Beach Club Doganay

Gerpelit Mevkii Konakli, Alanya, Turkey
6  / 10
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6 / 10
hotel and review

"we just recently came back from here the hotel was really good apart from the food was always cold when they served this even though it was on a hot plate, the choice of food was good but generally the same, the bar was only open till 11pm the drinks were available all day , there was no snacks to eat apart from biscuits which i found not good, the hotel was friendly and entertainment was good with not being in season we were out of season, the beach was clean the hotel was clean and they cleaned your rooms everyday if you needed to for the amount of money we paid it was not bad but i would not really rate this a 5 star more like a 3 star"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: go in season
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
plese , do not go there !

"first of all the staff are very,very rude , full of cats , bugs everywhere ..didn't enjoy it at all !!! the food is poor ,drinks are so cheap ??? is not a 5* hotel as they say ??? it might be 3* only !

do not go there !!!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Airtours
  • Advice: do not go there !

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1 / 10
no more any more...

"full of cats and bugs everywhere !!!! the STAFF isn't polite and by time to time RUDE too....nothing to impress anyone."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Lastminute
  • Advice: do not go there !!!

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1 / 10
anti english hotel. a nightmare holiday. do not go if your english

"after a 3 hour transfere droping off to 9 different hotels before ours we arrived at the hotel at 7 in the morning so we already missed a full day that we payed for. we got in to our room to find that we were not in the 5* hotel but in the building next to it which was 2* at best. when i asked why we weren't in the 5* they said they dont put english in there as we tend to get drunk and damage the rooms (an insult to us as we were on a family holiday). there was no cot for our 1 year old daughter, and when we requested 1 we found out that only reception spoke a little english.... no one else in the hotel did. they brought a cot to our room which wasnt fit for a dog so our daughter spent the holiday in our bed. on this holiday there was myself, my wife and my daughter. i'd like to point out that i am in the army and i am used to bad conditions and bad food but after staying at this hotel i'd take iraq or afghan any time.

luckly we brough all baby products with us as the hotel does not have anything in for babies i.e nappies, milk etc, and the nearest shops are a 10 minute bus journey away.

the staff at the hotel are extreamly rude, and go out of there way not to help you.

the food in the hotel is of a very low standard and if you dont get there early there is nothing left. it was also difficult to get a high chair for children.

i was ill twice on this holiday off the food. i would rather have army rations any day.

there is entertainment on at nights i.e bingo but you have to pay the equivilent to £15 for this. if you do go to turkey make sure you take euro as they rip you off in turkish liera.

the shop in the hotel rips you off as soon as they hear your english charging my wife £1.50 for a chocolate bar. i had many run ins with him as he was just making prices up.

the excursions were of a low standard apart from the market which we enjoyed. the boat trip was an insult as it was all inclusive and if you were english you were not allowed alcohol as "we cause problems on alcohol", well this is what they said to us, bear in mind all other nationalities were allowed alcohol. we were treat like children, it was so humiliating. also the tour guides only spoke in german.

all the al a carte restaurants were closed so we had to make do with the buffet restaurant.

the beach was ok but unless you get up early the germans have the sun loungers. the germans are treat like gods in this hotel.

the hotel is very clean however it does seem to have an infestation of cats.

the balcony on our room was unbelievably dangerous for kids. all it had was 1 bar across to prevent anyone from falling.

the only good thing to come out of this holiday was our tans, the weather was gorgeous. i may sound like im just nagging however my family does not expect to much. we just wanted a decent break away, but the way we were treat was unbelievable. i have took time to post this as i dont want any more english people wasting there money on this hotel like we did and that is exactly what it was...... a waste.

finally we had to check out on the 26th at 11am but our flight wasnt until the 27th at 0530am. we were told we could have a late check out as we arrived late and we had a child however come the day, we were told we had to be out at 11am on the 26th unless we paid 100 leira which would let us stay until out transfrer time.

we tried speaking to the manager but when he heard we were english he just laughed and said we had to pay. we did pay it otherwise we would have been sat in the lobby for 13 hours with our 1 year old daughter.

i was disgusted by the managers attitude as it was out of season and there was loads of rooms availible. he did not care that we had an infant. they were exteamly rude and unhelpful.

this hotel is definately one to stay away from if your english. it is german orientated and anti british. please take my warning. do not fall in to the trap we did. im a soldier from newcastle, i dont expect the hilton, but this was a total disgrace.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2008, All Inclusive, booked with JetlineTravel

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9 / 10
My wife and i came here for a week....

"My wife and i came here for a week. It was also my wife's birthday. We had the royal treatment. With the help of a very kind lady called Gokce, i arranged a special meal for my wife. This was served to ourselves on the jetty at the beach. We had the most wonderful experience. We had our own waiter who was attentive to our every need. We had a seven course meal, champagne, roses and they made a special heart shaped cake. They even carved two melons for us with special messages from myself to my wife. We had candles, romance, the lot. we could not have wished for a more perfect holiday. The staff went above the call of duty and made our stay so wonderful. We even got a welcome from the owner himself. On the last night of our stay, the hotel owner recommended the 'Harbour Restaurant' in Alanya, this was a perfect setting with stunning views of the castle. We had a very special meal prepared for us and the owner came to pick us up personally from the hotel. I have to say that everything was possible in their eyes and we shall be going back to sample their hospitality again soon. The locals are so friendly and welcoming. Mr and Mrs Todd."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Goldtrail

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9 / 10
We read numerous reviews on this...

