ClubHotel Riu Oliva Beach Resort

Avda Grandes Playa, Fuerteventura 35660, Spain
8  / 10
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10 / 10

"We stayed at the Riu Olivia from 23/12/2015 for one week, was there for Xmas and it was one of the best holidays we have had. We traveled as a couple and met some lovely people during our visit. We stayed in the main building, (room 324), and had a great view of the pool and ocean. We were all inclusive and could not fault the food and drinks that were provided, there was something for everyone, if you cannot find something you like from the buffet provided then i suggest you take a British holiday next time. The staff were faultless, they couldn't do enough for you, nothing was too much. We enjoyed ourselves so much we have booked to go back on the 27/01/2016, home for 3 weeks and then back again, we love the place. Well done to the management and staff at the Riu Olivia, we will see you on Wednesday the 27th, Gary Brent."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: just come and have a gre a holiday.
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Severe sickness- avoid this hotel and thomson holidays

"Where to start?

We arrived late in the evening to find the bed was broken (the leg had become detached). Traipsed back to reception to be told we couldn't move rooms. A gentleman from reception arrived at our door to say he would bring a temporary bed. My husband has to help him carry the broken bed to a store room and carry a temporary bed back to the room. Not a great start to your long awaited holiday.

The next morning I reported this to the thomson rep and 4 chocolate heart sweets and a bottle of fizz were left in our room from reception apologising for the inconvenience

On day 6 our 11 year old woke with severe stomac pains which worsened through the day and was accompanied by severe vomiting. We contacted reception who called a doctor to our room. The doctor told us to take her to the main hospital immediately and we had to travel 30 minutes in s taxi with our very poorly daughter. We spent 8 hours at hospital (very frightening as the doctors did not speak English) and my daughter had to endure blood tests, and 3 intravenous treatments.

The next day on return to the hotel we once again got 4 chocolates and another bottle of fizz from reception to apologies for the 'inconvenience'

I spoke to the Thomson rep to report the illness, she told me there had been numerous cases at the hotel and that Thomson were aware. I asked why there was no warnings to guests, she shrugged and said it was because the source was unknown

2 days later my husband became I'll with identical symptoms.

On return to the uk I have repeatedly tried to raise my concerns with Thomson who do not want to know. I asked why there were no warnings to guests and they said they weren't aware of problems at the hotel (not true) and that the sickness was probably down to my daughters constitution.

Corralego beach is a beautiful setting for the hotel, but the hotel is in need of a refurbish.

I won't ever travel with Thomson again. Their contempt for customers is shameful.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
5th Visit - NEVER AGAIN!

"I'm deeply upset to have to write such a bad review but I feel other people should be aware! Come on holiday watchdog help is needed here before someone dies!!

Previously We have stayed at this hotel 4 times on our families 5th visit feeling very excited about 2 weeks in the sun stunning beaches we jetted off from Birmingham on the 30th July 2914!

Arrived to friendly staff who recognized us from previous visits was given room 1118 annex ground floor even thou we'd asked for high 3am that morning we woken dripping in water thinking omg where's the Air Con we'd Piaf for (not knowing Air Con was now 11am-11pm) outrageous in that heat!! We were infested with Cockroaches we battled our way out and went straight to reception there we was told to come back after 11.30am for another room....

Breakfast time ooh I do like my food off we went breakfast was barely warm but as we were so hungry we tucked in thinking um what's going off as previously when we'd been here it hadn't been like this.

11.30am we arrived back at reception excited about getting our new room to be told our family had to be split up and two rooms were available on the 7th floor.... Scared of heights 7th floor NO AIR CON.... My heart was beating fast! We explained we didn't like heights, they turn the air con off during the night it would be extremely hot plus a younger member of our family didn't like lifts as she was stuck in one many years ago.

So we were given another key 2319 we set off in hunt for our new room.... We were unaware that once that door would be open we'd have to brace our self for the horrendous smell WOW this smell that hung round the whole complex of sewage was always in our room!! Our Air Con didn't work at all never mind between the hours of 11am-11pm !

We reported this straight to reception who did nothing... So we set of for lunch again barely warm followed by a barley warm evening meal.... We returned back to our smelly room hungry and tired... Thinking surely it couldn't get any worse!! We were wrong we felt like we'd landed in the middle of a war camp.... Our routine became the same UNTIL wow that low down stomach pain hit us first my mum and sister got it on the Saturday then it hit me on the Sunday.... Doubled up spending most the time on the toilet knowing we had to drag our self to the on site shop for bottles of water!

