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1 / 10
I don't recommend Delta Sharm

"Well, we got there around 9 am on October 24. I was happy that we can finally rest in our bed after an overnigt bus travel from Cairo. But hell, no. The unit was not ready yet. There were two or three cleaning guys cleaning sloppily the bathroom. They had us wait for I think 20 minutes as they hurriedly clean up the unit.

Finall, we got inside. Oh my god. I never expect such a place so dirty as that. The bathroom that was just clean was still very dirty, not in my standard. The living room couches are dusty and dirty. We had to clean up again. Sad thing is there was no mop, no broom, no cleaning materials, supplies. So we had to run to the store and buy towels. We cleaned the floor that was very dirty, the tables. The bathroom. The kitchen was yucky and the utensils are much more yucky. Everything was yucky. We want to sterilize them but no hot water. We did not use them in the end, so we bought our utensils, instead. No hot shower. No hot water. Then we turned on the Air conditioning, and it was a mess. There is a leak coming off the AC that is making the floor so wet. The bedsheets/linens are so dirty. The cabinets have condoms wrapper. So yucky... At lunch time, we ordered pizza. We thought it would taste good because the pictures say so. But yucky as well. We just wasted our money... I do not recomment Delta Sharm in Short.... do not boo to this resort.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Find a new manager who could do the job and address all these complaints.

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9 / 10
Fab holiday

"I absolutley loved this hotel it was mine and my boyfriends first trip to eygpt and when we first arrived a taxi dropped us in the complete wrong area but all the staff were really helpful and put us on a golf buggy to reception where we then checked and and were transported to our room, the room was gorgeous and very big. The complex is absolutley HUGE so we were quite overwelmed at first as we had no idea where to go and it took us a good 15 min to even find the bar/resturant. (perhaps they could look at showing you around the complex in the gold buggy first!?)but anyway once we had found everything and settled in it was my most perfect holiday yet. Free buses too local areas, private beaches etc. A*"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, Booked Independently

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9 / 10
Great Holiday

"this resort was quiet but felt very safe having not been to Egypt before I was presently surprised. The locals and staff were all very helpful and friendly they couldn't do enough for you. Our room was clean but could do with a coat of paint. The food was ok enough to choose from and if you wanted anything the staff did there best to get it for you. The pool was clean and warm. Although not many of the bars were open it was a pleasant stay and met some very nice holiday makers. The trip to Luxor was amazing and well worth the vist."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012
  • Advice: Luxhor

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8 / 10

"I feel I need to share with you the horror that is MTS the company that Delta sharm use for you to book excursions, When we arrived late on the 28/04/12 we was told we would meet with a rep the very next morning. We wasnt to happy as by the time we got in unpacked and ate it was really late then we was expected to get up early and listen to a bloke waffle on about how great his company is and how horrific everyother compay is.. We spoke to a rep caled Ali,

He pretty much told us that everyother company wouldnt be insured, they would show us fake insurance documents and if anything happened we would be helped or compansated...Well me and my partner spend £100 each on trips that where ment to 'blow our mind' WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH, we booked the quad bikes which where BORNING riding slowly through the destert in a single line for a hour was dul and hot.

The star gazing.. WHAT STAR GAZING? Sitting on a Hot bus for ages, then been sat in a tent for aroud 45 mins while a guy explains loads of stuff in broken english, It was so hard to work out what he was saying so we pretty much just sat there bored out of our brains.

Being promised a show . errrr what show? turns out we where the show.... All the other companys offer a fire preformance and/or belly dancing, MTS offered us a man banging on a jerry can while WE was MADE to dance in a circle.

The food provided was nice :)

After that was the ' star gazing' 5 mins of a woman making cheesy jokes then aprox 9 seconds each of looking through a telescope. End of tour!!

The next was the no petrol camel ride.

Firstly me and my partner where the only english people on the trip.. there was 12 germans and us.

So it ment the translator didnt have time to explan everything twice.. I told him not to worry explaing everything to us because I felt sorry for him , but I dint realise that would mean we would spend the WHOLE trip being ignored, Noone spoke to us, The only person that tried to make a effort was a deaf bedouin man.

