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10 / 10
Perfect accommodation 10/10

"Having read the previous reviews of the Vossos Club, I can honestly say that I am shocked, as it is a truly lovely place to stay!

Like everywhere in Greece, the rooms and simple and traditional, yet they are spacious, comfortable, and cleaned every morning. There are safes available in each room for valuables, as well as wardrobes to put your clothes.

I came to Zante for a holiday with my 8 other friends and we could not have asked for more from Vossos. If, like us, you are there to go out in Laganas then it is a 10 minute walk at most to the main strip, yet it pretty much has its own stretch of beach and 5 restaurants next to it. It is also very peaceful, and the polar opposite to any 18-30 accommodation!

However, the best part about Vossos has to be the owner, Yannis, who works unbelievably hard to keep the place running as efficiently as it does. He is always at the desk if you need him, along with running the hotel bar beside the pool. He is a lovely man and does everything he can to ensure that his guests have the best time possible, going beyond and above to help!

I would recommend this establishment to anyone; from a group of lads to a couple looking to get away 10/10!!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Not bad at all

"I have stayed there last year. The app was big enough, with balcony.There was TV, but only local programs, no SAT/TV, as we could read before going there.The room was clean, at least, there was a woman who had cleaned it every day. It's wreally at a good location, Just down the streat is a beautifull sandy beach. And, It's far enough from the main streat which is a paradise for young and drunk teenagers. When the dark came, I didn't want to go there.Just one night,enough for ten days.There was just one person, not the ownwr, who worked there and knew English, but I think it's good because You have Your peace, no one is bothering You, and if there is some problem, you can tell him. We also had a woman from the agency there ("Conte") and were more than sattissfied with here job.She was called Ivana S. (not shore for the last name, maby Stojiljkovich),and works in Greece. She was there for us in a few minutes if we had any doubts or problems. The beach is wery long, the sand is beautifull, water never cold. Just on this side of the island the sea was so calm. I would like if there was a better lightening beside the sea cost,cause in the evening, You can go walking by the beach, but only in the dark, here and there a little bit of light from tavernas, and on the sand. Maby it's like that cause of some turtlle, careta,not to fright them. Meals were small, I think it's an English kitchen, cause there are wery much young british people. So if I go there again, I will take PP at least, not the appartmant without food. So, good things are: just near the sea, beautifull beach, a lot of the space and peace that You nead at the app,it's not in the main streat, have fridge and bad things: not SAT/TV, just TV(they have internet in the cafe, for which you have to pay something), beds weren't great, but that manager came to fix the one, You can't cook big meals in there, but something not big, you can(eggs, milk, made meals etc.), and in front of every taverna or cafe there is a boy who speaks few words on each languague and will try everything to get you in there, which is not proffessional at all.Nice iceland."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, app, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
This hotel was awful. The rooms were...

"This hotel was awful. The rooms were dirty, small and smelly. The beds were cheap and nasty and the covers stank.

It was just an apartment with a kitchen area which had a 2 ring stove, a fridge, and a sink. The cupboards were bare hardly any crockery or cutlery. You could not self cater in here the facilities werent upto the standards you would expect on holiday. There was no bath, only a shower tray with what looked like a hose. No shower curtain you simply had to hose yourself down whilst flooding the bathroom. We also had no water as we were told the boiler had broken.

The floors were filthy i resorted to cleaning the apartment myself with brushes/mops i lent from the cleaners. The towels and linen were changed regulary and the cleaners came everyday but the place was still dirty.

The pool area was small but did look clean although i didnt go in it.

The staff could hardly speak english and didnt deal with our problems. The bar area was quite cheap though. This is very basic accomodation and onyl just livable. I'd suggest you look elsewhere in laganas than this place.

The resort of laganas was very nice its just a shame about the hotel.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, Self Catering, booked with MyTravel

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1 / 10
Where do I start? All I can really...

"Where do I start? All I can really say is what a pile of rubbish !

After a long coach journey from the airport you expect to be staying somewhere nice. We got told it was a lovely place to stay as the people we booked with had actually stayed here (obviously they didn’t have standards).

The room was a state, sick up the walls and on the curtains. Blood on the floor. Bathroom was a tray and a hose pipe pretty much, with dirty floors. The balcony rail was broken. The owners were stupid and didn’t understand anything you said.

We stayed for one night and moved to another hotel it was that bad. Our reps didn’t come till 4 and we needed to get moving to find another hotel because I and my friends were not staying another night there. We went back in the morning to hand back our keys and told them why we had moved. All the reps could say is that you didn’t give us a chance to sort things out and wouldn’t give us some money towards our new hotel. They couldn’t sort this hotel in one day – it needs knocking down!

As soon as we moved the holiday got rolling and ended up having a wicked time.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, Room Only, booked with Escapades

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1 / 10
I and my fiancé stayed in these...

"I and my fiancé stayed in these apartments last year and it was terrible.

Don’t get me wrong, we made the best out of the holiday we could and you will make some fantastic friends. There are great places to go nearby but to be honest its pretty quiet considering its supposed to be a lively place.

Anyways the owners are terrible, they are supposed to be running an 18-30's and they wanted us off the balconies by like 12pm.

The pool was nice, the apartments were filthy! Our banister on the balcony was broke. We were on the "quiet side" of the apartments but every morning at 5am you could hear everyone in their apartments and the chickens and animals of the farm next door would bark, coo and everything all day.

The reps were also very unhelpful and seemed like they couldn’t wait to go home. They sold trips which were expensive, very unorganised and boring.

The bar in the complex was cheap, our friends room lights were broke, dirty and the shower was broke. They had to move room 3 times as each was disgusting.

I would never go back there, one day it rained so much the rooms on the bottom floor flooded!!

I did have an ok holiday. I spent every minute out of the hotel with friends and it was great but it is not a place you want to stay... It doesn’t deserve a two star rating more like one star max.

I will never go with Going Places again, there customer service was appalling!

Do not stay here; there are wonderful hotels all around this terrible one.

If you have already booked, take ear plugs, make sure you stay out of the hotel and bring stuff like sheets/cleaning materials/bug spray and friends lol.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, Self Catering, booked with MyTravel Going Places

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7 / 10
Me and a group of mixed friends...

"Me and a group of mixed friends stayed here in June 2006.

It was a brilliant holiday and where we was staying was very ideal! The rooms were ok very simple but still nice.

Although I weren’t to keen on the shower but the bathroom is the same as in any accommodation on the Ireland!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, Self Catering, booked with Thomson

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  • by CWA

    " Visit Hermion restaurant next door and the Hawaiian Club opposite. "

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