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3 / 10
Having mastered English at an early...

"Having mastered English at an early age, the language barrier was overcome at speed.

On exploring Salou, it became evident that both the English and Irish have colonised, and thus 'Internacional ii' lives up to its name.

At reception my boyfriend and I were greeted by a young woman with a very nice smile that endured heavy working hours, the most crude 'entertainment' I have ever witnessed and the relentless and uniform tack of the warped fairytale town. Reception was spacious and clean, characteristics alas that were not shared by our 'studio apartment'.

The key worked. Triumphant, we entered the room, and were greeted by a puddle of hairs under the fridge. Avoiding it as we dragged our lugagge inside, I was delighted to find a mop on the balcony. Unfortunately the mop head was insecurely attached to its pole and so the endeavour verged on fruitless. Four flipflops were retrieved and efforts not to touch the floor with naked skin for the entire week proved successful for both me fella and me. Uniting the two single beds revealed a used tissue from previous inhabitants and although it was swept away by the brush provided (one piece; structurally solid) the image lingered as strangely symbollic.

Aware that Salou is a place of party, we knew that the BYOLS principle applied. Liquid soap as well as the cutlery, dish cloths, christmas cake and fairy liquid that we brought with us, was invaluable.

The shower was good if not excellent. The strong cleansing spray evoked memories of splashing in the mediterranean. The curtain rail collapsed once but the fault was mine, as I attacked it too vigourously in my excitement at having found a clean haven in the midst of the...'studio apartment'. It was easily re-assembled and did not happen again.

The two hobs facilitated the cooking of various delicious meals, centered around fried onions and couscous. The numbers on the dials are inconsistent with the level of heat emmited but this was quickly adapted to by the master chef that I was living with.

Maintenance problems were attended to with alacrity. The plumber beat us upstairs after we had voiced concerns about drainage problems and the sink was cleared in seconds. When the electricity cut out, a flick of the switch in the fusebox restored power immediately.

These mixed reviews show that comfort is relative. If 'basic' means liveable but unpleasant then that word describes this hotel. 'Cleaning' arrives early on Thursday and Sunday and provides new towels. The mop and bucket accompanying the cleaners appears to be decorative, and in the surroundings of Salou this is plausable. I had no problem carrying out the trash and credit is due to the cleaners for doing this for us on their early morning visits.

Should you stay at Internacional ii?


With the 'last minute' deal I travelled on, the €183 I spent covered flights, all taxes, coach tranport to and from the airport and seven nights' accommodation.

Salou is worth a visit if you feel out of touch with your own hibernocentric culture. The beaches are lovely and clean. Dotted by the seafront are identical shops selling playboy beach towels and offering hair-braiding services. Ice cream is always nice.

Why you should really stay in a place like this is because it is an hour by train away from Barcelona, an unusual place in that its first language is Spanish. Port Aventura is wonderfully fun, particularly if it is your job to reassure a reluctant and fearful companion that Spain's adherence to guidelines of basic (in this case safety) requirements is total. The sun helped the appearance of the town, a little.

The three stars awarded to Internacional ii may be a case of the establishment rating themselves. Mine are on account of friendly service, cheapness and proximity to Danny Boys.

I had a wonderful week and yet I hope never to return.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Select, booked with Budget Travel

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3 / 10
Just back after a week in...

"Just back after a week in Internacional II in Salou with a friend. Stayed in these apartments once 7 years ago. Have gone down hill since and the rooms are 'cleaned' only once a week with the towels being changed twice since we arrived. You have to take the rubbish out yourself to big smelly black bins at the side of the Aparthotel or you don't get your 100 euros back after checking out, not impressed!!! The food in the internacional II is ok but some of the food can be quite expensive. The pool is good with gorgeous men from Dublin and England to look at!!!! Two in particular!!! Would highly recommend the Comedy Club and the 19th hole across from the apartments to eat out at night, the food was yummy except for an onion ring that was cold in the middle. On the whole the studio apartment was very basic so we got what we paid for."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Self Catering, booked with First Choice

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8 / 10
just got back today 17/08/08 had a...

"just got back today 17/08/08 had a fab time,just like many other peploe i also read the reviews and thought o my god want have we done!!!!!!! BUT everyone to their own.The hotel was fine,room clean and well looked after,pool ideal and all staff very friendly,liked te fact that there was something to do for all ages.Must recommand "THE COMDEY BAR" 1st class food,portions huge and the owner BRIAN very friendly man.....Also try the Metro steak house nice... .Even thinking about going back next year,defo a place for families.A really good holiday......"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
Made the stupid mistake of reading...

