Also it is in a slightly urban area, so no hearing the sea in the distance.

The Sprinklers go off morning and night so you could do an unexpected wet tee shirt competition, if your timing is off, well wet leg actually.

There is a medical place which is easily found and anything you forget to pack you can get it there in the supermarket. There isn't many gift shops but I did like Hippie Chick, which is further on up from langoustines around the corner.

That's about it really , I said I wasn't going to write much , but there you go.

Asked the other two if they would come back both father and daughter said they would, I would too and if you are a first time traveller and are scared of language barriers and food etc, this is a good place to try. I wouldn't be scared to try this place alone either. Cheers :-) PS I have written this review on Tripadvisor too

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with co-op travel
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
Cheap and Cheerful!

"Booked this as a last minute thing after getting cheap Ryanair flights to Faro. Its true the apartments are a bit dated but they are big with plenty of storage and a lovely big terrace. The grounds are well kept with 2 pools a quiet one and a larger one with kids area which is a bit more lively as the kids are around but nothing over the score.


* free bus to Falesia beach

* Free kids club Mon - Sat morn

* Free entertainment in bar at night nothing too over zealous but is nice to have as an option

* Free library of books

* Internet access

* No real fights for a sunbed (although they are bolted down so can't be moved which is a bit annoying)

* Plenty of restaurants locally over 10


* Apts bit out of date

* Could be considered a bit quiet but others at the apts got taxi's into livelier Albufeira approx. cost 10E

* 2nd last night found a cockroach in kitchen argh!!! but hot country and seen them in other countries in far more abundance

* Occassional noise from dogs across the road - think this depends on where your apartments are situated closer to quiet pool the quieter it seems.

Overall we really enjoyed our time here, the apts and the resort were reasonably priced went to several restaurants which we really enjoyed including Lagousteria (had a wee play park for kids), Hugos bar - cheap and cheerful but huge portions, O Sole Mio - Pizzas were fab, Himilaya Indian - food lovely and although we never got to go reports from other residents were that Pinhol was lovely and the Chinese all you can eat buffet for 9.95E was gorgeous.

If your looking for a cheap and cheerful holiday where the excitement of the day invovles sitting round the pool (whilst kids take part in activities) and a short walk for a nice meal and some entertainment if you want then this is the place for you.

Good value for money would go back again!!!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Definately try the piri piri chicken if you like a bit of spice - mmm yum!

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9 / 10
Very good value

"Just arrived back from Portugal, Stayed at the Valle de Carros.

Rooms were clean maids visited every day except Thrsdays and Sundays. There are two Pools neither of which are attended, however this is identified in the literature and by the Pool, so not really a problem. The Pool is close to the bar so easy enough to summon someone should there be a problem.I had already read the reviews regarding noise before I went and to be honest didn't find it any more of a problem than other apartments Ive stayed in. Just luck whether you get noisy neighbours or not. und the staff very helpful. The beach is beautiful but there are just a couple of bars and it is a good walk away, however there is a hotel shuttle twice a day which will take you and pick you up from the beach. Also Olhos do Agua a slightly larger resort has a god bus service to various locations including Albufeira.There is a regular bus service to here and to Albufeira. I went for a quiet relaxing holiday and thats exactly what I got. More suited to couples and families as opposed to those looking for night life!! And Ive had far more noise for far more money so all in all very good value and a beautiful place!!

  • Holiday details: May 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
Just go.

"Went for the week beginning 15th Sept 2010 with my husband.Paid £200.00 for the accommodation as we were on a budget and were a little concerned after reading some of the less positive reviews.Arrived early afternoon and were promptly given the keys and directions to our one bedroom apt.Pleasantly surprised by the very large and clean accommodation with a lovely patio area over looking the quieter pool(no childrens section).

We visited Acoteias last year and stayed in the La Falesia Hotel,very expensive.When I return I will definitely return to Vale de Carros instead.The grounds were well kept,the bar was well priced for food and drinks and there was entertainment most evenings ranging from bingo to a magician.The resort itself is quiet quiet,but there are adequate restaurants locally and more in the vicinity of the beach area around 15 minutes away.We ate out a different place each evening and enjoyed lovely meals and wine.

