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Excellent holiday

"Just returned from excellent two week holiday at Royal Mare Village Hotel. Have stayed at other 5* hotels in Europe and the food here is the best quality and variety, different theme nights Greek, Italian and Mediterranean in main restaurant, no need to pay out for other restaurants on site (went to Greek restaurant on site and paid 90Euros for meal for two and bottle of house white!) On arrival told Bungalow room not ready so put in the Family suite with own pool- very luxurious only for one night though unfortunately. Was unhappy with first Bungalow as trees made room very dark in middle of day but was moved to nice room after talking to reception supervisor. Drink prices are quite expensive but we bought wine and spirits from local supermarket and put in fridge. NOTE this hotel lived up to brochure promise but is at least 4 km not 2km from main town of Hersonissos, takes 45 mins to walk or 10 mins taxi. Not many English people at hotel - lots of Russians and Germans but all the staff spoke excellent English. Hired a car and went into Rethymnon and Chania but thought that Hersonissos town was best for shopping and most scenic."

8 / 10

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Great hotel

"This hotel was great. We arrived late in the evening, and they had made arrangements for us to eat dinner in case we wanted it (their main place was closed, so they gave us dinner at another restaurant). The rooms were big, clean and very nice. The pools are beautful, and the food was good at all the restaurants. If you wanted to stay at this hotel your entire time in Crete, you could, and you'd be very happy. There are plenty of activities, nightlife and restaurants."

10 / 10

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Delightful staff, the rest not too bad

"Just returned from a week long vacation with spa. The hotel is very clean and the staff is excellent, efficient, professional, timely and so obliging. With this, you can tolerate imperfections elsewhere. For example, the beach is very average (no sand but small pebbles), drinks are indeed a rip-off and the general decor is one of a 4*. Otherwise the food is quite good and rich, including breakfast, animation team puts on a good effort, and the spa is excellent !

One more detail, the hotel is two steps from the town of Hersonissos (take a cab or walk, don't wait for the shuttle bus) which never sleeps and is unbelieavable fun for all.

... and just enjoy the gorgeous weather in this part of Greece !

8 / 10

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Nice hotel overall with relaxed atmosphere


1. Overall good food (although no fresh juices for breakfast, maybe VIP breakfast?) and variety

2. Room & terrace spacious enough & clean

3. Nice well planned area with lot of flowers

4. Relaxed atmosphere


1. If you need a taxi for longer transportations (e.g. airport) the gentleman at the reception will call his brother who is not really a taxi driver (&not driving his own car) but takes you where you want but might be a bit rude (&likes tips however!)

2. Animation team does not provide anything for the kids/children (eventhough officially yes)/ no mini discos etc. as advertised.

3. Childrens pool not covered (very hot) and dangerous (underwater structures)

4. Sheets had blood spots which was not nice

5. Pool towels were not changed and were in bad condition

8 / 10

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It was a good choice !

"the " + "

- great rooms and beds

- located at the beach

- excellent cooking (first choice !)

- quiet

- fun for children

the " - "

- expensive

- beach without any sand :-(

- 3-4 degrees more for the outside swimming pools would be perfect !

8 / 10

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Great service, great food.

"The staff both at the front desk and all the restaurants were excellent. The food was well prepared, with a nice variety. We are looking forward to our next visit."

10 / 10

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Please - Save Your Money and go Somewhere else.

"I booked this location having looked at many brochures ! It was our honeymoon, and being the "New Husband" wanted everything to go well. Thanks to the Royal Mare our 10 day Honeymoon turned into a 3 night short stay in Crete.

We arrived at the Royal Mare Mid afternoon towards the end of September, I appreciate the season is coming to an end, however, I still paid £2k for the 10 days half board, and was looking forward to be pampered somewhat.

That was my first mistake. Arriving at reception I produced the wedding certificate and asked (as in the brochure) for a possible upgrade and was told by the receptionist that they were full. We were taken to our room and shown how the air-con worked and where the fridge was, what they forgot to tell us was the air-con had been turned off 10 days previously so the air being blown around the room was warm. We opened our patio doors and walked out onto the patio (we were on the 1st floor of the "bungalow"?) We saw the sea in the distance, but much closer were the neighbours, one to the left and three further to the right with only a 2` wall seperating each room. Not very good for security and your immediate neighbour had a marvellous view of your room when sat on their patio. The room was filthy. There was dust on each piece of furniture and the bathroom was even more of a disgrace, the shower was falling to pieces and there was black mould around all of the mastic.

Our brochure stated that there was a "variety of hot and cold food served in the main restaurant" excellent ! that is if you don't mind the cold food being entirely salad, drenched in olive oil and the only hot food being served being fish.that was our first meal at the hotel, so we tried another of the restaurants later on, to be told they were fully booked - I hoped the other thirty guests in the large restaurant were not too cramped and enjoyed the barbecue being cooked for them. We walked about the complex and saw most of the rooms were empty - so much for not having an upgrade because they were full !

The next morning came breakfast in the "American style buffet". I have been to America once - it was never like this. Chips covered in cheese, a selection of raw fish in olive oil and the odd slice of processed meat. Cereal and toast a plenty.

That afternoon we tried the "Allegro" snack bar, deciding an early tea would save us going back to the restaurant, literature stated it was open from 10am until 6pm. We went at 5.30pm and asked for a Pizza and were told they had stopped serving. We went there again the next day at 2pm to be told they didn't start making pizza's till 3pm !!

We complained to our rep who complained to the hotel, we were shown another room - and another hotel but were scared that if we moved we would be forgotten about. We moved into our new room - VIP suite, or so we were told, the large double bed turned out to be two singles pushed together, the room was no bigger and in all honesty not really any better apart from the fact there was a pool shared between three rooms - no sea view.

