Cala Ferrera Hotel

Avenida Felanitx 4 Avda. Fernando Tarrago nº 27, Majorca 07660, Spain
6  / 10
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1 / 10
staff from hell

"beautiful location. hotel is run by the staff not the manager. excrement in the pool. Food kept warm all day. health and safety need to be called in. digging by the side of the pool not cordened off while people still using pool. no crockery, milk, cereal, cups, tea bags in the restaurant. closing one side of the food servving area an hour before closing. one lift working for five days and there are 400 people in the facilities for drinks i,e water. have to queue up at night to carry plastic cups of water up to our rooms. lounge bar is shut all day. staff in restaurant are so rude and ignore you. you have to wait for them to serve you with drinks at lunchtime and evening meal. you are not allowed to get your own drinks. my grandson got a severe ear infection from the pool and we had to take him to the doctors, he only has one ear that works as he was born disabled. rooms were very small, my daughter and her partner and twin bunk beds all in one room.we were all inclusive and it was a complete waste of money. the jet 2 rep was very good and she visited us approx 5 times during our stay. she was trying to move hotels for us but there wasnt anywhere on the island to go. the people start putting towels on the sunbeds from 11.30p.m. there are approx 64 beds for 400 people and not enough tables and chairs to sit on outside. it is the worst holiday i have ever experienced. the manage is totally inadequate and lets the staff in the resturant do what they want.there is no lifeguard even though it states the pool is unmanned from 8pm until 8am. it is not manned at name is melody gouldsmith and i travelled with my family 7 of us and an infant. telephone number 07576580492. address 22 weir grove, kidsgrove, stoke-on-trent, st7 4tt. we paid over 6,000 pounds and we have put in a claim with jet 2 for a full refund and compensation."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: go out
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
NEVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!

"It has taken me three days to recover from this holiday !!! . Don't be desieved by the impressive pictures and website !!! this place is the pits !! I stayed in the apartments ! after two nights had to be moved due to leaking air conditiong from apartment above , barking dogs , and unable to turn taps off . Every time i was in the sparkling reception !! somebody else was requesting to be moved !.The pools around the apartment are shabby , unlike the one in the main hotel . The postion of the hotel and apartments means you either have an ardious walk to shops and resturants or just get a taxi !The apartments are very basic , two rings, a pan( no kettle) a fridge and the tv didn't work in either of the apartments we were in , air conditioning is only in main room not in bedroom . My only compliment is the maids cleaned the rooms thoroughly , and the reception staff were very helpful , but they do seem to have alot of practice changing peoples rooms. As i stated NEVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!1"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, SELF CATERING, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Get you act together

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1 / 10

"From start to finish this holiday was terrible. It was suppose to be mine and my husbands honeymoon. it took 10 hrs to get from gatwick to Cala ferrera due to a lot of mess ups, then we were told at 6am after 10 hrs travelling that we were not expected and had no booking, we had to wait for the day lady toa rrive at 9.30am before we were given a room. There was one regular sized door to the balcony and that was it for breeze, no air con or fans. It cost 20 euros to hire the telly for the week. we were given a twin room so any chance of ejoying our honeymoon fell between the beds like anything else you put on the beds.

we sat down to eat our bland german dinner and half way through we were told we were in the wrong area and had to move our plates and drinks to another table. we ate out the rest of the week as we were very unhappy with the dry, uninviting food they were offering. to get a sunbed you had to be down there for about 6/6.30 otherwise the germans would put their towels on them before breakfast. the tiles around the pool were very dangerous when wet as you would slip and they were all cracked too. every evening we were in bed by 10pm as the evening entertainment was dredful, if they had any at all (5 out of the 7 nights they didn't even have entertainment).

the only things we can not groan about was the heat and the staff (most of them). I would love to go back to the island, but I would NEVER return to this hotel.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: never

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2 / 10
stay at home

"We have just come back from a 7 day holiday in Majorca. The first 4 nights we spent at the Cala Ferrera Hotel - but we had to move out after 4 nights because it was terrible. The Hotel is in a great location in Cala D'Or, but everything else about this hotel is dire. The rooms are damp. The food is truly awful. The pool is tiny. This Hotel is not 3 Star - infact I'm not sure it's a Hotel! More like a Gulag! After 4 days we'd had enough and moved to The Robinsons Hotel in Cala D'Or for the last 3 nights - and what a difference! If you book the Cala Ferrera or if a travel agent suggest this Hotel to you - say no! You have been warned."