When we got on the camels they didnt explain to my parnter how to get on the camel correctly so it resulted in about 30 mins of pain for him as the only person who spoke english had left on his own camel up front and left us.

They get the little (ages 4-12) bedouin children to lead us, but they where to busy having a laugh with there friends they literaly didnt hear me screaming in pain when they lead the camels to close to eachother and I got my knee dislocated and my other leg crushed by camels either side of me... My partner also got cuts all over his legs.

After we got off the poor camles that had been whiped and treated like crap the whole time, they lead everyone up a steap crumbley mountain ( not me , because of my knee ) onto a single track and made people stand on the cliff edges to have photos taken.. To prove how dangerous it was a man actualy fell down with his 6 month old baby in his arms and almost crushed him.

We was told it was a hour excursion and the bus ride was only 30 mins, so after being on the coach for 4 hours and being in the destert for 3 hours you can imagen how annoyed we was, Having being ignored and injured for almost 6 hours.

We spoke to the MTS rep the next morning to explain we wasnt happy about our trips and his first comment was ' well Ali didnt hold a gun to your head' There was no 'sorry' as you would expect, and infact Ali pretty much did hold a gun to our head he told us that NOONE was insured and they would rip us off. Pretty rich coming from the excersion cowboys.

After speaking to the RUDEST ' manager' for 3 hours who refused to listen to us they tried to Fob us off with £5 english pounds comp each ... There was 4 of us in a group and collectively we had spent £400 with them but apparently they cant afford to pay us any more Than £20.

As soon they had finished wasting most of my morning arguing with the rudest man alive I went down to their office in naama bay and cancelled the rest of my trips with them, When I was in there and was waiting for my refund , a member of staff made it perfectly clear they hade plenty of english £50 notes laying around, but yet they could only give us £20?

This company was the most expensive one we came across in sharm and their trips where crap, The other people Mo & Tito and the Guys at Delta beach where offering more for less money .

If you are to book trips PLEASE dont go with MTS.

Book with MO & TITO their office is next to the sisha bar at the main pool.

We booked to go quad biking with them, It was half the price but alot more fun and longer too.

One of the girls we met on holiday did have a accident on the quads because the seat came off when she went over a bump, But Mo and the manager of the quad bike company could'nt have done enough to help , All the medical costs came out of the campanys insurnace , Mo waited around at the clinic the whole time with them they even sorted out a taxi back for them , when they got hungry they orderd dinner in for them and paid for it all.. they even offerd them more food later on, Mo constantly checked on them.. Its funny how MTS scare you by saying noone else will compensate you if you get injured, but me and my partner did and we only got offerd £5 each after arguing for 3 hours. I know if we had booked with Mo& Tito in the begining we would have paid less and had ten times more fun.

IN OTHER NEWS. The apparntment was LOVELY it was huge, The shower was small and we didnt have and cups or plates but it was clean and in a prime spot.

The staff where all lovely, The security are EVERYWHERE its the saftest place I have ever been they all say good morning and make them self known to you,

The buggy drivers are so firendly and funny, they are happy to pick you up if you call of flag them down, some times they just make you get in anyway and will give you a lift 100 yards, and most wont take a tip either.

The bar staff stole my heart, I love all of them, we was at the N1 pool most of the time and our bar man was Abdul , What a sweetheart, he would have done anything to make our stay lovely. There was another bar man but I cant remeber his name, I called him Michael though ( he loves MJ)

At the main bar there was Mostafa ( I hope thats how you spell it) I called him Dave .

He never stoped smiling the whole two weeks and made the best Mojitos


The guys down Delta beach that sold the excersions was lovely too, He took us out snorkeling to see some amazing fish and made sure we was okay , he didnt leave our side the whole time, we even tried to give him money for it but he refused...

It was these people that made our holiday perfect. :)

I would return again in a heartbeat if they trained their reception staff to be more helpfull( they sat and watched for 3 hours while me and two other women where obviously upset with mts , WHO THEY RECOMEND then they obviously spoke and laughed about us) Monkeys could have done their job better.. I really do recomend going to Delta just dont book with MTS, book with either MO & TITO or the guys downon delta beach, I cant remember his name but hes skinny with a couple of tattoos, never wears a top and has a mantaray necklace. I hope this helps x

  • Holiday details: Apr 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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10 / 10
Amazing Holiday. Ignore The Bad Reviews

"Well what can i say before we went to the Delta Sharm Resort, we didnt know what to expect after reading some of these reiviews.

