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2 / 10
I would not go back

"I would love to give this hotel a good review but I just can't. The food was really bad, it was cold floating on grease and just tasted wrong. The rooms were basic but very clean had no air con or heating so if its hot you bake and if its cold you'll freeze. The staff in general are grumpy and don't want to welcome you or make your holiday a pleasant experience. I went for four days with my fiancé, it was the first time I've done 3star and its put me off for life, I've seen people give this place 8,9,and 10/10 all I can say to that is if you live in a dump you'll appreciate this place. I would say you get what you pay for but I don't think I did. I also got food poisoning at the Sorra d'or and I wasn't the only one I spoke to at least four other holiday makers who got the same. Having the train station outside was a godsend as I spent 2 of my 4 days in Barcelona.It really depends what your used to at home as to wether you'll like this place back home in the UK this would be a 1star hotel.

There is no entertainment despite having a board full of activities it's a myth!!!

The pool is tiny and cold and only half of the pool ever catches the sunlight. So poor food, rude staff, no entertainment and uncomfortable single beds in a double room lol. Pillows were wafer thin oh and a five minuet walk to the hotel with your

bags from the drop off point. I never complain but I really do not recommend this hotel to anyone with decent standards.

The beach was nice but there was no activities, no jet ski's, no banana boat, no speed boat, no parachute no nothing and you have to pay 5euros for the sun lounger.

Age's 29 & 34

  • Holiday details: Jun 2013, booked with On the beach
  • Advice: Take money to eat out, be prepared to travel for entertainment, take advantage of the train to Barcelona, drink lots of alcohol and forget about how bad things are
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Relaxing hoilday, would go back.

"Three star hotel, five star holiday. My friend and I stayed here late sept2012, pool didn't get any sun. Went back late may-june2013 with my family, sun on pool, much better. Food basic but good and plenty of it, room clean, but our air-con and bathroom fan didn't work. Nice decor in hotel. Staff very friendly. Good location away from the main batch of hotels, not far from shops. Train stops outside hotel, but didn't bother us. Half an hour on train to Barcelona. Great glass bottom boat trip up the coast. Not far from a water park. Great holiday for relaxation. Not suitable for teenagers as it's too quiet. Beach good but falls away quickly into sea all the way up the coast. So as a none swimmer, I wouldn't go into sea. We all enjoyed our holiday"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2013, booked with Sherrings and LowCost Holidays
  • Advice: Malgrat is a lovely small Spanish town. Very nice plaza just outside the hotel, nice place to sit in the evening.
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Nice Hotel Lovely Holiday

"This is a Very Nice Hotel.The food was good/hot.The drinks especially the lager,not so good.The staff were Friendly.Rooms clean and cleaned every day.The only gripe is some of the other holidaying Brits who hadn't been all inclusive before and whinged constantly about almost everything.Some of them went AI and never ate or drank in the hotel??(yes i know)not that they didn't like any of the food/drink as they hadn't even tried any!!but'the chicken+chips down the road was to die for'!Some of the other miserable Brits were the type of people who don't know how to'go on'in hotels/restaurants or around other holiday people so complained and moaned,and just moped around the hotel,saying things like 'We would never come back to this hotel ever'after their 1st day!!I honestly think these types of people go on holiday just to say back home 'We've just come back from Spain'!Look at us!The worst thing was trying to avoid these people which was difficult to do,as they would 'seek' you out.So keep away from moaning Brits and i guarantee you will enjoy your stay at this Hotel/Resort.Happy Holidaysxx"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
great holiday

"Just returned from Sorro Dor Hotel,had a great week,yes you had to walk a little way to get to the hotel from the coach but your cases were took there for you.The food was ok but could have been warmer, the room was basic but spotless and the staff were very friendly especially the bar staff.There was no entertainment as such and this lets the hotel down a little but sitting outside in the warm air with new made friends made up for this. The train station was opposite so no excuse not to go places and the local markets had some great bargains.

If your looking for a cheap holiday all inclusive you could do much worse than the Sorro Dor.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Shearings
  • Advice: Be prepared to make your own entertainment.
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Good place to stay

"We stayed here for 10 days on an all inclusive,the hotel is situated down a street,5 min walk from bus drop off,and next to the railway station.

