Palm Beach Hotel

Calle Pelican, Margarita Island, Venezuela
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9 / 10
Thanks from the Trini Posse

"Just spent the Corpus Christi weekend at the Palm Beach Hotel and it was great service at a great price. Thanks to the dedicated staff at the front desk such as Eric Lopez, Oswaldo in the dining area and Mr. Cruz and his performers, we had a wonderful experience. The pool, snack bar, beverages bar, swimming pool and nearby ocean made it all worthwhile. The hotel's staff is very dedicated and hardworking and do all in their power to make their guests feel at home. At times there was a bit too much salt or sugar in the food and those who like hot (pepper) sauce would need to make their needs known. The hotel is a very child friendly zone and so it is a good place for a family vacation. The rooms are air-conditioned and kept quite clean. Next visit we have told Mr. Cruz that we would have to introduce the group to some hot Soca music and he agreed. Until next time, muchas gracias a todo."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently

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7 / 10
The Palm Beach was exactly what we...

"The Palm Beach was exactly what we expected after doing our research over the web. It was small and quaint with well-kept gardens and grounds. The rooms were basic and clean and all had either a balcony or small patio area at the front.

Probably because it is a small resort, the buffet lacked in selection and all food choices were quite bland at breakfast, lunch and supper.

The pool was nice but again not large. The walk to the beach did require walking by piles of garbage but that is a problem all over the island and was not related to the resort. Palm Beach does have a shuttle running back and forth to the beach throughout the day so walking by the garbage can be avoided. The beach itself is beautiful with lovely big waves that make you feel like a kid again.

Nightlife is pretty much summed up as nil. This is not a resort for anyone looking for a party holiday. If you want a nice, quiet, relaxed resort at a good price, this is the place. Just pack some basic food supplies in your luggage, like peanut butter or mustard because you will only eat what you need to eat. No worries of overeating here.

We hired cabs two days and had them take us on sight-seeing tours with a couple we met at the resort.

The resort is good for young families as well - very child friendly.

We liked it and would definitely go again.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Nolitours

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8 / 10
Amazing Value for your money

"We had a great time! Our stay at the Palm Beach Caribbean Hotel was definitely worth the money. They have helpful staff, good food, and the room cleanliness is above average. Although the staff is helpful it is highly recommended that you bring along a Spanish dictionary as they don't speak English. Take as many tours/excursions of Margarita Island as you's breathtaking. The beach is less than a 5 minute walk from the hotel and a shuttle service is provided for those who don't want to walk. The only problem we ran into was at the airport upon departure. The airport custom officers are very racist (we're an inter-racial couple and this seemed to pose a problem). We were in line standing next to another inter-racial couple and for no reason all four of us were immediately pulled into the interrogation room. We had our luggage checked by airport security on two separate occasions. Overall, our experience in Margarita Island was excellent and we'd recommend other to visit."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007

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10 / 10
Fantastic Value for your money.

"We just returned from a wonderful week at Palm Beach Hotel in Margarita Island. The review I read helped me to make up my mind to try this resort and I was so happy to say that I was very pleased. I was taking my husband for his 40th birthday and I was worried that since we were on a budget I was taking him to a dump.....on the was lovely. The hotel staff was wonderful, very helpful and accomodating. Mariotzy spoke perfect English since she was educated in Miami, prior to returning to her homeland Venezuela. Sonny was a hoot and loved to smile and laugh. Our rooms were clean and spacious. Amazing for a 3 star hotel. They even had a bide which I had never used before this trip and enjoyed.

The food was good, no complaints although not a lot of variety .The best thing was that no one got sick. Not one person in the hotel so their food handling and preparation is excellent. I could even eat the peeled fruits and salads which when going to Cuba I stayed away from since so many others were coming down with disentry. The Bar staff was very friendly and no problems with service. The Beach Bar was nice but I would have liked some frozen drinks with blenders at the beach and they don't serve them at the beach. Lots of ice and plenty of fruit punch, pop, and even bottled beer and alchol for those that enjoyed drinking. Each day they would serve up a light lunch on the beach with a barbeque consisting of Heated Buns with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and Ham. Also Hotdogs with grilled buns and wieners. They had ketchup.

