Seren Sari Hotel

Kemal Elgin Bulvari, 244 Sokak No 1, Marmaris 48700, Turkey
6  / 10
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6 / 10
I'm not going to put my opinion of...

"I'm not going to put my opinion of the hotel in this review as not everyone likes the same thing. So here are the facts:

Location of Hotel : Very close to the beach, about 2 minute walk which is handy if you need to pop back to get drinks, go to the toilet, get money etc. The hotel was very close to lots of bars and restuarants so there is plenty of choice. It's about a 45minute slow walk to bar street where all the clubs are which you can catch the bus too really easily. The resort is about two ish hours away from the airport.

Hotel Reception: It's open really late, and they are there to greet you. Some speak quite good english. Some do not. On our arrival we paid an extra £20 for air con as it was boiling! Unfortunately the receptionist forgot to switch it on. About an hour later when we went back to tell the receptionist who wanted another £20 to put it on... So try and get a receipt! We also asked for a twin room, but were given a double and told we could swap the next day. We had to ask 3 times to swap but finally they did give uas a twin room.

Hotel room: It's very basic but then thats why it is cheap. There is a fridge and wardrobe. Our first room was quite spacious except for the bathroom, but it was fine. Room was cleaned everyday and got loo roll whenever it ran out. Towels were changed every other day. In the first room the air con did not work at all. it blew out hot air. First time we let reception know they said they would fix it that day. After being out all day and coming back it wasn't fixed so i asked to move rooms again and it was arranged. Luckily in Room two the air con worked, the tip was to shove newspaper in one end that seemed to help! The door handles were tempremental. You couldn't go into the bathroom if there was no one else in the room to let you out cause you would be locked in. The patio door handle was hanging off so we tried not to use it too much. The bathroom in room two though had lots more room.

Hotel pool: Quite small but the beach was so close it was fine for what you needed.

Hotel Restaurant: breakfast was included which was a turkis breakfast of bread, boiled eggs, cucumber, tomato and olives. You could have cooked stuff for a small extra cost. Once we did pick up some bread from the bread basket and it had already been buttered by someone else. But other than that there was plenty to go round. We didn't eat there in the evening as there was soo much choice so can't comment on that.

Atmosphere: There were lots of english people staying when we were and there were lots of people to chat too & meet. We could not hear much noise from the bar or restuarant at our room so there were no problems sleeping once the air con worked. There is some noise from the street outside but thats just cars and things during the day.

All in all for the amount we paid it was fine. If your not looking for a basic hotel then pay a bit extra and go for something else. If your looking for a cheap place to crash after spending all day at the beach and all night at the bar then stay here.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Goldtrail

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1 / 10
We have just come back from a weeks...

"We have just come back from a weeks holiday. Although the resort is superb, the hotel is somewhat to be desired - old tired in in severe need of tidying up.

When we arrived, we were informed by the receptionist that they only had a double room when we asked for a twin. He moved us to the Han Palace next door - I walked in to find a huge cigarette burn on my bedding. The shower kept falling off the wall and the staff very not very helpful at all.

We met a couple of girls and they had just arrived to find blood on her pillow case !!

We spent as little time as possible at the hotel and socialised next door in the bar called Friends. The staff there were sooooo friendly and welcoming. If you go there you must pop in to say hello as theey are really nice genuine people.

i loved Marmaris and will deffo go back again but certainly not to the Seren Sari/Han Palace YUK !

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Goldtrail

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8 / 10
pleasantly surprised to find we had a...

"pleasantly surprised to find we had a double bed and a fridge in our room

The bedding was changed daily and towels every two days and bathroom and toilet werealways very clean

The staff were all very cheerful and ready to help with any queries and the 20%discount on our restaurant bill was much appreciated as the food was very good

would definitely stay there again as the location suited us very well just near beach and bus stop

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Bed & Breakfast, booked with holidays 4 you

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2 / 10
I have stayed and indeed worked at...

"I have stayed and indeed worked at Seren Sari Hotel and have to say that it has gone down in standard from my first visit. The hotel is now in desperate need of refurbishment. I revisited it last year and thankfully stayed only one night, only going back to see friends who still worked there. The bathroom was smelly and the shower in the room above leaked through the light socket (extremely dangerous). This was reported to the owner but no-one went to inspect the problem. The chef in Il Platto restaurant is absolutely superb and I never had a bad meal prepared by him. Congratulations to the staff for continuing to smile despite their working conditions. They were a joy to know and work with and are always welcoming on my short visits to see how they are doing! A word of warning to the "ladies". Some of the staff will tell you they are single when they are in fact married and some have families. By all means enjoy their company as they always make you smile and laugh but don't get involved unless you want your heart to be broken."

