Ephesus Princess Hotel

Pamucak Mevki Pamucak, Izmir 35920, Turkey
7.5  / 10
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10 / 10
Its amazing why you saying its terrible

"This hotel is amazing, one of the best ever i have been too, People who say it is a rubbish hotel it is not just because you dont like it does not mean other people wont. it is a family hotel and has lots of activites, i know recently it has lost a star so its now 4 but it deserves 5 because it has the ebst hospitality and entertainment ever :) WE LOVE TURKEY :)"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Visit the town and market its a must,
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Great animation team

"When we arrived at 11.30 we were given the key to our villa, villa.. This was small and very basic reminded me of a 2 star property. The furniture was ancient, chipped and You had to squeeze past the fridge to get to the balcony.

Animation team are excellent. Mini club is great.

Food was excellent.

The hotel is isolated, nowhere to go for a walk.

Apart from accommodation everything else was great rating button not working id give it 3 stars

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Visit adaland waterpark

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10 / 10

"I am 15 years of age. Me and my mum went to Ephesus princess in August of 09. We were just two women in a forgein country,

At first I was very affraid beasue there was just us two women,

The hotel was fantastic, We were in a villa which was absoulty beatuifull, We had the most amazing view of the sea,

I would not reccomend this hotel for people in wheelchairs or with pushchairs because the hotel is on a very steep hill.

All of the staff in the hotel were very kind and helpfull, I still talk to alot of waiters and the entertianment team. (via facebook).

The food was fantastic. There also was alot of enlgish style food which will be good for people who are affraid of trying something new or for children who want chips and pasta.

The only downside on the food is the pasta, There was alot of herbs in it which kind of rueined the taste but sitll the food was fantastic.

There are plenty of waiters which will make sure that you are not waiting for ages for them to take your plate.

I find the review below a lot of rubbish, Every one there was the most kindest people I have ever met, becasue they are always willing to listen to any problems.

When I went around the town I met some very kind people. I did find it very nerve racking because they kept saying things like "come into my shop pretty lady" and things like that.

I know have two friends which i met when I was walking around the town with my mum.

I would totaly advise everyone to go to this hotel. it is realy great value for money,

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
i've been here twice..

"i was partically shocked at some peoples reviews on this site. This hotel is incredible. i'd definately go for a third time. why does everyone moan about everything?!

The hotel: On both occasions i have had a appartment on the

hill-side, although its really tiring trecking up to the room at night, it doesnt half keep you fit! if your really lazy and find exercise difficult then yeh.. book a room in the hotel, theres 3 lifts to each floor. the hotel is incredibly clean and modern!

The food: the restaurant food isnt partically incredible but eating wasnt the main part of my holiday. i wanted to get out and into the pool again or on the beach. the main aim of the food is to meet everyones needs. and there was never an occasion when there was nothing i didnt like. they never ran out of food and for buffet food, it was high standard. a different special menu each night, but still serving the basic, pizza, chips, salad etc. and the turkish food obviously.

The staff: the staff were incredibly friendly! everyone of them has a smile on their faces each morning. the entertainers want to get everyone involved in the games and they're always up for a laugh. the night-time entertainment that they put together was very good, a different show and performance each night!

All-inclusive: this is a huge bonus! unlimited burgers by the pool, drinks, cocktails, alcohol.. you just help yourself and they're constantly topping up supplys!

The beach: the beach is beautiful. i reccommend the speed-boat ride! the guy who takes you out is really friendly and lets everyone have a go at driving the speedboat!

The town: theres a bus right outside the hotel which takes u into town. we didnt spend much time in the town because the hotel offered everything we needed!

An amazing holiday both years. highly reccommend. great for kids and teenagers!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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6 / 10
I have just returned from a family...

"I have just returned from a family holiday at the Ephesus Princess Hotel in Kusadasi. Our party consisted of 8 adults 3 children and 2 toddlers. The hotel is very clean and impressive, however please ensure that you do not get put in the villas or appartments. Apart from being on a very steep hillside (extremly difficult in the heat and not suitable for prams) they are very basic and certainly do not deserve the official 5 star rating that this hotel gets. In fact they are very like butlins chalets.

The food in the a la carte restaurant is of average standard but you should always be able to find something that you can eat. The bookable restaurants are very nice.

Some of the staff at the hotel I found to be rude and I could not believe how many bad mannered guests there were so beware. There were arguments around the pool as some of guests used to come down and take towels off sunbeds and just park themselves and the manager was called on a few occassions to try and calm things down.

