Begonville Hotel

Kemal Elgin Bulv. 170 Sok. No 4, Marmaris 48700, Turkey
6.5  / 10
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9 / 10
returning guests

"Brilliant hotel - clean, big rooms and very clean pool. Friendly staff and exceptionally good food. As a returning guest I would definitely recommend this hotel."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2014, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
dont belive the bad reviews.

"we stayed at the begonville in sept 2012 for 2 weeks, there were 6 off us so we had 3 rooms. All off us really enjoyed our stay, and the food was good, we ate there most off the time. When i was reading the reviews i was to say the least dreading it but found most off the reviews untrue, the breckfast was the only meal i didnt enjoy boiled eggs, grilled ham, toast, beans, ceral, and salad, dinners were good with a decent choise, snacks were ok and tea's were also good with about 4/5 different choises pluse salads with every meal.The rooms were quiet big and cleaned every day, bedding and towels chaned reguarly, not much entertainment on off a night but we went out most evenings anyway so that diddnt bother us. The older man in the bar next to reception was very nice he got to know us and used to have our drinks ready for us, the younger bar staff in the outside bar were very moody and were only interested in serving to youge girls. We had a laugh with some of the waiters but 1 waiter was only interested in how many ciggs you would give him and made a point of clearing your table if he saw you had ciggs out (didnt like him too cheeky). I would recomend the begonville to anyone and hope to return next year. So if your thinking of booking this hotel do so and take no notice of the bad reviews some people just like a good moan go and enjoy yourselfs we did, Happy holidays. P.S its in a great location"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
never again

"terrible hotel,arrived @ 230 am to be told room not ready which i had paid for from the day b4 and was told i was getting moved to another hotel for 2 days,after much arguements we were told we would get back to hotel next day, i wished i had of stayed in the other one because they made our holiday a nightmare.staff were very rude but if they felt like it they would have a laugh with u and then snub u an hour later.dont go all inclusive!!!!! if u like a few beers like my hubby,small flat lager (one @ a time) not even a half daughter came down one day with my 18 month old granson and dipped him in the pool as he was so hot after being in the buggy,until the barman told my hubby THEY didnt buy a drink cant use the facilities,my daughter was intending on buying drinks,just didnt get the chance.i must say the food i ate was very nice although not much of a chioce and cleaners were spot on.location great too. but wouldnt go back if i was actually paid to go there."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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8 / 10

"the hotel is amazing if you just want to go and relax the food was really good apart from their was chicken every night, wish they had more local spirts to choose from. The staff were really friendly, basicly the hotel was clean close to the nightclubs on the beach the staff were friendly great otel cant wait to go back for 21 days next year looking forward to it"

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Entertainment would be nice
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Worst hotel ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!

"We have been on holiday to Marmaris numerous times and have had no complaints at all about the hotels we have stayed in except for now... The Begonville Hotel here goes!!!!

After being delayed we arrived at the hotel early hours to be greeted by the reception staff who didn’t speak word of English, unfriendly and not polite at all... we then carried our suitcases up to our room on the Top Floor THERE IS NO LIFT!!!

The room was disgusting don’t even know where to start, balcony was say 2 foot wide, we had no view, bathroom was minging literally smelt like stale urine, electrics hanging off wall, mould in corners, low ceiling which we kept banging our heads on, no clean towels for 3 days, we left stuff on floor to see if the cleaner actually brushed or moped and found she had just pushed it under the bed, didn’t change sheets just re made bed with same ones so looked like they had been changed.

In the morning we asked to change rooms as we booked a bottom floor with sea view as I am pregnant and with no lift the 8 flight of stairs is just a joke... Again reception staff didn’t understand us but eventually after about 45 mins we were told to come back at 6pm the next night, but as we were going on boat trip an wouldn't be back we were told basically by the manager ' you not here you don’t move room ' therefore we were stuck on 4th floor, the toilets downstairs by the pool and bar were out of order the whole week we was there so we had to keep going back to our rooms to use the bathroom and with me being pregnant I found this a struggle climbing 8 flights of stairs. We stayed all inclusive and the food is unbelievable I wouldn't feed it to a dog, it was like a prison canteen, The main meal was dished up in silver trays like you had in school and was spooned onto your plate you got, Rice (every night) 1 type of veg every night i.e. 1 night was broccoli, next carrots next peas etc.. then it was either what looked like chicken one night, then Turkish meat balls the next that was it, we had chips 1 night we was there.. The salad table was soggy and smelt off... an as for the desserts we counted 7 flies just on one slice of Turkish cake...