  • Holiday details: May 2009, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
I have just spent a very enjoyable...

"I have just spent a very enjoyable week with my wife and 3 kids,must not forget the out laws as well; staying in this hotel and resort. I read a few of the comments made on here before going and must admit i was a bit apprehensive as to what we may find, but was pleasantly surprised.

The hotel is located very close to the beach. It has its own pool, which isnt overly big, but whilst we were there, i think the most people at any one time was about 10 in the pool, and i didnt feel crowded at all. There are plenty of sun beds, although the germans do get to the best spots early, there are more than enough to go around.

The rooms were clean all week, and the hotel staff were more than accomodating when asking for more towels or pillows. The only downfall as far as the rooms go, is that only a few have air conditioning, which made the nights a bit stuffy. If located over the kitchens it can get a bit noisy at night with the bin lorry arriving and the early start by the kitchen staff. Each room has its own balcony with chairs and table. We were on an all inclusive holiday, and were a bit dismayed to find that you had to pay and extra 25 euros for a tv remote for the room, especially with children in the room. There is also no hair dryer or iron facility in the room.

The meals were varied, and catered for all nationalities. The staff were very nice and helpful. The food was always hot and plenty of it. I think we had only one meal where the food wasnt quite up to standard, but there is so much variety, you could choose something else. Its all self service and if you are one of the first in the dining room, it can be a bit of a bun fight, but hang back a few minutes and let the gannets disperse and there is usually no problem getting to the food.

The entertainment was ok, the childrens club supervisor, Dieter, bless him, trys his best during the day with darts and beach volleyball competitions. I think he has only one music CD for the kids disco everynight, so it can get a bit repetative and the songs are all in german, but my lot soon got into the swing of things and joined in. He also has quiz and bingo nights, were the winners get a carafe of sangria. Other entertainment consisted of live singers, flamenco evening and a parrot show. There was also and opportunity to have a free taster session of scuba diving in the pool.

The resort is fantastic, plenty of shops, bars and restuarants to choose from. There is a mini train which takes you into the town and some of the other bays. The buses are a bit hit and miss, dont take the timetable or bus numbers for granted, always ask the driver.

In all we had a great time and would definately go back to this hotel and resort again, if air conditioning was in every room it would certainly make the stay a bit more enjoyable.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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9 / 10
Me,my partner and 2 children,aged 3...

"Me,my partner and 2 children,aged 3 and 8 have just returned from the cala ferrera.We had a fantastic time,the location is brill and the sea view was just stunning.we had great weather all week so was even better.The food is fine,i spoke to people also there and some werent keen but all of us liked it,yes some unusual tastes but i think people forget they are in a different country and expect food they would get at home....i say stop being so fussy!!!

The reason i didnt give it a ten was the fact there isnt any air con in the rooms and this makes it hard to sleep,i had to get up few times in the night to throw water all over my face!!If they got air con in the rooms i think it would be a brill investment as so many more would return.

The toilets in reception are soooooo hot,its untrue!!!!Hope the hotel reads all the comments and dishes out on getting air con...then would be a definate 10!

The entertainment is ok,nothing special really but the kids loved the dances they do every night at the start.

Its such an easy and short walk for lots to do at night so fine.

The staff are lovely andso are the locals,really friendly.great places to eat.

The beach is so close,minutes walk,which is brill.

We were lucky as got a really spacious room,the kids had their seperate room and were both very big.but on the day we were leaving we got given a room for 2 just to shower in before our flight,this was very cosy but then again depends if your bothered and to be honest we didnt spend hardly any time in our room,but some people may feel caustrophobic in the small rooms.