We had a good holiday as with 13 of you you make your own entertainment but personally think that this hotel is over rated. I was not impressed with the accommodation and cetain things like we could not keep a room on at the hotel was full, however there was only 2 showers for getting showered in and these were situated in the toilets were people were coming in and out. No room to hang your travelling home clothes in and when I asked staff on the reception about this I was told that you were not supposed to take hangers out of the rooms (which I had done) and the staff ended up hanging our clothes in the Managers room

Entertainment was in an amphitheatre which our toddlers thought was a good chance to climb up over the seats and this was quite dangerous so we did not go to the entertainment very often but the entertainments team worked very hard and were all very nice

On a good point the views from the villas/apartments were very good.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
efesus princes

"we were a family of 4 and really need rest for our remained summer holidays ,after a lot of search we choose efesus princess hotel ,it was really the best we can choose ,as soon as we arrive findout that its location witch was on a hill really makes it different from others ,makes it more attractive and different our journey to beach always makes us feel fersh and powerful ,the hotel has different locations for serving foods and drinkings and their program was seated so carrefully that it was easy to access to food and drinkings at every hour of the day so no one needs to hursh for foods ,there were also different clubs for any age from miniclub ,youth club ,billiard ,minifootball, golf ,minibasket ball with trustfull staff so it dosenot need to be worried about the kids time at all(the kids really enjoy their time there),the pools were also so cleaned and managed that i can certainely say you will spent most of the time by the pools ,the beach is also clean but a little small with lots of ducks and also a truck to take you to and from the hotel (if someone donot want to walk 0to be honest there are near 200 steps to hotel but iam sure you will find your walk interesting ,there are even bars and massage room in your journey to beach ,night clubs were so nice and amazing ,it has its wonderfull and powerful stuff ,they were all trying to do their best for your time and they were so sucessfull ,all the kids and adults enjoy it too much ,there were also different discos at everynight of staying ,it has even its own market on tuersday ,colorfull .... the foods and drinkings has so variations that everyone can find the thing desired for himself easily and also can try new delicious food .there is also a place for tea and turkish cafe and water pipe in the outside garden ... donot to miss to reserve ala-carte resturants as soon as you arrive unless you may lose their reservation ,they are so good and you can have 2 good nights there and enjoy a different atmospher ...finally plz send my best regards to MR RUSHTU the night manager of the club who was so responsible about his guests .i am sure you will enjoy your stay at efesus princess"

  • Holiday details: Nov 2007

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6 / 10
Generally good hotel

"The hotel is generlly great, but it was much more better in previous years. I have been there 3 times, and this year we found out that the fquantity of food in main restaurants was really limited. For instance, in 2004, 2005 there were variety of food offereings on the both sides of the table in the restaurant "Gourmet". But this year the food on the both sides was actually the same. May be this is done by the administration due the high amount of guests from Russia. ( Unfortunately, some of them behave themselves in a very stupid and rude way) May be there is anothe reason for food limitation.

Animation was reall funny, especially I like the format of the shows (like "is everybody ready?, lalalalala, Life is life" etc). It is good that every show begins with that format, or how it is called...

The only thing that spoiled our impression is the barman Ceyhan. He was showing preferences and dislikes to some selected guests. Sometimes he was rude, and did not want to serve us properly. If he distingueshes people according to their appearence, this is not good. If you work in the sphere of service you have to be polite with everyone, you should not select people due to their appearence. Sorry.

But, still, the hotel is good, especially thanks to the personnel in the restaurants, in the a-la carte restaurants, and cleaning stuff for their everyday work.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2007

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10 / 10
Go once and you will go back again

"29 times- thats how many times I have stayed at the Ephesus Princess. The problem both myself and my family have is that the personnel who work at the hotel have become like a family to us, as many of them have been there years. All are so polite, friendly and helpful and cannot do enough to make your stay superb. So we are part of the furniture here now and to be honest we wouldnt want it any other way.

Sellings Points

Views- you cant beat them

All inclusive- value for money (the standard of food is exceptional, along with the first class serviceand organisation in all of the restauraunts)

Choice of bars- you will never be short of a drink (the bar service is excellent)

Security -the children can never wander off and are always safe, you can even place them in the capable hands of Ozlem in the Mini club who will care for them for you. Security also patrol the hotel constantly ensuring everyones safety.

Beach and Watersports, the choice of activities are endless.

I have left the best until last-

The Animation Team

Chief Bora Buran

Choreographer Oxana Laskova

Assistant Chief AJ

The Animation team provide constant entertainment for guests from 10am until midnight 6 days per week.

The variety in endless, competitions, pool games, Aqua gym, music quiz, many more things and thats just in the daytime.

Every evening is Showtime at 9.30pm and you can enjoy the delights of what can be described as West End Shows, totally professional entertainment from a group of extremely talented personalities.They produce musicals or cabarets, trust me you will be amazed and will be very impressed with what you see.