The All Inc Bar is believe it or not in the lobby rite by were you check in and you can only have Local Vodka, Local Gin, Raki or beer (they had no vodka for 4 days as they had run out and wouldn't go shop buy any more) Didn’t clean the cups so nearly every drink you had taste and smelt like Raki, No Ice, Didn’t clean tables and staff were rude..

There is a pool bar & restaurant in the pool area however this is rented out and is not part of the hotel this is mainly for ppl staying self catering, Half board etc but the prices were ridiculous just under £10 for 1 drink.. As you gathered they didn’t get much business...

The hotel advertise that they have a different entertainment show on every night of the week including. Michael Jackson, Belly Dancer, Break Dancers, Robot Man etc etc we did not see one show as there was no entertainment what so ever here.. When we spoke to the manager about this his response was ' None of you stay in the hotel of night so why should I pay for entertainment ' to which we replied that if there was entertainment ppl would stay... But we got nowhere...

We were very disappointed and upset over the hotel as a whole as we had paid £900 for the a week all inclusive and ended up spending a fortune on eating out for breakfast, dinner, tea, drinks etc which we didn’t really want to do as we had budgeted ourselves. All in the entire hotel is miserable, dull, boring, disgusting, Unclean, unfriendly and I would not advise anyone to stay here EVER EVER!!!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
  • Advice: No way
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10

"Ok.. so here goes.. I arrive at the Begonville Hotel with my partner in Marmaris at 4:30am on a Monday. We were both shattered after having no sleep and just wanted to get to our rooms. On reaching reception I was handed a key '421' , given a wristband! (so they knew we were bed and breakfast) and was told breakfast was at 7am........ I stood there and stared at the so called bloke who was supposed to be a receptionist.. "well?" I said.."are you going to show me where my room is?" He then points at a dingy, poorly lit stairwell and says "fourth floor". Begonville has no lifts so be warned.. if your on the fourth floor, then you face 6 flights of stairs each and every time you wish to go to your room! Anyhow, I was tired and was willing to walk the 6 flights to my room but not whilst carrying two huge suitcases!! I asked the guy at reception for help and he simply said "no" .. I could not believe how rude he was being and I had only just got there! I ended up walking six flights with 2 suitcases with no help.

On reaching our room I was shocked to think that this hotel was described as a 3* that should actually be a 4*?? Are Thomas Cook mad?? Our room had fairly large floor space, however as we were in a loft conversion we were in danger of hitting our heads (and did so on numerous occasions) as we walked across the room. The floor was filthy and our bedsheets even had blood stains on them! The so called 'seating area' was 2 garden chairs and what looked like a wooden pallet for a table! and our curtains were tied shut as if you undone them they would fall off the rail. When we eventually made it to our balcony through the blood and dirt we were faced with a balcony area approx 1ft long and 4ft across??? is this a balcony? The wall was so high that if you sat down you couldnt see over and we had to go out there one at a time!! I found this unfair as rooms on the first 3 levels actually had a decent sized balcony with seating area. I then entered the bathroom to find the toilet squeezed next to an open shower with a curtain that fell 2ft short of the floor and black with dirt! Everytime we showered we had to then jump the giant puddle which covered the entire bathroom floor! (We often heard guests saying how they managed to slip and fall in the bathroom).