A week into our holiday we began to pick up so we set in search for the rep we explained everything and at this point she seemed human but the look on her face was telling me this was far worse than we could imagine... So I logged on to TripAdvisor in horror I quickly learned were not in the middle of a war camp but were in the middle of an sickness/diarrhea camp!!! Begging the rep to move us to another hotel even self catering we were told every hotel was full so we asked for a flight home just our luck all flights were full... Knowing we had another week here brought us to tears!!

The following day our rep had called the head of rep's in this showed it was a bigger problem than we'd thought... The head rep Bill was rude and very defensive making us feel like it was our fault.... When actually Thompson are at fault we only booked our holiday a short time before we went at the time we booked the hotel was swamped with the bug so my complaint was we should of been told at the time of booking!

The hotel mangers and reps became rude, unfriendly etc our holiday had turned into a living nightmare we tried at this point to make the best of our holiday attempting to get something to eat BIG MISTAKE that low down stomach cramp was back 100 times worse than the first time.... I need the toilet the quicker I tried to hurry to the toilet the more it hurt unfortunately I didn't make it I was feeling very humiliated we all struggled back to our room to find the blockage in the bath had been fixed so I could have a shower without standing in raw sewage but the smell was still in the appartment in our hair, clothes, bed etc!

We were left to rot in hell no air con sickness/diarrhea bug in a sewage smelling room... U couldn't even sit on the balcony because the smell of sewage was everywhere it was coming from what I all a poo farm situated right next to the main restaurant! So I began to make a portfolio of evidence and I'm taking this further!

Cockroach's were running round the restaurants!

Twos weeks had past our date to fly home had arrived we were so refilled as at points through out our 2 weeks we were unsure if we'd be alive the next day! I was unwell on the day of leaving so we asked to keep the room on we were told NO.... We are all deeply disgusted that we were treated like this after we'd been here 5 times in total!

I wouldn't recommend anyone going to this hotel it needs shutting down!!

To end on a positive thank u to our maid who provided us with extra towels and toilet rolls, thank u to the guests who were so kind and to Deborah who worked in the annex restaurant who did actually care about the amount of people who were ill.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Don't go here!
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Tummy Bug!!!!

"Unfortunately I've experienced the worst holiday of my life so has the rest of my family!!!

Few days into our holiday we all experienced low down pain in the tummy only experience I can ever related to this is childbirth.... We spent the rest of our holiday on the toilet coming from both ends it was horrendous after reporting both to Thompson Rep and mangers we were made to feel isolated like it was our fault... After constantly complaining about food being reheated food, dirty filthy sheets and smelly rooms covered in ants us needing constant toilet rolls and towels we were spoken to rudely and tried our best to mange backwards n forwards to local shop for toilet rolls etc.

Hearing other guests complain and hearing neighbors been sick its unable

No Air Con!! We have been living a nightmare.

This place needs shutting down!!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Food poisoning - avoid this hotel

"We stayed here in May 2014, enjoyed the beach and location. However, the rest was awful.

Hotel itself is very old and dirty. It is normal to have cockroaches in rooms so don't even bother reporting it to staff because they won't bother much. Housekeeping in the morning is so noisy so don't think of waking up later than 8AM.

But the worst thing is that lots of people caught stomach bug during our stay. My partner and I ended up having intravenous treatment in a clinic. We were diagnosed with gastroenteritis. We spoke to many many people in the hotel and lots of them complained about being sick, vomiting, fever etc. Thomson reps and hotel so called 'managers' were covering it up and were very defensive saying there was only few guests who reported it so it's not an issue!!! At one point we felt like they were blaming us for it!!!! but in fact the situation was much worse, even when I was sat on the terrace, I could hear lots of people from other apartments throwing up. It was like a plague.

Our holiday in Riu Oliva Beach was completely ruined because of this horrible experience. This hotel is dirty and disgusting. Also don't bother writing to Thomson, they just want your money and afterwards they will ignore you completely.

We are already taking this further, this hotel should be shut down for putting people's health at risk!

Do yourself a favor and book somewhere else.