Dont miss the Black Light Show.

Please do not miss the chance to stay at the Ephesus Princess, I never do.


  • Holiday details: Oct 2007

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10 / 10
its shining

"Ohh we've influenced with the service quality

waiters were really polite. It had a lot of attractions to fancy.

Spolied :)

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007

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8 / 10
Fantastic holiday

"Fantastic resort, with friendly and very helpful staff. We went there is Aug 2007, our party included my mum, my 6 and 8 year old children, my sister and her 12 week old baby. We stayed in a 2 bed apartment, which was well maintained on a daily basis. Other accommodation available includes hotel rooms.

All the meals were available in the main restaurant in the hotel, which was a 5 minute walk down the step, as the apartments are situated at the top of a hill. we also had the opportunity to eat in 2 al carte restaurants which were great especially the turkish restaurant. Food is available in abundance throughout the day.

The beach can be accessed via another lot of steps must be about 200 of them. There is a tractor service down to the beach after lunch for those who may need this, especially on the journey back up to the resort. Once on the beach there is a bar and lunch and snacks available as part of the all inclusive. Various water sports are available at a reasonable cost.

Kid club was enjoyed by the children, and the evening entertainment. Overall the holiday was enjoyable, the only disadvantage is that it has may steps and it is situated at the top of a hill.

Kusadasi town and market was easily accessed using the frequent dolmus (taxi) just outside the resorts main gate, they are cheap form of transport but can get packed at times,but dont let this put you off just wait for the next one!!. Adaland a great aquapark is literally next door, and the kids and adults alike are sure to enjoy this. This resort is ideally situated for an excursion to the old roman city of Ephesus.


  • Holiday details: Sep 2007

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2 / 10
Awful, don't book it

"Did the people who went in Sep 2007 go to a different hotel to us? This is not a good Turkey experience there are much better out there! This is sold as a 4 star + and ultra all inclusive but our experience was very disappointing. Have been to Turkey on more than 7 occasions now and this was the worst ever. I read so many fantastic reviews of this hotel from past years but I cannot find anything good to say about this hotel.

The food was uninspiring, the same rechurned stuff every day and usually very cold. The kids buffet was the same every single night, chicken nuggets and sausages. The food left all of our party ill at some point during the stay. The snacks by the pool are burgers and hotdogs every day which is very boring after 2 weeks. The entertainment left alot to be desired and there was little else to do in the evenings if the shows were poor. All bars shut at midnight every night so after midnight you cannot get a soft or alcoholic drink and basically have to go to bed! Even if you sit around having got a drink in at midnight the staff turn the lights off on you. There is a sports bar but you have to buy the drinks in there and during 2 weeks there I never saw anyone in it due to the price of the drinks. There is a disco but only 3 nights a week and this is until 2am but the music is the same every time. The resort is good and the nightlife in town good but 6KM away and the last bus back is midnight so to get back to the hotel its about £15 in a taxi after 12am.

The next door hotel has a fantastic nightlife till all hours and this can be heard from your villa so if you are off to bed at midnight you get to listen to others in another hotel having fun while you are not, or trying to sleep!

The brochure describes the hotel as on a steep hillside which is clear in the picture but fails to tell you that all the rooms are up a hillside too. If you get the wrong villa to stay in it is a hike up and down to the communal areas. Certinately don't forget anything in your room. It is not at all suitable for people with small children and push chairs like us.

The staff were mostly unhelpful and miserable. There are a few who are happy to help but they are few and far between.

There is a "beach" of sorts. There are man made sunbathing platforms and a roped off area to swim and do water sports but there is no sand or shore line for children or non swimmers.

All in all an extremely disapponiting holiday and would suggest that people read this before considering booking. I would not go again nor recommend this hotel. It was not worth the money paid.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007

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10 / 10
Oxy the star of the show

"Just returned from another great holiday at the princess.

What can i say.

10 out of 10

The food is even better than last year,

the entertainment was great and well performed by the co'ordinator OXY, she realy is a star,

as well as all the other animation team!

Bora is the mc and does a great job of getting the crowd going before the shows.

they also do a great job with the kids. and put on a kids show which was great.

The hotel was still spotless

The staff were all Happy and courtious from Songul behind the bar in the lobby,to Rifat in the pescatora,on the beach.

I was lucky to be there for the 30th of August celebrations.

The Mc again was the Man, Bora, who put on a great show. with the help of Oxy.

all in all the holiday was made even better by the profesionalism of the animation team, especialy Oxy,

A big thank you to you all if you ever get to read this.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007

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    " Ephesus is a beautifull place to vist & also I adivse a day boat trip. "

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