Once the TV channels stopped working and all we had was a German version of MTV I decided that enough was enough and it was time to complain! My sheets had not been changed and i was still being forced to sleep 'around' a blood stain, our towels were now a week old and the air con which is 'free' does not work! The Air con makes an almighty racket at night and you can not turn it off unless you are willing to lose all power (this includes lights) and I promise you, you will bake! When I complained, I was openly told that the system was ran centrally and that it was ancient.. the receptionist went on to say that the hotel was falling apart and that the manager had no intention of spending any further money on repairing faults! (at least she was honest)

The food here is awful! I recommend you eat out. Breakfast was the same every morning... warm tomatoes, warm milk with what i think was cereal along with a boiled egg and a bit of bread! Lunch was the same everyday.. cheeseburger and chips was the only thing remotely worthwhile...

To sum it all up.. this is the first time ever that I am saying "I will never return to this hotel".. I go to Turkey every year and this is the first time i feel let down by Begonville and Thomas Cook who falsely advertise this hotel. The hotel is filthy and boring and the staff are all very rude apart from one guy called EROL.. Erol, was the only person this hotel had who actually showed an interest and would do everything in his power to help all guests! May God be with you Erol!! maybe you should find another hotel to work in.

The positive to this hotel was its location. Very central and very close to the beach, which comes in handy as you would not want to spend anytime at the hotel.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008

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4 / 10
This hotel has no lift and therefore...

"This hotel has no lift and therefore is unsuitable for people with walking difficulities. We arrived in the evening the food was uncovered the main meal consisted of one choice and was slopped on the plate cold and uneatable. The room although large was found to be dirty. On a plus side the staff were helpful and friendly. This hotel is more suited to the young clubber who only needs somewhere to sleep."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Half Board, booked with Jetsun

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4 / 10
2* hotel posing as a 3*

"Just returned from Marmaris Turkey having spent two weeks at the Begonville Hotel.

This hotel is rated 3* in Turkey but in British standards it is a 2* and thats being generous.

On arrival we were fitted with a plastic wristband ( yes, we were shocked too) this resembles a theme park band and was expected to be kept on for the duration of our stay so the staff can tell what board you have paid for as they were different colours. This was removed by us within hours and i did not see anyone else wearing theirs either.

Our room was awful to be honest, it was at the back, had no view and consisted of a small fridge, a tv on an old cabinet, a sofa chair with the stuffing hanging out of it from below and 3 single beds. The bathroom had a broken shower and was grubby with black mould on the tile grouting and broken tiles.

The room resembled what you would expect in a cheap hostel not a supposedly 3* hotel booked with Thomas Cook !

I couldn't get down the stairs quick enough to complain neither could the other family we were on holiday with and joining us was another British family who also arrived at the same time and who also were shocked to see the room they were allocated.

The manager said he would try and change the rooms in the morning and with the help of the Thomas Cook rep the rooms were changed to pool view ones with much better furniture.

There was no hidden charges for the air con in the rooms because it was rubbish and made little difference in the 45 deg heat. The hotel reception area was also sweltering with no air con on during the day as according to them the electric is expensive in Turkey and most people are around the pool anyway. well i wasn't and neither were other overheating guests.

The reception seating was minimal and too be honest a little dirty as all the sofa's and chairs were stained.

Towels are changed every 3 days along with bedding, i was not happy with the towel change and eventually got clean towels every but only by requesting it several times.

The pool area was nice and clean and the pools look very attractive with their three tiered system, although not suitable for young children as we found out having a 6 year old in our party, the top tier with no barrier is the shallow pool for young children meaning children can not be left with out an adult in the water as the drop is so high. The hotel has no facilities for children and we only saw one other child staying there, the rest of the guests were teenagers with their parents and young adult couples.

For the teenagers they had a pool table and a ping pong table, extra charge to use them and one old pc with internet connection circa 1990 by the look of it, that failed to connect on several attempts to use it. So we used a local internet cafe that had modern fast pc's with web cam.

Breakfast was repetative and sooooo boring, warm milk for cereals that tasted like wood shavings, eggs, cold salami type meat, cheese, bread and cucumber...every day for 14 days.

We stayed bed and breakfast and found eating out great as you have so much choice in Marmaris. We ate an evening meal only once at the hotel and to be fair it was pretty good.

We also paid for the hotels Tukish night with food and entertainment by the pool and it was good.

Location wise the hotel is perfect set on a quite side street and only a short walk to the beach, restaurants and nightlife.