  • Holiday details: May 2005, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently

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6 / 10
It was my first time in Turkey so I...

"It was my first time in Turkey so I was a little shocked at the 10 pound entry fee when you get off the plane. When we got to the hotel I was pleasantly surprised at the condition it was in.

It was a late deal so I sort of expected a hut in the middle of a desert, ha, it was a 3 star b and b but was most definitely not in British standards.

The room was good the couldn’t say the same bout the breakfast, it was cucumber tomatoes bread and a cup of tea but you can get a full English for 1 pound if you walk down the main strip.

The shop keepers will hassle you to buy clothes from their shops, but if you are going to a little advice for you is check they are the correct size in the box or bag, make sure it has no rips before you take it out the shop. We bought 3 tops and asked for size medium it said m on the packets but when we got back they were different sizes inside the pack so beware.

I must say the day trips are really good though we booked a Turkish bath with a massage and it was only 6 pound each well, worth it.

And an all day bout trip cost us 10 pound each but included stops and our dinner .

Everyone that asks you to buy something from them knock them down, be really cheeky with the price, we knocked all the prices by half and less.

So it’s worth a try any way have fun and don’t vomit in your room because you will be charged oh and don’t do to the hospital it is disgusting, really, blood on the floor and everything.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently

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9 / 10
Just got back from a 1 week holiday,...

"Just got back from a 1 week holiday, it’s been my 8th time to Marmaris and my first time to the Seren Sari hotel.

Overall the hotel is very clean, the food is excellent a good value for money and some of the staff are extremely friendly and funny especially Mehmet, Oscar, Sam and Tom.

In my opinion the Seren Sari hotel is one of the best hotels I have stayed in it’s a short walk to the beach and has plenty of other restaurants around to keep you entertained.

The only bad thing I have to say about the hotel is that the reception staff can be very rude and very unhelpful at times. I had a few problems and when I went to ask them for their help they didn’t seem to be bothered.

Apart from the reception staff the bar men and waiters are very helpful and indeed very friendly and you could just sit there all day and have a laugh with them.

I would recommend this hotel to anyone and I can’t wait till next year to go back.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently

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5 / 10
Just returned from Marmaris. We flew...

"Just returned from Marmaris. We flew with Onur Air - I'm almost lost for words in trying to describe this so-called 'airline'! We were booked to fly from Stansted on 23rd Aug at 9.45pm - we actually flew at approximately 6am the next morning from GATWICK!

Apparently the pilot was not qualified to land in foggy conditions as he did not have enough flying experience therefore he had to land at Gatwick; so after hours of hanging around Stansted with not a clue as to what was going on we had to reclaim our luggage and board coaches to Gatwick. On the way home we were delayed by 4.5 hours too ! No explanation as to why at all!

Anyway, we got to the Seren Sari at 2pm on 24th Aug - hotel is extremely basic and in need of extensive modernisation. Our room was OK for our needs but if we were the complaining type then we would have done.

We were in room 410 - it faces onto the main road which was very noisy all day and night. The balcony was the size and shape of a Dairylea Cheese Triangle! The air-con fan was on the wall of the balcony and (when it was working) blasted you with red hot air so you could not sit out on it. We paid £3 per night for air-con but it did not work for 3 days and leaked a bit too.

The nights that the air-con did not work we literally could not sleep as it was approx 33 degrees by night and we could not open the balcony door because of the noise! By the way - massive crack in the corner of the balcony door too so could be potentially very dangerous. The bathroom was very rough around the edges!

The door frame was loose, the shower leaked when in use and there was no shower mat so it was really slippery when you got out. On a good point though the shower was very powerful and there was plenty of hot water. The cleaners were brilliant - they worked really hard and cleaned our room well every day.

They also changed the sheets and towels (towels were like sandpaper though) and were quite friendly too. There was a TV in our room which was free and it had BBC PRIME which was great. The TV though was on a bracket on the wall which was about 5ft high so we had to dodge it as we walked passed it so we did not get brained!

The hotel lift is scary! You can fit 2 people in it and it was like a furnace inside. The floor numbers go up and down while you are in it so you don't know where you are. I preferred using the lift though as the stairways are a death trap! It looks like the hotel nicked the carpet from another hotel and bodged it badly so that it covered the stairs and hallways.

The carpet actually moved sometimes while you were going down the funny shaped steps so make sure you hold onto the banisters if you don't want a broken neck! I must say though that the lady on reception is lovely and I did feel sorry for her as everyone was moaning at her all day long.