When we arrived we were checked in quickly and taken to our room on one of the resort buggys. The room was lovely and cleaned everyday with fresh beddding and towels. We decided to go and find the bar which took us a short while with the resort being massive. When we found it there was a singer on so we stayed there for a while. The animation team reps came over and introduced themselves as they could tell that we were new to the resort, they were really nice explaining all the things that go on throughout the day and evenings.

All the staff in the restaurant, around the pool bars, the spa staff, excursion staff were all lovely and very friendly. I dont think there would be a day wherever we may of been where we didnt have a conversation with one of them which was lovely i thought they really made you feel welcome. We only had to walk into the restaurant and with minutes we would ahve our drinks bought to our table as they new what we were going to order which i again thought was really nice. We thought that the food was lovely and really you couldnt of done any better at home. If you didnt like the food on the buffett then they always have a pasta station where you can watch them do it for you i had this a few times and found it was nice. But you do always find those people who want to complain about things.

The swimming pools were lovely we stayed at the main pool where most of the entertainment happens in the day like darts, water polo etc. But if you dont want the entertainment area to relax then there is planty of other pools which are pieceful for you to relax there.

There is a scheduled entertainment for the evenings, always disco for the children everynight. We enjoyed karaoke, singers, and a trip free of charge down to soho square cortesy of the animation team at the hotel where you can either go and watch a show, browse the hassle free shops, go iceskating or to the cinema. or enjoy a few beverages in the bars. Whilst we was down there we went into the ice bar which was lovely. Also they have a club on the resort which you can get cocktails from and have a dance as there is a dj on everynight.

We went down to the beach one day which was lovely as you dont even have to step into the water you can see the fish just standing on the sand. And when in the water they come right up to you which again was lovely.

We went to naama bay in the day which there isnt many shops open due to it only really openeing at night time. But it was nice. Yes we did get hassled a bit but we expected it but if you tell them your not interested they seem to leave you alone.

We didnt really go on any trips or anything due to it being that hot really. But if we did then we would of booked with mo he has a excursion shop at the side of the pool and he is lovley.

All in all i can say that i loved egypt and the delta sharm resort. And i will without a doubt be going back there in the near future.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
Nightmare Holiday

"I know this review is long but please take the time to read before you book with Delta Sharm!

My girlfriend & me decided to book Delta Sharm (All inclusive) for our first holiday together this year. I have so many bad things to report about this place I am sure I will have to write multiple reviews so here goes....

The first night we got to the hotel we arrived firstly to a studio room with 2 single beds (rather than the double bed we booked)...alls the staff done was tell us to push them together then rather rudely left. We decided to get on with things and went for food around 9pm in the family restaurant...the food didn’t look great but we helped ourselves and grabbed a seat to order our drinks without any ice...5 minutes later the drinks came back with ice in so we promptly returned the waiter took them back my girlfriend decided to get some pasta as she didn’t like her walking past the kitchen she saw the waiter put his hands into our drinks and remove the ice...he then served them to our table once again! We decided to leave and get food outside the complex after what we witnessed so off to Naama Bay we went (which i will touch upon later). When we finally arrived back at Delta Sharm we nipped to the supermarket for we approached the shops on the very dark and sinister complex (around 11pm) we were welcomed by gangs of Egyptian men aimlessly hanging around starring, pointing and making comments towards me and my girlfriend...who at this point crushing my hand as she was that intimidated.

Once in the shop we had the very same welcome from the staff working the counters so we paid and left for our room right away. On the way back we got lost with it being our first night so we decided to ask security for directions...the guard replied in gibberish saying he speaks no English (this guy a few days later had a short conversation with me in English!) so we had to struggle along and find our studio ourselves on a very big complex. We decided to call it a night and approach the next day with a fresh head.

