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2 / 10
last visit

"This is my 7th time in these apartments and i have to say the last. Asked for an apartment on the upper floors as know this place well, but got stuck down on the first floor, apartment 219 directly above Benny Hills bar. Asked to move the 1st morning but told full. Again the 2nd morning but this time asked if i checked out early could i get a refund on the unused part, was told by Manolo who i know from previous visit that he would have to speak with the management. So stayed put despite him saying he would try to help, he's done nothing. What a shame as i have liked staying here in the past but since the bar below reopening i wouldn't stay here again."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: stay well away from apartments 216-224 likewise on the next floor up, as these are right above a very noisy bar

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1 / 10
Adios to Roque Nublo!

"We have stayed at the Roque Nublo apartments at least a dozen times over the years. The apartments are a mixture of residential ('snowbirds') and holiday units and are generally patronized by Scandinavian couples (old and young) and Brit adult-only couples (gay and straight). The apartments are safe and clean and ideal for two adults (poss plus one other or a child). There are lots of things to do in the surrounding area and the apartments are close to bus routes and not too far from the beach (a good fifteen minute walk should do it). Whilst the apartments do suffer from noise intrusion from the adjacent Yumbo and bars below the apartments, if you are 'in rhythm' with the local nightlife, this is usually not a problem. Because of their attributes, we have recommended the apartments to friends on several occasions. However, all good things must come to an end... After two visits this year, it is very noticeable that several of the apartments now seem to be in the ownership of a couple of very large Spanish families. Spanish ownership in the block is not unusual since we have bumped into retired Spanish couples there on several occasions and have always found them to be charming and hospitable. However, these particular families now dominate the whole of the building and the pool area and have turned what was a decent holiday complex into an inner city council block... Spanish-style! I can't imagine all of the people fitting in the small apartments (but you never know). I would imagine that they are entertaining 'day-visitors' of some sort. The decent sized swimming pool is now dominated by screaming kids and inflatables for all but the extremes of the day. Further to this, relaxing next to the pool is impossible due to bouncing balls and kids playing hide and seek and stairways are now adventure playgrounds. Kids will be kids but the adults just seem to have no interest in either controlling them or respecting the wants of other (non-Spanish) holiday makers. The problems seem to be particularly prevalent at the weekend. We did complain twice about our 'holiday' experience but unfortunately our comments seemed to be falling on deaf (Spanish?) ears. Accordingly, for the reasons mentioned above, I would not recommend these apartments and we will be looking elsewhere for our next stay."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: If you are happy with a pool full of screaming Spanish kids and adults shouting up to (and across!) balconies then it is a good bolt-hole. Otherwise, look elsewhere.
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Roque Nublo Rocks!

"LOCATION - if you're there for the nightlife at the Yumbo Centre, you couldn't find accomodation closer to it. You can see the Yumbo Centre from the balcony of the room (no. 324) it was less than a 2 minute walk from the hotel entrance (using the well lit/safe side alley next to teh Roque Nublo Mini Golf).

ACCOMODATION - The apartment was spacious and clean. The bathroom was well equipped, even had a bidet and a bathtub, rather thna just a shower stall. Though there was no window or extrator in the bathroom, it was well ventilated, and steam cleared away in a few mins. Only downside is that the hot water is a small tank, so a good idea to leave at least 10 minutes between each person showering. However there was never a problem with washing up or any other hot water needs.

The Kitchen/Living room was, as was the balcony, very spacious. The Kitchen had a good range of utensils and a pull out extactor fan too. There was a large fridge freezer, a microwave, toaster and a coffee machine. No kettle but we just used a saucepan and the cooker (2 hobs electric)

The matress for the pull out bed under the sofa was a bit soft, but the sofa is the same size (has a mattress rather than cushions), and much more comfortable to sleep on, so we used that as the bed. There was also a sideboard which had quite a bit of extra storage space.

The twin bedroom was basic, 2 single beds, a bedside cabinet, but lots of wardrobe space - we stored 3 peoples clothes, 3 suitcases and hand luggage, and still had space left.

Also the lighting was good throughout the aparment. Probably best to use flip flops or slippers where possible indoors as the floor did get a bit dusty, as one reviewer already mentioned.

FACILITIES - the pool was excellent - it was a very big compared to others I saw on the resort - for sunbathing, it was sometimes busy, but never overcrowded - always lougers available. And for swimming it was excellent - the max people in the pool while I was there were 6 - normally it was just my two friends and I. The room was cleaned and fresh towels provided every other day - so 3 times during the week. Cleaners never quibbled when we asked them for extra loo rolls etc. The staff were helpful throughout our stay, and considering how close we were to the bars, there was no noise from them in our apartment.

