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Terrible hotel

"This hotel is the worst place I have ever stayed in

The trip organized by great train journeys was also dreadful.. I paid a lot of money for this trip and had expected a reasonable hotel.

The hotel has the most awful smell which has to be experienced to be believed. They serve the worse coffee I have ever tasted.

The room which was classed as "deluxe" was very small with two single beds pushed together. It was not clean lots of dust on the canopy over the bed. We found other people's clothes in the two drawers of the wardrobe. The wardrobe had 5 coat hangers in total. The bathroom was very drab and awful the shower cubicle was tiny with the shower control hanging off the wall. The fridge did not work and the TV boasted one news Chanel which flickered on and off

The bar of the hotel was in a basement area and was referred to as "The Swamp". At best it was like a very old fashioned working mans club. The fluorescent Lightning was just awful. I was in the place once and never again.

I would advise anyone thinking about a hotel here to avoid at all cost. It is a disgrace that company's such as Thomson's and great train journeys take good money from their clients and expect them to stay in thus dump!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2015
  • Advice: many of the bad comments about this hotel go back several years . I found these complaints to be genuine in June 2015. No heed is being taken by the tour company's or the hotel. SHAME ON YOU ALL.
1 / 10

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I have stayed here on two occasions...

"I have stayed here on two occasions and each time have found the Hotel to be quite adequate. It is beautifully located and the staff and owner are very friendly and helpful at all times.

I personally would not take a Hotelon half or full board as my wife and I like to explore the beautiful restaurants that Bellagio has to offer.

Each time we have had a lake view room. Our room was spacious, (perhaps a little "face lift" could improve the rooms), but they have character which only adds to the charm of this Hotel.

Breakfast was adequate enough although the coffee could be upgraded. We drank tea!

I would not hesitate to stay here again.

3 / 10

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We booked for my 60th birthday, what...

"We booked for my 60th birthday, what a disappointment!

The hotel is situated on a very busy and at times, fast main road with access to the hotel via steps (this was not mentioned in the brochure).

The food was disgusting; the meat looked as if it had all been run over by a road roller.

There was a charge of €1 for a reasonable cup of coffee (this was not mentioned in the brochure) the brochure said 'free and coffee'.

On our last evening we were treated to a choice of "veal, veal or veal" so anyone with a conscience over eating force reared meat had no choice at all!

In the evening the "entertainment" was very poor - one man and his organ - he found all the right notes, but not in the right order.

As the weather was hot, people wanted to sit outside in the evening, but the space was restricted.

My wife ordered Champagne as part of my birthday celebrations, to delivered to the table for breakfast; it arrived in time for the evening 'meal' and was the fizzy white wine they were giving away in the bar!

We paid extra for a superior room, so by inference the other rooms were inferior - and they were. Some appeared to small cupboards. The worrying part of this is that some rooms were so small the room doors opened outwards into the corridor, which was a fire escape route.

The best things about the holiday were the trip into Switzerland to St Moritz, visits to the local villages and the day tickets on the boats. They all had one thing in common - away from the hotel!

1 / 10

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Great location but very poor.

"Stayed at this hotel for four nights late September as part of an organised trip through Bob Cole travel. This hotel is very tired and needs time and money spent on it. The quality of the rooms varies from good to shocking. We spoke to numerous people who had asked to be moved rooms because of smells or the general bad condition.

I found the food to be bland and the quality of the 'free' alcohol to be very poor. The location is excellent and i would recommend the restaurant which is a 5 minute walk in the direction of Menaggio.

This is a holiday which is trying to be 'all inclusive' the reality is that you get three meals and some dodgy local booze.

4 / 10

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Sad week

"Far too many people, 5 coaches arrived the night we arrived. The meals were a fight for a table for 4 people even though we went in late. Some of the rooms were awful and we heard nothing but complains and people moved rooms many times.

We would never go there again The staff were over worked but friendly and helpful. The road outside was a killer and very noisy. Shearings let us down badly and it is one company we wont use again.

2 / 10

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Enjoyed Lake Como,butttttt!!!!!!

"Enjoyed the holiday but ,whilst clean,the hotel is in need of some 'renovation'. bedrooms,in particular needed 'updating' and many guests asked to change their rooms. Our opinion is that it should be rated as 2 star."

