Roda Garden Village

Corfu 49081, Greece
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1 / 10

"Anybody that has written good reviews for this hotel must be staff or a work for them in someway!! Me and my girlfriend stayed for a week at this hotel and if it was not for Roda near by and the fact the island is so beautiful it would have ruined our holiday. We are not a posh or a picky couple but neitha of us could eat in the vile retaurant. I was all inclusive and could not be more disgusted by the food on offer. Drinks from plastic child cups (4 = 1 pint had to refill 4 times to get a warm pint) however if you pay you got a ice cold glass!!! Reception staff useless and unfriendly.

The worst thing by far however was the music. 10.00am it starts with no relief untill 1.00am. Loud, banging music. Im 25 and the volume even bothered me and the constant thumping banging our doors, 18-30 hotels i have stayed in have been quieter. PLEASE AVOID THIS HOTEL BY ALL COSTS

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Eat out and wear ear plugs
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10

"Just returned home from a week all inclusive with my partner and 2 year old.....will never return. Reception and welcome lovely. Room at first appeared to be lovely,but actually room 607 turned out to be the room of horrors. Firstly it was a room with 2 single beds pushed together to make a double and the third bed was in the un air conditioned living room, so we had to drag the matress in bedroom for my child to sleep on. The balcony door in the bedroom does not lock, making it very unsafe for small children. The air con leaks and leaves a massive puddle on floor so dont leave clothes near, it also switches itself off. The bathroom is appalling the shower is handheld and in poor condition, the plug does'nt work and the bath is not fit for an adult. And to top it off the hot water is only on when they want to put it on, so dont go expecting to have one when you want. But by far the worst problem was the ants. Do not leave your toothpaste and toothbrushes out because you will find an hour later you have thousands of ants crawling all over them, we had to wrap ours in a plastic bag and put it in the wardrobe. They crawl all over the floor, toilet, bath, sink and even in the beds. We told the reception about this and they said they would sort it...they never did a thing. We had to use mosquito spray to kill them off but they always returned. The food is greasy but also very very salty. The choice of food is terrible if you dont like salads your going to go hungry. Food is very repetitive over the course of the week. Choice of food for children is also poor. Highchairs very unsafe, all straps are broken, so small children will be on your knee. Self service drinks but never enough glasses for everyone in the restaurant, so you have to wait for warm, clean ones to be brought out.

The pool is crap its small and loads of sunbeds are crammed round it, so if you like personal space look elsewhere. If you think the pool has a childrens bit think again..all this is, is a fence cutting a small part of the pool off. But this is still very deep with no steps only a ladder,only suitable for older children. And unfortunately when you are in with a small child, the adults use this side to play vollyball. So you cant really take a small child in. Luckily most of the other hotels will let you use their pools.. The drinks from the bar outside are vile. But to get your moneys worth you have to grin and bare it. (Only 2 drinks per person rule applys) Entertainment was average..starts late 9-9.30pm. all quizs that last ages. kareoke, bingo and only one dance act ALL week. We found after dinner we went up into roda to the childs play area to tire out our little one, as resort is very unsafe cant let small children out as pool area right near bar and the gates to main road and beach are never closed. The onsite play area is miles away from bar/entertainent area. And the entertainment is so boring a child will not sit and watch it. Massive point about this resort is the all inclusive is a complete rip off!! It finishes at 11pm??? After this you have to pay for your drinks and food. Between meals there is no food out nothing to snack on at all. You have to wait til set meal times to eat. This is shocking considering what we payed.

The beach outside hotel is nice but full of pebbles....but as you walk into sea it does have sand. We would walk 20 mins up into Roda town where there is all sand beaches.

Overall we spent alot of money outside resort because it was that awful. Not what we expected when we were all inclusive. Its an awful resort, most definatly not a 3 star, and not in the slightest child friendly!!

I really hope people read these reviews before booking......beacause i sure wish i had!!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Walk 20 mins upto Roda town. All sand beaches and lovely restaurants.
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
Great place some improvements needed

"My family ( myself, wife and five children ) stayed at the Roda Garden Village 27th Sept - 12 October 2010. As with everywhere in Corfu the locals were great and appreciate it if you speak a little Greek at times. The apartments we had were great ( 2 x one bedroomed ) spacious and bright with fridge TV and aircon.

We never had any problems finding something to eat at mealtimes and with five children able to find something they enjoyed thats no mean feat.

The pool bar staff were excellent ( Carla - Brazillian, Sky - Lithuanian and Suzanna - Slovakian )The drinks were fine but served in very small plastic cups so if you drank beer this consisted of half froth which meant after a mouthfull it was gone and another visit to the bar was required. The argument for the use of these is that it was around the pool, but people were actually in the seated area away from the pool when drinking so this was not the case.

