Parque Cattleya Apartments

Avda Santiago Puig 5, Tenerife 38660, Spain
4.5  / 10
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1 / 10
Do not book for these apartments

"We've just been to these apartments in group of 12 adults (brother-in-law)booked them for us we'd 6 apartments in total, within our group we'd 3 elderly adults in there 70's/80. silly mistake we made was not reading any reviews on these apartments. we arrived mid evening, security showed us to apartments which we was scattered on different levels around apartments, one of rooms didn't have any lighting on. was disappointed with furnishing rather dated, on ground level, patio door wasn't secure at all and looks like original lock on it has been broken in past. after we had our moan it was too late to sort anything out that evening so we went out to eat and drink, on our return my hubby just flopped on his bed and was asleep. by the time I got ready for bed, I moved my pillow and what greeted me the dreaded roach running round my bed that was it then I had several on floor. what was under the kitchen sink but a can of roach spray that told me enough that we'd a problem in that room, they was even in kitchen cutlery. Enough was enough I dare not open another cupboard, my case was packed up cause I couldn't stay another night here, reception wasn't very helpful, so all 12 of us went on search for another Hotel, and if that wasn't possible I'd have looked for flight home, I'm not kidding about this place believe every bad review, cause it's has it's explained. loads of steps without handrails, lanterns around pool look has if they've been broken off and repaired with masking tape back on, looks like some strange people have bought some of the apartments (must be mad) there's dogs barking and we notice a lizard in a cage on someone's balcony. if you want a nightmare of an holiday then go ahead and book."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: don't book
  • Good For: Beach

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6 / 10
dont know what people are moaning about!

"ive stayed here oct 2011 and march 2012 with my friend and sister,i honestly dont understand some people saying rooms werent clean etc .. we were actually telling the cleaners to come back later as we were sleeping allday lol, its a 2 star hotel so yes it is clean and basic somewhere to sleep!!! if u want to go 5 star book a 5star hotel not a 2 star expecting 5star hotel rooms, loved every min of my holiday booking up for september to,

theres a lovely chinese around the corner the do a buffet all ucan eat for 7euro, we ate there most days, and its only a 2min walk to the strip, and beach,everythings right there, supermarkets, off liecence, restaurants bars, iceland foodstore!!!

p.s cochroches there was none in my room on 3rd floor !!!!! lol

  • Holiday details: Mar 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Do not go there its awful

"It is dark dirty noisy and our room was robbed by the staff worst place we have ever stayed. tenerife is a great place we will be back but will stay here again."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: tenerife is a great place we will be back but will stay at the parque cattleya again.

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5 / 10
new years eve jacki n dave

"overall the hotel was comfortable every thing at hand bars discos resterants the anchour bar on tne corner is a great stop off at night . would go back in this hotel only bif the price was right . the security was crap by the way no where to be seen when there was a problem we had r apartment robbed reception didnt want to no like i say only go if you get it cheap cheap cheap."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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3 / 10
Me and my friend wanted a last minute...

"Me and my friend wanted a last minute deal to tenerife on a cheap budget. we went to our nearest travel agent that got us a cheap deal to parque cattleya in playa de las americas.

As we arrived at the apartments we realised the cattleya and the piramides were a joint hotel with 3 pools and lovely reps.

as we entered are room on the basment floor we thought it was basic but it looked clean and we got a free bottle of red wine which was a nice gesture.

for a 18-30 hotel we were quite impressed.

However after the first 2 days things started to go down hill the reception staff were unplesent and the security staff were to strict, they carried a trunction around with them and used it as a wepon to threaten people if they were loud or came back to the apartments late... it felt more like a prision camp than a holiday. one evenng security knocked on our door at half nine pm asking us to turn our music off ... my friend had an eye pod so the music wasnt loud atall.

