Cabogata Garden Hotel & Spa

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5 / 10
Comfortable & Clean but defo not 4* Food!!!!!

"Just got back from staying a week at Cabogata Garden & Spa.

Hotel was very close to airport and only took 15 mins to get to hotel which was good for as we were travelling with young children.

On arrival I was quite surprised that hotel had free Wi-Fi as most hotels will want to charge you to use there Wi-Fi, but after 2 days the Wi-Fi went down for the remaining of our holiday!!!!

Rooms were spacious and cleaned daily, all rooms have a tv but the only English channel is BBC News.

The pool area was quite nice and no fighting for a sun lounger as there are more then enough but everyday you was guaranteed to see a dead bird or 2!!!!

I wouldn't recommend this hotel to young families with children as there is nothing locally to do, the nearest shop is a 20 minute walk.

We didn't have time to change money before leaving the uk and as we have been to many different resorts in Spain we thought that we'd be able to get euros when we got to Almeria to our amazement our hotel or any other hotel in El Toyo does not offer a currency exchange, and we was told that to change money we would have to catch the bus into Almeria Central which was a 20 minute bus ride, but as we didn't have any euros this was made impossible!!!!!

The biggest disappoint at the hotel was the food, it was defiantly not 4* and was always cold, they did provide a microwave so you could re-heat food but as I don't do this at home I was not very happy to do this on a "All Inclusive" holiday and especially for my children, Myself and several other families made sure we took this up with our rep and put in formal complaints that will be taking further with Thomas Cook Customer Relations!!!!

I would not recommend this holiday and after booking with Thomas Cook last year (2012) I felt confident to rebook again this year (2013) but don't know if I would book with them again in the future.

  • Holiday details: May 2013, booked with Thomas Cook

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7 / 10
There is no doubt that the hotel is...

"There is no doubt that the hotel is one of the most cleanest and has some of the most professional staff I have encountered, and its general location is good close to the airport and the sea.

What lets the hotel down are relatively minor things on their own, but combined can make the stay a little frustrating.

The lack of information given on arrival isn't noticeable at first, its only when you think, how do I get a key for the room safe, yes they still have keys and you are charged €16 a week for this. Where do I find the beach towels, all these questions and more could be contained in a better information pack.

Some of the English translations are truly dreadful and literally do not make sense, I appreciate this is Spain and the English are not great at learning languages but it's not good enough, if you are going to translate at least get it vaguely right.

Some of the staff particularly in the restaurant struggle with Basic English, you really need to be able to speak a few words of Spanish at the very least to get by.

The restaurant can be a bit of a rugby scrum to get food; this is down to the lay out more than the behaviour of the guest.

The hotel is predominantly for and its guest are mostly Spanish, I would not recommend this hotel if you don't have children as the evening entertainment is aimed at young children only.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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Cabogata Garden Hotel & Spa is also called:

  • Cabogata Garden
  • cabogata garden hotel

Address: Calle de los Juegos de Casablanca, Almeria City 04131, Spain