Majesty Club Tarhan Beach

Mersindere Mevki Club Tarhan Tatil Koyu Didim Merkez, Altinkum 09250, Turkey
5  / 10
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Traveller reviews

2 / 10
dont go to prison

"me and my family, my wife and 2 children daughter 19 son 15. we strongly sugest you do not go on this holiday because:

the food was out of date

there was nothing to do (boring)

alcohol was out of date (if you go dont eat or drink anything from the mini bar in your room, its all out of date and very expensive).

to far to the main town

have to pay for water because your not aloud to drink there tap water

no football or basketball to play with on the courts

water sports are supposed to be free so dont pay for them

excursions are very expensive compared to the ones in the town centre

the outside bars close every night early

you are not aloud to use the alacarte resturant without paying

everyone in the hotel went down ill because of the food

food was stone cold in the buffet(the only dining place)

Everybody in the hotel got moved to another hotel free of charge and if you move to the other hotel dont pay the transport fee

so just think!!!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
We were a little bit worried going...

"We were a little bit worried going since we had booked via Thomas Cook, who had rated it 4*, before reading any reviews. Some of the reviews (on sites like this one) were quite bad, but it was too late to do anything but go! However, the bad reviews proved unfounded.

We have been to two other club hotels in other Turkish resorts (Bodrum and Kusadasi) and this compared very favourably. There were four of us: my wife and I plus two adult children aged 19 and 22.

The isolated location was not a real drawback though Kusadasi is better, in that Ephesus is right next door, and both Bodrum and Kusadasi are more interesting as seaside resorts than Didim/Atinkum. We took the Dolmus to Atinkum once but didn’t think much of it. In the process we passed Apollo’s temple and decided that the view from the Dolmus was quite enough and the site did not merit a return visit!

What we really liked was the fact that there was plenty of space (perhaps because of the relatively late time in the holiday season and the fact that Ramadan had just begun). We found a jetty over the sea and lay there most mornings and late afternoons; it was quiet and not overcrowded. I also tried a sun bed on the grass one day but was severely bitten (without realising until later) so, if insects like you, do take repellent and anti-itch cream. You can get a good lemon/citronelle repellent locally which is not expensive, works and smells good. After clearing up the bites I had a great time – always applying repellent over the sun cream (the sun can be quite fierce!). We also liked the sea breeze.

We knew what to expect in terms of food and were not disappointed. There was a good variety and plenty of interesting salads as well as “hot” food, which, it is true, was not very hot. But then with temperatures over 30°C we were not after very hot food, so warm was OK for us. There was a chef cooking a “special” each evening which added to the variety. Saturday was “Turkish evening” and there were women in Turkish costume cooking filled (meat or cheese) “Turkish pancakes” on a heated dome. This was interesting to watch as one rolled out the dough while the other did the cooking, and also good to eat!

The lack of evening entertainment did not bother us, but I can see that it could be a problem for some; we played cards together instead! The only English channel on the television was France24 (ironically!), but since we don’t have TV at home this was not a great lack, though one good English channel with films or series would have been appreciated.

The room was bigger than necessary for two people and in excellent condition (as was the whole hotel except for the fitness centre – see below). The floor was tiled, which might be why some reviewers have called the room “spartan”, but in this climate tiles are much better than fitted carpet. The only slight drawbacks to the room were a slightly broken shower head holder (but quite usable) and no shower gel (either separate or in a dispenser). Since the soap was in a dispenser by the basin it would have been difficult to use it in the shower. Fortunately we had brought our own shower gel. We pushed the two twin beds together and after a couple of days the maids started to make it up as a double bed, which was a nice touch even if they used a single sheet sideways to do it! (Again, the heat meant this was not a problem.) By the way, the room’s individual air conditioning worked well.

All the staff were very friendly without overdoing it and made our stay a pleasure. It is true (as others have written) that some guests heaped plates with food and then left some of it, but we’ve seen that before and regret, but ignore, it. I’m not sure it was restricted to a particular nationality however. What was missing in the dining area was any non-smoking section. In Kusadasi there was a separate room for non-smokers which was very nice, but here there was nothing. However, with the hotel not being full we could usually avoid the smoke.

Very few negative points overall. The only major deficiency was in the indoor fitness centre where the only working equipment was one treadmill. The two exercise cycles could not be adjusted and one was completely broken and the other treadmill did not have any power cable. The weights machine was also defective and the room lacked air conditioning so was extremely hot. However, there was a lovely outdoor fitness area with machines that use your own body weight to help you exercise, so this compensated to some extent for the poor indoor room. The archery listed by Thomas Cook, was not available (we asked) though clearly had been at some point as we saw a couple of targets.

On our last day, the coach was only coming for us at 4:40 and so, with normal checkout at 12:00, we paid a very reasonable 30YTL (about 20 euros or 14-15 pounds) to keep one of our two rooms until 4pm, so we could be cool, shower etc.

I guess we can conclude that if a major tour operator rates a hotel as 4* then it probably is at least close to that.

We would go again!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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2 / 10
We have come back from a weeks...

"We have come back from a weeks holiday from this place, and strongly DO NOT recommend it to anyone! Both me and my husband have been extremely ill. The resort itself was lovely very picturesque HOWEVER, the food was disgraceful it was boring and very repetative. My husband was annoyed there was no meat available other than chicken which of course was not fresh. We had trouble quite alot of the times to find a table at dinner and there was just two of us. And as for the entertainmnet, what entertainment? We would go down to the pool bar after dinner and found ourselves back at our room most nights well before 10pm. We are utterly disappointed and will certainly NOT be going back. The staff are rude and unhelpful. The hotel was in the middle of nowhere. All the english couples we managed to speak and there was not that many, were all ill too. Never again for us"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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7 / 10
we have just arrived back from a 1...

