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7 / 10
we love Bouganvilla apartments majorca

"We have been 5 times 'and we are going again this years it has everything we need and everything nearby ,we have never complained' we have never been ill 'it has such a wonderful atmosphere ,he food is top plenty of drinks ,nice walk into town to pubs ,back to entertainment for 8.30pm apartments are comfy and clean ,we have our supper ,then get our head down .back up in morning for breakfast what more can i say just enjoy your self gets 10/10 from all of us....."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2014, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: just enjoy you'r self ....
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
dont go

"Went in August 2014 never again six times the pool closed owing to poo in scooped out and opened straight away no cleaning rooms badly in need of update restaurants would not bother eat of site Thomas cook need to send a representative asp to have a look at this complex."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: nothing at all
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
Rude Thomas Cook staff

"Stopped at the Bougainvillaea with Thomas cook went on two excursions booked through Thomas Cook when I questioned the price which I thought was expensive.felt the staff were quiet rude."

  • Holiday details: May 2014, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Go all inclusive
  • Good For: Beach

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6 / 10
What do you expect for the price.

"Just returned, 1hr transfer, self catering 5 adults 3 kids (12,11,3)one club/party for kids has 11yr max,which means one is left out something to do with Thomas Cook insurance, I find that hard to believe when we all have traveling insurance, spoils the holiday. Other than that not too bad for what you pay,reception,cleaners and maintenance any problems they were there within 10mins to fix.Pool/pools first class just watch the depth at one end. Apartments 3 floors the steps up are quite steep, we had one that was not refurbish wooden frames on windows/doors thin glass be aware of balcony door for kids sockets different shapes some new some old,chairs inside not comfy wooden frame sinks in middle,there were 2 heaters available as it was cold at nights, you will notice the other apartments are double glazed upvc . Not happy with restaurant and pizza place closing at 9pm, if you want a late meal you either taxi 5euros or walk 25mins (depending on your condition) into town. On the way there is the mariners and kings head pubs /eating places (just before town center) very good, there is a Chinese (Peking duck)5 course for 4.95euros really nice she said plenty food she was right be aware of the extras that she pushes. Would not go back as we think it is too far out, not enough for teenagers, If you have a young family then it would be okay they would tire during the day and be ready for bed early. Overall 6/10"

  • Holiday details: May 2014, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: probably all inclusive and a young family

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5 / 10
wouldnt go again!

"GUESTS - we meet some really nice decent people on holiday but the rest were savvy loud rude and altogether scummy, one set of teenagers ripped up my littleness beach I had bought him that day, he left it in the sand pit and the next time he saw it it was in shreds, my boy was in tears, we were situated next to the big top, the loud booming music blasted through our apartment until midnight followed by drunk inconsiderate parents shouting and swearing they way past to their apartments, me and my partner, 5month old and my 6 year old were constantly tired! we heard fights and all sorts not what you expect from a family resort!

FOOD - You got the main hall only for breakfast, my god what a nightmare that was, it was packed and very stressful getting your food, lunch and dinner you have la tasca where the food is lovely and the pizza and pasta place which isn't so great and the main hall which is buffet style but I must say in each restaurant there is always lots of fruit, the food was good id say, I never got ill but it did get a bit repetitive

POOL - the pools were great, lovely and clean and the water park is great fun for the kids, only one life guard ( I saw anyway ) patrolling the 5 pools.

ROOMS - Well what can I say, very basic and in desperate need of updating, some of the things were rusty like the bottom of the fridge, our shower exploded everywhere but maintenance were very quick to attend, there was am old wooden sofa bed with a pull out bed underneath that pulled out and had legs at the bottom which pull out the make it higher, well the legs were so unstable the whole thing collapsed on my foot nearly breaking it, there was chunks missing out of the enamel of the bath and the bathroom mirror was rusty behind, not the nicest of place to stay, its rated a 3 star but its definitely only a 1 or a 2 star property. from the noise of the entertainment the window panes shook and vibrated in the worn wooden frames this went on till 12am.

LOCATION - Thomas cook run day trips to the water parks and various other attractions for approximately 50 euros pp but you are stuck there for the whole day, until 5pm, you could get a taxi for 100 euros each way! so we ended up not going to any of them and went to the local zoo safari, not a great location if you want to do day trips but the beach is beautiful and the tractor done up as a train will take u there but it don't take long to walk it.

STAFF - staff were great and they all work very hard and the cleaner are doing an amazing job, I had to move rooms as I was originally put on a top floor and reception had no problem in moving me, and even said if I waited an hour I could choose from the ones they were being vacated hat afternoon, Thomas cook reps were helpful and cheery.

KID CLUB - They have a wonderful kids club situated by the snack bar which the snack bar is open 1030 till 6 that do burgers, hotdogs chicken nuggets so you can feed the kiddies before they go in which is greats and the all inclusive drinks are there too, the kids club runs 3 times a day and is free and my boy really enjoyed it, they do have parties on they cost 10 euro each but isn't worth the money to be honest

SHOPS - they have 3 shops on site that sell the basics and souvenir's and inflatables, they have a spar but the shops are not owned by the hotels and I found a couple of the shop staff a bit moody especially when u have to take a faulty item back to them.