The beach itself is beautiful and we enjoyed long walks

there everyday stopping off for a drink on the way back.

One word of advice,invest in some insect repellant as many people were bothered by mosquito bites in the evenings.All in all the Vale de Carros apts provide clean and spacious accommodation for a relaxing break in a beautiful area.Go and enjoy.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: I have been twice and will return again
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
The Vale de Carros staff were very...

"The Vale de Carros staff were very friendly, especially Carlos, the entertainment guide. He helped make our holiday one to remember, the apartments were very clean and spacious, the area was quite and friendly, a relaxing holiday throughout.

There were a wide variety of excursions to choose from, we did not have enough time to try them all. Old town Albufeira is amazing, plenty to see and do for all the family.

We would definitely recommend this resort and accommodation. We have already booked to return this year!!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
Fab time

"Due to my partners job we have spent a lot of time apart this year and needed a quiet break just the two of us. I didn't realise how perfect this place would have been! It is central enough but also in a fab relaxing part of the resort. The staff were awesome and sooooo friendly. Accommodation was great and really clean, bar and entertainment area was well set out. Carlos, who was in charge of entertainment was a true star. We are planning on returning next year but taking children with us and we are sure they will enjoy as much as we both did . Thank you Vale de Carros for a great relaxing and very memorable time."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007

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6 / 10
Apartments are nice

"My myself and my husband stayed in these apartments this year, the apartments themselves are nice, the pools are clean, the gardens are well maintained and the tennis court for hire was a bonus. Most of the staff were friendly enough and the bar was close and served good food and alcohol, although it was all English food. The Beach is a good 40 minute walk away but the apartments run a free bus service which is excellent and the beach is well worth a visit as its beatiful and the sea is nice and clear. My complaint is with the actual village that Vale de Carros resides in; no where catered for vegetarians, I found myself eating pizza and salad everynight, I was also disappointed as although there did seem to be locals eating in the same restaurants as the tourists it did appear to be a bit Brits abroad, even now we're not entirely sure what the national dish of portugal is, ironically we went for a day to Albufiera where the restaurants catered for vegetarians and had much more to offer in the way of local shops and off licences (although we were told it can get very rowdy at night time.) I think this would be a nice place to bring a family as the families around the pool seemed to be having a lovely time, with their kids playing together, but for 2 twenty somethings with no children it could get a bit noisy in the daytime and there wasnt much in the way of night life unless you count the local karaoke bar."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007

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8 / 10
Great Break

"We arrived at our apartments just before midnight ,3 hours late due to a delay at Gatwick, to be met by the smiling manager who offered us sandwiches and kept the bar open for us! This put the 4 of us in a good mood, that was to stay for the 2 weeks.

The apartments are basic but adequate, with a lovely view to the pool.

The best thing about the place are the staff,from the manager down to the cleaners everybody had a smile for you.

Carlos the Brazilian Entertainments manager is a diamond, he introduced himself to everybody on the complex and never forgot your name, even thou we went at peak time with the constant turnarounds.He always had time for you and the kids loved him, his dancing at night will have you in stitches.

Yes the area is quiet but Vilamoura and Albufiera are a 10Euro ride away if you need the nightlife,we didnt, so enjoyed the peace.

There are 3or 4 bars and plenty of restaurants about 400m away, with more about a mile away towards the beach, we found these both very good and a lot cheaper than Vilamoura.

Just one complaint, we booked a big game fishing trip out of Vilamoura one fishing one just as a spectator, and after putting bait over the side we sat there and waited ...and waited..and waited.After 2 hours we asked where the fish were and were told the water was to cold for the big fish!!