Well happy holidays and enjoy cala d'or.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Half Board, booked with A1 travel

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5 / 10
Just returned from a week in Cala...

"Just returned from a week in Cala Ferrera- 15th-22nd Aug. We flew with Easyjet- never again! You do not get a seat allocation, it is a rugby scrum to get on the plane so you can sit with you kids/family. They lost the planes paperwork so we had to sit on the tarmac for an hour waiting while it was faxed from Luton. We have been to Majorca for the last 3 years- lovely island great weather etc. The hotel is very basic & a bit dated- it looks like a 1970's Porn film set! lol. The rooms are basic- yes no aircon- but clean and well kept by the maids. We had kids in the same room, on bunk beds so no privacy for me & the missus. The rooms in the evenings are very hot, some people were hiring fans from local shops just to get some sleep! The food was hit and miss! They dont really cater for Kids. However we found out that you can ask for Nuggets & chips 30mins before evening meal if your kids are fussy. The beakfast was the best part with full english available,toast,cereal etc. We ate out 4 nights out of 7. The hotel is in a stunning location on the bay, however the sunbeds are in short supply. The hotel has 120 rooms with only 60ish sunbeds.So yes it turns in to a Battle with the many Germans at the hotel - about 90%-10% English. The entertainment was poor but hey we did not go for that anyway. The bar closes at 00.30 when the staff basically threw us out. You pay half price after 00:00 which is not really all inclusive. The other annoying thing was that they would only serve 1 person 1 drink. So you could not get a round for your kids/family! you all have to go up! However the staff are overall polite and friendly. We spent a lot of time in the sea which was fantastic, lots of fish great for snorkelling. One of our group of 12 did get stung by a Jellyfish much to great laughter by us all as it turned out painful but harmless. Overall we had a good time and will return to the Island but will not return to this Hotel. Oh nearly forgot watch out round the pool, the floor is tiled so when it got wet you were taking your life in your hands !!! We saw loads of people slipping even if they were only walking, if you have got kids get them some pool shoes to wear they may not like the idea but much better than a trip to the local hospital."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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5 / 10
we have just returned from this hotel...

"we have just returned from this hotel we found our room was clean we had a door in our room that led to another bedroom for our two daughters which was really spacious apparently on each floor there is one room like this so if you are lucky like we was you may get it! we have a fantastic view.the staff are friendly especially pedro the night porter

the location of the hotel is good plenty to do out side like bars /restaurants. we was all inclusive the food was fine not the best we have had, i had read reports about this hotel a week before we were going and i felt sick as this hotel sounded awful but it is ok. the entertainment is bad nothing i can say is good (not in the week we was there) spoke to other people who had been there longer and they had said the same. also no air conditioning which can be uncomfortable

the only other thing which happens in all hotels is getting up for the sunbeds there is not enough but the pool is not that big so really if you want a sunbed you have to get up!!

we met some lovely people we did not want to come home the weather was fab and if you have booked this hotel you will be fine the worst thing is the entertainment but you are within walking distnce of some nite life.

cala dor is lovely beautiful place

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Booked Independentlyteletext hello holidays

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8 / 10
hotel was very nice but could do with...

"hotel was very nice but could do with air con you may get a bed by the pool if you want to get up at dawn and put your towel on the beds like all the krauts food isnt up to much we ate there twice in a week resort is excelent very lay back but a bit expencive go to the haccienda bar 5 miuites walk great night very freindly english ran"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
hotel ferrera is accurately rated as...