The entertainment was adequate at times to keep the children occupied - Thanks Allan - typical holiday stuff really.

We met a lot of nice people - including a lot of Germans who made up the majority of guests- and we were sorry to see a lot leave at the end of their holidays.

A downside was the abundance of cats and a couple of stray dogs which hung around the pool all day and night.

The thing I would change mostly about the hotel is the English receptionist, she was rude and judgemental, taking a dislike to several people who expressed opinions for the greater good of other guests, she was hardly the happy smiling person I would have fronting a hotel and would be better suited to perhaps "Fawlty Towers".

All in all a very nice holiday and we probably would return

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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5 / 10
ok not great

"the hotel was clean and tidy decent pool the staff were friendly entertainment was very poor and the food was not very good us lived on chips cos the other food was awfull"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
19th -26th July 2010

"I and six of my friends have just returned from a week long stay at 'Roda Garden Village' which we booked through the coop as a package holiday which we chose the all inclusive option. We personally would not recommend the hotel if you are a 'fussy' eater as there was a very limited choice of food available. Breakfast consisted of a basic choice of toast, cereal, tinned fruit and bacon sausage and cheese. Both lunch and evening meal times were mainly pasta dishes, potatoes/chips and feta salad and occasionally chicken, with the poor choice of only two deserts (watermelon and ice cream). The food was not un-edible however became very repetitive after more than three days.

We found the manager of the restaurant to be rather rude and abrupt leaving my party feeling rather intimidated and as though we were in a school lunch hall. Other aspects of the food which we noted were that it often appeared that any food which was left over was often served for the main meals of vice a versa and with often flies hovering over the food a put off. Only two snacks were offered around the pool, which was a savory cheese pastry, which yet again was not to everyone’s tastes and got rather repetitive with the second option of ice cream.

The Bar staff were friendly enough and there was a good range of choice of either alcholic or non alcholic drinks however you had to pay for international brands such as smirnoff etc. The rooms were basic yet clean containing both a fridge and tv with a few English channels. The room was also rather spacious which was great for three girls sharing a room.

However the pool area was rather crowded with people often getting up to place towels and even inflatables such as lilo’s and reserving sunbeds despite a sign up indicating this is not allowed. My party instead opted for the public beach which was literally located 3 steps away from the hotel. The beach and the sea were clean yet VERY uncomfortable on your feet as it consisted of pebbles so you would need to either buy a lilo or hire a sun bed’s from the hotel each day or even walk about 5-10 minutes to Roda where the beach is sandy.

The location of roda is perfect for either the elderly or couples with young families. But not ideal for younger people as there is little night life apart from a few bars however for a good night out we would recommend sidari about a 10-15 taxi journey where there is plenty of bars and a few clubs. The entertainment at the hotel was basic with the children’s entertainers working hard to maintain a friendly atmosphere however one member of the team appearing to be bored and disinterested.

Overall I would only recommend staying at ‘roda garden village’ if you get a hire car or go on plenty of trips. Such as we went to aqua land which was a good day out but rather expensive, as there is not much going on in the day in the resort in the day or at night and this hotel certainty isn’t suitable for young groups.

Also I would only opt for going half board or bed and breakfast if you dislike repetitive food and don’t wish to hang around the hotel in the day


  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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6 / 10
hotel was ok very clean food ok, but would not go back

"just got back from roda village gardens, went for one week , the room was nice the grounds of the hotel kept nice, food was just ok but edible, all of the week we got up around 9ish but we could never get a sunbed for the 2 of us others would put there towels on the beds to save then go 4 breckfast and would not return till a lot later u can gather who i mean, there was not many english there aother thing i didnt not like in the day you had to drink your drinks i e shorts or beer in small plastic cups the ones that u get out of vending machines. if you can stand this things then the hotel is not to bad .me i would not return . i would go self catering as i loved roda nice places to eat good bars to go in very pretty and lots going on to entertain you .oh the transfer on the coach is about 2 and half hours a bit long after the flight ."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010

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8 / 10
roda garden

"just returned from the roda garden village, had a nice stay, food was ok but got a bit samey towards the end of the week, staff were friendly and helpful, rooms are clean and tidy,although a slip mat in the bathroom wouldnt go a miss,maid service every other day,sunbeds always seemed to be taken early morning and then it seemed not used but still with the towels on them,prefered the beach and the sea,if you are hoping for entertainment at this resort forget it, its non existant, as for the greek night dont know what happened to it,in the end we found it better to go into roda or acharavi and met some very nice people including the locals, maggies place and smileys highly recomended,i would go here again,but next time am going self catering you meet alot more people out and about"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: recomend it but find your own entertainment

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10 / 10
Spotlessly clean, lovely food, friendly staff, great value for money

"We arrived at the hotel around 3pm on a cloudy, cold day but even this didn't spoil our first impression, which was that this was a lovely location, with stunning views across the sea to Albania to the front, and backed by high wooded hills to the back. The pool was spotless, as was the whole hotel, thanks to the army of cleaners who pitched up early every morning cleaning all the public areas (including dusting the gates & entrance signs) before moving onto cleaning the rooms and changing the linen every day except Sunday. The staff greeted us with open arms every day and made a huge fuss of the children, especially the restaurant manager as well as the receptionists, the shopkeeper, the bar staff and the 'Animation Team' - Chris & Verdi, who happily entertained the children every day and at 'children's hour' after the evening meal. I've never been one for 'organised entertainment', but I have to say we thoroughly enjoyed everything that the team did, as did the kids, and we were all very impressed.