We had lunch once at the hotel and it was great, Pasta made fresh and a nice selection of add ins. Drinks at this Hotel were from 11:00 am until 11:00 pm. The hotel was nice and quiet for sleeping at 11:00. We enjoyed the music and it did not bother us for sleeping if we turned in early prior to 11:00. I would reccomend a 2nd storey room. We loved ours, we had a nice King Sized Bed and a lovely private balcony which was great for drying our bathing suits. The Hotel supplied beach towels and never ran out. The Pool was lovely and we enjoyed the waterfall, had some real nice moments in the pool. We met some great people from Ontario and many more from Europe. No Americans. We took a day trip with a Cabby that spoke English and he drove us all around the Island and acted as our tour guide. It was itimate and fun and we loved the sites and got to go where we wanted to go. It was so inexpensive to take Cabs. We were told about the amazing Lobster in Polamar and went to the Lobster House.. I have to was the best Lobster I have ever eaten...I want to go back just for the Lobster....My husband who is allergic had the best fili steak he had ever had. It was huge and melted in his mouth. The salad was execlent with Articoke hearts and amazing array of different veggies and lettuce. I was very impressed. The service at this restaurant is unbelieveable and I would recommend anyone going to Margarita Island not to miss this fantastic restaurant.

People talked alot about the beautiful beach and they were right. Not as perfect as Varadero in Cuba, but the water was warm and the waves were fun and the sand was lovely. One day we had a turn of the tides and the water was filled with seaweed making it unpleasant to go into the ocean, but then the next day the water was clean again, and all was well. The weather was perfect, always warm and the sun was magnificeint. I had to wear 45 sunblock since I am so fair and still got burned. They had lots of chairs and sun shades at the beach and we spent most days relaxing and enjoying the hot sun. The entire trip was so great that I can't think of anything to complain about. No bugs, no mosqitoes. Just a few stray cats and dogs that I was surprised to see around the food areas. We were told it was a 5 minute walk to the beach, but we used the shuttle every time and never once walked the street to the hotel. We walked along the beach front and saw all the restaurants and shops and that was fun.

So if you would like any additional information please write to me Have fun and go and enjoy..... Cathy from Trenton, On.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007

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4 / 10
Be careful when out and about, but otherwise, Nice hotel

"We went with First Choice for £750 each, 2 weeks, All Inclusive so we went thinking that for that if all the food etc was bad, it didn't really matter as long as we have a clean place to stay. The hotel is clean and for a 2*+ hotel thay have made it quite pretty, with the pool in the middle of the development and all the properties have either a balcony or terrace facing towards the pool, with a couple of bungalows also in the middle. The rooms were standard, with an efficient aircon system and cleaning was to a high standard everyday. The rest of the hotel and pool was also clean and well maintained. The pool is really quite warm, not like other outdoor pools i have been in on holiday, however as the island gets amazing heat all year round it is naturally lovely and warm in the pool.

The beach is a 300m walk down a road (no path) from the hotel and the hotel puts on a shuttle, slightly bigger style of golf buggy thing. USE THIS. We weren't told about when we arrived in the evening. We were due to meet our rep at 1.30 the next afternoon, so we decided to wander down the road and lay out on the beach in the morning. The style of driving over there is different, everyone cruises around slowly in these old beat up cars, they drive right up to yu before they swerve round you. I had read reviews on trip advisor about this road and thought it was a case of tourists not knowing the mentality and assuming that the cars will automatically avoid you, so i kept stepping onto the side when cars came by and it seemed ok but some cars did drive really close to you like they were proving that the roads were for cars only or something. On the way back from the beach, at 1o'oclock in the afternoon, we were walking back to the hotel to meet our rep when a car drove straight at me, i was already on the verge, but heard it at the last minute and got over even more. The car blocked me off, grabbed my beach bag and drove off. Unfortunatley my bag had my Bvlgari sunglasses in it (i had just bought cheap hookie chanels off one of the beach vendors so they didn't get nicked or scratched, was taking them back to the safe in our room), my watch i had bought as a ltd edition in New York the previous month, my digital camera, makeup and suncreams, repellants etc and also our hotel key. I was shook up and gutted for ages after that, and was disappointed that we had not been told to take the buggy or that this stuff went on. It does go on a lot, as whilst we were there, on the same road, a poor dutch girl was walking up there on her own, in the daytime, and they grabbed her bag off her back and dislocated her arm. Then the day before we went a 59 year old swedish fellow got dragged up the road again after a bag snatching incident, so this is going on all the time. The people are so poor, they earn 20,000 bolivars doing a job like being on reception at hotels, which is about £6 per day, so you can see why they go after the tourists stuff. I was told by our rep that this was the first time she had heard of this sort of thing happening however this turned out to be a fib after my experience & speaking to other people in the area. The rep also failed to tell us that in December, 3 people had died after swimming in the sea on the beach as the current is so strong. So you must not swim past where the waves break. Just be very careful when you go on in the sea. Also watch your stuff whilst on the beach, even at the hotels beach bar as our friend had his shoes stolen and also someone else had his bag taken whilst he was asleep from under his sunlounger.