"we have just arrived back from a 1 weeks holiday at the Club Tarhan. We have had a brilliant weeks holiday. room was very clean and there was plenty of space. Food was good very turkish (hardly any meat). A waiter asked us to try the alacart restaurant which he advised was at an extra cost. Looked at menu and decided to go for it. Menu advised 17.5 ylt each. ordered bottle of wine. Very nice meal but not alacart. You also have to pay for any water that you drink throughout the day 2ylt each small bottle. Mini bar in your room is also checked daily and you pay everything including water and fizzy drinks. Upon our departure from the hotel today. we were advised our our bill for the mini bar and the meal. What a shock the meal cost not 17.5 each as advised. but 47.5 for the food and 65 ylts for the wine in english money thhe wine cost £30. we were not at all please but had no choice than to pay. Other than this we had a great time and would go again.


  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Goldtrail

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4 / 10
hotel rooms very sparse spartan and...

"hotel rooms very sparse spartan and cramped, no sitting accomodation just beds. clean.

staff friendly but lobby staff unhelpful. doctor exhorbitant, £160 for sore throat tablets. good pools but far away from any form of other life. shops in hotel are extremely pricey double /treble the price of the small shop 'up the road'. buses frequent. dont go to the Aqua park - a real take on expecially food prices, and food and water from the outside is prohibited

Please warn everyone that is thinking of going to Turkey that Bodrum Airport is the biggest rip-off that I have come upon. There is only one ‘café’ operating there which is a monopoly. A small bottle of water is £3 and hamburgers chips and coke for 6 people was £76 pounds. Take food and water into the airport departure lounge with you and don’t fall for this massive rip-off

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with holidays direct

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2 / 10
If you are going to this resort you...

"If you are going to this resort you must be all inclusive.

half board you feel an out cast.

it is very difficult to upgrade while there and pricing is very expensive.

some staff are ok but most are rude and state they do not understand.

you feel you are under constant supervision and being monitored.

our tour rep was also very difficult to see and flight was also what was not stipulted on flight ticket.

spent 12 - 13 hours traviling from turkey to scotland.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Half Board, booked with scott travel

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8 / 10
Room and Complex nice and clean,...

"Room and Complex nice and clean, staff friendly.

Food ok if you like salads there was a great choice of these, couple of hot meat dishes on offer, thought there might have been more fish but only got fish one night. Kids liked the food as there was always pasta and they like the pizzas daytime in the cafe bar. I didnt reckon a lot to night time entertainment but my 10 and 12 yr old thought it was ok. on the whole it was a good holiday

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Sun Wings

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4 / 10
overall the hotel was really nice but...

"overall the hotel was really nice but the food was not very nice.we all got food poisoning and heard that alot of other families did too. the food was basically was for the french and not so much for the english and if we wanted english food then we had to pay for the food or go off the complex which i think is very poor to say we was all inclusive. we expected to beable short spirit that was the turkish make which they said we wasnt aloud to we had to pay for spirits. all the staff was very pleasent and made us feel very welcome to their complex."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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3 / 10
DON'T GO. We've just come back from...


We've just come back from having a fortnight at the Club Tarhan with our 4 year old son and i would not recommend this to anyone. The food is diabolical always cold and no variety, stodgy rice and warm salads. There wasn't any english entertainment in the evenings and the kids club there was nothing for our son as the entertainers are Turkish and do not speak English. The complex itself is very nice and clean but stuck out in the middle of nowhere so have to get the bus into Altinkum for any decent food or entertainment. The hotel is very over priced and your not allowed to bring anything back to your room if it's bought outside of the complex. After 3 days our son wanted to come home as he was bored so we've had to try and keep him amused which has been hard. There aren't many English holidaymakers there they are mostly Turkish, German or French. The ice creams are limited to one between the hours of 5-6 in the evenings, this has been an absolute nightmare holiday for us, certainly been mislead by Thomas Cook!!!! Will not be going back!!!!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
Me and my family went to Turkey on...

"Me and my family went to Turkey on June the 30th and got there July the 1st and stayed for 2 weeks i loved it the waiters were lovely and the pool was ace and the sea was cool aswel i had a great time i miss it now we made loads of friends like the waiters and people they were lovely. We had a great time we all cryed when we had to come home we loved it that much."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas CookBy Lyndsey

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10 / 10
we just this hour got back, from east...

"we just this hour got back, from east midlands airport after spending two weeks in club tarhan. i cried when i had to leave after having such a great time. the weather was fantastic and at night time while eating in the restuarant by the pool the sunset is to die for. the waitors are really polite and great with children too. their english is very good, and i would recomend club tarhan to anyone x"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
From the comments below we were very...

"From the comments below we were very anxious about going to club tarhan after we booked. Well we have to say that the comments below are rubbish we had an amazin time. Yes the food was different (turkish) but what more can you expect going to a turkish country. it was never cold no matter what time we ate. The staff were nothing but helpful and friendly, they couldn't have done more for us. The hotel was clean and tidy at all times of the day.

The only negative side was the evening entertainment which was basic (7/10) however still enjoyable to take part in!!!

Highly recommended, dont always expect what other people commented!!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Goldtrail

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