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Never Again

"Just returned from a 9 day Pacific Island cruise, what a joke, everything that was promised in the ad, never existed, room was tiny with stains everywhere, never saw our cabin steward, had to call them 3 times to get them to come and separate our queen bed to 2 singles as requested when booking. The food was terrible the windjammer restaurant the food was always covered in flies with staff walking around zapping them, food was tasteless and just plain weird, unless you were happy to eat a hamburger every day. The so called 5 star restaurant Wow not much I can say about that it would take too long lets just say more like minus 5 stars. If you want a can of soft drink well it's always served warm with a dirty pair of red lipstick prints left on the tumbler they give you. No shows just some local musicians and the odd dancer here and there, no fridge in the room so your bar fridge is the cupboard filled with warm beer and soft drink. And the casino well I have never been to a casino that no matter how much you bet on a poker machine you always win 50 cents that place is like a money vacuum cleaner and get this the kids are aloud to run through the casino, they get to play bingo for free and take home the winnings even though others have paid $33 a game to play and their curfew is at 1am which means that there were a lot of kids running around screaming and not to forget the drunken hooligans that were also allowed to get away with aggressive behavior through the whole cruise making people feel uncomfortable when ever they were around because in the 9 days never saw security anywhere. OMG I could go on and on and I am having a rant because I have 1 holiday a year from work and I like to cruise and in all the other cruise lines I have tried this one was the biggest waste of money the biggest disappointment with all it's false advertising and hidden costs. So if you like being around aggressive drunks, screaming kids until 1am, losing weight from starvation, and hundreds of dollars lighter then this is the cruise for you as for me I will stick to Princess cruises from now on."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2016, Booked Independently

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4 / 10

"We have taken several cruises with Royal. Our current level is Platinum.

We have also take cruises with several other cruise companies.

This review refers to a ten day cruise beginning in Singapore and ending in Hong Kong.

The ship is older. I have taken the Legend and the same class ship cruises on previous occasions with good results.

The Good:

Itinerary was interesting. We liked Singapore, Bangkok, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Restaurant Service (main dining was good)

Housekeeping was also quite good.

The entertainment, although not the best, was not bad from our American point of view. Our British shipmates did not seem to enjoy it as much as we did.

The Bad:

The main dining food approached the level of a “Golden Corral” but well below “Cracker Barrel”. If you wanted better food it was cruising Al a Cart. The food was better but the preparation (below average) was the same. The other venues went down from there. They should not attempt either French or Italian; they have no talent for it. We did not use any of the specialty restaurants.

On board services seemed to be clueless as to how to handle any problem.

The Ugly:

We called maintenance several times. Our shower made noise while we were at sea and had a bad odor. No one ever seemed to come.

Embarkation was a senseless game of musical chairs that was not the fault of the immigration officials.

Our debarkation tour (tour then hotel drop off) was canceled after we boarded the ship. This of course left us no time to make other arrangements. On board services as previously stated was clueless and offered another drop-off point in the city (not near the hotel with our bags in tow). Luckily for us, the cab service from the cruise terminal (after a 20 minute line) was good and our hotel (we called in advance) let us go into our room early (for additional rent of course).

Royal was our go to cruise company.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Eat at the on shore restaurants.
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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3 / 10
Legend Of Seas Tight "A" Cruises

"A very disappointing cruise ship. Did a 11 day cruise and there was a new problem each day. Supervision by staff at meal times in windjammer was very poor. Passengers refusing to wash hands and staff allowed them to get away with it, people pick up food from the servers with the hands and putting the food straight into their mouth, passengers taking 15 fried eggs and leaving none in server. On specialty lunch passenger pig out on spare ribs two plates full and other passengers having to wait while more brought. The meals in the dining room were not up to the standard of other cruises. I nearly thought that they made it that way so you went to the paid restaurants for meals. The TV ran the same movies for 11 days some movies running at least 3 times during the day. Having shore excursion changed on us and not told of the changes. Four of us given 3 different dessert menus for same meal. The entertainment was ever good or real poor not the variety of other cruise lines. The cabin was very worn out, brackets holding draws falling off and just run down. Ship board guides not knowing the way off the ship and had to double back on two occasions. Wording on shore excursions deceiving island hopping did not mean going to different island but going to 3 different spots along the same beach very poor and a rip off. Given no departure form to fill out had to go to Guest Services Desk to find out about departure procedure. The workers were very friendly and some were extremely good but there seemed to be a lack of leadership and procedures to make sure that the small things were done properly on the ship. Impression was to spend the least amount of money on the passengers and to give them "Just A Cruise" rather than a quality cruise. As one passenger said to me and they were regular cruisers " If this was your first cruise on a Royal Caribbean Ship you would not go back" There were some good experiences, the happy staff, some good shore excursions, the day time activities put on by the ship which was plenty and varied. Would definitely think twice before going on another Legends of the Sea cruise and if this is the standard of Royal Caribbean cruises then they have probably lost us as passengers as we will go with a company that puts more effort into looking after the passengers."