However, staff at the reception were really lovely and helpful and looked after us for our stay. The entertainment team are a real laugh, 3 chaps and although the entertainment is cheesey they know this and are just having fun. You are reliant on staying at the hotel in the evenings unless you take a cab directly from and to resturants etc. Other points which may be useful if you go there is to exchange from GBP to USD in ther UK then from USD to BS when you are out there as this gives you so much more from your money. You can change up money in some shops, and sometimes the hotel shop will do it, although it is known as the 'black market' or paralell market. I wouldn't suggest you do this with large amounts of money outside of the hotel though as then they know how much money you have on you. We done a couple of trips whilst we were there, a 2 day trip to the oronocco delta river, where we went canoeing down the river in the jungle, went piranah fishing and then watched the sunset from a boat in a lagoon with freshwater dolphins popping up every now and then. We then went back to camp in the jungle in the dark, watching for crocs etc which was good. In the day you see red howler monkeys and cappuchino monkeys, parrots, terapins and turtles which is great. You also see the indian colonies living on these stilted houses with no sides which is really unique (i say unique as opposed to sad, which is what i also felt however i don't know they probably wouldn't want to live like us?). Then on day 2 you get on a 12 seater plan and go to Canaima, where some of jurassic park is filmed, which has tabletop mountains, a lagoon with a huge waterfall you can walk under then you can fly past angel falls. This trip, booked through our rep, was £500 for the two of us but certainly was the highlight. Another trip we took was over to a small island, Los Frailles, where there is a small coral reef and you can do snorkelling etc which was good. This was about £70 for the two of us, and included lunch and drinks.

I hope that my review is useful to you and i really don't hope to sound like a whinger, we travel a lot and knew of the risks of going to south america however had thought being so close to the hotel we would not face the ordeal that we did. Just be careful, take the golf buggy to the beach and use the cabs from outside the hotel if you do go out. And also, what should be my main point, the hotel is fine and clean and i would say if you do go to Playa El Agua that this is a good hotel for the money you will pay.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007

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10 / 10
Thanks to Trip Advisor Review we had a Brilliant Trip!!

