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7 / 10
Cabins E140 & E141

"Has anyone stayed in either of these two cabins in the last month. I have deliberately not prompted replies as I just want spontaneous remarks."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2015, Booked Independently

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8 / 10
Never any problems

"We have sailed on Arcadia on numerous occasions and have always had a good time.

All this talk about Arcadia cough, Canberra had it and I don't seem to remember many passengers complaining about it (talked about it yes).

We are on Arcadia in May 2016 with our in laws on their first cruise and they are really looking forward to it.

I just hope they don't read all these negative reports about the ship.

All ships can have problems (I have been cruising since 1975, with very few problems total of)

Your fellow passengers can make it a nightmare for you but what can you do about that?.

In all we a great time. We were on Britannia in Sept 2015 and there were problems on there but we didn't go on about it.

carryoncruising. com

  • Holiday details: Sep 2015

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5 / 10
Arcadia Caribbean cruise Dec 15 to Jan 16

"Oh dear. This was to be my sisters dream cruise, be careful what you wish for!

First meal on leaving port was in the Meridian, service was not the best and three of us (party of 4) had to leave most of the food.

Within days the toilets kept blocking, not just ours, so service people were in and out all the time trying to fix the problems! Next came gale to hurricane force winds ( not anyone's fault) that went on for days. Many people were sea sick so problem toilets again! The pools, Jacuzzi and the deck were all closed down so my hope of swimming etc came to bought. Not being a quiz, bar, or card fan I exercised by walking the corridors, then back to our 'bat cave', (we had no windows in our cabin,) to watch the news or worse. When a few of us were able we did go to the Delivered restaurant, this is like a slightly upmarket canteen where you queue for your various requirements. The food on offer is quite repetitive and lacks much in the way of fresh vegetables. On 'themed' days anyone wanting other than Indian or whatever was on offer often ended up with salad and a pudding. Oh yes, it's often hard to find a table to sit at!

On the bright side. The puddings and the afternoon teas were actually very good! You can also eat all day at various venues from the crack of dawn and throughout the night if you feel the need.

The crew, all Indian and Philippine, were delightful and always tried to please.

Back to the grumbles. Going on shore is not always much fun. First you have to get to the right place to disembark ( not much info given on that) when you finally get there there is a queue to get off, a route march to the school buses then another queue to get on. For most of our excursions we had very little time to actually see anything and loo stops were very rushed. Having said that, we did really enjoy 4 out of the seven we went on.

After our excursions it was down hill all the way. No chance of getting a pool side seat let alone lounger, the early birds were again lined up on them like beached whales until the sun went down and they needed to eat again.

I could go on and on but you will probably have the idea by now. Oh yes 'the cough' raged on the ship from day two until we disembarked. That, in itself, was interesting as we came back to a different dock and none of my gadgets would work at the terminal, evidently you have to have G4! Also wi-if on board is very hard to get, the only time I could message home was from the islands if I got lucky!!

  • Holiday details: Dec 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: In house entertainment was quite good. Think before you book an inside cabin!

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9 / 10
Caribbean delight

"We have just returned from a 24 day Caribbean cruise which we thoroughly enjoyed. Initially the cruise was like a mill pond going through the Bay of Biscay, but we did pick up 50 mph winds on the way back. After our cruise to the Baltic in May, we thought both the staff and food had, if anything, improved even more. We met some delightful people and enjoyed all the on board activities. Some of the evening entertainment we felt was a bit jaded, but overall we enjoyed The Headliners the most - their take on "Queen" was magnificent!

Well done Arcadia - although the evening parties got a but much, particularly as they were directly overhead!

  • Holiday details: Dec 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Check The Horizon for daily activities
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
Arcadia 2015

"We have been on Arcadia twice December 2014 canaries and December 2015 Caribbean. Whilst most was fine both years I have developed a bad cough.could I have been unlucky or is this part of cruising. Both times was fit before embarking.My wife also suffered but not to same extent. The one thing that is really annoying they persist with varnishing rails and seats in areas still open. The varnish has a high rate of fumes and passenger's should not be subjected to these toxic fumes plus with inferior notices taped to the deck quite often you only find it when your hand or clothing has contacted. Praise for the crew and entertainment team both first class. With 2800 people in close contacted this could be explained that the cough originates from the crew whom mainly stay with the ship and just regenerate it."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2015, Booked Independently

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9 / 10
Is it just me?

