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6 / 10
Excellent holiday spoilt by badly behaved children

"My husband and I spent two weeks during March, all inclusive, at the Gorriones. The Hotel is set in lovely grounds in a beautiful location right on the beach. The food and the service are excellent and the staff are exceptionally friendly and helpful. During our stay it was my husband's birthday and a bottle of wine and chocolates were sent to our room. This was a lovely surprise. Our holiday, however, was completely spoilt by lots of children of all nationalities running around screaming in the main(lagoon)pool area, the dining room and the Fun Pub. (Thank goodness for the Gabi Bar the one and only place for Adults Only). On one occasion I had to lay on my sunbed with my fingers in my ears to block out the unbearable noise. On another occasion the footballs came out and were kicked around near us with the ball rolling around and under our sunbeds. Then stones were tossed up in the trees landing among the sunbeds. We did not expect this! We came on holiday for rest, relaxation and peace and quiet. Management, please will you change your policy and make the lagoon pool Adults Only and keep it that way. Families after all, have 3 pools of their own around the corner by the playground/tennis courts. Unless you change your policy we will certainly not be coming to the Gorriones again. Holidaymakers, be warned that if you do not like other people's badly behaved screaming kids do not come here."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2014, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Book a holiday during school term time.
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Great hotel but some unfriendly staff

"We just came back from a lovely holiday at the Melia Gorriones. The hotel is situated in a fabulous beach, with great views and lovely comfortable rooms. The only problems we had was the lack of information and coorporation at the reception desk. On the few occasions that we did go to the reception, the recepcionist on duty was very unfriendly. If I recall her name correctly, it was Kelly. Her lack of interest and patience was evident when we asked for general information of the area and places to visit. Besides not being able to inform us in English, which I can understand, what annoyed my partner and I was that whilst attending us, she was constantly mumbling in Spanish with a colleague. On the 2nd visit to reception, to find out about having a meal in the Level restaurant, all her brief response was, that we can pay and reserve directly in the Oasis restaurant and get all the information there. This lack of interest and service, made it the last visit to reception. Besides this, the other staff in the restaurant and bares were quite friendly and more helpful during our stay.

Overall a good hotel, I would recomend it to others, but dont count on real customer service at the reception.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Lovely beach
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
2 Star Full of Germans

"We just returned from this hotel Staff Speak Spannish & German Not English, 95% of resadents are German.

Given a room without balcony in spite of paying for it.

Big row with rep & Reception before it was changed.

New room , Lights not working & were never fixed all week.

Rusty bath, damaged tables & Doors. Only 3 of the 60 TV chanels in english.

Food Poor,Ceilings in dinning area full of holes covered with cloth bits fell down when its windy. Pools Cold, Diving Shop a rip of They insist you require a Doctors certificate to Dive and by the way they can get you one for 200 Euro. I have been diving for 10 years & have never required one. Pleanty of PADI dive shops in Costa Calma, sorted me out No problem & no 200 Euro for Doct Cert. All in all a poor show Not 4 star Lucky if its 2 Star

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dont Go
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Our favourite Hotel...

"If you want a relaxing break then this is the Hotel to go. We are about to visit for the 4th time next month. When reading the reviews it is evident that this Hotel will not suit everyone. Only go there if you want to stroll for miles on one of the biggest and best beaches in the world (without clothes, if you wish - it's very liberating!). Only go there if you want a splendid hotel with an amazing foyer, bars and great rooms. Only go there if you want great food with a huge choice at every meal time (only go if you are willing to put on weight!). Only go there if you want to chat to friendly bar staff who remember your 'usual' every night.

Don't go if you want discos and nightlife. Don't go if you like to be surrounded by other Brit holiday makers. Don't go if you like shopping - the hotel is very isolated. Don't go if you are offended by nudity on the beach.

There are a small number of rooms where there is no view and no balcony. Worth upgrading if needed, but we have only ever booked standard rooms and have always had a great room with view and large, private balcony.

I have always found all the staff to be very helpful. On one visit we arrived late (around midnight) and, not only were they expecting us, but they'd set up a fantistic cold spread just for us in the dining room - complete with a bottle of wine! Even though AI, I always make sure that I have some Euros to hand - tipping the bar staff and waiters is always appreciated!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008

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2 / 10
Horrible experience don't go anywhere near it !!!