"Jan 31- Feb 7th/2007: We just got back from the Palm Beach Hotel and are thankful for the Trip Advisor website. Many of the travelers reviews depicted the hotel exactly as it is. So there were no surprises!! It is a very nice hotel and if you are looking at the Palm Beach, it is because you are on a budget, like we were. The rooms are very basic but clean. Food was pretty good, not a huge selection but tasty; standard omelette and pasta bar, meals you had maybe 10 -15 selections of food entrees. The hotel is kept very clean, pool too. We mostly swam at the beach, its only a 5 minute walk, and seriously there is a shuttle, but we really enjoyed the walk. There is a beach bar where you can get your drinks, and late afternoon snack. Beach loungers were limited so we found if we got there in the morning before 10 am it was best. The beach is a 4 km stretch of white sand. It is a public beach, but we still found it to our liking, not overly crowded. Hotel staff were really nice especially Cruz (known as Tom Cruz !) at the pool bar. He made us feel very welcome. Nightly entertainment is nothing to talk about but nonetheless we had fun a few nights with dance lessons. There is also beach aerobics or pool aerobics with Jesus. We did one excursion which was a Jeep tour. Prices are better on the beach, we payed $35 US for a trip that left @ 9:00 and brought us back at 6:30 pm. It included a whole tour around the beautiful island, some historic spots, a lunch (chose fish its fresh) on the oceanfront. The last stop is a beautiful view of the island at sunset, and then back to the hotel. I also had a massage on the beach for $15, at the resort it was $40. Deal with the local currency when possible, it is definetely better value for money. The main road beside the beach houses a few restaurants/flea market/scooter rentals/souvenirs. Happy Hills (main street) is a good place to exchange your US Dollar, and even local vendors will give you a better rate than the bank.. But be careful with this one, make sure you count the exchange properly and check bills for added 0's. Our rate was 3600 Bolivars / 1 US the bank it was only 2200!! - Leaving the country will set you back $60US a piece, where as with the Bolivar it was 129,000 around $35 (this fluctuates slightly as we were told). A taxi ride to Polamar costs us $8 US, there is a big flea market or a huge mall for shopping. For alcohol, there is a place called Johny's which is a 5-10 minute walk from hotel. It was ridiculously cheap. This hotel will leave you with a feeling of knowing the Venezuelan people. I guess because we walked around much more and got a feel for the place. We vacationed in the Dominican Republic last year, and you are shuttled to your resort, and that's it. No one steps off the resort. This quaint resort you are kind of in the middle of a small community, and we felt that we got a taste of the people & their culture. I would recommend this hotel to anyone who is not looking for all the bells and whistles of a 4 - 5 star hotel, which even then you can be disappointed with. Palm Beach offers exceptional value for your dollar."

  • Holiday details: Feb 2007

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8 / 10
we loved it!

"we stayed at the palm beach caribbean for 2 weeks in nov/dec 2006. we booked through first choice. for a 2/3* all inclusive hotel we thought it was pretty good.

rooms were basic, but clean and comfortable. there was a good choice of food at mealtimes, we could always find something we liked. the whole complex was well kept and spotlessly clean. our room was cleaned daily and towels replaced daily.

most of the other guests were scandinavian, german etc but we made good friends with another english couple staying there and a local tour guide called marcos ochos, who arranged all our trips for us. so much better than going with your holiday operator.

all the staff there were so helpful and friendly and tried hard to make yor stay as carefree and relaxing as possible.

our only negative would be the entertainment. the entertainments team tried their best but things seemes disorganised and weren't advertised in advance. so you never knew what was supposed to be happening, and most of the other nationallities weren't interested in the entertainment anyway. they just wanted to get together in large groups and chat all evening, so we brits did the same, only in a much smaller group!

somehow though, with the all inclusive drinks, it didnt seem to matter.

if your are looking to relax in exotic winter sunshine and heat on a budget, the palm beach caribbean is the place to go.

we loved it.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2007

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10 / 10
best holiday ever

"i am lucky enough to be very well traveled. asia europe caribbean the americas etc. but my girlfriend and i both agree we have just had our best holiday ever. we loved thepalm beach from the moment we first got there. the acomadation was spotless the staff very helpful and friendly. and the food first class.i managed to fit in agame of golf on my birthday and we had an absoulutly amazing day out to see the angel falls. the rest of the timewas spent alternating between the pool and the beach. i think my exploring days are over we just want to return again and again to palm beach margarita.thank you so much to all the staff that made our holiday so wonderful"

  • Holiday details: Dec 2006

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10 / 10

"We went to Palm Beach for our honeymoon, if it wasn't for my insistance of going somewhere new each year, we would be back here each year.

The flight was long and quite cramped, (8hrs) however once we landed it was very hot and dispite a long wait to get though customs we were soon on a coach to our hotel.

The hotel is simple, but very clean and friendly. We were given fruit drinks upon arrival as we waited to check in. The rooms are cleaned daily (thank god for the aircon,it was so hot in December!) and the maids made pretty decorations with the towels on the beds with lots of flower petals. The room was kept immaculate even after my husband got very drunk and very sick. The room had a TV with a couple of english chanels and a mini fridge - which came in very handy to keep the aloveria (phonetic) lotion for my sunburn. This is made locally and sold by traders on the beach, it is excellent, but remember to bargin.

