Aviemore Highland Resort Hotel

Highland Resort, Aviemore Inverness-shire, Aviemore PH22 1PN, United Kingdom
6.5  / 10
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3 / 10
What a dreadful birthday present for my husband.

"At the end of the summer this year I decided to treat my husband to a really special birthday present. After looking on line at a number of hotels all within a 2 or 3 hour drive from us I decided to call the Aviemore Mcdonalds Resort to see what kind of offers they had.

I spoke with a lovely lady on the booking line who gave me all these wonderful details of a 3 night all inclusive dinner bed and breakfast deal, which really suited our budget. Apparently we had included in the price full use of the facilities and all our meals while we were there. we wouldn't need to put our hands in our pockets apart from buying our own lunches.

I fell over myself to book this " marvelous" deal and promptly packed up my 4 year old son,husband and myself and drove to Aviemore hugely excited about the wonderful birthday my husband was going to have.

Unfortunately that was not the case. After checking in to what was a very nice room we proceeded to choose one of the two resteraunts on offer to us to enjoy a nice meal. this is pretty much where the holiday took a complete nosedive.

Suddenly the all inclusive break we booked was not turning out to be that at all. W were told that we could only choose from the meals with a star next to them, which was 3 starters, 2 mains[no vegetarian choice] but a good choice of deserts I will admit. T hen we were told that non of our drinks were included in the price, not even soft drinks for our son. News to us.

I f we wanted anything else on the menu then we had to pay a 4 or 5 pound supplement. The kids menu WAS ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL. It was more like a Mcdonalds menu. Burger and chips, nuggets and chips, pizza and chips, you get the idea. THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE HEALTHY DISH LISTED AND NOT 1 VEGETABLE OFFERED.

Our son was so sick of junk food after 2 meals he was begging us for a vegetable, which the waitress had to send out to another hotel for. She then proceeded to say to our sons face he was a bit weird wanting brocolli and not chips. Outstanding Mcdonalds Resort.

When the food arrived I Will say that mine was very nice but my husbands salmon was awful. Dry and wee overcooked.

We went up to our room after where my son was injured by a heavy metal 2 pronged towel hook on the back of the door. I t had never been srewed in so just sat loosely in the hole. This was extremely dangerous and had still not been fixed by the end of out 3 night stay even though we repoted ot on our first night.

It took house keeping an hour to bring us a non slip mat for the bath so that we could shower our son and then only because we rang up and complained.

The next day we really found out the extent of the scam when we were told that the cinema and the kids club were also not included in the price, even though we had been led to believe otherwise.

Personally I think this is a real shame not just because we had a lousy time but because most of the staff were fantastic, the breakfast was wonderful and the leisure facilities outstanding. These things would make the hotel a really special place to have a holiday but the other stuff, particularly the injury to my son and the total mis selling that is going on on the booking lines ensures that it is a place that we would give a really wide berth and would never, ever recommend to anybody. TAKE YOUR HOLIDAY SOMEWHERE ELSE IS MY ADVICE.

We did have a meeting with 2 different managers who assured us that all the complaints would be dealt with. As for compensation well that was laughable. We were given £20 off the exta £60 that we incurred,an apology for my sons injury and then a week later an e mail offering us 1 night bed and breakfast.

To say that we were insulted would be to put it mildly. We were hardly likely to make a 5 hour round trip to check in at four o' clock, pay to eat a sub standered dinner before checking out after breakfast the next day.

I e mailed the manbager to offer this opinion and have to date received no e mail back. Really good customer care indeed. I was assured in the e mail I was initially sent that the chef wasa changing the kids menu due to our complaint. What I want to know is why a hotel with their star rating was ever offering that rubbish ti the kids in the first place.

I guess to sum up there are much better places that we could have stayed at if we had been given the full picture by the booking team. Had we been told the full story there is no doubt that we would have gone somewhere else where all inclusive means just that.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: go somewhere else

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2 / 10
We received an email from...

"We received an email from MacDonald’s inviting us to take up a weekend break offer. On booking through their reservation centre and paying the full cost in advance we took our 4 children up for the break.

The holiday went well until we went to check out. We waited in a long queue before eventually being attended to at the desk by a receptionist. The receptionist asked us for payment. We informed her that we had already paid.

A check was made on their system and they came back and told us we had to pay. We protested that we had already paid. At this time there was large queue behind us and the situation was becoming embarrassing.

We asked to speak to a manager. A woman can out to see us. We explained the position and she asked us for proof that we had paid. We did not have any confirmation of payment from the company as none had been sent, despite making a second request for it.