We stayed in a 1 bed apartment on the ground floor which was, spotless, with twin beds in both rooms, kitchenette and including fridge, bathroom and double veranda overlooking the lush gardens. The only problem with this was that we found in ants in the beds and had to brush them off before we got in. The air con and TV were free, and any minor problems we had (missing TV aerial, blown light bulb) were fixed before we even returned to the room.

It was nice to see authentic greek food on the menu, which was delicious, although our children are a bit picky and were put off by the appearance of some dishes and tended to stick to pasta or bread and cheese, although they took full advantage of the 5 types of ice cream available mid-morning, mid-afternoon and with meals. I liked the fact you could help yourself to soft drinks and tea/coffee, etc., all day long, and that the beer and wine was self-service in the restaurant - saves a lot of waiting around.

As mentioned in other reviews, the sunbeds are bagged very eary in the day, by both german and british tourists (us included), but everyone was very friendly and our children made good friends with both the english and german children there.

We did a couple of trips - Corfu Town by bus, which was very good, and on the Paradise Beach BBQ, which was OK, but we booked direct with NSK travel just down the beach road from Roda - about 10 euro each cheaper than via the main travel agents.

We ate out a Smiley's on the last night (which was very good quality and very reasonable as the kids ate for free!) as our AI finished after lunch on the last day, however we were still able to help ourselves to drinks and ice creams all afternoon and evening, and the bar staff still happily served us right up until the end of AI at 11pm, which was a bonus.

Our only let down was that the coach forgot to pick us up at 1am, so I had to ring an emergency number and she sent a taxi for us, which got us to the airport just in time. Not the hotel's fault though and they kindly let us lay the children out asleep on the sofas in reception whilst we were waiting to be picked up.

I've already recommended this hotel to friends, our first time AI and with the children would definately do again.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010

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6 / 10
you get what you pay for

"first day we arrived at the hotel, we were surprised to see how small it was, dining area is pretty cramped, and the food section looked small too. however after a couple of days we were happy and got use to it. The waitresses were were lovely, always smiling. The food was good i thought, mousakka, vegetables lots of fish, spaghetti bolognaise and chips, although i ate only greek salad which was devine.

we stayed for 2 weeks, and i have to say my partner and my four children aged 3-13 were pretty fed up with the same old food, so we started eating out, I recommend Fuegos a beach restaurant on the way to Acharavi 10 minute walk away.

Go to Roxannes on Greek night in Roda, it was fun to watch and a popular place.

Our room was in the "old" apartments, very clean very dated, hard beds, lots of wardrobe space. NO plugs for bath of sink and no shower holder, this is to reduce water usage.

The shower was powerful though and you soon get use to holding it by hand.

There are newer apartments with blue shutters, these have more room and are cosmetically nicer however the plug and shower issue is the same.

The pool was lovely and clean, my kids loved every minute in it, the downside is the sunbeds are very close to the pool, so expect to get splashed when kids are playing.

Entertainment was ok, the two main entertainers were good at their job and the kids love them. The cabaret was very good too. The local beer is fine and the wine is ok ( after a few)

The beach: a real disappointment, not the hotels fault of course. The stones are large, not pebbles! flips flops are useless for this beach, i had to buy the whole family special beach shoes that dont come off, you can get these from the hotel shop or take strapped sandles with you.

I have been to Corfu before and stayed at Dassia, the sea there was far cleaner and clearer than roda, i expected the lovely clear waters here but it was cloudy with lots of seaweed.

If you walk into Roda they have a sandy beach there, nothing to write home about but great for making sand castles!

We took a bus to Sidari for just under 2 euros each, you can get this bus from roda, opposite ataxi rank. Sidari was lovely, the beach was sandy and very very hot, we had luch at a place called B.E.D.S . this was lovely, last bus back is 4.10pm, which we missed! taxi will set you back 15 euros if you miss this.

Overall, it was a nice holiday, but 2 weeks here is too long and would not stay in Roda again, not because of the hotel, but because of the beaches.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010

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8 / 10
A family feel, thats good value for the money but not a luxury resort,

"We booked this hotel via bookable holidays. All the reviews said good things and we thought it sounded ok for a short break with a teenager and a grandmother.