For us the train station was a added bonus as we intended using the train it goes all thee way down the coastline into Barcelona.

As for the hotel it was very clean and well situated you are yards from sandy beach.

We never really had any complaints until we got to end of week with regards to bottled water,as we were all inclusive the water stopped,there reason being, they now gone into there winter and bottled water stopped and could only be obtained by the cup at the bar ??????? We are still trying to work it out.

The food was plentiful,but found it was not very hot on a number of occasions,the snacks in the mid day session i would say was not good especially the chips,if ya wanted hot put in microwave.

We also noticed the food is recyclable what was left over one day turned out the next day in batter or relished in garlic,but on a whole would give food a 6 out of ten.

We found some of the staff good and helpful,especially desk staff,but there were a couple of bad ones,but you will spot them straight away.

I would suggest you get a safety deposit box and not leave anything of value lying in room,we had 3 incidents of theft whilst there, not us personally other guests,an i phone,a pair of earings,and a coin wallet,but the management were not easy to talk with apparently.

On a whole i would go back to this hotel as it was a lovely stay but if management of this hotel are viewing this review have a word with your staff on rudeness as some of you staff let the rest down.

Should anyone go here look out for the dining room clearer a lovely go happy chap he really made us feel welcome and he is one of the happiest chaps i have ever met,you cant miss him he shines out above the rest.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, booked with lowcostholidays
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks

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9 / 10
Had a laugh want to go again

"everthin is basic but thats what you pay for food is more than eadable as i know im a chef you will get fussy people moaning about it ignore them they are just make the most of a cheap holiday

pool a bit small an gets really humid quiet busy in august with families so went the beach most days over the road really comfotable nice sea breaze beach bar serves bear an water for inclusive guests

als get get a massage off the chinease women on the beach about 10 euro

drinks went down well not big glases just ask for 2 we gave the bar staff our change every day for there tips an got served befor most other guests when busy from our bar stools

had a laugh an relaxed

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: loved it
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
would not go back

"thought i was going to get a week away to relax turned out completely different. got to the hotel booked in all ok. got to the room had a double bed when had asked for a twin room. very basic room. found out our balcony door wouldnt lock so went and complained to reception they said they would get it sorted, bit later on balcony door still wasnt sorted reception had told us it was fixed clearly wasnt, asked for a free safety deposit seeing as our door wouldnt lock but wouldnt give us one free so had to keep everything locked in suitcase and take suitcase keys with us everywhere. miserable reception staff really unhelpful. Upside the bar staff are so friendly and is a nice location right on the beach with a small presinct of shops. food was discusting barely ate on my stay there bought crisps from the shop."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
Would not go back

"Me my partner and our 2yr old went to Sorra Dor Hotel in September. I no its quite late in the year and they shut in a few weeks but it could have been better. We went from girona by transfer which left us at the end of the street with no directions. Got to the hotel got key and went to room. Room basic but very clean. It had no air con but was wat i payed for some where to sleep and shower. My view was into another veranda in the corner but not all rooms like that there was lovely beach front rooms and pool views. Went for lunch and it was terrible cold burgers and hot dogs just lying in grease for snacks cold chips and stuff for sandwiches. My child ate nothing went down for dinner everything cold. Pasta, salad, fish and pork not any of these tasted of anything. I have been all inclusive where food has been cold bt 2 mins in microwave and it lovely. Not here put food in microwave and it tasted disgusting. I spent 400 euro on eating out for the week. Said to the man on reception that my child hadn't ate because the food was not nice and he told me kids go free and walked away. I had payed full price for him. We spent the whole week at beach and at night in santa sussana with our child no entertainment on 3 night out of 4 and the 4 nights it was on it was a man playing music. Absolutely nothing for kids to do as pool was frozen. The hut on beach for drinks were shut. There were a few ppl complain wen i was there. Would not recommend to anyone but especially not families."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Everything I expected

"I felt obliged to leave a review after reading so many negative on other sites. People, its all inclusive, you are probably paying about £5 a day for 3 meals, snacks and drinks! Why are you expecting 5* cuisine? The food was edible, if you arent keen on whats on offer, theres chips and bread, what can go wrong with that? yeah, its repetitive, but if its variety you want, then why go all inclusive?

