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1 / 10
1 to be avoided at all costs

"Thank goodness I can begin by saying this was not the hotel that we stayed in. As a couple we met a young family and got talking to them about our living accommodation on the beautiful resort of Albuferia. I could not believe What S was telling me as he described the poorest customer-relations exercise every demonstrated, the worst culinary experience ever and the most shabby and dirty hotel in existence. We were invited to take a look for ourselves and I was astounded to find the hotel rooms were not only as they had been described but were in fact worse. The patio doors which did not close completely let alone lock, was without exaggeration, a death trap for small children. A place like this in many parts of the world that we live, would quite frankly be closed down. My advice would be to steer well clear as this overall depressing place should be avoided at all cost unless the proprieties take responsibility to bring this hotel up to modern day living and safety standards and employ staff who want to work there."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Take a tent and sleep on the beach on front of the hotel !

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1 / 10
Very Very bad

"We had a family holiday for 1week the hotel is crap and needs pulled down.The room are outdated cold damp and very dirty:the bar closes at 11pm ever night and the bar area is always cold and dirty tables are never cleaned and the bar staff if you can find 1 are very unpleasant the food is always cold and repetitive all staff don't care about anyone.The hotel is the worse we have ever experienced will never be back or recommend it to anyone New years eve and new years day not one thing was put on for the guests"

  • Holiday details: Dec 2014, booked with very cheap holidays
  • Advice: Stay away
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Bad - Bad - Bad

"Have never written a bad review before, but this place broke all the holiday rules, have just come back from a week all inclusive, just so glad it wasn't 2 weeks.

Food was the worse I have ever seen or tasted on my travels,gave up after 3 evenings and ate out at night, was just to risky to eat and checked out of the hotel a day early as just couldn't take any more.

Up to you folks if you try it, and ignore the bad reviews like I did,but learn my lesson the hard way.

The place is dirty and run down, never met such miserable just cant be bothered staff in all my life - well what little staff they have - you spend half your holiday waiting to be served at the 1 bar that they bothered to open,could go on and on but to be honest just want to forget about the hell hole.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2014, Booked Independently

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8 / 10
Funtastic value

"This is a lovely clean affordable friendly hotel in a great location.

Staff were fantastic and helpful particularly in the restaurant .

Food was average, but again for the price I cannot complain.

It's great place for family as only few minutes to the beach and 15 minutes walk to town center.

Hope to return again and will definitely recommend this hotel .

  • Holiday details: Jan 2014, booked with Low cost holiday
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Friday 11 th April 2014

"Looking at the bad reviews, this resort is always full, taking the percentage of poor reviews it must be less than 01%!

My wife and I have been here for one week and have another two to go. The sea view apartment is excellent three star, comfortable and properly equipped. The reception staff are efficient and friendly. The restaurant and the food produced is quite acceptable, eat as much as you want and varied. The food I have had has always been hot. The location of the resort is good, has in door and outdoor pools (the outdoor pool bar and bar area needs updating) it is a short walk from the beautiful beach, although at this time of year the sea temp is around 17c brrr! The old town of Albufeia is pleasant walk along the sea shore. Two things broke down on us in two days, the AC and the water heater, BUT were fixed instantly, and were faults that could not be per-empted, and without any asking the Manager upgraded us from half board to fully inclusive for the second week as a gesture of good will for being without hot water for 4 hours! All in all a good value for money resort. I personally. Cannot fault this resort, and feel that the criticism aimed in earlier reviews is not justified. Think the review has been written by the resort itself? It has not you will find me on face book. I would recommend this resort to anyone. Christopher Mills

  • Holiday details: Apr 2014, booked with Asda Travel
  • Advice: Take the walk along the beach to the Old Town and enjoy the Old Town itself.
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
Poor Selection

"I and seven friends have just returned from the Monica we could not fault the accommodation we were in the apartments at the rear of the main building and they were superb absolutely spotless clean.

However we did encounter a problem with the breakfast the breakfast bar had a very limited choice and what was on offer was at best lukewarm if you wanted a fried egg you had to wait in a Que were the cook was cooking them 1 at a time by which time your lukewarm items were cold.

Then on to the toaster which was a domestic 4 slice toaster here you could be waiting as long as 15mins and then another 5mins to get any kind of color on your toast.