"Made the stupid mistake of reading all the reviews the night before we went, but decided to give it the benefit of the doubt as a hotel can't please everyone.

There was 8 in our group (2 families), picked up from the airport by 2 private taxi's arranged through Jet 2 and taken straight to the hotel which was just over an hour away very quick and comfortable. Booking in took approximately 5 minutes the only shock being the 100 Euro deposit per room which wasn't expected but then offset by a pleasant suprise that the air conditioning was actually free.

The lifts were old style but still worked but sometimes they were very slow, the rooms are quite basic and small, our children were 10 and 6 and we found it small, but still clean and comfortable. The only real gripe was no drawer space and only 4 shelves in wardrobe so I ended up living out of the bottom of the wardrobe. The bathroom was clean but every now and again the drains would give off an odd smell but this was combated by keeping the door closed. The cleaning staff were very friendly and we managed to get clean towels when ever we asked.

The bar, pool and entertainmet facilities were good, the kids really enjoyed themselves which made our holiday good to. The main entertainers were Tom and Nicola who did a fantastic job along with support from Alex, Russ, Mad Nick and Nick take the time to talk to them they work some long hours but are always smiling and approachable.

If you manage to get on stage for the plate game beware of Nicola she is very good at protecting the jackpot.

Daily bingo, kids activities and waterpolo between 11am - 4pm then back again on an eveing for quizzes, kids disco and fun, adult drinking games more bingo and the world famous plate game between 7pm - midnight. Adults beware - if you don't like neat peach schnapps, vodka and gin don't go on stae, fortunately I do.

Also 3 days starting at 4pm there is live entertainment on stage (these faces will become familiar as you go round Salou as they all play many different parts in the different shows)

Overall the rooms are just somewhere to ge yur head down, we all had a fantastic holiday and met some fantistic friendly people.

There is plenty to do outside the hotel, I recommend Richard's Tavern for quality food and portion size but further up the road is the Britannia Pub that does a mix and match breakfast each item 50c, very reasonable and also good quality.

Check out Idols and Charlie Chaplins and whatever you do don't leave Salou without tryng a fat frog, there awesome.

All I can say is those people that have not enjoyed themselves must be lifes complainers, those people that aren't happy unless something is wrong and they can tell the world abot about it.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Self Catering, booked with Jet 2

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9 / 10
Me and my family have just returned...

"Me and my family have just returned from a weeks stay in Inter 2.. Was a little worried wen i read sum reviews online but i had no complaints at all about our stay. Our rooms were clean and slept 2 adults and 2 children very comfortable. The air conditioning was fantastic and on all the time as it was very warm, the kitchen is basic but everything we needed. our towels and sheets were changed 3 times during the duration of our stay.

The staff in the hotel were very helpful and spoke great english, the food is very reasonable and not bad. we ate nearly every nite in the comedy bar and grill across the road from the apartments, here we got fresh home made chips and fresh food, i highly recommend this place to everyone. The pool area is clean and fantastic for the little kids, a lifeguard is on duty all day.. the entertainment is very good and the reps are fantastic with the kids. The beach is truly beautiful, you have to hire your sun loungers for 4 euro. went to port aventura for a day, there were very long queues for all of the rides, would recommend buying express tickets to avoid the queues, we also visited the caribe water park it was very good for adults and children.

we took a day trip to barcelona to nou camp, bus plana is the cheapest for the day trip 27 euro for adult and 24 euro for child.. our tour guide was very funny and entertaining.

i would go back to Inter 2 again and i would recommned to anyone.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Self Catering, booked with ecape

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1 / 10
Have just returned home from a week's...

"Have just returned home from a week's holiday in Salou with my wife and 16 year old daughter. I had read the reviews on this site prior to departing and as some were good and some were not, decided would see for myself and form my own opinion.

I would strongly advise you not to book these apartments as the description "basic" does not even begin to tell the story. The rooms are of a very poor standard, the worst I have ever stayed in.

We stayed on a self catering basis, but if you have intentions of preparing food in your room then forget it, as the cooking facilities comprise of 2 electric rings and nothing else.

The bathroom was a joke with a shower head that did not fit the bracket and sprayed water everywhere. This was changed, but replaced with an even worse one.

The pool was absolutely disgusting and the filters around the poolside looked like they had last been cleaned sometime in the 20th century.