The morning after we decided to go for breakfast and give the food another try so we set off and to our embarrassment again got slightly lost...this time we approached a member of staff behind the pool bar...he again replied in gibberish very rudely and walked away laughing! At this point my blood started to boil but again I kept it together as the last thing i wanted to do was get into an argument whilst away.We finally found the breakfast bar and again to our shock the food was left uncovered with flies nesting on some random boiled eggs and croissants...Again we decided to look elsewhere for food so off we went to the complex’s shops and to our surprise found a small cafe called “Carloes Café”. This cafe turned out to be the only realistic option for food at Delta Sharm and strangly enough the only place that treated us with any respect! Yet as the cafe was ran separate to Delta Sharm we had to pay for everything

In the afternoon we went to our pool for a swim and some all inclusive drinks and snacks at the bar. We set up camp on our sun beds and took a we sat at the bar we noticed how dirty the glasses were but I assumed they were put aside to be washed...i was wrong! The bar man simply rinsed a random glass someone had returned and poured our drinks...we only had an option of their own stellar beer, a selection of around 5 shorts, an option of two soft drinks and no snacks at all. That was as good as Delta Sharm gets! Yet there were other faults with the pool and bar such as the staff approaching young English girls when left alone, staff spitting onto the pools water fountain and a number of objects found at the bottom of the pool.

As advertised we expected some form of entertainment of an evening and yet again was let down as nothing was on...and when I say nothing I mean nothing! This meant we had two options for the evening...1.stay in and watch TV in our room or 2. Go to Naama Bay.

Our nights out to the famous Naama Bay was an even bigger shock to the system...we was warned from friends about the hassle we would receive from the workers their so it wasn’t a total surprise but I noticed we got a lot more negative attention than others. As well as the usual "swap you wife for a camel" comments my girlfriend was constantly being approached and on one occasion was spat at by a group of men and on another was grabbed by her wrist, one night I calculated we were hassled every 4 meters along the main strip, that may not seem a lot but trust me after a short while of not being able to hold a conversation it gets very annoying!

Aswell as Delta Sharm being dirty and unprofessional we found the Egyptian people absolutely horrible...I am aware this is a very strong statement to make but in our 7 day trip we met in total just 3 nice Egyptian people. My girlfriend had a horrid time for no reason at all...the only thing we could come up with was because she is black...the women pointed and made comments and gestures and the men basically undressed her with their eyes...Each time we left the studio i automatically felt as though I could get into a fight with any Egyptian man due to their fact its fair to say that if it had been in the UK I am sure I would have.

We spent one day at the beach and yet again received rude remarks and looks from Egyptians, we found an abundance of rubbish in the sand and sea as well as a used needle which washed up next to us...our time spent in the water was also just as bad...we hired a pedalo for some privacy only be hassled by Egyptians on their boat...we also went for a swim and was spat at yet again in the water...I am not talking water being spat, this guy purposely coughed up flem and spat in our direction!

Overall we found nothing good about Delta Sharm and it kills me to say nothing good about the people of Egypt. I was a big fan of their history as a child and Egypt was always on my bucket list, never in my life did I expect to experience anything what we did!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, booked with
  • Advice: Get the next flight home!

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1 / 10
holiday from hell don't go delta sharm hotel

"the hotel room wasn't cleaned all week, the food was horrible and the glasses wasn't cleaned and the staff and people were terrible and rude and desrespectful. no english people on the location. never go all inclusive the food is terrible and they didn't have a snack bars around the pool.we spent all of our money buying food because the food we eat from the resturant one night and it gave me and my boyfriend a stomach bug and we have still got it and we have been home a week .i would never go to delta sharm hotel again its a waste of money."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, booked with purple holidays
  • Advice: dont go you will come back with a stomach bug

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5 / 10
not very lively , allinclusive has times rrrrrrr

"just back weather was good , food iffy and diffrent restraunts and times ,no ice cream or diet soft drinks .

to many locals at pool .

apartments /villas good and always clean

good clinic .

beware guy in reception trying to change money for less rate !

  • Holiday details: Mar 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Blue Sky Holidays
  • Advice: location ok ,shops within and nice italian food
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
egypt! waht can i say!!