  • Holiday details: May 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Stay somewhere else unless you enjoy spending your holiday in hospital
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
10th may to 21st may 2014

"Hi .very clean rooms,well maintained gardens, excellent food, patisserie especially the chocolate and Madeira sponge(my favorite) pool was like a tropical beach very,very clean,staff very jolly and friendly. now comes the crunch.wheel chair access, or lack of it, a large hill up to the reception, other access via the long route through the car park( its a hill, you cant do anything about a hill)Then a ramp outside up to the reception which i can only describe as Biblical, the type the pharaohs used to build the pyramids,,it took three of us to wheel mother in law up this 15 foot ramp.The internal access mechanical ramp didn't work into the entertainment hall, we did ask the manager on a daily basis when it was going to be repaired, every day same thing, the engineers are coming from the main land (not sure which one) 11 days later we gave up. She did get help from 4 of the bar staff every time to which we were grateful,(again Egyptian theme, one on each corner) BUT if anyone of the guys slipped a lot of people may have got hurt. apart from the constant wind(no jokes please)and the wheel chair problem, i would personally go back there, (without the wheel chair)"

  • Holiday details: May 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: entertainment was great for this holiday

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10 / 10

"been twice to this hotel stayed in the annex nice food and drink lovely. second time u have to pay for your own water hotel no longer provides this. beach is amazing pure white sand clear blue sea beware waves are high and strong. further up the beach is a nudist beach."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: take plenty of high factor sun cream wind can burn.
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Totally wonderful holiday!

"I don't normally book all-inclusive packages as I like to try different restaurants and explore the area I'm visiting, but we wanted a relaxing beach holiday this year and the Oliva seemed to offer everything we wanted.

I booked a week for my family (2 teenage girls, 17 and 19, my husband and myself) first week of June. We had 2 seaview rooms (actually I think they are all seaview). It was perfect. The location on the beach is totally amazing. The room decor is dated but still in good condition and very clean.

There are 4 restaurants - all buffet (2 are your 'everyday' restaurants, the other 2 are a Chinese and Canarian which you need to book and can only visit once each week). Food was plentiful and varied, not haute cuisine, but a high standard. Someone mentioned in a previous review that it was all chips and potatoes - not the case when we were there. There was a choice of 5 hot meat/fish dishes every day, 4 or 5 hot vegetarian dishes, a pasta/noodle/rice section with about 6 dishes, the starter section consisting of salads, cold meats, eggs, seafood, cheese etc, a bakery section (for breakfast there seemed to be every type of bread available) and about 12 desserts and various cheeses in the sweet section. The snack bar food was the same everyday however - chips, pizzas, sausages, burgers, cold meats, eggs, salads, fruit, cakes and ice cream. You could eat non-stop all day if you wanted and there was something for everyone.

The Chinese restaurant was a very pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting authentic Chinese food in Fuerteventura but the Chinese chef ensured that is what we got. I am half Chinese so believe me the food was excellent!

It was my husband's birthday when we visited the Chinese restaurant. They layed out the table with candles, napkins in the shape of swans and hearts, flowers and sprinkled petals. A rather large and delicious chocolate cake and champagne was provided - all on the house. We were very impressed.

The bars are open all day and the bar staff will mix any cocktails you want. Beer, wine, soft drinks, coffee and tea are available for you to help yourself.

Like any hotel with a pool you need to book your sunbed early whether the other guests are German, English, Indian or whatever! 8.30am was about the right time to find a bed - I always had a swim at that time anyway so it wasn't a problem but people coming to the pool at noon still managed to find sunbeds - just not right next to the pool, there was no shortage.

We used the pool by the main hotel building which is where all the activities took place. I think the annexe pool is quieter.

If you stay in the main hotel you are provided with fresh pool towels every day.

The staff were great, we received first class treatment.

Entertainment during the day consisted of volleyball, water polo, rifle shooting, aqua aerobics, yoga, other exercise classes, bingo etc. There were tennis courts, pool tables, table tennis etc as well. Evening entertainment was partly provided by the hotel's animation team and partly by other entertainers. The African gymnasts were especially good.

There are a lot of steps in this hotel so not worth taking high heels! Dress is casual. Weather was perfect - hot during the day (but comfortable as there was always a breeze) and cool in the evenings, air con not required.