The bar was nice, the staff friendly considering they were probably sick of drunk foreigners speaking anything from Spanish, English, French, Dutch and German!

The bedrooms fit their purpose, I could shower and change there and of course sleep. I was at the bar most of the time so i expected nothing more.

The pool area was a bit crowded, but the beach is a stones throw away and their is a massive courtyard area if you want to sit and chill in the sun.

If youve been all inclusive before, then you know what you expect, if you havent, either dont have high expectations or go self catering.

Thanks for reading.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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9 / 10
Excllent just got back from their today 13/08/10

"I'm going to break down this review as much as possible as I feel this hotel is worthy of it.

To get to this hotel you have two choices of airports either Girona (that I used) or Barcelona I am told that if you get a Taxi from Girona you can expect to pay about 55 euros as its about a 40 min journey we used resort hoppa who were just fine. if your landing in Barcelona you can get to right outside the hotel for under 4 euros per person this is because the hotel is right outside the train station entrance/exit you will need to get a train which goes to blanes/macqnet and its about and 1 hour and 20 min journey to Malgrat del mar where the hotel Sorra Dor is.

now if you are going to this hotel by bus you will be dropped of up the road which is about a 5 min walk the hotel is hidden at the end of the tourist shops the hotels entrance is actually located around the corner of the building the first sign of the hotel is the outside bar called bar sorra d'or.

now the Hotel itself if you walk into main entrance its self you will be greeted like most hotels check is at 1pm.

I think its important to state I was suprised by how many Spanish people stayed here which for me is very reassuring because if the locals use it, it must be good they hosted quite alot of different countries the ones I saw were British, French, Germans/Dutch, Spanish and Polish (there was probably more but that's all I could make out.)

The rooms - we upgraded to a superior room (for an extra £10) and this gave us nicer rooms in a better area of the hotel and air con as standard. the rooms themselves are pretty basic but when ever I'm on holiday I'm always of the mindset that the bedroom in a hotel is literally for sleeping and showering which it catered for just fine. the room also has a safe which can be rented for a deposit of 10 euros for your stay which you get back after we didn't use this and all our stuff was fine never an issue with the cleaning staff once a day they come by and clean up and just to add the rooms have a TV mostly with Spanish channels and a lovely balcony.

Pool - probably the biggest let down of this whole hotel fairly small in size for a hotel which has over 400 rooms+

you have to get up early to get sun beds in the only area of the pool which gets any sun which is the side closet to the restaurant. the pool is not heated so it will be quite a shock when you first jump in they do have nice shower and toilet facilities by the pool.

Beach - to get to the beach you have to go under the train lines its not hard to get to if you come out of the main entrance of the hotel and turn left you will soon see an underpass which when you come out at the top you will see a beach bar (which if you are going all inclusive you can get drinks from saving you going back and forth to the hotel). the beach is made up of rough sand and small stones which after two days hurt my feet but the sea was beautiful and if you swim about 5m out with some goggles you will see some lovely fish.

They do have sun beds but you have to rent them from the local vendors at 4 euros each for the whole day and you can rent the boats they have for 15 euros for an hour (you need to bring your passport for the time your out on sea they give it right back after)

Service - whilst I was there any time I had a question or a request it was met with a smile I didn't have much to ask for.

Dining - I will include drinks into this as well, food if you are all inclusive is served from 8am - 10am for breakfast which is the same thing every day eggs bacon, 3 types of sausage, beans, cold meats and cheese, toast and cereal and you can get hot and cold drinks on a self service basis from the machines at either end of the room.

11 am - 12.30pm they serve snacks which is once again the same every day, burgers, hot dogs, chips, bread rolls, cold meats and cheese. From this point on the coffee machine is turned off and the self service bar is open serving beer, wine and soft drinks all which you help yours self when your ready.

1pm - 3pm is lunch which changes daily bar a few items every day you can always have fresh salad and a selection of carrot and beetroot and a varying dishes of salad/healthy option foods. They also change on a daily basis the hot section which normally includes two meat dishes an two fish dishes some form of potato and some hot nibbly bits mostly aimed at the kids (fish fingers etc)

3.30pm - 6pm more snacks as above

7pm - 9pm - dinner the same as lunch apart from the hot food changes again so you never have the same food twice.

there is a lot of choice on offer here I always found some way to keep me happy with the food I ate but keep in mind this is not a 5 star hotel you will get what you pay for. I generally enjoyed the food with the odd "oh this is a bit bland" but overall I enjoyed it also worth a mention is the Ice creams they have in their are unlimited so great for kids.