  • Holiday details: Nov 2015, booked with Travel Agent
  • Advice: Do not sail on Legends of the Sea

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2 / 10
Legend of The Seas - Very disapointing

"Just returned from an 11 night Baltic cruise sailing from Copenhagen to Stockholm. Our experience was not memorable. Even thought the ship was refurbished in 2013, one would be hard-pressed to notice what was refurbished. The ship shows its age. Our major complaint was the heavy stench throughout common area that started in Riga and continued for about 6 days. When we asked the Guest Services Personnel about the problem, we were told that the smell emanates from the water at the terminal. Only after we pressed one of the workers cleaning out the sewer system, he told us that the septic tank was not working correctly. We would have appreciated a frank response. As far as food, there was plenty of it but "same old, same old", unless you love stake 7 days a week. Restaurants are open very limited hours and good forbid you want to eat after 9:00 pm, you would have to order room service. In St. Peters burg we came back to ship after 9, I ordered room service. It took the 1 hour and 25 minutes to bring food. The food was cold and french-fries actually had ice on them. They forgot to deep fry them. It was awful. We spent 3 days in Russia, and it would have been nice to have some Russian food on the menu. I was not impressed by food selection at all. Before sailing, I ordered flowers for my wife's birthday, but flowers never came. After waiting all day, I had to track down the head of housekeeping only to be told that they forgot to load the flowers on the ship. How about giving me "heads-up", so I can buy flowers in the port? Wireless internet was a joke. There was no reception in the cabin only in public areas, and if you were lucky enough to connect, you were not able to make phone calls since the speed was slow. I thought that this is 21st century. Don't even talk to me about entertainment. Most of it was done buy what seems like a crew member that has another function during the day and entertained in the evening. "Not Ready for Prime Time". Sorry to say. I will not travel on RCI again..."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2014, booked with Vcations to Go

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4 / 10
Breakfast & lunch awful!

"Overall the ship was very nice. Our room with balcony was lovely. Dinner at night was great.

What spoilt the trip was breakfast and lunch. A free for all and using plastic plates and cultlery.

Expected a lot more from such a fancy ship. If I wanted to go on a picnic I would have not paid so much for a cruise.

Free for all for a table. Could never eat breakfast together, as one had to stay behind to mind table.

Had to get own tea/coffee out of a machine with a plastic cup. Yuk.

This spoilt my whole trip.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
Amazing Royal Caribbean

"Really pleased to see the good review given to Legend of the seas Asia cruise, as myself and my husband will be doing the same trip in August. This will be our second time on Legend and have been on 5 of the other Royal Caribbean ships. Every one has been excellent. Our last one was Independance of the seas and it was unfaultable, yet there were people spending hours queuing up at the reception to complain about the most minor things. We have come to the conclusion that some people will want to moan about anything, no matter how good it is.These people might put off first time cruisers which is a real shame. I was worried the first time after reading negative reviews but know different now. Anyone considering a holiday with Royal caribbean should ignore them and find out how amazing it is for yourself."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
Ignore ALL bad reviews - go and try it!

"We have just returned from our very first cruise, having spent 13 nights in the Far East on Legend of the Seas. On the basis of this we are now firm converts to cruising and think that this ship is EXCELLENT (and I would have been the first person to complain - if there had been anything to complain about!. Reading some of the more recent reviews, I begin to wonder if we were on the same ship!!! It was extrememly clean (and continually being cleaned), there were NO bad smells, the food in both restaurants was excellent in both choice and quantity and the staff could not have been more friendly or attentive. I would urge anyone thinking of trying this ship to ignore adverse comments and GO AND TRY IT! We did and came away thrilled from start to finish."

  • Holiday details: Nov 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
two star ferry

"my husband and i are just back from asia ports were great but the ship was appalling dirty the smell in the public areas was a disgrace the food in the windjammer was at best luke warm disgusting the main resturant was no better at best school dinners could not even get a baked potato service very bad could not get out off resturant before 11 at night we never got to see a show as started at 7.15 for second sittings not enough bar staff regularly ran out of beer our room 6084 was dirty shower useless as shower head kept swinging round the so called mini bar was 6 cans of assorted juices sitting on dressing table which was small to start with this ship needs to be fully refurbished or sank"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, full board, booked with future travel
  • Advice: dont travel on this ship

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8 / 10
E Med & Egypt

"A brilliant introduction to cruising. Excellent ship, staff, room and food. Bit of a culture shock at first, as some of the programme was somewhat in your face and rather American. Once we got the hang of things and began to enjoy the cruise we realised just how good it really was. One duff meal out of 12 days. Didn't like the constant hard sell or the 15% gratuity added to every drink! Selling bottled water at 5 dollars a bottle for excursions was another no no, you get it free on the coaches! Excellent trips, reasonable value, book in advance to avoid the crowds on board. Huge amount to see and take in and you get to enjoy the odd day at sea as you tend to suffer from culture overload with a different port every day. Avoid the recommended shops, much too dear. Best place for jewellery was Turkey by far, avoid the carpet salesmen. Haggle for everything, no matter how small, we got some amazing bargains. Visit the pyramids but hang on to all your bags and don't talk to anyone - or you'll get charged for even looking at the beggars.On board shows were reasonable, two were terrible (butlins level) and two were excellent (west end quality) rest passable. Plenty to do from enlightenment talks to bingo.