The pool was lovely, there were not that many people there in Dec, but were all friendly. Consequenlty the pool was not crowded and the waterfall was very fun. The pool bar was great, the staff would make you any cocktail you asked for, if they didn't recognise it they would make their own versions. I enjoyed asking for the same cocktail from different staff to see what each came up with - all very nice. We spoke the odd word in spanish, but all the staff spoke enough english to understand us.

The food did get rather samey after 2 weeks, but for such a picky eater as myself, i was just thrilled to have food i could eat at each meal. (cannot eat anything with a hint of spice, pepper is too much). My husband on the other hand loved it all and tried all sorts of different dishes. The staff were very helpfull and with a few words the chap making fresh omletts would make fried eggs so that a full english breakfast could be had. Though their version of bacon was a tad odd, but nice. As my husband has said, as long as you can explain simply what you want they will cook it, even his rare stake, though he got a few weird looks for it. There were some flies on the food, but nothing more than you get a meal in the summer in England. Every thing was fresh enough for it not to be a concern. The bread did taste a bit funny, i think it was sweeter than in England.

The BEACH, my god it was wonderful. It is about 5 mins from the hotel, but it certainly dosn't feel like that walking to it. There is a shuttle/bus to it, but really you don't need it. There is a beach bar which severs drinks and food during the day ( burgers and hot dogs!) and again the staff are all friendly and will have a laugh with you. (and some were damm cute!)

There were plently of sun loungers, but even in Dec at peak points there was a lack of loungers. The sea was great, a strong undercurrant, so do be carefull, but so far out there is a sand bank, which you can stand on and play in the powerful waves.

The vendors on the beach can be anoying but just say no and they will go away. Even if you say it in English. However we took several trips off the beach vendors and they were so much better than the ones by the tour operators.

We booked a jeep tour of the island with one of the locals, it was brilliant. We had an open top jeep and got to see the whole island, plus free drinks (water, beer, rum. soda) all day, The driver spoke english and explained everything to us (including local laws and customs) yet still gave us time to look at everything, plus he had a sense of humour! Dinner was included at the other side of the island, plus a tour of the lagoon between the island. I honeslty could not describe it and give it justice.

We were so impressed that we booked a second snorkleing trip with the same operator. Again, no complaints, they provided all the equipment and took us out for the day (even stoped at a local shop for us when we said we didn't have an underwater camera) we had a wonderful day, the guide gathered oysters from the bottom for us to eat or feed the the fish ( my god you should see them attack the oyster!) One girl on the boat found a pearl in her oyster, so they cleaned it for her and put in in a special solution so that it would go all shiny, and she kept the shell as well as the pearl. The dinner i will say was horrilble, well the food was wonderful, but where we stopped was so full of bugs that i couldn't touch my food.

Both were no more that $25 each ( don't know the current exchange rate) and well worth it.

Another beach chap did photogaphs of you. You have to book an appointment with him, i.e. we will be at this point on the beach tomorrow. He took various pics of you as a couple/single/family and then superimposed them on various scenes. If you want to see an example email me at, we have one on our living room wall they were that good. After seeing ours several friends booked appointments as well.

We were on a budget ( having just spent a fortune on our wedding) so couldn't afford the trip to the Angel Falls, but friends who went highly recommended it.

The only trip we booked through the tour operaor was the swimming with dolphins. The experience was incredible, but the bus didn't turn up for near enough an hour afterward and the driver was lunatic. He killed a dog on his mad trip back to the various hotels and didn't even stop. At least the other guides were more appreciative of what tourists prefered.

We would both highy recommed both the Island and the hotel. We will definaltely be going back at some point, to both enoy the people and to experience the angel falls.

Go there now, you wont regret it.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2006

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4 / 10
remember its 2 star

"great beach, bar staff excellent, receptionist miserable. hotel was nice &clean but no entertainment, breakfast was ok but meals were horrid. still a cheap & very relaxing holiday, would go back but to another hotel"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006

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10 / 10
Great economy hotel!