OVERALL - I think this hotel is just too busy and the people that attend the hotel need telling to be more considerate, they need more supervision i.e. security guards if they going to have that many people on site, there are over 600 apartments and I only ever saw one guard and not when the trouble started, and if the rooms had a good refurbish the hotel would be a nice place to be!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2013, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
willy wonka choclate factory

"OMG wot a night mare kids getting lost and screaming all day parents laid round pool not watching them Thomas cook should be ashamed of them selfie far two many people on complex if you want a good hol and no kids this is not the place for you as for sa coma its self fab night life when you escape fr chocolate factory people packed like sardines round pools if health safety went in they would shut it down"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012
  • Advice: when i was coming home

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5 / 10

"just got back from the bouganvilla what a change from 5 years ago thomas cook need to put some thought in to the entertainment ,same show all the time when we where hear last time it was a diferent show every night some that staff did the rest was entertainers from other places,

the room was clean no air con that was hell slept on sun loungers just to stay cool ,we ate out in bars in sa coma we seen lots of people that where all inclusive eating out they said food was not good ,i wont be going back till thomas cook leave and somone else takes over and puts some money in to improving it loads need doing hotel staff very helpfull and friendly.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: eat out

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9 / 10

"I don't know what everyone moans about we loved it here our 6 year old son loved the pool. I wouldn't go all inclusive as you can eat up the road for better and more reasonable prices, Sa coma beach was lovely the cleaners done a great job and our beds where always clean. The only thing I would say as allot have is that you really need to watch the kids in the deep pool as to the design of the sides there was a couple of children that had to be resasitated which was a bit upsetting although I have to say they where not being watched as it took some time to find who the child belonged to! Overall we would go back again. Also we was lucky with the stuido as we had aircon but not all of the rooms have."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Watch your kids in the big pool!!

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1 / 10
Holiday from hell, Diarrhoea & sickness from food, no sleep and domestic violence in hotel

"Have just returned from this nightmare place, the worst holiday ever i wanted to go home after three days ! I went with my son All inclusive to find the food is cold unappetising and as we found to our cost- if you chance eating it you will spend the day in your room with Diarrhoea and sickness so much for enjoying your holiday.

Our room was not cleaned on arrival and despite three visits from the maid the bed was never changed. If you think you will be able to sleep here good luck as people run and shout in the corridors in drunken states until 2 or 3 am and no action is taken by the hotel to prevent this. We hardly slept all week.

There were several incidents on the friday evening of fighting and domestic violence in the hotel near us which was very scary for us and particulary children. The hotel didnt deal with it quickly took an hour to get police and screaming continued from 11pm to 4.30 am next day lovely on your holiday ! I asked for a flight home after that but couldnt get one or i would have gone.

Coffee and tea is only available in the morning the machines are covered up for the rest of the day as is the slush machine which is out of order 98% of the time. If your kids dont drink fizzy pop you have a problem as this is the only thing on offer. The childrens pool was unsupervised by the lifeguards and dangerous with children using inflatibles on the water slides, i had to call the lifeguard over on several occasions.The staff are rude moody and abusive shouting at children for no reason.

The only positive is the entertainments team which do a great job at the kids splash disco and seem to be enjoying themselves and are the only happy staff in the hotel. This hotel is more one star than three and i dont recommend it even to my worst enemy !!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012
  • Advice: Book somewhere else

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10 / 10

"just back from a week at the Bouganvilla and i have to say it was the best holiday ever!! extremely child friendly, the evening entertainment was suitable for both children and adults.. i would reccommend this hotel to anyone!!! free train brings you from the front door of the hotel right to the beach and shops and drops you back!! i would suggest goin all inclusive as the food and drink are amazing and well worth it!! didnt want to leave!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
Butlins Holiday Camp

"We really were not impressed with the hotel, next year we will go 4* or higher, worst place we have ever been, in all the years we have gone on hols. We will also go slightly later, as some of the British people there were an embarrassment. This hotel, let the resort down, and we are quite shocked it is under Thomas Cook's name. The hotel needs completly updating, and less people need to be there, as it is too crammed. Sa Coma beach was beautiful and this was where we went everyday to chill out, also the restaurants were fantastic, we ate mainly in the Spanish ones."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, booked with Direct Holidays
  • Advice: Go to the beach
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
Not as good as expected

"Went last year had plenty of fun but this year they cut back on everything.No bingo anymore,rooms cleaned 6 times out ov the 14days ov our stay!!!! Food wasn't up tooo much either.....very disappointed,as we couldn't wait to go back,we enjoyed so much last year.Need more life guards,as on 4 occasions children needed to be hospitalised through drowning!!!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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Top traveller tips for Hi! Bouganvilla Aparthotel

  • by hollster

    " only go with young children "

  • by Max

    " good clean room, brill pool, lots for kids to do "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " Best for familys and couples "

  • by Laity

    " Great English Pubs as you walk into Sa coma "

  • by kellsbells

    " if you have kids take cash as entertainment stops at 4pm and starts again at 7:30 arcades are not free "

  • by Audrey McEwan

    " Two pools only drinks available round big pool need to walk a distance to get a drink from bar, inform your guest not cattered... "

  • by bertie boo

    " go self catering and do your own thing outside the apts "

  • by sharvey

    " Ask for apartment around main pool as these seemed to be the most nicest ones "

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