Fuertaventura is a quiet island in general compared to for example Tenerife (stayed in Playa de Las Americas). The Oliva Hotel is perfect for families and older people and not for your 18 - 30s crowd wanting something more lively. My teenage daughters had a great time but I think if we had stayed more than a week they may have become a little restless...

My only complaint is the hairdryer in the bathroom was useless. Hotel hairdryers are never very good but this one was a ridiculous tube contraption, no power and short tube. BRILLIANT hotel otherwise!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Loved it!!

"Absolutely fab hotel!

#Friendly Staff - very welcoming when you arive! And very helpful!

#Had an amazing view from room!

#Very nice room!

#Cleaners were brill!

#Sunbeds were comfortable

#Enjoyed the pool & jaccuzi!

#Nicest white beach and gorgeous blue sea ive seen!

#Very very nice food!!!

#Air con!

#Local town nearby and worth going very nice shops and bars!

The only thing I would complain about is the layout of the entertainment area, the chairs are in rows like youre at the cinema or something, they should be grouped like you would find in a pub or bar! Also the beer was awful very cheap, made you feel sick the next day and only had 2 beers night before! And wasnt imrpessed with the cocktails! However it was all inclusive so the drinks arent going to be brand drinks so its fair enough of course :)

Other than that I absolutely loved it and I would definitely go back again!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Change youre seating arrangement better for the entertainment as very off putting!!
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Best Overall Holiday

"Been back from Olivia beach for a week and missing it.

we have done all the Canaries now , and some Mallorca resorts , Crete etc.

Olivia Beach was the best overall holiday we have been on.

good spacious apartment, beds nothing special but OK, free safe deposit box is a nice touch , as is the free bottled water from reception.

Food very acceptable and did not bother with themed restaurants on advice of other reviews and guests who felt it was a waste of time.Only on one night from 11 did I struggle to find something , just made a whopping cheese and onion sandwich followed by Ice cream and melon..marvellous .

There were a lot of different nationalities ,including spaniards , which gave a nice balance to activities. did not see one person drunk which was really reassuring with all inclusive booze on tap , with the usual cruzcampo beer being refreshing without blowing your head off , and gin n tonic is the same anywhere so no drama's there.

The beach is second to none in size and cleanliness , with the brochure pictures if anything not doing full justice to how good it is.

Plenty of lifeguards patrolling as it can be dangerous if you go beyond 60-metres out , but you really do not need to with the waves crashing in.....great fun...get a body board on day one to get your money's worth.

I was able to stay in the sun for longer than I usually can becuase the strong breeze makes it feel cooler than it actually is in temp....but Beware as you will burn if not covered in factor 20 minmum.

Only spent a couple of hours in main town to buy cigs/gifts , nothing special but I did not go for the town so who cares ? I would say it was best for lazing about , reading , chilling out, and windsurfing IF you are in to it.. do not expect loads of razzmatazz ,it is not there.

WE WILL GO BACK....fantastic holiday enjoyed......

loved it.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: lay back , read a book , eat when you want ,get on that beach, chill out
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
super everything

"i went in feb with my mum and we realli enjoyed to rooms were very clean and spacious they were cleaned everyday to a high standard and the maids work very hard, the food was cooked fresh every meal time nothing was heated up and the staff were very helpful, the reception staff spoke very good english and kept asking is there anything else we need.

The entertainment was very good and was kepted to a very high standard they kept entertaining you every minute of the day and nite with the shows they work very hard for

from earli in the morning till late at nite.

All in all i enjoyed the hoilday and i am going back in september 25th with my sister for 11 days this time because that was onli a week.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
supper weather

"My partner and had a weeks stay at the Olivia Beach all the staff are freindly and the service was of a high standard as are the rooms We had a holiday maker in the rooms each side that had the tv on early morning and late at night (dont know why tv is in the rooms this spoiled our stay) The hotel is in the middle of no where and not a lot to do we felt that because of this the entertainment was inserficiant for the voluem of holidaymakers at the hotel and appartments the food was repetive ans catered mainly for the Germans lots of them overal we enjoyed the stay i would say this is a place if you are looking for a relaxing holiday Margaret March 2009"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: verry dull
  • Activities: None on offer
  • Good For: Beach

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    " Pack lightly - you don't need much. Relax. "

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