We have stayed at this complex on 5 previous occasions and never had any problems it appears that they may have had some cutbacks and the service in the restaurant has definitely suffered as a result.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2014
  • Advice: Find a nice little bar for breakfast
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10

"Where do I start.

I read previous reviews, but I had to see this for myself.

Believe me the bad reviews didn't do it justice on how bad it really was.

The receptionist upon arrival was very abrupt. We asked to be near our friends and was advised "NO your friends are 4* and you are 3*. The receptionists manner was awful the way she spoke to us. We also spoke to other receptionist regarding different questions we wanted to ask, and they were all abrupt and very un professional. They need to go on a customer service training course. I ended up speaking to the Hotel Manager regarding this.The Manager kept appologising and said he would speak to all reception staff.

Our room was awful. It was very dated and looked as though no one had stayed here for ages. The wardrobe and door stunk of must, so I couldnt hang my clothes up and lived out of my suitcase.

The bathroom was very old and dated and the shower just trickled water, so it was a nightmare getting a shower.

Our patio door wouldn't lock and we didn't feel safe.

Our friends room which was 4* wasnt much better. There hotel corridor was very dark and dingy and like a dungeon.

The layout of the hotel was ridiculous.It was placed on a big hill. The restaurant was on the 7th floor and you had to go up more stairs when you got out of the lift, to get into the restaurant. This hotel is no good for anyone who is disabled.

The food was the same every day, and was cold.

When we were checking out we asked for a courtesey room to get as shower and was told they don't have any, and we had to get a shower by the pool. Everything you ask the staff for, they are not interested and it seems they dont like the English.

The only good point was the waiter by the pool, who was always happy.

I will definately not be going back to this hotel.


  • Holiday details: May 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Reception staff to go on a customer service training course on how to speak to customer
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
Just got back from this hotel...not the best!!

"This hotel has no organisation...drinks by the poolside between 11am till 5pm is great if you are fit enough to get up and down the the hill and if the weather is with you!!! We had very heavy rain falls and was still expected to use this bar only ,as the main bar did not open until 3 pm. If you wanted a cocktail you must pay even if all inclusive.Snacks during the day were sandwiches wrapped in cling-film!!

The annex accommodation was very poor and smelt damp, so very basic. Entertainment if you can call it that was embarrassing.

But on a positive note we found the food very good plenty of choice and hot.

I would not go back to this hotel again .

  • Holiday details: Mar 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't go!!!
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
holiday from hell

"the worst holiday i've ever had, the room was cold dark and damp.we just couldnt get warm at night. put extra blankets(which were filthy) on the bed

but it still didnt warm up.we stayed for 2 nights then stayed with friends (who had an appartment) for 3 nights moved back for 2 nights, but there was no way we could stay there for another 6 nights. we ended up paying another

!£150 for another place to stay.unless you want a noisy boozy holiday don;t go there.the indoor swimming pool was filthy also!

  • Holiday details: Feb 2013
  • Advice: don't bother going
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
Value For Money

"I always say to myself don't take any notice of what people say online make your own mind up. Its worth the risk for the value. Let me tell you this, the worst thing about review sites is they show off the negativity that some people are basically born with. Some people really are unbelievable. I paid £550 to stay here for ten nights ALL INCLUSIVE. What do you people really expect?? A 5 star experience for a 3 Star price Wise up!! If your not a negative person and you look to enjoy yourself and not look for faults in everything go for this hotel, I am a very picky person when it comes to eating I don't like to eat differently so All Inclusive seemed like a waste of money but let me tell you this the average pint of beer was four euros, I drank at least 15 pints from dusk until dawn at the bar for free. 15x4=60 x 10 =600 euros. I drank 600 euros worth of beer thats my holiday paid for in alcohol. I did not completley disregard the food i snacked and ate pizza and chips ALOT! The hotel is fine what do you really expect for the money that you pay. Its right on the beach which from past holidays can be hard to get. Just go and enjoy yourself for a week or whatever. A hotel should only be for base camp, your on holiday you cant expect to live in your room, as long as theres a bed your fine. Swimming pool was abit small but there an ocean 2 mins away so what would you complain about it for. It is smac in the middle of everywere the strip of nightclubs plenty of bars and clubs etc.. The location alone is worth the money never mind the hotel. Keep in mind that most of the bad reviews on these sites are from people who cannot take positivity out of anything and live their lives waiting for the next thing to complain about. Go and enjoy yourself and write your own review when you come back. Dont be like these others and as soon as your their on day one you cant wait to get back to write on the internet with complaints even though you have ate dinners longer than you have been their."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Drink as much beer as possible! Drink your moneys worth!
  • Good For: Beach

67 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

5 / 10
Great staff, great location.