"I went with two friends to Fuertaventura for the Christmas break. First 2 nights we stayed at the Riu Palace Jandine whre we were given a FREE upgrade to superior rooms and we had a magnificent stay (fabulous hotel and beautifully positioned right on a beatiful streatch of beach and easy walk into Morro Jable with warm friendly staff).

We then moved to the Melia Gorrionnes for the 24th & 25th of December purely on a price basis (unfortunately the Palace was a bit too expensive)....oh how I wish we'd payed the extra and stayed where we were, becuase the drop in standard was way beyond what the price differentail would lead you to expect.

This hotel is stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing around for miles. Don't believe the other reviews that say it's right on the beach - the sea is a very long way off. Behind the hotel are a series of large sandy hills creating a valley of sorts where the wind sweeps down (probably why there's a wind surfing place right by). Our rooms were right at the very back of the hotel (and because we hadn't paid extra for "sea-view" we were stuck with them).

The sun never even glimpses this part of the hotel in December and as a result the rooms were freezing cold (I suspect they had also been unoccupied for some time as well). We asked at reception about some kind of heating or a room move - all we were offered was additional blankets and told all the sea-view rooms were all taken (A BLATANT LIE - as we checked this out with the chambermaids). So here we all were huddled in our blankets in our rooms late afternoon on Christmas Eve. I felt as if I had somehow slipped into that Jack Nicholson film - The Shining - and unable to switch it off.

The restuarant food was almost as cold as the rooms - and very boring hotel restuarant fayre at that. I am "semi-vegetarian" and found the choice extremely disappointing. At dinner the first evening the fire-alarm went off in the restuarant and proceeded to deafen us for well over 20 minutes before it was stopped - given that we were sat a very dimly lit table, communication, even by sign langusage, was also out of the question.

My friends only had tepid water in their bathroom which was just about warm enough to wash in but was far too cold to shower or bath - hotel management failed to rectify this.

Saw a cockroach in one of the communal toilets (only 2nd one I have ever experienced).

The "cabaret" was a dreadful Bee Gees tribute who were so loud it was unbearable to sit in the bar (which was non-smoking anyhow...yawn!) Oh talking about noise - the room walls are paper thin...maybe why they get so cold?

Having said all that, the artwork in our rooms seemed somehow appropriate - some sort of blue abstract with large dollops of thick brown paint smeared across the middle - at least I think that's what it was - maybe it was previous guests leaving their comment on this hell-hole.....!

As far as I am concerned, after my experience in a room where the sun don't shine, is that the management can take their hotel and stick it somewhere the sun don't shine.

Melia Gorriones - No! More like Melia have been warned! Even the Iberostar Palace towards Morro Jable is vastly superior to this piece of rubbish, staffed (mainly) by surly unhelpful staff.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007

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6 / 10
Hard sell for upgrading

"As residents of Lanzarote its good to get away for a long weekend occasionally, This time choosing the Sol Melia Los Gorriones, Playa Barca, midway between Costa Calma and the Jandia peninsula.You will have read about its wonderful if isolated position directly on miles of beach and the wonderful views from threequarters of the rooms. Only a very few overlook the car park, entrance and hillside (away from the sea) Knowing this we booked a standard room and as Mas Rewards members are often given a free upgrade... as we were at the Melia Alicante in October. But no, we were asked if we were aware that our room had a view (you`ve guessed it) overlooking the car park , so we were talked into paying the extra 12 euros per day (only 9 euros on the website !) We heard another receptionist giving the same ¨talk¨ to a Spanish couple who were checking in after us. The hotel was hardly full, so we felt it was a money making scheme, we have stayed there 5 or 6 times in the last 15 years and each time have had a perfectly good view.So use your discretion when booking.!

The restaurant (extended and newly refurbished) is now split level and I found it incredible that there is no breakfast juice dispenser on the upper level and no cooked (english) breakfast on the lower level... you can imagine the spills and near falls, Especially risky for children and not so mobile guests. We were told that there are hardly any British tour operaters using the hotel but do all the bar staff have to be German and Scandinavian ? All very pleasant and helpful... call me old fashioned but when in Spain... and when Hamburg etc. etc.

Having had my moan, I must add that the hotel standards are still very high, rooms well furnished and clean. Food is above average for this class of hotel and the grounds well maintained.

Will use again.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007

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10 / 10
Great stay!!!

