Playa Bella Apartments

Carrer de Jaen, 2 ses Fontanelles, Ibiza 07830, Spain
7.5  / 10
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9 / 10
Great family hotel

"These apartments are by no means 5* but they don't claim to be! We have just returned from a great 12 night stay myself, husband, 2chid 11 & 8 and I honestly could not fault a thing! We arrived at 9pm and check in was straight forward with no complications and then the bit where you hold your breath when u enter your room... Needing have worried tho 1bed apartment with sea view (unfortunately some half built hotels to the side of us they were easily forgotten about) room was refurbished with a fab shower and spotlessly clean. We went HB and food was fab and having your breakfast by the beach everyday was great yes the evening menus were a bit limited for the children but not for adults and the staff worked very hard and spoke really good English and very pleasant. We didn't eat here all the time as wanted to sample some of the restaurants. Entertainment on a nighttime was sometimes really good and sometimes average but it is what u would expect and the waiters & waitresses are really nice and pleasant (especially Mel) drinks are reasonably priced and are strong! Pool area is great for the kids although I think slip mats are needed by the splash pool as kids slipped everyday and I have wrote this in my comments as I checked out! Now sunbeds well it was a total hoot how this was managed but I have got to say it works as no getting up at ridiculous hours like 7am ! The man with the golden key does not open them till 8.30! On the whole we had a great 1st time holiday in Ibiza and you get what you pay for so don't b expecting a five star property."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, booked with Jet2
  • Advice: Don't expect 5* when u haven't paid for it this is a good family hotel.
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
If you like COCKROACHES stay here!

"2013 was our 4th visit to the Playa Bella Apartments… sadly it will be our last.

As a couple in our twenties this was our 5th time to Ibiza (veterans) and 4th at the Playa Bella. As seasoned guests we always request a top floor pool view room. Top floor because there’s less traffic walking past your door so quieter and pool side because the alternative is road side which is considerably noisier. The past 2 years when we’ve booked with Thomas Cook & Thomson this has never been a problem and has always been sorted no fuss and last year we were even lucky enough to get a newly refurbished room.

Arriving in the early hours of Saturday morning we collect our keys… first floor, road side facing opposite the 24 hour shop, in one of the non-refurbished rooms (an old room is a bit of a disappointment after staying in a new room last year), great start. I can only imagine the big operators get the nice new rooms, maybe my mistake was not to book Thomas Cook or Thomson this year. Straight away I ask to have a different room only to be told to wait until the morning. First night 4 hours broken sleep waking every 10 minutes to constant noise. On Saturday morning I go to reception and ask to change rooms only to be told by the plump Spanish man on reception that I can’t, no effort to see if any rooms were free, no customer service nothing, whatever I would have asked the answer would have been NO. Seconds later the helpful English receptionist who works there pops her head round the corner and says she will look into it but we have to wait until Monday morning . I made a point of mentioning it was our 4th visit in the hope some sort of loyalty would be rewarded, no chance. So after arriving in the early hours of Saturday morning we have to spend 2 full days living out of our suitcases not knowing whether we’re going or staying in our room. Ear plugs purchased.

On Monday we are moved to a 2nd floor pool facing room, while the location is better the room is just as tired and run down as the previous. We accept this and get on with the holiday, spending as little time in the room as possible and as a matter of principle we also spend no time at the hotel pool, bars, restaurants etc and as a result we collectively spent €0 at the hotel as a gesture of good will for our fine room. Fortunately we had friends staying at the Marina Palace Apartments just a 10 minute walk up the road, which are much nicer and surprisingly cheaper!

On Tuesday while perched on the throne dropping the kids off at the pool the biggest COCKROACH I’ve ever seen scuttles along the bathroom floor. Immediately we call reception and tell them to sort it. The room was not dirty (just incredibly worn and in need of refurbishment) so I wasn’t sure why this cockroach had chosen our room. After looking around I discover the reason he/she has a free pass to our room via the whopping great hole in the wall where the water pipes enter/leave the room. Reception send a cleaner up with a can of bug spray, by this time the cockroach is long gone into hiding. Again every effort is made to get the hell out of the grotty little room and spend as little time there as possible. When you’ve seen cockroaches freely walking around your room the last thing you want to do is sleep in it until you know the fu&%@rs are dead. By now images of cockroaches crawling into my mouth in my sleep emerge. Later that day I notice the hole in the wall has been sealed, fingers crossed no more cockroaches.

