Complejo Medieval Magic Excalibur

Camino Viejo del Albir s/n, Benidorm 03570, Spain
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7 / 10
Magic Excalibur

"This was our first time staying at Magic Excalibur from Scotland. The property was for 6 people but was quite small but really clean, there was also a daily maid service which I thought was great. However, we were self catering (most people were all inclusive) so we were really disappointing to have no kettle, microwave, toaster and only two electric rings to cook on. There was no shop on site to buy food either so we had to walk about a mile an a half everyday for food, there was no near bus stop either. Albir was about a mile an a half away, cost around 6 euros and they had lots of supermarkets, shops, restaurants and a gorgeous beach. On site they had one washing machine and one tumble dryer, neither worked....The staff were really nice and the site itself was very well looked after and clean. There was entertainment every night it a really big castle looking building, but it had no air con on and got very hot at night. The entertainment was professional and there was a bar, games, internet etc. We paid for the internet the time we were there but it was constantly cutting off or not even loading so was a waste of money. If you went all inclusive Im sure you would have a great time. Lovely place and staff but the lack of facilities would put me going again and the fact that there was no nearby bus stop."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Really nice site.

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1 / 10
i have just come back from a 1 week...

"i have just come back from a 1 week holiday in magic excalibur

there was about 5 people in excalibur who spoke english

there was 1 bar which was open until 11pm the bar staff were arrogant and when we asked them for a drink they would walk away and come back a couple of minutes later to serve you and a couple of times they would ignore me and serve the other customers

the restaurant was dirty there wasnt any english food except for chips and most of the time they were not cooked properly

of a morning the bacon was roar except for two pieces at the top

the reception staff couldnt speak english and would ignore you when you asked them to phone a taxi

speaking of taxis we spent 20 euros for each return trip but we had to go into benidorm every night as there was no entertainment in the excalibur all together we spent 300 euros on trips there and back to benidorm

the magic excalibur is not in benidorm it is in almera which is a 3 mile trip

the rooms were smaller than a pontins shalet and you have to pay 20 euro for the air-conditioning

on the plus side the swimming pool and surrounding area were clean and pleasent so no complaints for that

of a day the entertainment for children was all in spanish plus what they put up on the board was completely different to what they actually done

we were all inclusive in excalibur and we estimated how much we had drunk and how much we had eaten at excalibur and it came to just over one hundred and fifty pounds

people might think i am just another person complaining about nothing but i seriously do not reccomend this hotel to any english person at all

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with ola holidays

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7 / 10
Me my partner and 2 children went to...

"Me my partner and 2 children went to this hotel for a week.

Upon arrival it was like a ghost town! Not a single person in sight except for 1 man and woman standing at the main gate. Was told to park and return to reception which is a good walk.

After doing this we were sent to our rooms of which were not as displayed! 2 bed chalet basically. The rooms were supposed to have all the kitchen appliances...LIE

we had a fridge and a hob! No saucepans, no kettle, dust pan but no brush, bucket but no mop!!!

We also had 4 tiny little tea cups not mugs, 3 plates and 3 bowls - but there were 4 of us!!!

Also in the tiolet all the tiolet roll holders were broken so had to leave tiolet roll on the floor, and also the showers were awful you had hot water for about 2 mins then the hot water ran out!!!!! not even enough room to swing a cat!!!!

Bedrooms were good. had a washing line with 3 pegs on what good is that???

Pool was nice.. top pool was freezing couldn't go in it it was so cold! Downstairs heated pool was lovely but it looked like the roof was about to cave in and leaked from everywhere. Lights did not work in the ladies tiolets either!!!

Staff were absolutely brilliant! very helpful. Only one was rude but hey hey. The only thing that did annoy us was that everynight they wanted to see cards... there was only us and 2 other couples there so it wasn't like they didn't know who we were!!!!!

Launderette which 9 times out of 10 didn't work... why advertise it????

Overall it was an ok holiday not great and wouldn't really recommend it.

Considering we paid £600 for it could of done alot better alot cheaper lets put it that way.

Nothing was explained to you about food allowance or nothing either.

Like i said ok but not great!!! Go on your own risk!!!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Full Board, booked with

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  • Magic Excalibur Hotel

Address: Camino Viejo del Albir s/n, Benidorm 03570, Spain