OTHER STUFF - if your tour operator offers a free Blanket Tour - DO IT!!! Dont be put off by the Blanket/Mattress demo - it's less than an hour (and you might buy one anyway), and the rest of the morning is great fun - we went to a little village and to some caves dwellings where people still live today, and got a great optional lunch of local tapas (only 6 Euros, including drinks - red wine too!)

This apartment block is one of the best Self Catering places - apart from the shower water we had no problems at all. We even lost one of our room entry card and broke 2 glasses, but they didn't make any fuss or charge us for them. Stay there if you can!

  • Holiday details: Mar 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Donmt expect anything too glamourous and you wont be dissapointed
  • Activities: Blanket Tour was a great free day out!

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8 / 10
I have just got back from staying at...

"I have just got back from staying at this hotel, the hotel was really good for the price we paid. the floor wasnt the cleanest you did have to wash your feet often or wear shoes but really thats theonly bad point. there are supermarkets and bars and restaurants downstairs but definately for food i would recommend the red cow which is opposite the hard rock cafe. its an irish place and has a really good bar underneath called shenanigans. the hotel is situated right by the yumbo..... which by day is for everyone but by night it is mainly gays. but still a very friendly place. the weather was really good for september averagin around 31 degrees everyday. would really recommend aqualand to everyone. when going with thomas cook do be careful because the excusion place next to benny hills does sell them cheaper than thomas cook. when we arrived we had a young male rep who we never saw but luckily towards the end of the week when we had questions the reps had been changed and we had a girl who was really helpful!!

i would recommend this place to anyone wantin a good holiday to relax or to party or just for the families!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
I have just recently come back from...

"I have just recently come back from this hotel. Theres not really much bad things I can say. we were not sure what to expect considering it was cheap and was surprised at how big the rooms were very spacious. The pool was always very clean. The rooms were not the cleanest and we had to wear our shoes after we got out of the shower otherwise our feet would end up black.

Some days they were alot of spanish around by the pool which had no pool bar either but there are plenty of shops and restaurants outside the hotel so didnt really matter.

Its in a perfect location and not to far from the nightlife at the Kasbath a taxi only costing a couple of Euros.

If you are booking with Thomas Cook the rep at the hotel wasnt the best, hes a young guy and only interested in selling excursions to the young generation. So if your not up for a Foam Party he probably wont be interesed, he never really came to the hotel either so any questions we had to ask we coudnt ask.

I would recommend the hotel !

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
Excellent place to stay, there were a...

"Excellent place to stay, there were a group of 9 of us, between 17 & 18 and we found no problems at all. So much better than what we were expecting, very clean and living room/kitchenette also spacious. There was no air conditioning, but we didn't find that a problem if we left open the balcony doors to let sum air in. Swimming pool was also really clean, no complaints there, plenty of sunloungers around the pool as well and showers on each side. Appartment bathrooms were also very clean, only thing was the shower runs hot for 5 mins then you have to leave it for about 10mins till the water heats up again but not a problem at all if your just in for a quick shower to get washed and hair done. Overall, it was great. had everything we wanted, and there were plenty of places nearby to eat and drink. I would reccommend Benny Hill's for food & drinks. We found that when we had eaten from El Dukes, we had upset stomachs, thats the best way of putting it lol. Yumbo centre close by, so really close to shops and about €2.75 to Kasbah Centre at nightime in a taxi and €3.50 to the Irish Centre. PS - recommend Adrian's bar in the Irish Centre before going to Disco Life across the street to Disco Life at 3am. Good times."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas CookSunset Holidays

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10 / 10
We really enjoyed are stay i could...

"We really enjoyed are stay i could not complain about the apartments but the only bad thing i can say is the pool was really cold and abit salty but other than that it was ok. its in a great location as we was next to the yumbo centre, be be aware when you walk down the steps going into the yumbo theres alot of people at each side of you watching you, we called it the walk of shame. id recomend getting a taxi down to the beach as its abit of a walk away but if you do walk dont walk over the sand hills it will take you an extra 30 mins to get to the actual beach as we found out the hard way. the restraunt id recomend is the marbella brilliant food and the chinese next to it is very nice aswel."

  • Holiday details: Nov 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
Ideal location near to the night life...

"Ideal location near to the night life we wanted. Rooms pretty basic, butjust what you need for a fortnight. Pool had sufficent loungers, only downside was the weekend when the spanish from top of the island came and took over.

24 hour reception, no trouble with coming in late. Located above a selection of restaurants and the guys who try and entice you in with their menu's became a bit obsessive, but they are only doing their job. found a different route out of the apartments when we wanted to avoid them!!!