The entertainment was ok, but no better than what is available in almost any apartments or hotels, in any resort.

The resort of Salou itself was fantastic, with the beaches and promenade a highlight, and I would return in the future, but would definately not consider returning to the Internacional II.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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1 / 10
Well what can I say about Inter2 or...

"Well what can I say about Inter2 or as me and my family affectionately refer to it Inter[-]hole2. I read reviews about this place before i went and was worried about some of the reviews but decided to take them at face value and make up my own mind after my stay. All I can say is that the people who gave this place a favourable review seriously need to go to the Doctors (to have their head examined) and an Optician(to have their eyes tested). I dont mean to be derogatory about other people but this place needs to be demolished and if it was rebuilt it would be a good idea to rename it as well. From the outside looks fairly acceptable (lulled into a false sense of security) Reception area bit grubby and uncomfortable seats, still 2 weeks holiday here to enjoy and make the most of it. I was asked for 60 euros deposit in case of any breakages (unusual but fair enough), I then went to our room with my family, wife and 2 kids opened room door and entered the twilight zone. I have stayed in some accommodation in Spain and Majorca and paid less money and more money on occasion but this place takes the biscuit. The room was filthy,very little cupboard space and the bathroom(well I'll go into that in more detail). the sheets and bed covering were stained and the pillows well thousands of heads must have sweated into these before they were ever cleaned. Humans hairs just appeared everywhere and the more you brushed them up the more kept appearing. I wouldnt consider myself to be a fussy person regarding holiday apartments but this place was downright disgusting. The kitchen as it is consisted of 2 rings (were the indicator light was constantly lit even when turned off), a small fridge from the 1960s that was also dirty, a kettle and a broken toaster. Utensils 4 knives and forks 4 spoons and a pot with no handle( which makes heating things a little bit more difficult). The electrics are definately dodgy ours kept tripping and half the sockets in the room didnt work I complained about this and someone came up to look at it he shrugged his shoulders couldnt speak a word of english and then left, returning 5 mins later with a toaster.The next day the same person was cleaning out the pool, jack of all trades master of none. It was pointless complaing to reception or our rep as they just did not want to know. The bathroom apart from the mould on the shower curtain, the thick layers of dust on the T/roll holder, dirty mirror the major problem was when flushing the toilet, it flushed alright(good) but it took the cistern 12 hours to refill and the noise of the water refilling was unbearable so much so i resorted to emptying water into the toilet instead of flushing it. I was concerned about ants but had no trouble on that front as they must have stayed here before and warned all their relatives to stay well clear. Noise was also a problem with I think 8 french girls staying next door in a 4 bed apartment going just nuts all night, i understand the hotel cannot really be blamed for this but as always the staff just didnt want to know. We met people as were out and about, a lot of these inquired were you staying when told Inter2 there was a pause then OH Right!! I know your holiday not just about your apartments and it is what you make of it yourself and i can say that Salou is a nice resort with some real nice areas although a bit dirty (understandable with the amount of tourists there) but first impressions last and the Inter2 made a lasting impression which took the shine off of our holiday. This may have been a 3 star hotel when first opened but has obviously been in decline. My advice stay well clear and have nice time when visiting Salou some nice restaurants Guinness tavern comedy bar and grill Mushavis and a must is ice cream parlour Fargii s by the beach."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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7 / 10
Just got back from holiday at...

"Just got back from holiday at internacional II... the hotel was great for me and 3 friends. Girly holiday and very close to beach, bars, clubs. The lifts are a bit old and the security also a bit weird, sometimes knocking very late at night for some very silly reasons, also caught right outside our room one night. Apart from that very cheap and cheerful, we had a great holiday :)"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Self Catering, booked with Select

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3 / 10
Wouldnt Reccomend This Hotel!!! Me My...

"Wouldnt Reccomend This Hotel!!!

Me My Huspand And My 3 Kids Had A Last Miniute Booking Here At New Year. We Arivved At The Hotel At 1.30 In The Morning. We Had 2 Rooms As There Was 5 Of Us. On The Mans Paper It Had Gibb Twice For Two Rooms But He Was Tellin Us That There Was Only 1 Room.

