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4 / 10
rip off

"having just returned from club caleta dorada ,it was a last minute holiday on getting there Saturday 23rd of april at 855pm was told to go straight to restaurant as it was shutting at 9pm nothing hardly to eat ,so that night missed out on meal no snacks at other bar .went straight back to reception where we picked up our key and baggage had a 10min walk to our room which the maps aren't very straight forward ,the room was ok but like self catering ,microwave,cooking facilicty,and we had booked a sea view if you stood on your tiptoes outside you could see the sea [con] .not even unpacking started the treck up to the evening bar about 40 steps up across a road up more steps then hell .kids running wild no control ,its very child oritated .but did get afew drinks very good barstaff .over the nxt few days got our bearings, food was excellent entainment very bad for adults .there are 3 pools spread out but one bar never open so if you wanted a drink you had to walk a mile to get one and bring it back warm .but the best is yet to come bearing in mind getting there late sat night aweek later at 12 noon you have to go to hand your key in and get the wrist band cut off and get a voucher for a meal that's its no drinks after 3pm so they are doing you out of half a day of your holiday many people complain but to no avail ,plus we asked to keep our room on ,the answer was no ,will not be going back there thanks for reading this it may help somebody ."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2016, Booked Independently
  • Advice: if you have children go .

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10 / 10
Great place .

"Had a brilliant holiday here Jan 2016, returning with our grand children May 2016. Lovely + clean, all inclusive food Fantastic. Bungalow was lovely.

Town + beach 10 - 15 min walk is lovely + we found everything was reasonably priced. Definitely recommend.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2016, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Just enjoy
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
so good we are returning to this resort this year after 25 years of never returning to the same place

"Went in June 2015 and we are returning June 2016,`0 minutes from the airport,12e ,good food ,good staff and at the end of the holiday an extra meal while you wait for your taxi to the airport.

yes there was a line for the bar,but this was short lived,snacks were a bit poor and for only a short period,but as the food was good,transfers very short,staff great area quite,we are returning and plan to do so again in October unless the buy out has changed the resort.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont go if you struggle to walk far
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Great going again

"So many bad reviews so we were dreading it, arrived couldn't believe it food was great even children were happy, staff helpful, yes it is only a 2 star so it's not going to b the Ritz! If u go looking for good value for money u will get it, on reviews people moaned about ants, don't leave food on floor and u will b fine, the food well they must cook like master chef because we found it better than food we have had in 5 star hotels, if u look for faults u will find them so just enjoy your holiday, people expect to much, good location many bad remarks too far to harbor well just enjoy the exercise! Holiday goers friendly staff friendly, yes rooms do need tender loving care but it's cheap so just have a great time!!!"

  • Holiday details: Feb 2015, booked with
  • Advice: Kids clubs
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
December 2014

"We read some mixed reviews before booking our holiday.

We couldn't have asked for a better holiday!!! We generally go 5* but we were not at all disappointing, in fact, we are booking to go again in March.

The accommodation was good, clean & with lovely views over the town & the sea. The food was excellent with a very varied & plentiful selection.

The staff were all very helpful & welcoming especially Emilio & Lukas, who gave us plenty to do and kept us all entertained. The reception staff were very helpful at all times.Every day the staff in the restaurant gave a cheery welcome.

Only downside is the aircraft fly into the airport right over your head. I loved it as i could see them very close up. They only land between 0830 until 2200 so they don't disturb your sleep.

We would recommend this holiday to anyone.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Make sure you spend some time at the lovely beach and in the town. Also take the bus to the main town Peuto Rosario
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
Good and bad.

"Good prices. Same good weather as anyone going 5 star and paying 3 times more. Food pretty good and the main reason for critics on this subject are there is so much variety you never really get hungry. Two young women work hard to entertain families .Great for young children. Bad, compared to Butlins or Haven holidays .Poor entertainment .Only one restaurant open while we were their but they did cope.Flew with Raynoir but be aware ,after adding their excessive luggage charges they are no cheaper than other airlines and do not sell duty free cigs on the plain.Loads of sun beds but at least half should be thrown away as they are broken.We did get 3 cockroaches in our bedrooms even though we did not leave windows or doors open.

Tips .Be aware they tell you you can have photos with parrots and animals but do not tell you until after, there is a charge of 10 Euros per photo and they usually take 2.We hired beach towels at 5 Euros each for 2 weeks plus a deposit of 10 Euros each ,after which we found we could have bought them at the local supermarket new for 5 Euros each and most people just used the bath towels from their rooms.The safe was expensive at 40 Euros for two weeks with 5 Euros deposit. Buy some insect repellent wipes from pound land and block under the back door.Buy all sun tan oils and after sun as these are expensive over their.Nappies and swim nappies are also expensive.The only cheap things are Cigs and copy watches. Cigs 26 Euros for 200.Copy watches can be negotiated down to 15 Euros. We went all inclusive ,but remember when you check out ,before 12 noon, they take off your all inclusive band so regardless how long you have to wait ,no free food or drinks.You sometimes have to wait at the bar for a drink which is served in small plastic beakers. We went with on the Beach and it was a pain having to get return tickets by having to find an internet cafe with a printer half way through the holiday.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2014, booked with on the beach
  • Advice: Market 10 mins walk from compex.