"I have sailed on Arcadia three times over the last three years and have always enjoyed it. I had never heard of Arcadia cough until I saw these reviews."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the Meridian. Why eat in the transport cafe, when you can have waiter service for every meal?

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5 / 10
Never again!!

"This was our first P&O Cruise and the last!!

Firstly, the buffet restaurant has good food and service but feels more like a works canteen with people trying to find a free table. Not relaxing at all.

We did not pre-book any excursions prior to the cruise. When we boarded the ship we saw the woman on the Excursion Desk. She said most of the excursions were full. We asked if they were putting on more slots and she said they probably would be. Two days later, we ended up only booking one excursion. Obviously we had to take some of the blame but as I had cruised with Thomsons twice, there had never been a problem with them putting extra coaches on. So I assumed that P&O would be no different. The woman on the desk was really unhelpful and unfriendly. We have since found out it is better to book a private tour online which is a lot cheaper than P&Os tours.

The other problem we encountered was that the toilets outside the Meridien restaurant on at least 4 nights out of 7 had no toilet paper at all in them. On reporting it to Reception, again not very helpful or approachable. Considering the Norovirus is rife, you would have thought toilets would have been inspected regularly!

We also experienced a problem with our toilet in the cabin and reported it 3 days before we disembarked. The day of disembarkation the bathroom was flooded at 5am and somebody came to look at it together with the cabin steward. We were 'accused' of putting foreign objects down the toilet, which we did not and then were told 'it's probably from the upper deck'. No apology. Also the cabin steward looking after our cabin (G51) was so rude, he walked away whilst I was trying to have a conversation with him. This is no way to treat paying passengers! Also, we had to leave our cabins by 8am (why so early??) but the thing that really has upset us that the cabin steward had already made up the bed and cleaned the bathroom with new toiletries and tea/coffee etc at 7.20am when we returned from breakfast. The new sheets had also been put into our room the night before for the next guests.

Entertainment was average although there was a lot to do during the day.

P&O have rung since we arrived back and said under no circumstances should cabins be made up before guests have vacated them. Other people on Cruise Critic have also complained about the same.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't book

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8 / 10
great cruise, shame about the nasty free gift

"We were on J505 to the Baltic 16th to 30th May, suite B68.

Firstly, a fantastic cruise, food great especially the Meridian which was as good as any of the concessions.The East concession was a real let down and poor value compared to other P and O ships we have been on, as a result we didn't even try Marco's. The butler was a real treat and looked after us so well. Entertainment in the evening was ok but daytime activities seem now to be limited to quizzes or sales promos.

We did have to ask three times for two very dirty chairs in our cabin to be cleaned which was disappointing as this should have been done straight away or better still, noted before we boarded. Also the mold on the tiles in the shower was hardly 5 star. This was cleaned after an 'inspection' by housekeeping and the dirty kettle was also changed.

There did seem to be a problem with the plumbing as one night the water just stopped for no reason and another night the water was off all night for 'maintenance'. this was followed the next morning by a period of rusty water from the taps. The air conditioning on the ship was hopeless, either too hot or freezing cold.

As we had a suite, we did spend a lot of time in the cabin or on our balcony, but still we found towards the end of the cruise that we were coughing badly and since coming home six days ago we are both now taking antibiotics for nasty chest infections. Since coming home I have been reading of Arcadia cough. Wish I had done before we booked. Didn't realize that it was an additional free gift from P and O which they are keeping very quiet about.

Shame, lovely ship, great crew and fantastic food, but we will not be setting foot on her again.