We asked to move and do some thing else but the crew were totally disinterested, and didnt listen. After 6 hours we came back in, all very fed up .DO NOT book a big game fishing trip if the water is under 21 degrees, you will not catch anything, it is the boat that is bookable in the apartment.and is a total rip off.We guessed they made about 1000euros for sitting there reading the newspaper

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007

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6 / 10
Really good

"We decided to go just a couple of weeks before and were looking for a quiet resort. It was really good, basic accomodation but clean any problems were sorted quickly (minor niggles with electrics etc.). The people in reception were very helpful, nice bar entertainment laid on if that's your thing. Two reasonable pools, the one drawback being that although sunbeds are available most of them are bolted to the ground and they can't be moved, this is a shame because some of them are in shade for part of the day and you can only face one direction! However the grounds are well maintained and provide an opportunity to sunbathe on the grass beside the pool which is actually quite comfortable. Local facilities are fine and just a short walk away, some nice restaurants (lots of seafood on the menu) a supermarket and a few shops. We liked the Casa Falesia restaurante (turn right at the junction it's a few 100 metres on the left) nice food & good service & very reasonable, Lagosteira was also very good but a little more pricy. Also the Casa Branca bar is worth a metion, it was just a nice bar without all the gimmicks that some of the others have. Falesia beach was lovely, but quite busy and a fair walk from the appartments, you can get a minibus from the hotel but you have to book the day before.

We would reccomend this resort if you like the quiet life, there was enough to keep us happy for a week but a fortnight there may start to drag!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007

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10 / 10
Crazy,mad and great fun!

"We booked this holiday while seeking a peaceful small complex to relax in. This complex has all of that but with a difference.

One man alone turned what we thought would be a quiet break, into two weeks of non stop fun.

Carlos does not stop from morning to night and you can guarantee that regardless of age, you will want to join in.

All hotel staff were extremely friendly and always willing to do anything for you.

The rooms were cleaned regularly and more than suitable for surviving in a small complex.

The facilities are well equipped with two pools, pool table and games galore throughout the day.

The resort itself is busy enough to offer plenty of places to eat with variety but out of the way enough to avoid the loud early morning discos.

Within easy reach by car or taxi from Albufeira and Vilamoura and for approx 7 Euros you can visit either.

If you want a base to explore the Algarve then look no further!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007

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10 / 10
Best holiday you will have

"We love Portugal and visit every year, this time we stayed at the vale de carros appartments. On first arival we were very sceptical as the reception looks a bit shabby from outside. Once we had got ourselves sorted we had a fantastic time. The appartments are basic but roomy and comfortable. The bar is well stocked and cheap especially wines. Lots of nightly entertainments for adults and kids, and 2 pools during the day. We would advise getting a car but its not essential we just like to get around a lot. Eating out in Portugal is fantastic lots of choice and virtually any food is available if you look for it. Our personal favourite is the Bom Garfo Portuguese restaraunt in Sao Jao, the thing to remember about this place is it is a self service Portuguese restaraunt so dont sit outside on a table waiting like lots of people do, go straight in pick up a tray and just pile up your plates with real portugese food, you pay by the weight of the plate and trust me you can get lots on and its cheap. Also try the house wine served in a jug by the litre its heaven. Another good one for the kids is the American Diner just a short distance away they have the best burgers in town yummy. Be warned they are big and filling. Top tip for burning off the calories after take a walk down the beach from Sao Jao to Albufeira over the cliffes and dunes its stunning veiws are wonderful can be a bit up and down in places but worth it, the pictures you see in the brochures of the beaches are correct it is really like that everywhere, when you get to Albufeira you can get the road train back to Sao Joa kids love that bit. Dont go to Portugal in the high season though as it just row upon row of lager louts on sun beds. Go out of season and it is the best place in the world very friendly people. If you get chance go to the Zoomarine the dolphin show is amazing we saw it twice its that good. I could go on forever about Portugal I love it. Im sure there are lots of people who hate it but thats life, anyway were going back again in november cant wait."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006

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  • by maclogan

    " Get a room near the small pool, take a kettle and don't go to the supermarket at 11am, it's rammed and pressie buying is... "

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