Constant hassle from the shop, restaurant and bar staff as you walk about of an evening to eat,drink,shop gets to you eventually, they never leave you alone.

Good places we found to eat were Alins restaurant, where the food was good quality and very clean, Chinese Delight buffet, good quality real chinese food at a good price and Taj Mahal, real Indian food using real spices, just like home.

Marmaris is not as cheap as people make out, taxi's are expensive as petrol is more expensive than Britain. Shop keepers will rob you blind with their stupid prices, you have to haggle hard to get a bargain, Im sure they think we all arrive with wads of money and no brain as they ask the most stupid prices for fake goods as almost everything in Marmaris is fake.

We did enjoy our holiday and i would be more than happy to return to Marmaris but not in June, July or August as the temperature was too hot to get about in during the day.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008

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10 / 10
Best hotel ever

"Just got back from marmaris and already wanting to go back. Begon ville hotel is absolutly fab, stayed there last year too and went back again this year. the pool is ace and loads of sunbeds too. all the staff are brill and will try to help you when they can. we went bed and breakfast but never got up for breakfast as too much partying night before. begon ville is very close to the beach and the beach front night life which i miss like crazy. i def recommend the begon ville hotel and will hopefully be going back again next year."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008

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4 / 10
Ok, cheap hotel if you want blackpool in the sun!

"This is a very basic 2 star hotel in the heart of marmaris. It's location is ideal if you want to be in the middle of the action, and close to the beach. It is however quiet at night as it is set back slightly from the main stretch of bars and restuarants that run along the beach.

The hotel is clean with a nice pool area. There aren't enough sunbeds for the number of rooms so you have to be up early if you want one. The beach has loads of sunbeds and is a 2 min walk. However it is a shingle (make that gravel) beach with grey water which i was a bit suprised by in Turkey. The breakfast in the hotel was awful i only went once, they couldn't even produce cold milk for your cereal.

The reception staff are unhelpful as they cannot speak any english they just grin and nod. This was a particular problem as i needed to complain about the air con each day. It was only on for a few hours each day and then it was turned off. I think when enough people complained they switched it back on. This was not good as the temp got to 45 degrees while we were there. When it was on it worked well to cool the room down.

The restuarants near by were very good we didn't have a bad meal all week and we tried lots of different things off the menus. Its not cheap to eat and drink in turkey we did struggle a bit on our budget. Stay clear of the "fish bowls" (cocktails) they are lethal!!

I wouldn't recommended this hotel or marmaris for people that like a nice hotel and pretty scenery. But for young groups of friends it would be an ideal place to go.

Don't forget to queue to pay your £10 (english pounds) at the airport when you arrive before you queue for passport control. No one told us this before we got off the plane and it can result in being there for hours!

I will go back to turkey but definately not to maramaris or the begonville hotel.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008

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4 / 10
air conditionoing

"we first went there in june 2008. they was a group of 14 of us... the pool was good and nothing to complain abiut except the air con... they would put it on in the afternoon time 3 while 7... ya know and i do that ya want the air con on at nite. we complained alot of times but to no satisfaction.. until 3 days before we left they put it on at nite and we as there for 14 days.. we complained to everyone but they would not lissten .. we even slept on the balckeny thats how hot we was.. so overall the hotel was very clean and nice the staff was very freindly but air con nooooooooo goooooooood...."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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8 / 10
lovely hotel

"hi there, me and a friend stayed b&b at the begonville, it has a fabulous pool,loads of sunbeds, the waiters are polite and friendly. the room was a good size, we didnt get a blanket but asked and one was brought up straight away, you do get a cotton sheet, mini bar in room with prices for the drinks, which are very reasonable. we were on the 2nd floor, the hotel has no lift. breakfast was very nice, not the full english though! there is a turkish bath in the hotel which costs £10 (u can pay english money) i hadnt had one before, and it was excellant, try it! we ate from the hotel restaurant, food was lovely and reasonably priced. i would say that the price of branded drinks, (vodka etc..) is a bit dear at this hotel. i would definately stay here again."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008

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Address: Kemal Elgin Bulv. 170 Sok. No 4, Marmaris 48700, Turkey