Main bar - opens from 10am to 11pm they serve most of the drinks such as beer, rum, brandy, sangria, cocktails, soft drinks, tea, coffee and wines there is a list at the bar of what all inclusive gets you be aware though they use large measurements for drinks so you will be drunk quickly.

Hotel entertainment - the one thing worse than the pool, every night from 8.30 - 9 they have a kids disco then from 9 - 11 is the adults disco the kids disco is the same songs every night and the adults disco is not far off but they take requests and if they have it they will play it. thats really about all I saw from the hotel entertainment side they guys from animation did a good enough job of trying to get people involved but you get the feeling they have a very small budget so find it hard to be able to get anything going.

Amenities - as stated there is a beach 2 min walk away right outside the train station so you have easy links with Barcelona they have all the usual tourist shops selling towels, pool equipment, hair braiding, local mini market, few bars all which you would expect from a touristy area, if you are buying anything towel etc wise always haggle we got a pair of Spanish shoes from 24.95 to 7.95 if your good at haggling you can grab some bargains.

I think I have given the best description I can of this hotel if any one wants to know anything more about the hotel or area feel free to e-mail me at and I will answer any question you have.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with lowcost holidays

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2 / 10
what a NIGHTMARE!!!!

"Ok where do i start, myself husband and our 5 year old were really looking forward to this holiday, ok we read the reviews but thought we would see for ourselves!We was put in a room facing a back street,we had young groups on our block, no problem if we was on our own but the fact that our 5 year old never slept the night due to the groups shouting to one another across the balconies was madenin!! we complained first thing in the morning, but guess what they didnt give a ****!! after 2 days we was moved to a sea view room, this still was noisey but nothing like the previous room, the locals seemed to be out till 6.30 am drinking and walking the streets, very uncomfortable feeling... the FOOD, MINGIN, we had to eat out, we found a English bar called Legends,friendly welcome and great food and good prices, if we didnt find this bar we would be dead through hunger!food in the hotel, fatty burgers and hard sliced potatoes, i think we managed one meal in the hotel, that was chips and very thin sliced pork. my daughter managed to eat fresh tomatoes.. Staff very rude, they didnt care at all never smile all in all uncomforable.. would i go again? Yes but not to that hotel i would go self catering as all inclusive in this hotel is not worth it. the pool was ok if you could get a sun bed, the sun only shines on one side of the pool."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with on the beach
  • Advice: Dont do it

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8 / 10
Spotlessly clean

"Me and my partner had a week all inclusive at this hotel,the hotel is spotlessly clean and is a stones throw from the beach.The main meals were very good with a great selection of food,the snacks were disappointing though with burgers and hot dog sausage,cold meats, cheese,lettuce and tomato every single day.I think what i missed was when i've been all inclusive in the past i could get toasties,pizzas etc from the pool bar but all meals here where served in the restaurant. The beach is 2 minutes walk away under a subway and as you come up the other side there is a beach bar which is great as it's part of the hotels all inclusive.There is always a life guard on duty at the beach,the sand is very gritty so be careful when going in the sea,also be careful as there are pretty big dips in the sea itself and you can easily lose your footing.

The train station is right on your doorstep but passing trains didn't bother us at all.

The food at the hotel finished at 9pm which was a bit of a pain cos when i've had a few drinks i always get the munchies and had to buy food from the take away just across the road,once again in the past when i've been all inclusive i could get food up til midnight.

The rooms are basic but clean but have no air conditioning,the only time that i could sleep was out on the balcony.

We arrived at this hotel on a Tuesday and could see a huge difference at the weekend of how much busier and noisier it had got,i think we were leaving at the right time but i know that this is expected most places at this time of year.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Spotlessly clean
  • Good For: Beach

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  • by Claire Haigh

    " Market on thrusday and Barcelona "

  • by john and legs

    " location is clean,many restaurants and bars, beach close by just sand is gritty "

  • by Harley

    " Great location fo barcelona and surrounding areas "

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