The manager said she would sort it the next day being Monday when their finance dept opened. She asked for a copy of the credit card details we had paid with and promised to come back to us the next day.

We did not receive a call the next day. A few days later we discovered the cost of the break had been taken off our credit card by this manager. We had now paid twice.

We wrote the Chief Executive of MacDonald Hotels at their head office. He passed our letter on to the managing director of the Aviemore resort. He wrote back to us and told us that they investigated it and there was no record of our payment and there was nothing they could do.

We again wrote to the Chief Executive complaining. Whilst waiting for a reply from him we received a phone call from an assistant in their finance dept who had noticed that we had been charge twice and would refund our credit card.

The Chief executive eventually offered us a free overnight stay at the hotel providing we did not take it during a holiday period.

We have never taken up the offer.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006, Half Board, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
Brilliant Family Destination

"We stayed in one of the lodges for 4 nights in July.

The lodges are very clean and spacious.

three bedrooms, each with ensuite bathroom and a roomy, open-plan living room, dining area and kitchen.

Our lodge was close to the main entertainment/restaurant and shopping complex.

The swimming pool is excellent, built with families in mind. The pool has a wave machine and is excellent for children.

The Highland Food Court is an excellent restaurant. No chips/fries and other 'fast food'. All good quality fayre in a buffet style.

Kids entertainment, the 'Aviemore Adventurers' is very good. very talented people involved.

Would recommend the resort to anyone visiting the area

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006

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8 / 10
First class restaurant

"Stayed at the Macdonald Highland Hotel here for 2 nights (9th - 11th June). This resort has been fantastically improved since our last visit to Aviemore more than 7 years ago. The room (2303) was pretty standard but clean and comfortable and the bathroom small. There is no mini bar or fridge supplied but there is tea and coffee facilities in the room. We were booked on a DB & B tariff and found the restaurant to be excellent. The menu gave 3 choices for starter and 4 choices for main courses and over the 2 nights we could not fault it. Desert and coffee was aslo included. The suroundings are modern and throughout the meal a pianist played and sang a variety of songs at a volume that did not spoil any conversation at the table. Breakfast could also be described as first class and although it was a buffet style all the choices were fresh and delicious. We must also mention the staff who we thought were some of the friendliest and most efficient we have ever come across in british hotels. All in all we had a great weekend and would recommend the resort."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006

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6 / 10
mixed feelings.....

"Spent an evening at the Higland resort, and stayed in the highlands hotel, and have some mixed feelings about the resort.

We booked in at the reception area, where there were only 2 staff dealing with arrivals, so we had to wait approximatley 25 minutes for check in.

When we went to our hotel, we were shown a "shortcut" through the maze of corridors to the room. The room itself was quite well sized, with a large comfortable bed, and views over the leisure arena.

On further examination, the problems with the room were apparent. There were damp stains on the wall, cracks were forming in the walls and ceiling and there were exposed screw heads in the bathroom.

The glasses provided were dirty, and some of the television channels were unavailable.

We decided to spend some time in the leisure arena, but it was closed due to "chemical imbalance" and we would have to use the pool at the 4 seasons. I found it strange that there were 5 members of staff at the arean, when it was closed, I thought they could be more better suited to the check in!

The pool at the four seasons was dissapointing to say the least. It was dirty, and out dated, and the sauna and steam room were not functioning. Poor indeed for a 4* hotel.

The staff were pretty unhelpful, and the leisure reception was closed, meaning we had to obtain our towels after changing, but none of the guests knew this. A simple sign would have remedied the situation!

Dinner however was faultless. Beautiful food, and excellent vegetarian options. A drink at the bar, however was rather expensive...£13 for a whisky and bottle of beer!

The next day, the resort seemed to close down. The only bar open was in the resort reception, which was dissapointing for the standard of hotel.

In summary the hotel despite being 2 years old is a little tired and run down, and the facilites were found to be lacking.

The staff, however were friendly and coureteous, and the food was of a very high standard.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006

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8 / 10
Stayed in the Highlands Hotel

"We enjoyed a long weekend at Aviemore Highland Resort for three days courtesy of a 3 nights for the price of 2 offer. Even better than that we were upgraded free of charge from the 3 star Aviemore Inn to the 4 Star Highlands Hotel, which included our Dinner and breakfast.

Good Points

The meals in Aspects restaurant were excellent. Our Room in the Highlands was clean, well presented with nice furniture. The shopping complex is on-site and the hotel is conveniently located for the village. The central check in was very efficient. Our baby monitor worked from the room to the bar and restaurant which was such a bonus for us, and we enjoyed sitting in front of the fire in The Laggan barin the evening.