"Palm Beach is an economy hotel located in the northern half of Playa El Agua. I prefer to stay in the all-inclusive economy hotels because I would rather spend my money in the restaurants and bars around the island. If I don't feel like leaving the hotel then I still have access to food and drink.

The Location

Palm Beach hotel is located on a side road called Calle Pelican about 300 meters from the beach. At the end of the road is the hotel's beach club. The walk between the hotel and beach club was about 7 minutes. I considered the walk one of the worst things about the hotel. Then again it was also a good thing because I ended up loosing 12 lbs during my vacation! It is a narrow road so you want to exercise caution with the vehicles. Many of the local drivers will signal their approach by beeping their horn. Others will just swerve out of the way. The road is quite safe to walk on as long as you realize that it is a road without sidewalks.

I did notice some tourists who treated the road like it was big sidewalk showing a lack of respect for the drivers. It should also be noted that the road is well lit during the evening hours but one should still excercise caution when walking it.

The Grounds

The hotel consists of a perimeter of two-storey buildings surrounding a large courtyard. The ground floor rooms have small outdoor patios and the 2nd storey rooms have small balconies. I saw very few patios with chairs but it seemed all the balconies had at least 2 plastic patio chairs. The long,narrow courtyard is filled with trees, plants and pathways.

I considered the courtyard to be one of the highlights of the property due to its appearance peacefulness. There was a spot where there were 2 metal chairs, 1 metal bench, and a coffee table. A very peaceful spot for those interested in a quiet chat or a place to read a book. At the one end of the courtyard there were pod buildings that actually contained rooms (300 series).

Ground Floor room

2nd Floor room

300 Series room

The Lobby

The hotel has a huge lobby with several areas containing wicker seats and tables with glass tops. These areas were great places to enjoy a coffee, read a book, chat with your friends or just to relax. The lobby itself is not enclosed by walls so it was always comfortable due to a nice breeze blowing through.

The Room

I had a 2nd story room located at the far end of the hotel. It also had a balcony which was great for relaxing at night and for drying clothes during the day! The room itself was small with a high ceiling. Furnishings included 2 single beds, night table, desk, TV, mini-fridge, phone and 1 closet with safe. The safe did not have a removable key block.

The bathroom had a shower, toilet, bidet, sink,small shelf for toiletries and a hair dryer. The worse thing about the room were the beds. The bed consisted of a rattan frame, single mattress and 2 small pillows. I found it rather uncomfortable to sleep in. Maybe I should have tried the floor.

The Staff

I found the staff to be quite friendly and helpful. Especially, when you were nice to them. There was one fellow who always looked miserable. One day he spotted me putting a putting a $1US bill in the tip glass. At the end of his shift he came up to me with a smile and and thanked me for the tip. Having dealt with customers in the past I know that it just takes

a few bad ones to make your job miserable. I guess this was the case with him. There are always some tourists that are just a complete pain in the a**.

The Tourists

The tourists at the hotel came from a variety of countries including Canada, Germany, England, Italy, Check Republic and Denmark. There were a lot of very friendly people as well as a couple of rude, obnoxious tourists.

The Buffet

The buffet food was decent. Compared to other all-inclusive buffets I've sampled I would say this was pretty good; especially considering that Palm Beach is an economy hotel. Most of my meals were purchased outside the hotel. Personally, I'm getting sick of the food available with all-inclusive buffets. I only used the hotel's buffet when I didn't feel like going out somewhere. One picky point about the buffet was the lack of available fruit juices. There were always 2 juices available and one of them was always orange. Perhaps I was spoiled at Flamenco hotel which offered a wider variety of juices such as papaya, guava, watermelon, melon, and orange.

The Drinks

The drink selection is not that great but some of the bartenders did make a good Pina Colada and Dacquari.

Beach Club

The beach club is a short walk from the hotel but if you feel lazy you can always wait for the hotel's shuttle bus. The staff at the beach club were a friendly bunch and tried to help people enjoy themselves. One of the bartenders was put in a difficult situation and handled it quite professionally. A danish couple were lounging on the beach when a group of 3 women came up to them and offered to do a massage. The woman accepted the massage but then refused to pay because she wasn't aware that it would cost money. The husband came up the the bar to get the bartenders help saying "They want money! I don't know what to do.". The bartender went out to the beach and got the problem resolved. I'm not sure if the girls got paid but they should have.