Crazy golf course behind apartments but not part of venue, had some great fun watching people play and playing ourselves. Cleaning staff excellent, always able to get what you needed extra towels, pillows etc.

No air con, but with front door and balcony door open it was really cool.

Enjoyed it so much that booked again this year. Have been to resoprt many times and this is the best located for me.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
What a great location this complex is...

"What a great location this complex is in, right next to the yumbo centre and a 15 minute walk to the dunes.

The rooms are very spacious and clean, you have a coffee maker and toaster and microwave, also 2 cooking rings and a fridge/freezer, all crockery and utensils are there for you as well.

A good sized balcony that takes a table and 4 chairs - all in all a good apartment.

The pool is clean and spacious and starts at 1 metre and goes to 2 metres with a ramp going down into it with handrail. There is no problem getting a sunbed, there are loads and it is quite quiet around the pool as many people tend to walk down to the beach, there is a separate children’s pool which is 30 cm deep and a poolside toilet.

The reception is 24 hours and the staff have a small knowledge of English, there are 2 internet desks in reception for your use but there is no pool bar or food facility on site, having said that you are surrounded by bars and restaurants.

If we go back to Gran Canaria, we will definitely stay at these apartments, first class but basic.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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7 / 10
Having stayed in many apartments in...

"Having stayed in many apartments in Gran Canaria, I can honestly say that Roque Nublo was fine, if a little basic.

The apartment itself was a fair size, with a good sized 'living room' and kitchen, with microwave and - shock horror! a toaster - and fridge freezer (which had some broken shelves).

We also had a balcony with washing line. The bedroom was small with 2 single beds (rather uncomfy) and a wardrobe. The bathroom was small but clean, although you really don't get much hot water, more lukewarm. Mind you, after a day in the sun, sometimes cold is best!

The terrace gets the sun all day and there were plenty of loungers (albeit rather uncomfy crammed together loungers!). The pool was warm and very clean, and a good size. Despite backing directly on to the Yumbo centre we never had a problem with noise after midnight.

The reception staff don't have the best English, but it was better than my Spanish and they were always very helpful. You can pay extra to keep your room on if you have a late check out and they have a store/shower room as well.

Location-wise you are right above a couple of mini-markets, some restaurants/bars and a dreadful English karaoke bar right in the heart of Playa del Ingles. Fifteen minutes from the beach and 2 minutes from shops!

I wouldn't rush back but if you want clean and basic it'll do you for a week, definitely.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
Arrived home from here on Sunday,...

"Arrived home from here on Sunday, didn’t know what to expect when we got there, as we were there a few years ago and it was a complete dump, well we were very happy, clean, spacious and all you needed for a self catering holiday.

Beds were a big improvement on years ago. It was the middle of the night when we arrived so couldn’t see pool area well, when daylight arrived, it looked good, loads of sun beds.

It was 48 degrees for the first two days so it was not pleasant, went to the pool on our 2nd day, was great as you could go to the pool at any time and get a sun lounger, first time in years that has happened, and it was like that for the whole 2 weeks.

Cleaners came 5 times a week, didn’t always sweep the floors or mop them but there was a brush and mop in all apartments. If I hadn’t already decided I’m not going to Gran Canaria again for a few years, (been about 15 times).

I would definitely go back here, the only knock back was, being booted out your room 16 hours before your flight, getting to the airport and your rep telling you, your flight is delayed, we were not happy about that.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Self Catering, booked with Sunset(Thomas Cook)

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9 / 10
All I can say is that I was very...

"All I can say is that I was very surprised by this accommodation.

Our expectations of Roque Nublo was that it was basic and cheap, well we were wrong.

Our rooms was spacious, had a breakfast bar and everything you need for a self catering holiday.

The swimming pool is massive and it is heated and perfect for swimming and having fun and there is a spacious area with sun loungers.

In the room we had plenty of space and massive balcony (with seats and washing line), a kettle, Microwave, Hob, Coffee maker, all kitchen utensils etc, Massive fridge freezer.

The cleaner came in every second day and always left clean towels and toilet roll. The whole place was immaculately clean and everyone was friendly.

There are 3 negative things I can say and they really aren’t too important when you think of what you have round you:

1. No pool bar

2. No Iron Board

3. You only get 5 mins of hot water per shower and then you need to wait on it to heat up again which takes around 20 mins

This comes highly recommended and is right behind the Yumbo centre which is an excellent night out (although it can be quite noisy when you want a quiet night in), in fairness though you don’t go to Playa De Ingles for a quiet time.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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