4 / 10

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Brilliant Hotel

"I went to Lake Como in August 2004 for 1 week, I though the Hotel was superb, Room was kept clean every day, clean towels. The food was great, eat and drink as much as you wanted - how can you complain about that, Service as excellent. I would defo recommend anyone to go there, I would most certainly go there again

Well done

10 / 10

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Very Good When We Got There

"In february of this year I booked with a friend to stay at the Brittania Hotel for one week in September. We were really looking forward to it as neither of us had been to Italy. 5 days before departure we were contacted by Shearings to say the hotel was overbooked and we were being transferred to another hotel. We tried to find out details of our 'new hotel' but information was vague and a thorough webb search drew a blank. Our alternative accommodation, although very comfortable and the staff very welcoming and obliging was nothing like we believed we would find at the Britannia Excelsior. We spoke extensively to our Shearings Rep who managed to transfer us to the Brittania on the Saturday morning. Once there, I loved it! I found the wood floors in the bedroom a real novelty. There was lots of tasty food and fabulous ice creams. The staff were friendly, helpful and found time to chat about the area. i especially enjoyed taking the ferry to Bellagio. I would like to go back if I could guarantee that I wouldn't spend the first three nights of my holiday stranded in the middle of nowhere. Has any other traveller experienced this problem?"

8 / 10

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"Do not take room 2 on the gound floor the one with the balcony nealy on the road .We then managed to get moved to 435 the view was good.This room had a problem with the shower built in to a cupboard which in turn splashed water into the bedroom .Meal times were hectic an badly oraganised THIS HOTEL NEEDS A REFIT.We will never use again.."

2 / 10

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I am a big fan of the hotel britannia!

"I have read all the recent comments about the Hotel Britannia and agree wholeheartedly with the comments from the person from Liverpool.

I have stayed at this hotel twice and am due for a third visit in October - with Shearings.

Some of the Shearings' drivers genuinely know a lot about the local area and you can learn a lot from them about who lived in the area.

Take a look at the Villa Margarita - about 100 yds from the hotel in the direction of Menaggio - the composer Verdi once lived there. Further along the Lake is Drongo - which is where Mussolini was captured.

I travel alone and consequently book a single room. Both rooms I've stayed in (once in the main hotel and once in the annexe) were clean. Whichever hotel you stay in, anywhere in the world, there will always be a percentage of people complaining about the rooms and/or the food.

The food at the Britannia is adequate and it is mostly buffet, so you have a chance to try dishes that you wouldn't normally eat.

As for "nothing to do in the evenings" - do what the Italians do - go for a stroll by the side of the lake (it's quite safe); take an evening trip over to Bellagio; take a good book. You don't have to sit inside all evening just to take advantage of the free bar (unless the weather is bad of course).

All I can say is "roll on 23 October; and 16 April" - YES, I've already booked my place at the Hotel Britannia for next year.

10 / 10

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The Britanic Britannia

"I have spent many splendid weeks at the Britannia excelsior hotel. it is a typical 3 star Italian hotel with bags of character. I found a wide choice of food at the restaurant to suit everyones' taste, very helpful staff, a wonderful free bar* and great views across the lake. It is a quiet resort, but hey!, If you want Blackpool, why come to lake Como! I travelled with Shearings holidays and found it great value for money for an all inclusive holiday*. We must thank our Shearings driver/ guide, Chris, who looked after us so well while we were there and took us to some amazing places!. A big special thanks to all the staff at the hotel for being so friendly. the only problem I found at the hotel were too many English people sitting around doing nothing, which is crazy considering the beauty of the lake. afterall, it's better than Blackpool."

6 / 10

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Why so many different opinions?

"I find it difficult to understand the vast differences people experienced at this hotel.

I know we all have different tastes but ...

The food was very poor any we had to eat out often. It was not typical Italian food! Thank god.

The staff were good and we could put-up with the condition of the hotel. There was nothing to do in the resort.

Complains to Shearings produced the comment that less than 1% complained. Certainly almost every one when we were their was unhappy about the food. Perhaps it depends on who is staffing the kitchen.

My advice- I would not take the risk if you get the "bad lot" it will spoil your holiday.

2 / 10

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