In the end we told them we were leaving. We had to organise our own flights to the UK - via Dublin and then a Ferry to Wales.

Save your money, go somewhere else and have a more enjoyable break - we wish we had and maybe then we could have enjoyed our Honeymoon. You have been warned.

2 / 10

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Amazing Place

"This resort is amazing. We stayed there for one week, just before the toursit season hit in April of this year. The food was amazing. There is a waiter in the dining room whose name is Sergio. You should try to sit in his section. we did every night that we could. He is the best, makes you feel right at home. I really liked the location of the resort as you could take a walk into hersonissos in around 15 minutes, and walk along the ocean walkway to get there, making it even nicer. I would give this resort a 10 out of 10 except for the prices of their alcohol. A drink in the bar was around 8 euro's, and that was for a rum and coke. That is pretty high. The price of wine with your dinner was outrageous as well. We had taken the all inclusive package so even if you had the wine with dinner it didnt seem so bad as you had the dinner for free(or at least it felt like it as you had already prepaid for that part)You could walk into town and buy the same bottle of wine for 4 euro's that they were charging 26 euro's in the restaraunt.But all resorts do the same thing, so how can you complain. That is one small complaint for this amazing place. You can avoid drinking, but you cant avoid lousy service,lousy food and a dismal atmosphere.This resort has high alcohol prices, but amazing food, atmosphere and service, so I will be returning on my next trip to greece in 2006.."

10 / 10

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Great Honeymoon

"We chose the Royal Mare from Airtours Prestige brochure. Upon arrival at Heraklion airport we were quickly on our way in a private taxi to the resort. No fuss, no messing about, excellent service. We pulled up at the Royal Mare after approx 15-20 minutes in the taxi and were very happy with what we saw. The hotel looks amazing from the outside and is even better upon entering the reception area. We had booked a VIP bungalow with a seaview, the porter took us to our room to find a sea view a long way away and twin beds that had been pushed together? The room itself was very clean but wasn't anything other than a standard room. We were unable to use the shared pool which was a poor excuse for a pool due the the garden maintenance that was going on. The pool was littered with branches from the palm trees and other manicured shrubbery. The following day after speaking with a very helpful receptionist we were moved to a room with a double bed. Excellent. The pool was much more adequate for swimming in and was shared with approximately 12 other bungalows. The rooms had a refridgerator which was good for the fruit and bottled water delivered each day. We had booked half board and were given an 'extra' by the hotel by having a VIP breakfast during our stay. The buffet restaurant in the main building in very big, air conditioned and serves excellent food. There were some queues to get in the restaurant for those wanting a seat outside on the balcony. We had breakfast in the gourmet restaurant 'Candia'. The standard of service in both restaurants was excellent, the staff very friendly and helpful. As honeymooners we had a candle lit dinner as part of our package, this had to be pre arranged with a guest relations officer in the hotel reception. The meal was at the 'Candia' restaurant, again excellent quality of food. The 'Candia' restaurant can be accessed by a bridge from the main concourse, ladies beware, you may get your shoe heels caught in between the wooden boards as my wife did. The main bar 'Minos' we drank in at the hotel was very nice, staff again very friendly and happy to talk to guests. There was entertainment in the bar on most evenings from a magic show to classical tunes being played on the piano. There are no sports bars in the hotel or any bars that play any modern chart music. We went to the 'nightclub' on site which is only on every Friday night, this was situated in the Thalsso Spa area of the complex. The nightclub was very small and had 6 people being entertained including my myself, my wife and 2 friends that we had met. Needless to say we only stayed for one drink and got a taxi from reception to Hersonnisos = 6 euro's. There we found many bars including New York New York where a fantastic night of drinking and dancing was had by all. Back at the hotel there was a beach party on the shale beach on Saturday night, there was a good atmosphere and modern music playing. Heraklion airport on the way back was a complete nightmare. Once you have queued to check in there is another queue to go through passport control and into the departure lounge. Not much of a lounge I can tell you. There were no seats anywhere in the departure lounge, both downstairs and upstairs where the duty free shop is situated. The air conditioning was poor and was a very uncomfortable place to be for nearly 3 hours. In hindsight I would not have gone through to the departure lounge immediately after checking the bags in had I known what is was going to be like. Overall the honeymoon was excellent, many happy memories, more because of some friends we met rather than the standard of accommodation."

4 / 10

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Really Enjoyed this Holiday

"Just returned from “The Royal Mare Village” stayed from Tuesday 13 th September 2005 until Tuesday 27 th September 2005. On arrival at approx 0200 hrs we where booked in exceptionally quickly & as previously stated shown to our room transported on a golf cart which took a lot of the grief out of the proceedings. The room was upgraded to a VIP suite & was exceptionally comfortable for the two weeks. Everything else on this board is accurate & my only additions to this for fellow travellers is that the alcoholic beverages at all the bars on this beautiful complex is a little on the expensive side compared to say some of the nicer bars & restaurants in Hersonissos. We tended to use a little place on the main street called “Greek Corner” Ouzo 1.75 euros. Compared to 4 euros on the complex. The standard of driving on the island is “grim” to say the least so we just rented a car for one day to head down to Agios Nicholas for lunch & a look around the harbour, we used Rental-One opposite the afore mentioned Greek Corner, we found the staff at Rental-One rude, inefficient late & this was without doubt the worst car I have ever driven. If you learn anything from this post use some of the more reputable car rental places. Another thing is that at night the management create a little queue outside the main restaurant. The manager (Julia) of the restaurant is really good at this & likes to chat with everyone as you go in but at the end of the holiday it was a delight to speak with her like this. We paid a lot for this holiday but do not feel like we where cheated on anything, very enjoyable holiday, would defiantly go back."

6 / 10

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Address: Limenas Hersonissou, Crete 70014, Greece