"The hotel is located about 1 hour from the aeroport, in "Playa de Jandia", a 30km beach of white sand and clear whater.

There are a variety of rooms: we tried "casas del mar" and "the level". The first ones are better for families with children as they have a litle kitchen and they are separeted from the main building. You can upgrade for rooms "the level", wich are in the top floors, all with espectacular sea view, balcony, free mini-bar, exclusive reception, and another amenities.

The beach in front of the hotel is amazing, with a big lagoon when the tied is high.

There are 4 swimingpools: 1 for the children, and 3 more to adults, but the best one is the salted-warmed whater.

We had all-inclusive, so we didn't worry about food ou beberage.

The restaurants were very good, with variety of food.

If you know Tenerife ou Gran-Canaria and you didn't liked you'll be positive suprised with Furteventura, because you will find beautiful beaches (some liked you'll find in the caribbean), good weathear and a peaceful place.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007

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7 / 10
This hotel is about 1 mile out of...

"This hotel is about 1 mile out of Costa Calma on the Sotovento Beach at Playa Barca.

It recently changed from the Sol Gorriones to the Melia Gorriones following a refit.

We've been going for years. The upgrade has lost a little charm but the finishings are now far superior.

We found the service vastly improved in the restaurant but the reception desk is truely awful. It took 30 minutes to queue to checkout and on the couple of occasions I wanted to ask reception a question it took 20 minutes waiting.

If you like a quiet, away from it all holiday then this is perfect. It's very isolated.

Best evening entertainment is a good book in bed.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Half Board, Booked Independently

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7 / 10
I stayed at the Sol Gorriones in late...

"I stayed at the Sol Gorriones in late summer 2004 with an allocate on arrival Thomson deal.

It is very isolated, situated down a small road right on the beach.

Upon arrival in the late evening my wife and I checked out the place and walked around the pool to be met by a large rat which instantly caused us some alarm.

The room allocated was totally unsuitable, however, the staff were first class in sorting us out a suitable alternative.

I have to say that although it required a bit of money spending on it, I have actually got really fond memories of the place. The entertainment team were very good and the guests at the hotel really got together well.

If the investment was well spent and the price right, I would give it another go.

The food was fine and once you had got over the rat incident, the quality of cleanliness was actually pretty good.

Fuerteventura is the sort of place that you meet guests again from the year before-it is simply that good- particularly if you stay near to Jandia and you are family orientated.

I understand that it was closed following some out of season flooding a year or so later and therefore received some much needed investment.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2004, Half Board, booked with Thomson

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8 / 10
A Good Hotel Which Could Be Even Better!

"The hotel is in a isolated location so a car is a must unless you are happy to stay by the pool or on the beach for the whole of your holiday. I believe there is a bus service but didn't use it so am not sure of its reliability or regularity.

On arriving it appeared that they weren't expecting us so this was a little worrying, however, after about 10 minutes of intense staring at their PC they found us a room. The room turned out to be nice and large - on the 8th floor on the east side of the hotel. We had sun in the morning but it was chilly in the evening so you couldn't sit out and have drinks if you wanted to. However, we had an extra room with 2 double sofa beds which could have slept another four people which my 8 year old daughter claimed as her own. I understand the usual is a sofa bed in the main room. We had a fridge and a large flat screen TV with limited English channels.

There are 4 pools - a childrens pool with slides, 2 freeform pools and an oblong pool good for swimming lengths. They were all clean and there were lots of sunbeds within the grounds, however, you needed to get up early to reserve them as this was the norm! This didn't prove a problem to us as we spent a lot of time on the beach which was lovely. The sea didn't come in too far and there was shallow pools of water across the sands to walk through to get to the shoreline. It is very windy, hence lots of kite surfers and windsurfers. The windsurfing school is nearby but the beach is huge and is not busy at any time of day. We spent early evenings flying a cheap kite bought from a local shop. The tennis courts were always busy although we didn't use them ourselves.

The food in the restaurant was plentiful. There was a large variety on offer - salads, grills, fish, pasta, some kind of potatoes, a carvery roast, kebabs, and lots of puddings. My husband and I are pretty fussy generally but we ate well every day. It;s not like being at home but there was plenty to choose from. Try to avoid the busy times as you will have to queue for a table - you work out pretty quickly when the quietest times are.