"egypt-1st time here and was really looking forward to it.on arivval late at night reception ready and took us to water in fridge as prommised but guy got it for far so right at pool and bar!! great we thought.1st morning at pool bar asked other guests what time bar opens.meant to be eleven but its now 11.45. just normal says a girl in the pool!! weather hot but lunch at new resturant anything but!! cold chips and warm beer.yuk! then got back to find air con in room inop.phoned and they sent a guy out in 10 mins.pity it took 3 days to get it fixed properly!!also electric went of 3 tims and same story as air con!got fed up with pool bar nonsense and bought my own beer at shop.overall very poor thank god for the excellent china house resturant in na'ama bay! saved our lives!! liked egypt but wont be running back to delta sharm.forgot to say we had the runs to as did all the others at our pool!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: delta sharm aint all its hyped up to be!!

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2 / 10
very nice

"just got back from 10 days at delta sharm,had a great holiday,was a bit to hot but it was that time of year,apartment was lovely the staff were very nice,caroles cafe is a must,carole is very helpfull and lovely to talk to,went to a dolphin show,great fun and we went star gazing in the desert,amazing,couldnt really fault anything,def think about going again."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Viking
  • Advice: well worth a visit
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
nice but lots of room for improvement

"Just returned from the delta sharm after spending our 30th wedding anniversary...abit dissapointed as booked 1 bed suite but given studio with 2 single beds! Had to join up beds to make a double. they did nothing for our special champayne no flowers. beautiful location and swimming pools...felt very safe with so much security but food was awful and so boring..taste less and the same fresh orange juice and no choice of tea and coffee...already made up in urn and brewing all day. Ate lots of healthy salad but ended up with terrible tummy upset as it is washed in normal tap water. alots of flies when eating at the friends restaurant and achol drinks very limited...bottled beer only and no nice cocktails...we were all exclusive but hardly ate and drank there as not much choice. stayed 10 nights which was more than enough as could not wait to come home. hotel is 4 star but food 2 star. will not go again but beach beautiful..found food and things to be very expensive in the resort shops. it was very hot."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with onthebeach
  • Advice: nice and relaxing but would not go again
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
lovely resort shame but food/hygiene sickness

"Just arrived back from Delta today and was wondering if the person before was on same holiday, food is shocking and resturant is filthy.Arrived at room, 202/163 and was pleasantly surprised with a washing machine and freezer and a huge spacious apartment. Pool was right next to block where we spend almost the entire holiday with a few couples we meet.Meals were a trek in extremely hot weather only to receive what can be described as awful, rice, hotdogs beans or salad everyday. We ended up spending more on room service which defeats the all inclusive costs.Outside food is frowned upon where reception refused to help direct the McDonald we ordered for almost everyone around the pool only for a poor delivery driver to eventually find us 1 hr later.Having got the runs for days we got tablets from the chemist on site which kind of a helped but what did not help was that drink glasses are only rinsed in the tap water before reused by other holiday makers. on final few days a Sheik- the Arab brothers- arrived and we were all pushed to the side and treated disgracefully and that can only be described as racial discrimination, we were refused snacks at the allocated snack times, pools were closed and resturant staff ignored us stating that snacks n food where unavailable and that we should have seen this on the resort TV channel, sorry but we paid for 14 days AI but 11. Table cloths are filthy cutlery is always in short supply and plates in general were chipped. Staff constantly leer at u if u r female which gets on your nerves atfer a few days epecially when the whole resort is male. All inclusive is a complete waste of £ as child club, decent food and drinks u have to pay for staff are constantly looking for tips and where hearing of date rape of young girls but staff members.

On the whole would go back to Sharm but not this hotel as not value for money only good thing is we all lost weight as from september delta sharm is going self catering

advice spend a little more and go closer to namma bay

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with on holiday group
  • Advice: don't go

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  • by b cuxton

    " Riding a camel in the desert and snorkeling at Naama Bay "

  • by Lara Poulter

    " The best tip I can give you is too , Get to know the staff. You'll love them all and its them that will make your holiday... "

  • by sunshinetime

    " Visit the beaches, have a massage, use all the pools. "

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