Still there was worse to come. After our 3rd night of partying which was great we got into bed and fell asleep...i got up to go to the bathroom halfway through the night to find a cockroach running towards me... i was really scared so i blocked the door with a towel and climbed back into bed hoping the cockroach would go.

after a while my friend woke up and i told her there was a cockroach in the bathroom. she went to have alook and as she walked into the bathroom out of no where there was a cockroach on my hand that started running up my arm... i had never been so scared in my life i left the room immidiatly and knocked on some random lads room opposite they informed me they had he same problem and had found a few cockroaches during their stay. my friend went back into our room as she was tired and i stayed in the lads room as i was scared... after half an hour there was a knock on the lads door... it was my friend she had found another 2 cockroaches in our room........there was no way i was stepping foot in that room again.

we went to reception in our pjs at about half five in the morning they said they couldnt do anything until the morning so we stayed in the lads room hardly getting a wink of sleep.

The next morning we got moved only we were still on basment floor and after 2 days the problem returned we found cockroaches in the hall way the whole basment floor was infested with cockroaches every one was moaning about them. Cockroaches are nocturnal so we found the best option was to party all night till dawn and sleep all day.The last night i found a cockroache in our room that was so big it looked more like a baby terapin than a cockroach. i left the room again making no return... and when i did return to get my suitcase and belongings i was relieved. The thought of cockroaches crawling over you while your asleep fills me with dread. Apart from this problem the apartments were great the reps Leah, Jake and pete were really nice and made our holiday fun pub golf and the booze cruise were really good fun and tenerifes nightlife was really gud. If i coud give any advice to someone going to these apartments ... take or buy cockroach spray it kills them

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook18-30

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4 / 10
when we arrived, we wer guided to our...

"when we arrived, we wer guided to our room, which was situated on the ground right near the TINY pool of ours! we got in ther and found a dead cockroach in the corner of the door. we found loads of cockroaches comin in to our room all week!!! the lads oposite had to come and get them out, we were to the point off checkin every 5 mins. We found one in our sink, few behind draws and behind our balcony was dirt so i assume they came from there!!1 was far from happy with them!Every morning round the pool was chinese tins and girls underwears and skanky food which would be there for hours until somebody cleaned it! also when we arrived we found we had no lights working!!! our bed covers didnt get changed once and we lacked on towels! but despite the state of our room the people were friendly and hotel was wicked!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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7 / 10
Overall a really good holiday apart...

"Overall a really good holiday apart from the fact i got my phone stolen when i got mugged in one of the back allys. Got hit with a bottle in the process. Do not attempt to walk up them even if your with a group of people. The tenerife police are just as bad at helping... totally ignorant.


Great 18-30 reps!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook18-30

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4 / 10
I stayed here with my sister for a...

"I stayed here with my sister for a week and although I wasn't expecting much since it is an 18-30 complex my fears about the place were confirmed.

When we got there we were taken to our room which seemed miles away from the Las Piramides reception. Bearing in mind you've got a big heavy suitcase and probably a bag, it's boiling hot and the ground is cobblestones making it difficult to drag your suitcase, the walk to the room wasn't too pleasant up and down the steps.

We finally got to our room which was overlooking the small dirty pool but when we got inside it was a studio. We had booked a 1 bed apartment and the bathroom was disgusting, it was dark and not very clean.

Mind you, we did get a free bottle of wine which I was impressed with but when I got round to opening it, I'm not surprised it was free. Anyway, I immediately went back to reception, a good 2 minute walk but I couldn't find the reps. Eventually I did find one of the reps and he said he would sort out the room which he did.

We were moved about 10 minutes later to a 1 bed apartment which was up three flights of stairs without a lift and they are very steep and tight stairs, particularly with a suitcase.

Our apartment at first glance wasn't too bad, nothing special but what do you expect for an 18-30 holiday? However, the bathroom was dirty and there were stickers all over the walls that someone had taken off their new clothes and stuck on the wall. The floor in the apartment was filthy, dusty, and long hairs all over. The lights in the bedroom didn't work and the sofa had people's names engraved into the wood. Worst of all when you sat down, the whole thing fell apart.