The 4th floor bar area was nice with large "bed" areas for you to lounge around on, inside and out.

There was a shop which sold basics - water, cola, beer, wine, sweets, crisps, toiletries, etc.

Overall the hotel was very nice. There were very few British people at the hotel, mainly Spanish and German visitors. Some of them can be quite pushy and you need to stand your ground and make sure you get served when it's your turn because they will jump the queue if they think you will let them!

The only things I think could be improved on was the entertainment and the lifts. The childrens mini disco was supposed to be 8.30pm, however, it was often not on at that time and when it was it was not very entertaining. It was aimed at very young children and my 8 year old was not very impressed. It lasted half and hour and then the kids ran riot for an hour until the main entertainment came on. Therefore the adults were chasing around after them and were not really getting a rest. I am not sure what else was on offer for children and we were not given any guidance on this when we checked in. The main entertainment was pretty average and didn't last very long.

There were only 2 lifts. They were always very busy and often crammed full - they either need more lifts or larger lifts - and walking up/down 8 flights of stairs just didn't do it for me!

For good days out try Oasis Park (the zoo) where you can have a 30 minute camel ride, the beach at Jandia (quite windy though), Corralejo (very British touristy) or Caleta de Fuste (a few shops and restaurants, and a nice pool/play area just off the beach).

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007

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10 / 10
Amazing hotel!!

"I stayed for a week half board in the 'Casas del Mar' seciton of the hotel. The room was amazing, the view spectacular! The bed was the most comfortable I have ever slept in.

The food was brilliant, there was so much choice and even if you are a fussy eater who only eats chips you are still catered for. I ate veal, rabit, steak, every kind of fish all cooked freshly for you. I highly reccomend the 'mojo' garlic sauces they are delicious. Breakfast was excellent, and both restaurants by the pool provided tasty lunches.

The hotel bars were stunning, they seem wasted on a hotel that is populated by a lot of old people! My friend and I were the only people still around after 10pm most nights but we did find some friendly staff.

The beach is so vast, you feel like you're on the moon and the hotel leads directly onto the beach so you don't have far to go. If you prefer to be near the pool there are so many sunbeds and different areas to sunbathe such as the 'platforms' down on to the beach which were complete sun traps. Bliss!

There isn't much around but that is the high point of this place, it is like you are in an oasis of beauty rather than in a resort. You can take a great walk into Costa Calma along the beach where there are more shops and restaurants.

I can't reccomend this hotel highly enough, if you want a party holiday then it isn't for you, but if you want relaxation, excellent food and amazing surroundings then book now and don't take much notice of the negative comments below :-)

  • Holiday details: Nov 2006

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8 / 10
Great Holiday

"We were becoming increasingly concerned about our late booking to this hotel. I began to panic when not only did I read some very negative comments about the hotel but it was withdrawn from the Thomson brochure. I phoned Thomson and asked why they had stoped using this hotel and I was told they could not tell me! Upon arival at the airport we were rudely told by a Thomson rep we were not booked with them. I think this is because the young lady was unaware Thomson were still sending guests to this hotel.

However, once we arrived at the hotel we were greeted by very friendly, helpful and efficient staff. Our cases were taken by the porter and we were pleased with the room. I became a little anxious once again when I realised there was an all inclusive option, (having had a very bad experience of all inclusive at the Jandia Princess we had vowed only to stay in half board hotels in the future) but decided as we were very isolated to give it a chance. We therefore paid the supplement and hoped for the best.

To our delight we found that all inclusive can be ok. We spent a lovely week reading and relaxing but in addition when we came to pay our bill at the end of the hotel it is the least we have ever spent! What a bonus!

I am glad we did not know about the all inclusive before booking as we would not have gone and that would have been a shame. We found the hotel to be friendly and efficient. The food was very good, our room large and the staff friendly. I would recommend this hotel if you want to read and relax in natural surroundings. I would return again if I could be sure that the hotel is not going to become entirely all inclusive as I think then the hotel may drop standards in an effort to cut costs. Go here if you enjoy reading, relaxing and the company of your companion. Do not go here if you want night life or to make 'friends' with other English people, (we hardly heard another English voice all week!). I only hope this hotel does not become another Butlins type complex where the restaurant is like a staff canteen and you are unable to have a nice bottle of wine with your meal, as this is our previous experience of all inclusive.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2006

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