The pool is small but adequate but very very dangerous to walk around. Please, please be very careful as it is extremely slippery.

The music around the pool was so loud and distorted sometimes that it hurt your ears - the choice of some of the songs were totally inappropriate for youngsters and adults but they were played anyway over and over again. I was actually embarrassed to be lying there while they were playing because people walking past could hear them too.

The food was really nice though and we enjoyed it - prices fluctuated though quite a lot and sometimes your change was taken as a tip without you even saying that it was OK. Staff at the restaurant were really friendly too (bit too friendly though sometimes with the young girls). We met some lovely people around the pool though and did have a great time.

Marmaris itself is gorgeous and we never had a bad meal and eat somewhere different every night. The beach was nice but the sea had a bit of rubbish in it now and then. The marina was my favourite - lovely bars and restaurants and a bit quieter there too.

You must try the lazy day boat trip - we paid £7 each for the day and it was the best day of my hol. We stopped off at beaches to swim and we saw dolphins which was magic! Lunch was included too and was very nice.

My tip is - don't fly with Onur Air and don't touch Gold Trail with a barge pole, they are crap !! Never even saw a rep the whole time we were there! Remember to confirm your transfer back to the airport a day before you go too.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Goldtrail

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9 / 10
This hotel was amazing. Not only was...

"This hotel was amazing. Not only was it clean and friendly staff, but the weather is great!

The beach was great and the entertainment was good. The food was ok but not fantastic but they do burgers pizzas and sausages all day outside and that food is great.

The rooms are amazing all round fantastic - a must go.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2006, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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9 / 10
My husband and myself have stayed at...

"My husband and myself have stayed at the Seren Sari for the last 3 years and each time had a fantastic holiday.

It isn’t the best furnished hotel and yes I agree it could do with a makeover, but this hotel is ideal.

We love it. location is great, the staff are very friendly they can’t do enough for you and the hotel itself is cleaned everyday and towels changed every day.

The restaurant below IL Piatto is superb we ate there nearly every night, we are going back again the first 2 weeks in September.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Vision Holidays

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2 / 10
We have just returned from what...

"We have just returned from what should have been a 2 week holiday, I am afraid to say we lasted 5 days, the hotel was in much need of a complete renovation, everything was old and tatty, and the bed was rock hard the bathroom was very old and dirty.

We had a toilet seat that was stained, we paid for air conditioning that didn't work properly, their were no lights on the landing at night and too top it off the breakfast was crawling in flies every morning. (Not good)! Holiday therefore cut short.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Scott Travel

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4 / 10
Just returned from a week long...

"Just returned from a week long holiday in Marmaris and believe me a week was long enough! Seren sari hotel was for want of a better word a hovel! It would be better renamed as Fawlty Towers!

After traveling through the night all I wanted was to have a shower and a good sleep, impossible! Firstly couldn't even open the hotel room door and when I had I really wish I hadn't bothered. The rooms are extremely basic, bathroom was a disaster! Toilet seat was so dirty had to stand to do the toilet, the shower head was hanging from the wall and the shower tray was unbelievably black! When you flushed the toilet the whole room stank! There were holes in the room walls and the bed linen looked as though it had not been changed for weeks.

On the other hand the public areas of the hotel were kept very clean but word of caution for families with young children, there are no markings at the side of the pool and the pool is very deep. After a disastrous start we were moved to the sister hotel next door, Han Palace and although rooms were still quite basic they were exceptionally clean. The staff at the hotel were very friendly and despite working very long hours they always had a smile and were up for a laugh! Special mention to "Elvis" of the iil piatto restaurant at the hotel, who always kept us entertained.

Some of the Turkish men can be quite intimidating, there's only so much bum pinching and wanting to touch you that a person can take. Some bars and restaurants employ a No Hassle policy, and if like myself you're a young single woman these are the ones to stick to. Despite all this I did enjoy my holiday but will never stay at the Seren sari again.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Scot Travel

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9 / 10
I have just got back from a 2 week...

"I have just got back from a 2 week stay in the Seren Sari and it was fabulous! The hotel its self was excellent and we had a small problem of water in our room which was soon cleared up. The rooms were always kept very clean with new towels sometimes everyday.

The breakfast is a traditional Turkish one and was different but very nice. All meals from the Il Piatto restaurant which is part of the hotel were gorgeous and we did go back quite a few times.

The Turkish night at the hotel is excellent! The staff really do help to make it a night to remember. I would recommend it to everybody as there is something there for everyone. All the staff there are lovely and always up for a laugh!

I have just come back and am hoping to go back to the seren sari in October this year.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Holidays 4 U

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