By now all faith and confidence the hotel have built with us is destroyed. Simple maintenance jobs such as sealing hole in walls should be dealt with before paying guests check in, had this hole been sealed prior to our arrival I have no doubt the cockroach would never have got in our room.

A few points:

1. If anyone from the Playa Bella is reading this your rooms are tired and in desperate need of refurbishment.

2. We paid £400 for a week here, while this is by no means expensive, it’s also not cheap for Ibiza, on reflection this booking was not worth a penny over £200.

3. Take some ear plugs just in case you get a road facing room.

4. If you want help don’t ask the fat Spanish man on reception ask the English lady.

5. Don’t take your kids here unless they like sleeping and playing with cockroaches.

6. Behind every wall a cockroach is lurking!

In closing this was our most disappointing trip to the Playa Bella. As Ibiza veterans we will be back, just not at the Playa Bella, it’s been emotional but the love affair is over.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, booked with 2bookaholiday

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8 / 10
A great 2 weeks in Ibiza.

"Service and location both excellent,rooms spick and span, could not fault any service the playa bella supplied,, if u do need any help just contact Daniel at the reception...block 2 room 227."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Thumbs Down

"went to playa bella apts sept 2011, the only good thing about it was the pool other than that the rooms were dirty, the tiles in the room were cracked the cleaner came into our apt 1 time in a week and we went with a 1 year old who is in nappies and had to ask the cleaners every day to take the bin when they was asked they was very rude about it.the entertainment started at 10 everynight and went on until early hours of the morning very loudly.our door didnt lock properly and the air conditioning didnt work either overall completely disappointing for the money we spent!!!"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook

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3 / 10
Only go if you get it very very cheap and don't pay for half board

"Just got back from these apartments (27/8/11) and have to say we were extremely disappointed. On entering the apartment you are greeted with the back view of a very rusty microwave. The living area is quite small and on entering the bathroom you have to close the door to sit on the toilet as it is so tiny. We stayed in a 1bed apartment and, according to others, it was spacious compared to their tiny studios which were supposed to accomodate 2 adults and a cot.

The freezer door inside the fridge was hanging off. The toilet was not fixed properly and swayed everytime you sat on it. The bathroom tiling was clearly done in the late 70's with grout missing and black mould (pics to follow). The kitchen is supposed to have been spacious and 'designed with the self-catering family in mind' but it was less than 2 square metres, no oven and a two ring electric hob which I didn't bother to try to be honest. The living/bedroom area door naturally opened straight onto the corridor but ours was at the bottom of the stairs too, so it was very busy and noisy as the door barely fitted the frame and had large gaps. We were woken almost every day by the bins being emptied at 4am, and then at 5am with some kind of delivery van or one of the workers leaving on a quad bike. At the end of the week we had had very little sleep.

Do not pay for half board! We made the mistake of paying £14 each day for half board and the menu costs don't even warrant this. You don't get to choose off the main menu either. There is a 'special' menu for half board payers and it is very very limited in choice. One night my chicken was so overcooked that it looked like wood. The vegetables had plastic wrapping stuck to them. The sweets consisted of ice -cream (a small carton the size of a baby yoghurt), fruit (a slice of melon), sorbet and one other option which I can't remember but no doubt as dull. We had been told there were two restaurants to choose from but there was only the one so you had no option to eat there unless you went out and paid again elsewhere (which we did).

Sunbeds are not a huge problem as the staff monitor it. You can go down on the terrace to put towels on those at 8.30am. You can't put towels on the poolside beds until 9am and it's pot luck whether you get an umbrella as there aren't that many. We have been at worse places for this.

The bar area is straight on the side of the beach. This would be lovely if there wasn't some kind of sewage block there too. The smell made you heave at times as it wafted up off the beach. My friends had been here before and hadn't noticed it so I can only assume it was worse because it was so hot every day (32degrees). The entertainment was mostly fine and one night was very good (Emma-Samantha Double D's was very amusing). A couple of the acts failed to generate any enthusiasm though (a hypnotist and a black male singer I can't remember the name of). If you like family pubs, try the Mad Cow bar up the street behind the apartments. It's much cheaper and they have a free bull ride and bouncy castle for the younger ones and loads of pool tables and other amusements. They also play 60's to 80's music which suited me fine but perhaps not the younger ones. My 15yr old liked this bar a lot.