Taxi from the airport cost 50 euros and took about 45minutes.

This hotel is a bit smaller then i had thought, and a bit out of the way. But the rooms were very clean, with linin changed everyday. They are not the largest of rooms but adequate for purpose. The decor is a bit outdated, but well maintained.

The food on all inclusive was well presented and there was enough choice to meet most peoples tastes. The dinning room was well set out and very clean with good service from all the staff.

The bar staff especially Sky and Karla are fab and interesting to talk to. They were willing to make us coctails to our own tastes and had great memories for what your drink was!

The animation team worked hard to entertain us, Chris has a good singing voice, and is unbelievably keen at his job.

It is a short walk into the main village, with plenty of pubs, tavernas/resaurants and gift outlets.

This is not a lively place for a young teenager, but she made the best of it.

Room change over, is at midday and they will offer a room extension for 25 Euros untill 8pm. There is a changing room with a basic sink and shower, no towls are provided. This was quite a let down, and i object to the cost levied for using a shower and towls in slightly more pleasent surroundings.

The beach by the hotel was made of large stones and pebbles, but doesn't seem to stop some braving the water and hirring sunlongers for the day. speaking of sun loungers, you need to bag them early or there won't be one left, but there are plenty of seats near the bar both in the shade and in the sun.

If you take on an excursion save yourself at least 15-20 euros per person by avoiding the travel reps and using the local providers, you will find yourself on exactly the same trip as those who booked through the reps.

It did offer value for money, but this is not a large luxury resort, so if that is what you want you will need to try something bigger and more expensive.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010

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6 / 10
Nice All Inclusive hotel, with massive Mosquito problem

"The hotel is reasonably small, but so is Roda itself. It is however one of the main hotels in the resort. Situated on the pebbled beach, its is very picturesc and the staff are excellent and friendly.

The food is typical All Inclusive food. lthough not stunning, it is edable and even for a picky eater there is always something on every meal. The snacks inbetween the meal times are almost nonexistent.

The drinks are ok and the bar service is excellent. Local beer is nice.

The rooms are small and basic, but comfortable however they do not provide plugs for the bath or sink, so washing/shaving is difficult.

The resort of Roda is very small and is about 15 minutes walk from the hotel and takes about the same amount of time to look around. The locals are very friendly. On one evening we ate out to break up the routine and found a superb Mexican restaurant, suberb food and very reasonably priced.

The hotel has one major problem though - Mosquitos!!! It seemed to be isolated to this hotel and at night. We were amost eaten alive, the staff opely talk about the problem but dont seem to try and do anything about it, the store sells sprays etc but its notto effective. Some people tried scented candles and it seemed reasonably effecive.

The entertainements team are good and the evening shows/quizzes are enteraining. They also do alot for people with Children.

In summary this is a very nice hotel that really could do with trying to address the Mosquito problem. I would never advise staying here for more than a week due to the lack of things to do and see, but if you want a nice relaxed week of not doing much this is perfecty adequate.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010

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8 / 10
great location

"We have just spent a week at this hotel on an all inclusive basis. Arrived on a cloudy day with spots of rain, at night it was really cold. Room was ok, a bit small, pleased we were there for just a week, only a wardrobe for clothes, no drawers!. The Bathroom sink came out over the toilet which was awkward. Was kept lovely and clean. Food was good, plenty of choice, would like to have seen some labelling, so you know what you are eating. Drinks were very weak, you can drink all night and not be affected. All the staff were lovely. The animation team aka Chris and Verdi were great with kids and adults, they had plenty going on to keep everyone occupied, Kids club, aqua aerobics. quizzes, bingo, cabaret shows etc. There was a bit of a problem to get sunbeds as everyone got up early to put there towels out, we managed to get some every day but think it may be a problem in aug/sept when its busier. And you have to pay for the beds on pebble beach, right outside hotel (4euro). Roda is small and just a 15min walk along sea front and acharavi is about 15-20min walk and a bit bigger. Roxannes in roda is nice for a mythos and Nikos restaurant has nice food and is family run. Weather hot but cool at nights at this time of year. Would definately go back, but would have an apartment and not the rooms in main building."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010

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  • by hazelm

    " give it a go,the beach down the road from roda has a blue flag and is never crowded "

  • by dewi1984

    " Favourite restaurant was Vamos no doubt. Hire a car and travel down to paleokastritsa for the day. "

  • by poloman123

    " Maggies place, Navigator restaurant in Acharavi "

  • by cathbounty

    " perfect for families. Pebbled beach though but once in the sea its all sand the sea is shallow. "

  • by amy

    " beach is suitable for familys as the water is warm and shallow "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " A lovely little resort ,nice and flat,no nightclubs ,nice tavernas and a good long beach "

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