Laguna Mar Hotel Resort and Casino

Sector Apostadero, Margarita Island, Venezuela
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Closest airport: Del Caribe Intl Gen Santiago Marino (PMV) (13.7 miles)

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very good vacation

"I visited laguna mar hotel from 14/7-17/7/2011 with some friends a group of twelve. we had a good time at the resort. the food was great expecially the grill restaurant at the beach. dinner was ok but desserts were a bit disappointing, too much pastry stuff and they were dry and overbaked. overall i loved the shows and the disco was great. nice vacation, off course each vacation has its ups and downs, we will be visiting again."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: some areas need renovation.
7 / 10

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Over rated hotel

"I expected more at this hotel. Its wasnt terrible terrible but it could have been much better especially as it costs more than other hotels. The drinks wasnt bad at all, d food was tasteless, the people was ok, the rooms were very cold, the toiletries are limited, dey dont replenish unless u ask them to. The young waitress at the Nort restaurant(Chipi Chipi) her name was Emily, she was so pleasant and smile at and for everything. Kudos to her. The pool closes too early and restaurants close too early also, no mid night snack if u are hungry. generally, I wudnt go there again, I think its a waste of money, and a bit disappointing."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Drinks
  • Good For: , City Breaks
4 / 10

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we got married on the beach

"My wife and i got married in the laguna mar resort , margarita in 2000 , what a place !! we have been back twice since and have loved every minute , we are so desperate to get back , but cant a tour company to go direct , first choice was the only people we booked through , we are desperate to rekindle our fond memories of margarita island ....."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2005, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: paradise
  • Good For: Beach
10 / 10

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fantastic holiday

"6 friends went to Margarita for the Easter Weekend 2010, and we had a great time.I realized that Margarita is a poor country, and lots of people are struggling to make a living that's why there are so many dishonest people out there picking pockets, they do pick your pockets while shopping, my friend lost 250 bolivares, these people are so cunning they zip your bags and take your hard earned cash. Be on your p's and q's they do this in busy areas. i could not believe it happened in the flea market in less than 2 minutes after dropping of the taxi's .

Laguna Mar is a nice resort to relax, nice food etc. not forgetting the departure tax which is a killer. it's better to spend your money somewhere else

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
1 / 10

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Spend the extra money to go elsewhere

"Located much too far away from anything else without a time consuming and expensive cab ride, Laguna Del Mar is a good place to go for a family on a budget. But that's about it. With lousy food and maid service to match, Laguna Del Mar gets old quickly as the nightlife is non-existent, the daily activites are unvarying and the mile walk to their beach gets tiring quickly. While the excursions outside of the resort are for the most part excellent, these are available from any of the other resorts so Laguna Del Mar cannot take credit for them. Visiting Isla de Margarita is not a bad idea (although Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Mexico are superior), but make Laguna Del Mar your last choice.

P.S. Buy a good book for customs when your are leaving. It takes over three hours to get through and respect is non-existent.


  • Holiday details: Feb 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Transat
  • Advice: An option only if you can't afford somewhere good
  • Activities: Snorkelling, Jeep Tour, Catamaran
3 / 10

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margarita laguna mar resort

"This is a lovely resort. the only thing that it lacked was the evening entertainment. although there was some it seemed repetitive and often became boring.

The staff at our hotel went out of their way to make us welcome and as it was a honeymoon a bottle of champagne was left on ice for our arrival and a note to congratulate us on our marriage.

The site was very clean and well maintained. the bar staff always ensured that your drinks were always topped up. Our rep was always on hand and if he wasnt there we were still able to contact him on his mobile. he never let us down and was always prepared to deal with any issues that we had.

It was very hot and what rain we did have wasnt worth it.

The beach is less than 5 minutes away walking but they do supply buses to take you to the beach and back and they cost nothing.

The tours are worth doing, especially the catamaran and margarita splash but prepared to get wet...very wet!

We stayed 12 nights and although the heat was becoming to much we enjoyed every minute and certainly recommend it.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2008, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
9 / 10

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Went to lagunamar Hotel and Beach...

"Went to lagunamar Hotel and Beach Resort. It was wonderful. I was a bit disappointed with the room and bathroom but least they were clean. The maid service was not very good though cleanup was not done early but rather late afternoon. Other wise we had fun and espcially my son he met new friends and everyday they had lunch together. The food was good and service at the main restaurant ChipiChipi was great. Every night they had a different theme for the food but you could not tell the difference.

We went on the Safari trip and that was good but too long. Went to the flea market would not recommend. They could have taken us shopping elsewhere, where you werent harrassed as much.

