Tsilivi Beach Hotel

Zante 29100, Greece
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Cleanliness: 8/10
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Traveller reviews

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Could be terrific!!

"We travelled as a party of 4 adults 2 children.

Could not have had apartments in a better position, right on the front of block D with the most stunning panoramic sea views. Rooms were basic but kept clean by hard working cleaning staff. Amazingly the beds werent too uncomfortable certainly had worse in greece.

Pool was clean and ideal for young children but could be a little noisy at times. Water gym was always good for working off the breakfast. Which brings me to the food, hmm, well, it was mostly edible. Breakfast; Bread / toast ,jams, limited cereal, tinned fruit and yogurts, ham cheese and salad, bacon eggs (scrambled,omlette, fried) beans, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and frankfurters(which often reappeared at other sittings disguised as something else) it was like spot the sausage. Lunch; well gyros every day extremley fatty, salads many pasta dishes, chips, traditional dips etc and much the same if not the actual same for evening menu and if there was anything good it was gone very early on. But the crepes were great if you could stand in the queue and melt in the heat, got to hand it to him my son was there through thick and thin, he "loved `em"

Entertainment; ok due to limited resources, day time much the same as anywhere, evening , kids bit a bit painful and needs seriously updating, bingo, as much the same the rest we cant comment on as we had long gone by then.

Bar staff; Hari and Andi stars of the show real hard working chaps and always smiling, would recommend guest tip these guys as they do work hard and respond well to appreciation. Andrew in the bar restaurent also very good. (would recommend eating in bar restaurant as food is very good)

Main gripe SUNBEDS as you need to reserve very early in the morning and even then you will have whats left over!!! HOTEL PLS ACT ON THIS!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Tsilivi is a lively place with the most stunning beach and views, choose your accommodation wisely.
  • Activities: As we were all incl. difficult but food was great in theTBH bar.The kebab house in town i FAB!!
  • Good For: Beach
5 / 10

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What a dump!

"This has to be the worst holiday I have ever had and considering I have travelled abroad for over 25 years that is saying something. It was costly, as I took my grandchildren for an all-inclusive 2-week holiday to the Tsilivi Beach.

On first inspection it was adequate, however as the days passed it became apparent that there was a list of things that were far from satisfactory. To name but a few things that ultimately made the complaints form back to Thomas Cook:

The food choice is poor, monotonous, tepid and uninviting. The bar is plagued by wasps in huge numbers. The pool is dirty and debris was frequently to be found floating in it. There is no supervision and "adults" often played hard ball games in the childrens area of the pool. The communal areas were filthy. There were no handles on poolside toilets and at no point during the 2-week stay was soap supplied in those toilets.

The entertainment was at a minimum, with the so-called entertainers being more interested in securing bed partners for the night than in the children they were supposedly entertaining. The manager of entertainments was point blank rude and dismissive to my 8-year old granddaughter.

Security was non-existent. Adults, and again I use the term loosely, were found on more than 2 occasions to be playing football in the corridors at 2am. Screaming and shouting happened on a nightly basis.

With all the above and more all the owner of the hotel was concerned about was whether or not other patrons were wearing wet swimwear into the dining area during the lunch time period.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Yes.
  • Activities: None sadly.
1 / 10

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Great holiday

"We have just returned from tsilivi beach hotel, our 4th visit over the last 7 years.

Both my wife and I and our son and daughter-in-law had a truly fantastic holiday, nothing has changed except that the hotel is now all inclusive, but the food cannot be faulted, anything that you could wish for is on the menu at all mealtimes, plenty of wine beer and soft drinks etc. The staff are some of the best we have come across (the reason we keep going back )Maria/Gina/Annastasia in reception really friendly and helpful. Hari/Andy/Anreas in the bar are superb, cocktails all day long (hic) although all incl we never waited more than 4/5 mins to get served. And not forgetting Dennis the owner always around.Our thanks to all of them we will def be back next year, would reccomend this hotel to everyone, and best bit it sits right on the beach, you can sit out there at night with your drinks watching the stars. Great.

10 / 10

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Brilliant Holiday

" Have just returned from our holiday at Tsilivi Beach Hotel, and i have to say my friend and I really enjoyed it. The food was excellent, quite a good range of dishes. The staff were very efficient and friendly, and the pool and beach were great. Think the only downfall is the entertainment, they have kareoke, bingo and a race night, but they do seem to cater for the children, with pool games in the afternoon and kids disco early evening. I was a bit apprehensive going there again since its been made all inclusive, but i needn't have worried, we thouroughly enjoyed ourselves and would go back again. Went there twice before when it was self catering a few years ago, and loved it then, and still do!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
8 / 10

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great location

"Just returned from Tsilivi beach ,our first time here also first time A/I.Plenty of food but mostly same choices each day we would personally prefer to eat out in restaurants but thats our choice,there were good restaurants around & enjoyable. The location was perfect we had a room with a sea view which was great ,the areas were clean ,2 lovely pools ,staff very pleasant ,rooms cleaned 6days week with fresh clean towels etc only short stroll to the bars & restaurants of Tsilivi.Weather was good few clouds here & there & rained for about 10 mins other than that hot.We enjoyed it and would return."