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7 / 10
you get what you pay for

"Just come back from caleta dorada in cala fuste, same as one in lanzarote

blue sea ok drink ok for A/I.10 mins walk down into town but zanzibar good pub just above the complex.



  • Holiday details: Feb 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: find the cave bar in town pint and cider 3 euros till 9-30 pm

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2 / 10
Don't bother

"This place is really needing sorted - staff are trained liars - they can do nothing - ever!! Also ants, falling apart furniture, rooms smell very stale, you have to HIRE BASICS (toaster, Kettle never mind pay for tv - no air con - but you can HIRE a fan). As we arrived, a female guest who had just arrived came into reception demanding her room be fumigated beofre they wnet in to it - having failed to get another romm - they had just arrived and in 1 room they FILLED a dustpan with dead and live cochraoches - god I was almost sick!! Luckily we just had constant ant infestations. I have never seen so many drunks in a holiday accommodation before - many who just let thir kids do anything - kids swearing, running about, you need to get up at 2am to get a sun bed. Drunk young adults in the pools etc. We were self catering - thank god!! People just queued all the time - many all inclusive guests complained about this but 2 staff to serve hundreds of people - do the sums - it doesn't add up - queues were for FOOD and DRINK also some daft rules about only 1 toastie at a time - so you queue 20 minutes for this and then re-join the quueue or take someone with you if you need more than 1 - oh and the burgers during the day or not on the all inclusive either. Heard people moaning about the food."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, booked with On the Beach - they are atrocious
  • Advice: go somewhere else - seriously!!
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
The Worst Hotel Ever

"Please find below the letter a wrote to the Hotel Manager, and forwarded on to my holiday company. It resulted in MORE cockroaches, and not being moved. And also, on my last night my sister cought the night Porter spying on me as I slept, watching me through the bedroom window, peeping through the curtain.

Dear Onthebeach, I´ve been advised by my hotel to send my concerns to you. I´m currently on my holiday - which I bookeed with you, and I´m just going to show the email I have writen to the hotel manager. This is so upsetting, and I wish you to transfer us to another hotel and no extra charge. You should not be sending people to this hotel. Dear Manager, I regret to inform you of the horrible experience I am currently having at your hotel caleta dorada. Me and my sister arrived on the 19/09/12 up until yesterday 22/09/12 we had no problems. At approximately 7pm yesterday(22nd September) the sprinklers were on and we could hear explosions outside coming from this hole in the ground by our apartment. Smoke then soon began emerging from this hole where the electrics must have been, as with each explosion our lights started to flicker. My sister Rebecca went to reception straight away to report this matter. In return the receptionist said she would send a maintenance man to check. He came and checked, and told us everything was ok. Within minutes after he left the cooker(hob) light which was switched OFF also began to flicker on and off every time we heard these expositions from outside. My sister Rebecca Seal then touched the cooker, as were preparing our evening meal, received and high voltage electric shock up her left arm causing her to fall to the floor with pain and cry. She was in a state of shock and terrified. I immediately went to reception and informed the receptionist and she sent the maintenance man AGAIN. He looked and said everything was fine although the lights were still flickering. He then left saying it was safe (although we are self catering and HAVE to use the cooker to feed ourselves.) At this point we was too scared to touch any of the electricals especially the cooker in apartment 11A. We informed the reception of our worries and the lady told me not to touch anything. This is entirely unacceptable as we have to eat and sleep in this apartment. My sister Rebecca was so upset with this response she herself went to reception and explained how she had received an electric shock and we need to eat, so how can we cook? We asked to moved to another room, in which the lady had told her would not be possible tonight, and gave us a food pass for the evening. I was so upset we had to stay in this death trap apartment, I felt your hotel did not respond sympathetically to our concerns and unfortunate circumstances. I then filmed the cooker on my I- phone proving to the reception the lights flickering on and off when it was off, and that it was NOT safe to stay in this apartment for the night. I showed my video footage to your receptionist. Then to my astonishment she emphasised the fact that we are lying, and said the footage showed her nothing!!!! It is now approx 9pm hungry, tired and distraught by all this. We went to dinner, which I must express was a very bad quality of food. As we were walking back to our death trap apartment we was approached by your maintenance man, who kindly said we had told we had a new apartment 77C ready and waiting for us. The relief that we was not staying at 11A apartment was great and we happily moved our stuff. Then to my horror a cockroach emerged from under the kitchen units.... and the ANOTHER. I have a server phobia of these insects. I immediately had a panic attack and was in distress. In a state of panic I ran to reception and cried to the woman at reception, explaining to her the cockroach infestation, her response was "they wont hurt you - they just come and go". And for the last time the maintenance guy came and sprayed our room with insect spray, he could see how upset I was and left the spray with us. For the whole night me and my sister unable to sleep knowing we are living with these disgusting creatures. To finish the horrific night off we had ants crawling over the bed, the sheets and the walls. We had to then spray our bedroom with insect spray and move the beds away from the walls. In my 20 years of holidays I have NEVER encountered a complex which is so dirty. You have serious problems here. My whole holiday has been ruined by these events and I now feel I am not on holiday relaxing as I should be I am counting down the days to leave. This should not be the case as a customer you should ensure we are safe and enjoying our stay with you. However I feel as though my safety is at high jeopardy in this apartment. Yours sincerely, I very upset customer, CAN YOU PLEASE MOVE US ASAP.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, booked with On The Beach
  • Advice: Don't do it!!!!!!!
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10