Do not purchase Bolivars at the hotel can get much better price otherwise.(will know when you get there).

The Agent was missing in action. No help from them.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Avior
8 / 10

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7 of us flew to Margarita Island for...

"7 of us flew to Margarita Island for my 30th Birthday and wow what an amazing time we all had. Our Rep was Carlos and you couldnt have asked for a better rep than him. He was highly imformative, helpful and would do or he could to make your stay 100% perfect.

Laguna Mar hotel was all we could have wanted and its true what i had read on other reviews you do have to keep the air con on at all times!

The buffet restuarant was very good and there was always something to eat. Some people had complained about the food in previous reviews but all 7 of us thought the food was really nice. The Italian was fantastic, i would reccommend the trio or the carbonara. The little moan i would have was that the restuarants are a little cold but when you have been sun bathing in 100 degrees its quite nice to be cold.

The bar staff are really friendly and Carlos in the Lounge bar is the best, he makes the best coffees and his coctails are sopt on, ask for a Vodka Fizz. One top tip is to tip the staff and they will always make sure you are well looked after. I would also reccommend the special coctail at the swim up bar.

We had 3 children in our party aged between 12 and 14 lets just say it was a holiday they will always remember. They made so many friends that at any one time there would be 15 of them hanging out, they went to the beach the slides, lunch and then hung out in the evening together. Its nice as they are still all frinds now and meet up at weekends.

We went on many trips but the top 4 would be Angel falls, the Northern Star, horse riding and Dolphins. They were all good value, the tour guides were really friendly and have a great sense of humor.

All in all it was a holiday of a lifetime.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2008, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
9 / 10

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Fabulous place, best holiday ever!!!!...

"Fabulous place, best holiday ever!!!! and we have travelled the world... this was our honeymoon and by far beat every other holiday we have been on.

Entertainment fwas 5 star. i didnt want to go home.

we swam with dolphins, visited the flea market (bit scary and very pushy people! prob wouldnt do that again...)

went on a 1 day trip to Angel falls and loved every minute of it. Felt like i was in a timotei advert when we walked under the water fall in the jungle in our bikinis and trainers!

also went on a bus tour round the island to see how the poor locals live. wow that was an eye opener! but recommended to everyone.

would love to take my husband back there for a 10 year anniversary.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2005, Full Board, booked with First Choice
10 / 10

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Read some other comments about Laguna...

"Read some other comments about Laguna Mar and was looking foprward to it but was sadly dissapointed. On the good side the rooms are big and clean ( we had a junior suiote which would easily sleep 5). The main gripe is the food which was monotonous and unimaginative and the poor service particularly from the restaurant staff who were downright surly. On one occasion in one of the speciality restaurants ( theres one mexican and one italian) there were 12 customers and 14 staff and we still coudn't get served. The beach beds are old and rusty but its worth paying to go to imaculate beds at the iguana beach concession on the right ( so why cant the hotel do this?). The wave pool wasn't working when we were there and the dutch olympic team hogged the olympic pool!

The rep ( carlos) was great but the hotel is crying out for decent management. The overall impression is no one cares. If you do go, dont change your money at the hotel. just ask around and you will ge at least twice the official rate and try to take large dollar notes ($50 or bigger ) as bigger notes get bigger rates.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2008, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
3 / 10

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This is a very good holiday and would...

"This is a very good holiday and would highly recommend it to to anyone who is going far away.

It is a beautiful place to be. The house is cozy and warm and the swimming pool is great to be in the on a hot day when there's nothing in else to do

The shops are not to that far away but we hired a moped to get around that was fun

We went to this place because thomas just finished university and did really well so we decided to go and celebrate"! On holiday for two weeks in the sun.

Of course he paid for his own ticket which was great and we had a wonderful time

But like anything holidays have to come to an end but it's well worth the money and you'll love it once you get yourself together.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007, Self Catering, booked with Key2Holidays
10 / 10

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My holiday to the Laguna mar was...

"My holiday to the Laguna mar was great!! The staff were really friendly and continuously came over to our sunbed by the pool and topped up our drinks!

The entertainment was a little cheesy, but the 80s night was quite good. When I went to the Laguna mar 2 of the restaurants were closed so we didn’t have much choice of food. We went to 2 of the local seafood restaurants with oysters on the beach for a dollar each.

The room was clean and tidy although we didn't get a balcony either. We made the mistake on the first 2 days with the air conditioning and left our window open. We came back and our room was soaking!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
9 / 10

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Address: Sector Apostadero, Margarita Island, Venezuela