  • Holiday details: May 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Direct Holidays
  • Advice: lovely friendly resort
  • Activities: plenty of bars restaurants the Ark bar was one of our favs
  • Good For: Beach
9 / 10

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"i booked the holiday for myself and husband for a nice relaxing break. lets start at the top, lovely view from hotel room, room was nicely furnished, beds were like bricks, reception very tastful, reception staff were lazy and everything seemed too much trouble.

entertainment was ok, bingo and karaoke, bingo and sumthing else, bingo and another sumthing else, soo you needed to like bingo.

the bar staff were the moniest two idiots i have ever come across, the head bar man was a gent.

there were lots and lots of different nationalities there, not a lot of british at the beginning of the holiday, but some soon turned up, and it seemed to become a bit livlier.

the hotel was right on the beach which you had to pay 3 euro for a sunlounger, which was worth it as the pool was full of germans.

the beach was a little stoney but generally clean

the food was the most disgusting pig swill i have ever ever seen.

breakfast was passable, lunch was leftover breakfast in a egg dish, dinner was breakfast, lunch made into stew or crap like that.

the meat they served did not taste of anything, yet the odd passer by paying customer's food was beautiful

we had to pay and eat out at a restaurant, we went to popeye's and it was fantastic. all staff were lovely accommodating and extremly kind.

so if you do like pig swill this is the place for you, it wasnt a place for me. we wont be returning to this hotel ever again.

  • Holiday details: May 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Activities: popeyes, restaurants was stunning
  • Good For: Beach
2 / 10

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Very enjoyable holiday

"My comments about Tsilivi Beach Hotel are very favourable, the hotel was clean, staff very friendly and helpful, rooms basic as is all Greece food was good and varied had a really lovely holiday met some really nice people. Would go back

and I have been all over the world

8 / 10

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We have previously been to the...

"We have previously been to the Tsilivi Beach Hotel and had great holidays, we were however apprehensive this year with the 'All Inclusive' situation, especially after reading some of the reviews.

We travelled with our two children and my parents and our worries soon vanished on arrival. We were greeted by very friendly reception staff and went straight to our rooms that were spacious and clean as always. The bar staff were fun and friendly throughout the holiday to us all and we all had a good selection of drinks during the holiday including beer, wine, cocktails and soft drinks. There was also a good selection of food available that we all enjoyed and our children ate better than ever eating a wide variety of food.

The entertainment is poor with only the Greek Night once a week but with the town nearby this was not a problem for us.

The hotel is in an excellent location with two lovely pools and is on the beach with the town a short walk away, we found the 'All Inclusive' suited us as a family and have already booked for next year.

Overall we had an excellent holiday!

9 / 10

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I returned form Tsilivi Beach Hotel...

"I returned form Tsilivi Beach Hotel on the 8th June after 2 weeks with my family (8 adults and 2 children).

GOOD: The rooms and hotel were clean, friendly staff in the restaurant and bar, next to the beach, nice pool with plenty of sun loungers.

BAD: Food was awfull and i mean awfull- it was the same food everyday from breakfast till evening meal, the food was either luke warm or cold and even if it was warmish it was cold by the time u sat down to eat it! The reception staff where as good use as a chocolate fire guard! When we arrived it was really stuffy in our room so we went to reception to query about it, they gave us a remote control however this didn't seem to work whatsoever! So then we decided to inform reception, a man told us that 4 rooms in the hotel had no air con, we asked when it was gonna be fixed and all he said was 'they come today maybe tomorrow- IT WAS ACTUALLY 3 DAYS AFTER WE ARRIVED AT THE HOTEL- DISGUSTING!!!!! The entertainment was not so good either! In 1 week they were only 3 nights where they was entertainment, karoke, greek night and a couple doing a cabaret, this repeated in week 2! however on week 2 they was no karoke (not that i care) but thay was a wedding that sunday night and thay was no information about it whatsoever! The wedding what went on was a evening reception which was held outside, they were playing music till 1:30 am! and it clearly states in the hotel that no noise is to be made after midnight so that rattled my cage! My brother infact rang reception at 00:30 asking when this was gonna stop, the man on reception said soon and put the phone down, my brother was very angry and went down to reception to tell the man how rude he was and to get his manager which he replied i don't know where he is, like i said finally at 1:30 this noise stopped. What ever you do don't buy anything from the hotel supermarket especially if its a lilo, etc. My brother bought my neice a blow up chair for the pool which cost 20 euros, 24 hours later this had gone down and had no more use at all, they are plenty of shops in and around Tsilivi where you can get the same thing for 8 euros! The shop is a rip off!

Anyway if your thinking of going to this hotel think again, i spent most of my money on eating out as the food was that bad and i would have rather eaten in a prison!

Finally what ever you do don't book your excursions through your rep, they charge a over the odds and you can get any excursions if you look around Tsilivi.


4 / 10

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It is interesting to see the majority...

"It is interesting to see the majority of the reviews are for self catering or half board. 2008 is the first year Tsilivi Beach has been all inclusive: and it shows. The hotel, in particualry the catering side of things, is not ready to be all inclusive. The quality and range of food is pretty average. The staff work incredibly hard but it becomes pretty frustrating when tables are not even set. You need to get all your cutlery, condiments etc. These are the basics you expect from an all inclusive. The hotel itself, the pool area and the Boat House Taverna are excellent. There is very little for children, very little entertainment and the play climbing frame for children was dangerously broken and propped up with a piece of wood!!It is just a pity that these things let it down. If you are used to all inclusive don't expect the world, it is a good budget alternative though."

7 / 10

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Everything was fantastic,i.e...

"Everything was fantastic,i.e hotel,room,food,pools,beach,beer,surounding area entertainment, and above all the FANTASTIC staff. my self and my family will be re-turning to tsilivi beach hotel. 10/10"

10 / 10

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The hotel is very nice, right by the...

"The hotel is very nice, right by the beach and MOST of the staff are very friendly,especially the Albanian guys who work in the bar/restaurant. Rooms are quite good and kept clean, however we were in one of the rooms right by the beach and at night you could count the rats running about outside the room from the balcony, this may have been cleared up by now but thought I would warn you what to expect.

Other than that we had a great holiday in Tsilivi.

6 / 10

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