We Had To Go In This Other Room For The Night Untill He Got It Sorted It Was The Most Dirtyest Room EVER. In The Bathroom There Was Hairs Down The Sink In The Bath There Was Sharp Eges Stiking Out. The Bath was basicly Fallin Apart. So The next Morning We Get The Two Keys For Our Proper Rooms Me And My Two Daugters We Walked In And There Was

A Cleaners Trolley In The Middle Of The Floor. Butt The Man At The Desk Said It Was Ready

We Went In To The Other Appartment And Its Was Fine But The Beds Wernt Made. Abouslute Joke. There Was Wild Cats All Over Going In To The Pool Drinking Out Of The Pool

Trust Me I Wouldnt Go Here

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
Myself and 2 friends stayed in...

"Myself and 2 friends stayed in International II for two weeks and found the whole experience brilliant. Check in only took a few minutes and we were shown to our room, we were given a ground floor studio and wer not happy at first but we were told that they were completely booked out, but we had a large area out the back with a table and chairs and soon we were glad about being on the ground floor.

The apartment was spotless, nothin was broke, the bathroom was spotless, the bed clothes was crisp and clean and we were exteremly happy with everything. We wer given clean towels and toilet roll every two days and the bed sheets were changed once in the two weeks. The beds and sofa bed in particular was very comfortable!! We could not complain about the room.

The hotel was basic and clean but for the price it was good value for money. The food in the hotel was lovely and reasonable and im a student!!! The pool was lovely, clean and cool(i dont know who would want a heated pool in the middle of July) and there was loads of sun loungers for free around the pool

The entertainment in the hotel wasnt brilliant but it was fun and thats all you want on holidays, for a few hours every day there was music at the pool, provided by the lovely Tom and there was also entertainment in the evenings but we only heard it went we were gettin ready but it always seemed like fun. There was loads of good places to eat close to the hotel and the nightlife was brilliant.

There was a beautiful little beach just 2 minutes to the left of the apartments (lots of steps though, but its beautiful) and all the main pubs and clubs were less than 10 minutes stroll away and the main beach was about 10 minutes stroll away also. While we wer in Salou we never seen any trouble or heard of any either. We found Salou to be very safe.

I would definately recommend Salou to family and friends. Some places you should definatey visit, Port Aventura - brilliant even if you dont want to go on the rides, but the rides are amazing, go during the week as it it much quieter and definately go and see all the shows and you can but the pictures of yourdelf on the rides (priceless) and its only about 15 minutes away, Aqua Polis (water park) small but very good and a dolphin and seal show is included and u can get pictures taken with the seals and its only about 20 minutes away, Barcleona is brilliant although there is lots of walking but it is a beautiful city, Gaudi Cathedral is beautiful and loads of othe things to see, Charlie Chaplins Bar is brilliant with loads of different entertainment, male strippers, hypotmists, wet t-shirt compititions, lovely staff, brilliant music (tony the dj brilliant) and just loads of fun, Murphys Irish pub brilliant aswel, Danny Boys do lovely food. Overall i would definately recommend Salou and would definately go back!!

Most of the other reviews seem terrible but i definately could not complain about International II and im not easily pleased!! Its only 2 hours 20 minutes flight. Salou and International II definately worth a visit.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Self Catering, booked with Budget Travel

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8 / 10
Dont listen to all the awful reviews...

"Dont listen to all the awful reviews on here sayin the international 2 is the worst holiday, under no circumstances go there etc. This is all rubbish i have just returned from the inter 2 after a wks stay and i was impressed. After going on this website i was worried as this holiday had been a last minute think for me and a mate to get away but when i arrived i was plesantly suprised. The front of the hotel was very clean and welcoming staff very pleasant, rooms basic but clean. This hotel is in ideal location short stroll from beach and bars and restaurants. The maid service was very good think there was only 1 day out of the week they didnt come to clean the room. Only problem i had with this hotel was the towels were only changed twice.

The reviews that mention Irish are correct, there are a lot of Irish people in this hotel and they are very annoyin. Before i came away i loved the Irish accent after a week of listening to it i cant stand it.

All in all this was a very good holiday, entertainment brilliant and lots for kids. Im even thinking bout pricing up for next yr and bringing my daughter along.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
We went to the Internacional II for a...

"We went to the Internacional II for a week in july and found the hotel clean and tidy, check in was a bit slow but that is the spanish for you,on arival we were told you have to leave 100 euro deposit for the room on top of paying for the room in full, the room service could have been beter only having the maids in 1 time the whole week, the hotel carried good information on what there is to do in the area and staff are polite as an overall view on this hotel i would stay here again"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Room Only, booked with First Choice

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