Well worth the money and glad we did it

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, booked with iglu

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10 / 10
It was very nice...

"It was really very nice trip.We went turkey.It was really amazing.Everybody have to visit Kusadasi(ephesus and virgin mary) and communucation isnt very diffucult.You can go with special tours of transport service.I can recommend one transport service.its Kusadasi Transport.Their webpage : http://www.kusadasitransport.com . Their prices very good and they are very proffesional.You have to visit virgin mary definitely.There is very mystic place.Thank you very much to legend of the seas for show me kusadasi..."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Booked Independently

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5 / 10
Mediterranean Cruise - Italy/Croatia

"The itinerary was as good as we expected and in general we had a very enjoyable holiday. Ports visited were Civitavecchia (Rome), Portofino, Livorno (Pisa/Florence), Messina, Split, Venice, Dubrovnik and Naples. However, Royal Caribbean did not live up to our expectations. The ship was clean and well maintained and for the most part the staff were pleasant and helpful. On the downside the food in the Windjammer cafe was, at best, mediocre and all that was available to eat after 9pm was unappetising pizza, burger or fries from the indoor poolside bar. The quality of the food in the main restaurant was sometimes excellent but could be poor on occasion.

The entertainment was not of the highest standard and there was not much in the way of organised activities. The advertised card room had been turned into a lounge which was available only to those who had paid extra for concierge services and it appeared to be unoccupied for most of the time. The result of this was that the library was overcrowded and was used mostly for game playing by those lucky enough to find a table. Do not go on this ship expecting organised card games, such as bridge, or to be able to have a quiet read in the library.

Having said all that, the main reason that I would be loath to venture on another Royal Caribbean cruise is the feeling that they were out to get as much return per passenger as possible during the cruise. I am told that this way of operating is spreading to other cruise companies. I suspect that it is to allow them to advertise very competitive headline rates but to recover income elsewhere. If this is the case, I think my cruising days may be numbered. I would rather pay more up front to avoid the risk of poor quality and the feeling of being ripped off! Some examples were:-

1. Alcohol Policy – This states that no alcohol should be brought on board and it is rigorously enforced by scans and searches on boarding the ship at each port of call. The suggestion is that this policy was introduced for health and safety reasons. If that is the case then why do they not allow duty free alcohol purchased on board to be taken to your cabin? I have little doubt that it is really to ensure that there is no alternative but to purchase overpriced drinks at the bars on board.

2. Shuttles – A $5 each way charge was made to get from the ship to the nearest town at several of the ports of call. I would have expected such shuttles to be provided as a complimentary service.

3. Excursions – While we had no real complaints about the quality of the few organised excursions we booked, the prices were very much on the high side. This also extended to the cost of taking a coach from Civitavecchia to Rome at the end of the cruise. We paid about €5 each for the train whereas coach tickets were advertised by Royal Caribbean at $85 per person.

While some may consider these to be minor complaints it was hard to avoid the feeling that the main objective was to maximise revenue and profits by any means possible. Nevertheless we did enjoy the holiday overall and I suppose you take your choice and pay your money!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
This was our very first cruise and it...

"This was our very first cruise and it didn't disappoint. From start to finish we had a wonderful time. First of all the cabins, we had upgraded to a category 8A with a private balcony and it was quite large with everything you could want. The beds are to die for they were so comfortable. The food catered for everyone with plenty of choice and the waiters in the Truffles Dining Room in the evening were wonderful, every night they (tried) to give us a song which had the restaurant in uproar, on our last night they sang leaving on a jet plane which had the men in stitches and the ladies a little tearful. Outside on the sundeck the sunbeds were plentiful, although the childrens pool was a little noisy as most of the entertainment took place through the day when the ship was at sea so we went to the adult pool which was much quieter. The ports visited were Grand Cayman, Roatan, Belize and Cozumel, At Cayman we did the Island Tour ($52 each) which we didn't rate as it was boring but our friends did the sub-marine trip which they really enjoyed and Seven Mile Beach looked amazing, at Roatan we did our own thing and took a taxi to a beach costing us $25 dollars ($40 on ship) and had a lovely day, Belize was awful, don't know why the ship goes there, if you do visit Belize go on an organised trip with the ship as we were told afterwards that Belize is lovely you just need to know the right places to visit. At Cozumel we went horseback riding in the Mayan ruins ($99each) not much of them to see but enjoyed the day there. You can't go wrong at night to find good entertainment, the singers in Satchmo's Bar were fabulous and by the end of the cruise we had become firm friends. The only fault was the air conditioning , you can control it in you stateroom which was fine but in the public area's it was kept too cold. Bar prices were very similar to pub prices here, a little more expensive in your cabin, in all we spent around $1000 in the week for two of us which also included $300 in trips, we didn't skimp so we didn't think it was too bad, this also included a reservation at the supper club $30 each which we didn't think was any better than in the main restaurant. All in all we had a fabulous time and would certainly recommend it."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Western Caribbean, booked with Archers Direct

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