Then we went to the welcome meeting where the reps give you the hard sell trying to get you to part with your money and go on all the excursions. This was my 3rd time in 3 months in Tenerife so I knew the area, I knew where I wanted to go and who I wanted to go with so I wasn't interested in these excursions but try telling the reps that. I only chose the complex for the price.

The first night was great, there is a free pub crawl, and the drinks are really cheap if you stick with the reps so I thought things were going to be ok. I have friends in Tenerife who work out there so I didn't stay with the pub crawl all night, I went off to meet my friends, and my sister went to meet her boyfriend who also worked out there at the time.

Over the next few days everything was fine, we used the Piramides pool instead of the Cattleya pool because it was nicer and there was never a shortage of sunbeds no matter what time of day you went down. Although the complex is near to all the bars and clubs, it is deceiving.

The entrance to the complex, just off the road is near but once you get to that entrance there's a good 5 minute walk ahead of you back to the apartment and then up the stairs again. I don't mind walking but when you've had a hard night out partying and you get back to the hotel the last thing you want is another 5 minute walk to your room.

There's an absolutely amazing Chinese takeaway around the corner, from the outside it looks dirty but apparently it's the best Chinese on the island and all of the locals eat there. We tried it one night and ended up eating there every night although sometimes we took it back to the hotel and watched TV while we got ready.

The apartments considering it is 18-30 were very quiet, I never really saw or heard anybody around at night although it was quite noisy early evening since the hotel across the road has very loud entertainment which is terrible but that wasn't a problem.

Other than that, the maids did come in every day but if you were in the room they just left straight away and wouldn't clean it.

I wouldn't stay here again because I had a really bad experience and nobody did anything to help us. I was so glad when I got on the bus to go back to the airport to come home, only our flight was delayed for 9 hours and all we got was a complimentary 6 euro voucher to use on food or drink in the airport. I've never been so glad to get home.

My sister's boyfriend had lived out there for 2 years but that night changed his opinion of the whole island and he moved back to the UK 2 months after.

Parque Cattleya, I've got three words...DON'T DO IT!

  • Holiday details: May 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
I came here last year and the holiday...

"I came here last year and the holiday was the best I’ve had (although it was the first time away with my mates).

The apartments are located right in centre of playa de las Americas with all the restaurants round the corner and the clubs a few minutes away.

The accommodation was brilliant, large living room with a TV, bed, sofa, dining table, balcony and kitchen. In the other room were two beds with two wardrobes.

Cleaners where in most days and they had to clean up a lot of mess. Towels where changes daily I think and we didn’t see any insects in our apartment neither.

The reps where excellent and didn’t try to force us into buying their offers, and visited us most days to see how we were doing. We did buy into some of there offers such as pub crawls where u paid say 35 euros and you would get free drinks over about a three hour period in two or three bars (although we over did it most nights and try to get as much free booze as possible and ended up on our arses pretty quick while the night was still young).

The nightlife in playa is amazing with plenty of bars, clubs and strip clubs. There are loads of pr’s out on the streets trying to get you into their bars which can be quite annoying but if you say "No thanks mate" they usually leave you alone.

The looky looky men are out in numbers day and night and can sometimes be quite harassing but most of them take "No" for an answer and leave you alone and I’m sure that they all think that anyone that is English is called Delboy.

There are plenty of things to do in the day such as the water park which is about 20 euro taxi ride away and is a good day out especially the dolphin show which is fantastic. There s also go carting, the beach (Obviously) etc. I would also advise a trip up Mt Tiede but do take some warm clothing as it does get cold.

Over all the Catteleya is a brilliant place to stay with good facilities and bang in the centre.

Looking to go there again this year.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006, Self Catering, booked with 18-30

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