"hotel ferrera is accurately rated as a 3 star. the hotel is nothing special - clean and tidy with an adequate room. basically you get what you pay for. however, the staff were fantastic - always smiling and really really helpful. the food was the best i've had on all inclusive - the breakfast was a huge choice including every cereal imaginable with the usual cheese meats and bread but also had milkshakes and full english breakfast on offer with beans and english sausage, fried and scramble eggs, toast and bacon. there is no way you could fault this unless you were really particular. every main meal included not just the usual tomato and lettuce but always had one meat dish, one fish dish, one vegetarian dish with either chips or potaoes and a huge choice of salads including prawn cocktail salad, coronation chicked and tuna salads. fantastic. waitress service for drinks at the table,

the breakfast opens at 8 til 10. the pool side snack bar opens at 10.30 with a permanent buffet of hot (including chips, sausage and food such as cheese toasties) and a cold selection of lettuce and other basic salad choices with a different fresh fruit every day such as melon or plums which you help yourself to. ) the all inclusive drinks were all alchohol, cocktails from a ready made machine (more than adequate) and coke, sprite and fanta or water. also basic lollipops available.

***most of all is the location - this hotel overlooks a terrace where you can sit and have drinks, which overlooks the pool which overlooks the sea. you can't the sea the beach or the open sea which makes it look as if you are overlooking a pool with a lagoon in the background. absolutely stunning. felt as if i was in paradise. the noisy air conditioning (free of charge) was more than compensated for by the perfect location. if you go to the pool and turn left along the cliff path, 20 seconds brings you onto the sandy beach (easy walk) and 20 seconds to the left takes onto the rocks where there are steps built in to drop into the sea, perfect snorkelling area.

massive yachts are attracted here which are fantastic to look at whilst floating on a lilo. you could be anywhere in the world if you go to this hotel as long as you have the weather. Basically, accept the room for what it is - clean and basic - and enjoy everythng else that this perfect, beautiful, idyllic, peaceful yet accessible location has to offer. we love it !!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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6 / 10
Well, what can i say, have just...

"Well, what can i say, have just returned from a week at the Cala Ferrera. Beautiful location, lovely weather. There are a few downsides to this hotel though, We had specifically asked for a sea view and was also told it had air conditioning. This is very much needed as sleeping at night was impossible, we were given rooms on the side of the hotel, and if you craned your neck over the balcony you could just see the sea through the trees!! not exactly the sea view i had in mind. also these side rooms are right above the kitchens which does make for a very noisy stay! One other complaint is the rubbish is collected every night at around 12ish and is very very noisy!!

The staff were pleasant enough but caters for the many GERMANS!! that frequent the hotel.

The surrounding area and the main drag of cala dor is clean and friendly, we went out most nights and walked into the centre.

The food in the hotel was decent and plenty to choose from and you can eat as much as you like.

the rooms were lovely and clean but agan toooo hot!

The area is fablous and i would go again but not to this hotel unless it has air con and i got my sea view!

Happy holidays

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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7 / 10
My husband and I have just returned...

"My husband and I have just returned from our holiday at the cala fererra. We had a great holiday. The hotel was Clean, and tidy. The staff were always polite and helpful. We were lucky enough to get a Sea view, and WOW what a view, looking over the beach. it was beautiful. Thats the good points, now the bad. There was no air-conditioning in the room, and boy did we need it. As we were on a half board basis we had to have our supper between 6.30 and 7.30. So we either had to be at the resturant door at 6.30 and fight our way through the crowd, or wait a little while for the queue to die down, but this left us less time to eat our meal. We didnt bother going to the pool, we spent all of our holiday on the beach, think we would have had to get up at about 4am to get sunbed as the Germans had there towels out really early. Some nights they didnt even bother taking their towels off the beds, so we had no chance, but the beach was perfect, only the way down to the beach was down quite a lot of uneven steps, not suitable for the unfit or disabled. As the hotel was full of Germans, dont think we heard any english speakers, most of the entertainment was in German, so we didnt stay in for the entertainment we went out every night. Would go again to fererra but only if they got air-conditioning in the rooms and only if we got sea view again."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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  • by zico5555

    " The Robinson Hotel - its just across the inlet and is fantastic "

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Address: Avenida Felanitx 4 Avda. Fernando Tarrago nº 27, Majorca 07660, Spain