"Stayed at the Caleta Dorada in November 2011 for 1 week. We booked a last minute break which was cheap so didn't have high expectations. On arrival we were pleasantly surprised by the bungalow style accommodation which looked pretty and had unspoilt views of the sea and town centre. The accommodation interior is a bit basic and tired but didn't really expect more for the price. Set off to get some supplies for the next few days and retuned home for an early night. We woke to find that someone had entered the apartment via the patio doors and had stolen all our money. We reported this to reception who advised we must report this to the local police ourselves at the Police Station a 15 minute taxi journey away. After repeating that our money had been stolen they reluctantly gave us a voucher for breakfast and evening meal. To be fair we would have enjoyed this bargain break if we had some money to spend. The breakfast was quite enjoyable but the evening meal left a lot to be desired. It's sad as this looked like it had been a nice resort at one time but it is quite run down and in need of a makeover."

  • Holiday details: Nov 2011, Booked Independently

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3 / 10
Not what the hotel say's!

"We have just come back from a week at this hotel and have been left very disapointed. On the hotel web site it states that it has the following; Jacuzzi/Sauna/whirlpool. Childrens playground. A mediteranean, chinese restaurant and a pizzeria, oh and pool side bars with nightclub on did have BUT NOT NOW! Half of this hotel is clossed down and run down. The appartments are all very dated with old and faded decor. All the pool side lounge chairs have seen better days, old broken and battered! The pool was also FREEZING even for the hardy swimmer. Mini train gave the impression was a free service to beach..not so. Thomas Cook and Thompson holidays used to be part of this hotel but pulled out because of all the breakings. This hotel (3yrs ago) would of been great but sadly not now. It only realy makes a 2 star hotel. Very sad. My husband also said the so called gymnasium was a embarrasement, if you wanted to use it you had to ask for the electric to be turned on. And there was little or no equipment. The mini golf was also a joke as you had to pay 5 euros to play on a bomb sight. For the same money you can play on a fantastic golf course nr the beach. I am no snob but I expect to get what I pay for. Oh and by the way the food was rubbish."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dont expect what it says in the brochure.

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8 / 10
Good holiday

"Just come back from 5 days at Club Caleta Dorada. The weather was glorious which is always a help. The accommodation was clean and the kitchen included a microwave and toaster. Reception was efficient and helpful. The complex is big and we stayed in Block A. The food was OK -Breakfast was everything from continental, to full english, (though the bacon left a bit to be desired), pancakes, fresh fruit, bread etc etc. I am not a fussy eater and in the evenings there was always a choice of meat, fish, pasta, chips, potatoes, veg, salad. Wine (an acquired taste), beer, soft drinks, coffee tea etc was readily available. The bar snacks were always a toastie, or hot dog or sandwich and hot and cold drinks were readily available, as was fresh fruit on the bar.The children's entertainment crew worked hard trying to pursuade adults and children to join in. The measures at the bar were more than generous and never much of a queue. As the pool bar was the only one open, it got a bit cold sitting in the evenining watching the entertainment. Clever people brought their blankets from the rooms to wrap around themselves. The complex was less than half full which made it easy in the restaurant and around the pool. I would not like to go there in the height of the season. I had two complaints:-

I asked for a room with a view, and the only view we got was of the apartment opposite, but further down the complex there was accommodation that had gorgeous views over the resort.


Our apartment was five minutes walk from the bar - which isn't far, but try doing it with two vodka and cokes - when you fancy a drink getting ready to go out in the evening!!!

To walk down to the beach took about 15 mins - plenty of shops, bars etc. Really enjoyed the stay - would go again.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2012, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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  • by kamz17

    " Oasis animal park a definite must see. "

  • by lperrott2

    " Make sure you visit Jandis, its about an hours drive, the beaches are out of this world!! "

  • by janettte

    " Beach is great for kids "

  • by neoshelley

    " no good for diving or snorkelling "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " Good Family resort. "

  • by Alison Brooks

    " Ask for a bungalow in Block C closest to the main pool area. "

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