They sell you this hotel as being 'right on the beach'. What they don't tell you is that the beach is mostly rocky and very sharp, and extremely dirty. The Spanish use it as a doggy toilet and bathing area and I only wish I had my camera out when a chap actually stood and watched his dog poo in the sea right in front of the restaurant, and then swam in it himself! If you walk around the three building sites to the right of the hotel as you look at the sea, there is a better looking beach but it has some kind of health warning sign on it so we didn't bother to stay there either.

Just along the beach is the boat across to San Antonio. It cost you 2.50 euros each way and runs every half hour to midnight. Go across and watch the sunset from the sunset strip. The atmosphere was brilliant. Perhaps take your own drinks though as the bars were very expensive.

We wouldn't go back there at all, but I suppose if you get a mega cheap deal it would be nice for a week slightly out of season. Perhaps budget the 5euros a day to go across the bay though?

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, half board, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: If you have small children, the pool area is great for them.

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9 / 10
a must stay

"just like to say, have been to the play balla three times before and enjoyed my stay each time. public beach is a little narrow in places but, the water is warm and clear. the beach itself is clean and tidy. great bars and restrants and plenty of shops nearby for all those important little things that you would normally need or leave behind. would suggest you don't eat from the chinese, the food from the restrant is best. plenty of evening entertainment on the front, with shows of all

kind. the kids will love the parrot show.

the location could not be better at playa bella, with views over the bay. what with the hills in the distant and the town to the right, it is the perfect place to sit and relax on the beach in the evening with a drink watching the sun go down.

the town of san antonio is a short bus ride away, about 10 mins. if you rather walk into town, it will take about 20-30 mins. on the way you will walk past plenty of shops and bars not to mention beautiful beaches and the route into town is easy to follow. you could however go by boat, which is at the far end of the beach to the left. there at the pier, small boats from the town will ferry you to the town and back again for a small fee. they normally run well into the evening, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the town and not rush back.

in a nut shell, the playa bella has something for eveyone, from entertainment, bars, restrants great views and not fogetting all the staff who work hard to make your stay somthing special.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: take a trip on a glass bottom boat, a must do
  • Good For: Beach

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6 / 10
Nice hotel but no sun loungers!

"This was our second time at the hotel. On the whole it is a nice place to stay, basic rooms but clean, very child friendly and in a good location for the water taxi or to just walk to the restaurants and shops at the bay.

Staff at Playa Bella are great, one morning at around 6am there were some people being loud and talking outside our room. We phoned reception to tell them, to which they responded straight away by sending a member of staff up to the room to tell the people to be quiet, which worked.

The only downfall of this place, which was not like this 2 years ago was that if you were not up at 9am to get a sun lounger and umbrella around the pool, then you weren't going to get one for the whole day. As a group of 4 young people who went out into town most evenings, it's a real pain in the backside. In the end we were on a rota, taking it in turns to get up at 9am our loungers. It got a bit embarrassing at times, seeing and being one of the people hanging around the pool at 8:50am, ready to race for the lounger and umbrella. By doing this however, we were lucky to get both loungers and umbrellas for the whole 2 weeks we were there. For this reason howver, we won't be coming back as i like to sleep on my holiday, not get up by the alarm every morning- that's what work is for, not a holiday!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Self Catering, booked with First Choice

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4 / 10

"myself, partner and 2 children (1 and 4 yrs) stayed at these apartments for 1 week at the end of July 2010.

the nightmare began when we went down for breakfast at the apartments restaurant as we were staying half board. i would not recommend anyone to stay half board. the choice is very limited to the point were we had to eat the same thing everyday to get our moneys worth. It was either a full english or 2 toast to choose from at breakfast. and the evening menu isn't much better. you had to pay extras for anything else which we ended up doing most days.

when we decided to settle at the pool area we couldn't because evry single lounger was taken. therefore we decided to try the beach for the first day and go to the pool the following day but when we went down to the beach the kids could not even walk on it due to all the stones and rocks. and the beach loungers were 5 euros each with an extra 5 euros for a thankyou.

in the morning we decided to go down to the pool area at 9am (as they opened at 8.50am) to make sure that we definitely got loungers. how wrong was i. every loungers was gone by 9am... (10 mins?) yes. so day 1 and 2 were spent walking around the shops, very disappointing, especially for the kids. day 3, went down to pool before they opened the pool area. shock, horror, there were queues of people all around the pool area waiting for it to open. when they opened it everyone and i mean everyone ran as fast as possible to grab the loungers to put there towels down. it was an absolute joke. the parasols were locked in a box so again you had to stand in a huge queue to have any chance of getting one as they only had a small supply for the size of the pool area. we only manage to get one 3 days out of 7. not good when you have young kids. but finally after getting the loungers we could chill out at the poolside. oh no. we had the pleasure of being pestered to death by lucky lucky men every 15 mins. brilliant.