"From arrival, staff were extremely helpful, lovely reception lady put us in a sea view apartment (we were celebrating our aniversary) room was clean, if a little 'tired' , but was cleaned every day, and towels changed.

Was great listening to waves lapping every evening, and nice sitting on balcony with views of old town.

Was a bit hilly, but found we could walk along bottom of resort, and enter via indoor pool, and go up for meals in lift, so not too bad.

Meals were a let down, mostly cold, and nearly always same thing. We heard many people complaining about food while we were there. Breakfast was probably worst, only got bacon one day out of seven! Soup was good at dinner, only hot thing available! Dessert choice was a bit limited, with no cream or ice cream to accompany cake, lots of fruit around, so would have been nice to have had fruit salad some days? "fresh orange juice" was simply cordial, free with breakfast, 1.50 euro on an evening! Couldn't quite work that out!! If you are paying for meals, shouldn't you at least get a soft drink?

Anyway, we found a water cooler near out table, so used that most evenings!!

Inside pool and jacuzzi were nice. Didn't see much entertainment, as seating was very limited.

Nice 15 minute walk along beach to the old town, 20 minutes other way to 'the strip' which we found a bit rowdy, alright if you like shopping and eating!

The train is great! 3.50 euro for an all day ticket, so you can do the trip from the strip to the old town and back, and even get off at McDonalds! There was a big supermarket accross from McD's a and nice patisserie with some very tempting cakes!!

If you want to swim in the ocean, don't bother, it's FREEZING!! Apparently, they have had an unseasonably cool spring and the ocean hasn't warmed up as it usually does, we had fun watching folk run down and jump in only to run out even faster!

The old town is very nice, with some quirky little shops, and a tourist info shop. (good chemist opposite up a few steps)

Had a good last minute holiday, with some excellent weather. It's worth a trip to Gibraltar if you haven't been before, but book one at paradise tours almost at the top of the strip, it's half price compared to others, and the guide is hilarious with his pigeon English!!

Don't think we will go to Monica Isabelle again though!

  • Holiday details: May 2012, booked with Lastminute
  • Good For: Beach

6 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

1 / 10
Lovely time despite this "hotel"

"I went with an open mind after reading a lot of bad feedback, determined to make my own mind up about this place. At least the room was clean, the only positive thing I can say. The "shower" was a tap attached to the wall really, not enough hot water for both my partner and I to have a shower. We had no shower curtain and had to keep asking for one. The wiring was a death trap, the bedside lamp blew in my face when I tried to switch it on. The ducting from the cooker had a large hole in it, the list is endless. The beer was cold and and I could tolerate the shorts without the cheep mixers. The hotel will not spend a few euros on providing enough glasses or ashtrays for the guests so be prepared to drink out of plastic ups and bring a shell up from the beach if you are a smoker. If you like lukewarm or cold food, spam fritters, raw fish, chips and rice you might get by. I lost half a stone after a week of trying to get a decent meal. The toilets are disgusting, the pool ones didn't have a seat, not that you would actually sit on them, best to crouch especially as the day wears on. There is a metal portacabin which is tiny, pitch black and boiling hot as an alternative. This is on the main path from the beach where everybody walks by. There a lots of dogs and cats roaming about and nobody cleans up after them. Beware of the gunge and water dripping from the overhead pipes as you walk to and from your apartment and don't bother taking any nice shoes, they will get covered in water, dirt and dust as you walk through the passageways.

Take lots of toilet paper with you as there never is any, better still, don't waste your money, go somewhere else.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Go to the beach 10 euros a day, go out to eat, take an ashtray and glasses, just don't go at all.
  • Good For: Beach

6 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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  • by HappyJacki

    " Don't go all inclusive or half board, eat at other places! "

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