Porto Vathi Apartments

Vathy Meganissi Island, Meganisi, Greece
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8 / 10
No big problem at Porto Vathi

"We two have just returned from a three week stay at the two bedroomed apartment at Porto Vathi. It is about two years since the last review was written and the tree referred to has grown. Nevertheless the terrace catchs the sun in the morning and evening and facing north is in shade during the heat of the day, which is how you would want it. The apartment is available through Manos holidays. In their brochure it describes Porto Vathis as having "lovely views overlooking the harbour". This is quite correct regarding the two studios on the upper floor but contravenes the Trade Description legislation as regards the two bedroomed one. When we arrived there was no view whatsoever but with patience and the help of a penknife there were glimpses of the harbour through the tree by the end of the first day. The restriction of the view is not due to the tree but the fact that the apartment is on the lower floor, so Manos has no excuse for the misrepresentation. Nevertheless, the size of the terrace compensates for the limited view and altho we probably could have kicked up a fuss and have been moved to an upper studio during the middle week when they were vacant we decided we were happy enough with the extra space that the two roomed apartment provided.

If you google "porto vathi" you may come up with a video of the arrival of the Nidri ferry at Vathi. You will see that the ferry docks just below the Porto Vathi apartment and you may worry about the noise. The ferry now actually docks about 200 meters further up the bay, so does not impact on the apartment. However, we did not find it quiet due to the noise coming from the Porto Vathi taverna in front. The noise was not from late night revellers etc but just the constant hum of the air conditioner. We really only noticed this when it suddenly went off and all was quiet.

Best taverna on the isalnd, by a long way, is the Rose Garden

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, self catering, booked with Manos

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3 / 10
We stayed in the Porto Vathi 2...

"We stayed in the Porto Vathi 2 bedroom apartment for 2 weeks. On a positive note the apartment was clean, basic with 1 double bedroom, one twin, a small kitchen and the bathroom had a bath with very good hand held shower. There is a TV in the double bedroom and air conditioning in both bedrooms. The view from the large patio is very limited as there are 2 trees at the front and it is in total shade. The two studios above the apartment had good views and did get the sun on their balconies.

Megannisi is a very pretty island and the locals are very friendly and lovely people. If staying in Vathi, the nearest tiny beach is about half an hour walk. You really need to hire a boat if you want to swim. I am sure that the island is great - if and only if the weather is good, but if you get bad weather there is simply nothing to do. It may just be that we had 2 very bad wet weeks, but it is a very green island without any steams, which may be because it gets a higher than average rainfall.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Self Catering, booked with Manos

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8 / 10
I actually stayed here in 2004. I...

"I actually stayed here in 2004. I travelled independently with friends who had a package deal and the owner of their apartments also owned these apartments and I was able to stay in the one available at a reasonable rent for 2 weeks. The remaining two accommodations were under going completion by the owner.

It consisted of a spacious room with double bed, wardrobe, dressing table bedside table, kitchen area with double plate hob, cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery. I don't recall there being a kettle, but managed fine with Greek coffee making utensil. There was a table with table cloth, and 5 chairs!

The balcony had a table and chairs, and overlooked the harbour of Vathi. It was full of life and the ferry docked just close by. It was a bit noisy at night when the fishing boat set sail at about 3-4am!! There are plenty of good tavernas/restaurants to eat at, and a mini-market for provisions. There is a mini-bus public transport which runs between the 3 villages. Travel on the ferry between Vathi and Spartahori and vice versa is free, you only have to pay coming and going to Nidri - Lefkas.

There are some beautiful walks to do. The people are so friendly and welcoming. A lovely island to visit, especially in springtime with all the flora at its best.

  • Holiday details: May 2005, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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