  • Holiday details: May 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Book a different ship if you want to stay well.
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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6 / 10
Baltic Cruise May 2015

"Having read some of the reviews I wondered if we were on the same ship! We found the food fabulous. We had Lobster Theodore night in the Meridian and it was excellent. My husband is a retired chef and he couldn't fault the food. The staff were friendly and helpful and our cabin stewardess went over and above to make our stay pleasant.

The shows we were disappointed with. The acoustics in the theater is not right. The male singers excellent but the lead female screamed.

Guest speakers were excellent with fascinating talks on faberge eggs and the Titanic to name two. The classical pianist, Robin Colville gave four superb concerts.

Unfortunately myself, my husband and mother-in-law all contracted the nirovirus and were confined to our cabins for 24 hours on 3 separate days. My mother-in-law also developed the Arcadia cough and is still ill now. She had to go to the doctor on board and her bill was £800! Would be interested to know whether other passengers contracted the nirovirus.

This was our sixth cruise, the first with P & O. I was a little disappointed with the overall experience, especially as we had booked the cruise to celebrate my husbands 65th birthday.

  • Holiday details: May 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Eliminate illness on board
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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2 / 10
Arcadia Cough

"We were on Arcadia October 2014, fit and healthy until 4 days before home. Both of us started coughing so we can only have caught this virus on the ship. Lots of people had the same thing and at nearly every port someone was taken to hospital with chest infections. I have had 3 chest x-rays, antibiotics & steroids I now have severe inflammation of the lung wall and am in a lot of pain, taking 60mg of codeine phosphate 4 times a day to control the pain. It is now May 28th 2015 and we returned home from Arcadia on 3rd November 2014. I have yet another doctors appointment tomorrow as the inflammation is no better. We have cruised with P & O many times, but never again will I set foot on Arcadia. It is annoying that P & O don't think there is a problem, perhaps everyone should vote with their feet and not travel with P & O again."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't go

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4 / 10
Arcadia cough & chest infection

"We boarded the Arcadia on the 25th March 2015 to cruise the last 2 sectors of the World Cruise from Singapore to Southampton.We noticed as soon as we boarded that a lot of people had chesty coughs.Passengers who were doing the whole World cruise said the infection had been on the ship since she sailed in January.On 30th March my husband started with a sore throat and chesty cough.By the 1st April he had to visit the ships' doctor and was given antibiotics and cough linctus.He was diagnosed with respiratory chest infection.By the 3rd April I started with the virus.Finally driven to the Doctor feeling very poorly on 7th April.We were both asked to stay in our cabin for 48hrs until my temperature came down.I was put on antibiotics and linctus .Doctors' bill has now reached £140.Our cabin was " sanitized " twice a day by 2 crew members covered in masks, plastic aprons etc.Nurse coming in every few hours to take my temperature.This virus carried on for the rest of the cruise.We had to canx trips ashore because we were to ill to go on them.No members of the crew or nursing staff would admit there was a problem and yet passengers were ill and coughing all around us.I ended up having another course of antibiotics.We have been home 9 days now- still coughing-my husband still has sore throat as well as the cough.There is a serious problem with the Arcadia.It ruined our cruise and we feel we wasted a lot of our hard earned money!We have now contacted Irwin Mitchell Solicitors who are dealing with other Arcadia cases. Pat/Alan"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2015
  • Advice: Don't go !

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10 / 10
? Arcadia Cough

"I was on the Arcadia from Dubai to Southampton and yes there were a lot of passengers with a cough. However I do not agree that the ship was to blame. The cough everyone is complaining about is the same cough that has been doing the rounds in the UK for several months. I had it in January and it lasted for about 7-8 weeks and eventually my chest infection was cleared by antibiotics. I would suggest that the virus was taken on board by passengers joining the ship at Southampton in January. With so many people living in close proximity it is obvious that illnesses are going to spread but to blame P&O I feel is unfair. I thoroughly enjoyed my cruise and have nothing but praise for the crew who made every effort to ensure that all our needs were met."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2015, booked with Imagine Cruising
  • Advice: Read the daily news letter to check what is happening throughout the day

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    " The ship has many excellent points, take time and find what suits you best. The Orchid bar is great for a pre dinner drink "

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