"We read numerous reviews on this Hotel before we left. All i can say is we had a Fabulous time, all the Hotel staff were friendly and the food was great! Not many British families at the hotel, but my 14 year old son soon made friends and we all enjoyed our stay. The Animation Team were fun, especially Vato, Hakan & Ucha and activities they provided were good. Ershaadean in the indoor bar was making us different Cocktails every day, from Sex on the Beach to Sex on the Ceiling!! And he even made up his own if you didn't want to choose from the drinks menu. Main pool with slides can be noisey, but you have a quieter pool at the front of the Hotel and we enjoyed them both. Beach was a let down though, very Stoney and not much sand! You don't even have to get up early to put your towels down on the Sunbeds!! Lastly, didn't even see or hear any mosquitoes, must be a plus sign for any family."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels

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8 / 10
Guess What! Its Turkish, the food is...

"Guess What! Its Turkish, the food is turkish and so are the staff, the guests are mainly Turkish and Russian. We have no complaints, for the price it is SPOT ON! However, here are some tips if you are going there.... Transfer time from Antalaya at least 2 hours.... Dont expect them to have your room ready when you get there, they tell you to come back after breakfast.... Fill up with snacks at the pool side cafe and beach cafe they are much more easy on the old British tum :). It is spotlessly clean, rooms very comfortable, cleaned daily (sheets and towels) mini bar filled regularly (free) We had a brilliant relaxing holiday."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Goldtrail

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5 / 10
just come back from a week there with...

"just come back from a week there with 3 friends,it was great.the rooms very clean,cleaner very fact the bar staff,waitors,reception staff and the animation team were all very friendly.....we had a great time,although the hotel dosent really cater for the english....but that didnt bother us.great holiday sad its over met many foreign friends.will go back again."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Goldtrail

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1 / 10
on arrivall i was sent to my room...

"on arrivall i was sent to my room into the old block of the hotel. I opened the door to a dark and tiny room ..with adjoining room... the lightd were so dim i culd not see daughter had no room toput her suitcase..she had to place on bed we can move we showered in dark..shower barely let any water out..the shower door completely broken would not slide open or shut .just remained fixed and stuck..lighas so dim i could not see my face in mirror..the fidge not even pluggedin..towels so old and bare ..not forgetting black mildew in shower basin edges. I went down to complain ..and was told we dont understand.will u come later.. iwent later and tried again but was fobbed offf.

This is what we had to put up with this for9 nights. On the second morning i developed asore on lip..wchich was due to o;ld towels..ive never had this before. we are not argumentavive people therfore sat back to give them chance to sort things out.N ext be

gan to get bit by mosqitoues..theuy were all over! no matter wat cream we applied.

Worse still was the food ..renal evary night.faccompanied bi sloopy vedgetables..nothing to say apart from it was worst ive ever seen. been tyurkey all inclusive before and this was just slop.. chicken pieces were so one eat them..then they were servered up again next meal..we could not eat no fruit.or icecream just same every day and night...the breakfast we stopped coming to..and resorted to eating in alanya..every day at least once.. felt so ill i was taking paracetomakl all time to put up with headcaches and swellings from bites.the sacond week we wrer moved to the new block..were we managed to have normal shower and realised exactly what we had been missing. but the food went from bad to worse daughter survived od fruit we purchased in market and crisps and choclates.

the whole holiday was a complete shambles and complete waste of money for us as we went to relax and instead spent all tim trying to keep well .

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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2 / 10
This hotel is a 5* from the outside...

"This hotel is a 5* from the outside but a 2* on the inside.

I noticed they use the same food everyday, this made me unwell.

I have been to a 5* before, there they had fresh fruit made up. In Doganay, there was nothing. Only old apples and oranges.

Teh deserts were all teh same but different colours!

I aws there for 2 weeks and they served FISH ONCE! This fish was not marinated, dry, unplesant.

Chips were tasteless

Midnight soup is cold and lumpy

We had to PAY after 11pm!! ...all inclusive?...

however when a new arrival of guets appeared, the Germans, the waiters changed tehir atitude and became proffessional.

The receptionist cannot speak ENGLISH, we had problems trying to confirm important information.

CATs are running around the food area.

The indoor pool smells. Basically the sauna area and the pool area.

This IS NOT a 5* hotel I assure you, I have been to a 5* hotel before in Turkey and tere was a high standard of food.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
I stayed at the beach club doganay...

"I stayed at the beach club doganay for 2 weeks in November 2007, i found this hotel very very satisfactory. The staff I will admit didn't speak a lot of English but were friendly and helpful. There was 1 guy who was a little grumpy in the beginning but after we told him to start smiling a little more, he was really nice. And you've got to admit when your at work do you smile all the time because I know I don't!

The reception staff were very friendly and helpful. Asking about our days out when we returned to the hotel. During our stay there was a wedding going on in the main dinning room, although it was far from an inconvenience, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the cultural event as it's a lot different to our english weddings.

The rooms were comfortable and better than what I expected considering the very low price we paid to stay there. As for cleaning, the maids were never out of our rooms! I was very impressed.

Overall I would love to go back to this hotel and hopefully will do sometime this year!

  • Holiday details: Nov 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Romance of Turkey

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10 / 10
my self and my husband got a late...

"my self and my husband got a late deal to the beach club doganay. we found it to be very clean and 90 per cent of the staff to be very nice. the hotel and the food was very good for the price we payed and we have payed a lot more in some hotels in england and had a lot worse food and service. i think the hotle is not use to a lot of english visitors but i think that will change as more english people start to use the hotel. we had such a nice time we are going back for 2 weeks this year at the end of march. i can not wait to go back the only thing i wish they the staff could learn a little more english but we were luckey we mad friends with one of the staff and his english was ok. we were all so there last year as the wedding was being held i found it very nice to watch and it made a graet part to my holiday video."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Lastminute

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Address: Gerpelit Mevkii Konakli, Alanya, Turkey