Bad Points

There were a lot of inexperienced staff in the bars and restaurant, and many had poor English. This led to slower service and "lost" dinner reservations.

The resort literature does not explain the differences in individual hotels adequately. The weekend we were there was school holidays and it was extremely busy. The pool was so full that they had to have a waiting list and we had to queue to use it. Breakfast at the Highlands was from 8am which we felt was relatively late, especially if you have hungry toddlers to feed.

If travelling with children

The Highland Food Court was pleasant enough and had plenty of tables, but would run out of highchairs quickly. Some of the highchairs looked like they needed a good scrub! There was a microwave and bottle warmer for heating baby food. The overall ambience in the evening was quite stressful though as many families piled in at 5.30pm when it opened. The rooms were of average size but once you added a travel cot if felt quite small. It was difficult to bath a baby in such a small bathroom with a fixed shower screen. The water in the baby pool in the leisure centre was quite chilly.

Overall we enjoyed our stay. We would definitely go again but probably as a midweek break, and not during the school holidays.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006

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8 / 10
Highland Hotel - very good

"Stayed overnight at the Highland Hotel in March 06, which looked to be the biggest and most modern of the 4 hotels in the Macdonalds resort. The hotels are served by a common reception in the central conference centre.

The room was very clean and comfortable, the hotel's restaurant was excellent and there was a nice cocktail bar with an open fireplace.

Very happy with our stay.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006

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8 / 10
Good overall

"Just back from a nights break at the MacDonald Aviemore complex. Stayed at the Highland Hotel, having stayed at the Four Seasons twice previously last year. The Highland is head and shoulders above. It is modern and more initmate and also connected internally to the leisure arena.

Found the rooms to be clean and tidy and just the right temperature. Breakfast was plentiful and tasty.

Not a great fan though of the central check in system. Whoever thought of having one check in/out desk for four hotels needs their head looked at. Everybody likes to check out at the last moment thus overwhelming the two members of staff at the desk !!.

Found the leisure complex fine, although the hot tub is a squeeze if you get in at all.

Overall worth the money (£70 B&B per room (not person) and use of leisure arena).

It is just in walking distance of the Cairngorm Hotel and Skkingdo which both do the best meals in Aviemore.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006

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8 / 10
Twixmas Break

"We stayed in the Highland hotel from 27-30 Dec to have a well deserved break from the stress and exhaustion that Christmas brings! The resort centre and leisure complex were excellent and the Hotel itself was good -I'm just not sure if I'd expected more from the actual hotel/room as this was the 4* option from a choice of 4 hotels in the complex. Breakfast was excellent - huge variety and high quality. Good central base for exploring. We would visit again but in warmer weather - it was minus 12 the day we left!"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006

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2 / 10
Avoid this dirty old hotel.

"We stayed at the highland resort for a 4 night break and we were not at all impressed with this hotel.

The building and accommodation is just plain shabby - the hotel has had a recent lick of paint in some areas but it doesn't hide what is fundamentally a tired old building that was obviously built on a limited budget. (Notice that the hotel website doesn't have any pictures of the hotel buildings or rooms - always a telltale sign!)

The rooms are large and comfortable however when we arrived it was obvious the bathroom hadn't been property cleaned and there were splashes of stale yellow urine all around the toilet. I found this personally disgusting and felt that if they can't be bothered to clean the toilets properly then I doubt’s that anything else in this hotel gets a proper clean. As such I recommend you go elsewhere.

The only good thing to say about this hotel is that it has a good location near the centre of Aviemore so you can escape your hotel room and enjoy some of the local hospitality which generally speaking was very good. (I recommend a trip to Skiingdoo particularly if you fancy some cheap and wholesome food!).

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006

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2 / 10
Would not recommend the 4 seasons

"Went to the highland resort for a 4 night break with mother and 4 year old son, staying in the four seasons.

We arrived to our hotel to a deserted foyer and no one to tell us where our room was. After a long look around did find our room but was so disappointed as it was very dirty and very run down.

Manager was very unhelpful and not very polite.

The Meals were good and most of the staff were friendly.

Pool very basic and as you would expect from a local government pool.

Would not recommend at all

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006

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10 / 10

"We stayed at the highlands hotel on 18th feb and we loved it! Despite looking at what other people have said, we thought everything was gr8! No complaints apart from they doubled booked our spa appointments.

Food is amazing and staff were friendly. Try the brilliant cocktails, the aussie barman wasnt sure how to make them but he's a funny guy and tried his best!!

Would def go back....

  • Holiday details: Feb 2006

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