but maybe the half board evening meal and entertainment could make up for this. and guess what, no. we had to leave the pool area early just so we could go to our room, have showers and get ready for tea at 6pm to guarantee a table to eat it at. if it was past 7pm we had no chance. all tables were taken by then. the entertainment was good but there were loads of people who had to stand up to watch the evening entertainment on the footpath on the beachfront as there was not enough room for everyone. will we be returning? no.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, halfboard, booked with First Choice

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10 / 10
Exellent Holiday

"just back from two weeks stay at the playa bella, the staff are all friendly, entertainment is brilliant chip makes the kids and adults at home, with lots of places to eat in the complex you are spoilt for choice, the bar staff are also very friendly i would recommend this holiday to every one, our appartment was ecellent with a sea and pool view and loads of space. the new splash pool for the young kids is great."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, selfcatering, booked with Airtours
  • Advice: its a must for a good family holiday
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Fantastic apartments, gr8 staff

"Only home from a one week stay at the Playa Bella. For the fantastic price we paid these apartments were great!! I was one of 17 in our group and we all got great apartments! If anyone had any concerns reception responded within minutes of a telephone call! Restaurants within the complex offered great value for money and staff were again extremely helpful and friendly. Being so close to the water taxi across to San Antonio meant we were able to benefit from a quieter environment but also were able to travel to San Antonio for the night life.

Overall I would def recommend the Playa Bella as the staff, the rooms and the food was fantastic.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: San Antonio Bay is a beautiful place to stay.
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
Long reveiw, yet very accurate..

"Just got back from a weeks holiday at the Playa Bella, with my girlfriend..

We are both in our early 20's and on our arrival we found checking in, and the staff to be very easy and friendly..

We got lucky in the fact we got a perfect room location on the ground floor, next to the swimming pool, and 20-30 yards from the beach, which was great!

The room was ideal for the 2 of us, very basic but couldnt really moan. We had asked for a double bed, but had to settle for pushing 2 singles together..

You can get a decent fry up, from the one of the 4 surrounding restaraunts, also drinks, ice-creams, snacks etc..

So for a young couple this was pretty much perfect, as we were only a 10-15 minute water taxi ride from San Antonio which was only 2.50 each, one way..

However, as a young couple, I personally found the entertainment at night awful, with cheap caberat acts, bingo, and out dated music being sung every night. The beach which i mentioned earlier was very small, stunk, and had to pay for the privalige, 5 euro each just for a bed, and a further 5 if you want an umbrella. The plus point being that the pinet beach is just a 5 minute walk and that had everything from decent resteraunts, and water sports on offer and was also very clean!

But my main issues were the lack clean towels, and the room was only cleaned on our first and last days! Also being constantly pestered by the lucky-lucky men for hats, wallets etc was extremely annoying, but the worst was being offered drugs on your doorstep most nights, and finding them sitting on your terracing wall (as we were ground floor!)

So seeing as this was ment to be a family place i was very shocked that the hotel allowed this to go on!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, booked with travel republic

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10 / 10
just go

"Having read the reviews before I went I would say this site is very accurate. Apartments adequate entertainment very good 4 out of 7 nights, Excellent location wiyh enough to do at nights. You can get a boat to san antonio every half hour from 930 till midnight for 2 & half euros.Buses to ibiza town are less than 3 euros and it is easy to get anywhere on the island. The old tavern is a nice place to eat. Best beaches are a 10 minute stroll to the right. Loads of watersports available and the sunset in san antonio is well worth watching. Basically go you will enjoy it."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: enough for any age

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  • by rshort2006

    " amsterdam for choice, oasis bay for english cooking. "

  • by jenbo

    " oasis and millenium were best for eating and the ferry to san antonio "

  • by biggy

    " La Cantina which was across the bay, but also the nights at Eden and Pacha "

  • by Happy holiday makers Aug 10'

    " fantastic holiday especially if you have children, good safe beach and location "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " Good location, clean. Worth its 3 stars. "

  • by MCC

    " Get up at 8:50am for your sun lounger! Visit a resturant called "Relish", a couple of minutes down the road, lovely food and... "

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