Review Summary

This is a great economy hotel. It's quiet with a beautiful courtyard and a decent pool. The rooms are ok but the beds suck. It is not located next to the beach and requires a 7 minute walk to get to it. They do have a shuttle bus if walking is not your thing. The staff is generally helpful and friendly. The food is good for all-inclusive type food. The drink selection is limited for the drinks themselves are decent. I can easily recommend this hotel to the traveller that is looking for economy but not expecting 4-star service in a 2-star hotel.



  • Holiday details: Apr 2006

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6 / 10
Good Value for the Price

"A friend and I stayed at the Palm Beach Caribbean Hotel for one week (March 29-April 05). First off, let me say, we got an amazing deal and that made issues seem a lot smaller than they might have if we payed full price.

Flights were fine..Air Transat's newer plane was nice..seemed less crowded. The food has really gone downhill but something is better than nothing on a 5 hour flight.

Hotel was about 30-40 minutes from the airport. Got to the hotel and checked in right away. Room was on the first floor and you entered through a sliding glass door (the lock was very tricky at first but..we

got used to it after a day or so). No English TV at all (this didn't really bother me that much but is a consideration when booking a hotel). Rooms are basic, clean but very damp and get an odd smell if you don't

crank the A/C constantly to dry it out (so bring warm clothese for the room as there are no actual blankets on the bed, only sheets and a thin bed spread). Shower had hot water 90% of the time and pretty consistant water pressure. Overall, the rooms were what I would expect of a 3 star property.

The grounds are well maintained and actually very pretty. Lots of flowers, trees and a small but nice pool area. Since the hotel was not full and many people spent days at the beach the pool was usually pretty empty. Great lounge chairs and enough shady areas if you needed it.

It is a nice beach..but further from the hotel that I thought it would be. It is walkable but there is also a shuttle that runs people back and forth throughout the day. The vendors are a bit much, the only way I

found to discourage them was pretending to be asleep! It is nice to have an actual beach club where you can get chairs, drinks and snacks.

The food was okay. They served pretty much the same things each day, with a few additions/variations. While I never went weeks end it was a bit repetitive. I think if the hotel was busier they would be able to mix it up more but..everything I ate was good so I really didn't have a problem with the lack of variety for a week. The pool bar serves

drinks in very tiny cups, so we brought travel mugs for water and pop, they seemed to find this odd worked for us!

The workers at the hotel ranged from very nice and helpful to downright surly. On other reviews I read people didn't speak much english..that didn't bother me at all, it is not an English speaking country. I speak a bit of Spanish and managed to fumble through

but BUT, there were several occasions where I saw staff being incredibly rude to customers who spoke English to them or tried to say a few phrases in Spanish but got it wrong. While I don't expect they should all speak perfect English..I don't think they should treat people badly who don't know more than a few words of Spanish (or even if they don't

know any at all). Everyone I saw tried being friendly but with some seemed like friendly was only good enough if it was accompanied by perfect spanish. Anyhow, many of the staff were great(most bartenders and front desk especially) even if they didn't speak

much english but the bad ones always stand out which the hotel should really be careful to remember.

My only other complaint would be the "entertainment". I can honestly say I never saw the activities staff organize any day time activities (they put times for them up on a board but I never saw any actually

happen). They seemed to walk around the hotel and beach a lot but that's it. I suppose they tried at night but to me, saying there is "nightly

entertainment" at a resort does not mean hanging up a sheet by the pool and projecting a DVD of a BeeGees concert onto it. Or playing Bingo. Or the one night they posted "fun time" from 9pm - 11pm and nothing

happened at all. Maybe it would be better a busier time of year.

So, in the end, I WOULD recommend this hotel if you can get a deal and

are looking for a quiet time in the sun without a lot of bells and whistles. For the price I paid I was very happy because whenever I experienced problems I could say to myself "but look what you paid". That combined with the excellent weather and the good stuff about the hotel made it all okay!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006

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