Maspalomas Lago Bungalows

Avda Tour Operador Kuoni 25, Gran Canaria 38012, Spain
7  / 10
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1 / 10
I would highly recommend anyone...

"I would highly recommend anyone thinking of using this hotel to look elsewhere - the cockroaches are very lively and seem to find their way in to your room easily when doors and windows are closed.

I found the hotel staff to be unfriendly and ignorant to Scottish people. I would never go back to this hotel under any circumstances.

The taxis expect a tip and when you don’t give them it they don’t want to play ball - I asked for change from a taxi from 5 euro when the ride was 3 euro - the taxi driver a woman gave me my 2 euro change all in 2 cent coins.

This is not my imagination the locals don’t like tourists - they will smile when serving food but that is as far as it goes - what they forget is we give them a living in these hotels.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Self Catering, booked with Airtours

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8 / 10
We've just had a fantastic holiday...

"We've just had a fantastic holiday here (4 adults & 2 children), apartments are very clean, staff very friendly and welcoming along with other guests. You are not supposed to reserve sunbeds around the pool but if you cant beat them join them!!

Taxis are the cheapest and quickest way to travel around the area. We would recommend a visit to Purto De Mogan and the yellow submarine trip (you get there by bus).

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Self Catering, booked with MyTravel

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2 / 10
Arrived at 5 am and thought we had...

"Arrived at 5 am and thought we had arrived at a prisoner of war camp. Perhaps if we had the accommodation may have been better.

The main door would not lock and we had to leave our suitcase in front of it, the light in the bedroom kept flashing on and off even when turned off. The level of equipment supplied for self catering was more suited to a camping holiday, 2 electric rings and a fridge; surely in 2007 the basic requirements would include a microwave and a kettle.

On several occasions we had to call the cleaners back for clean towels and toilet rolls, the pool area was washed and swept once near the end of our second week and cockroaches were swarming all over, even on the beds at 2.30 am.

Reception kept telling us they had no spray for the cockroaches until tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. Staff in general unhelpful, unfriendly and rude.

Entertainment was non existent day or night, unable to play crazy golf as course went out of sight into bushes. Spanish guests received better service and cleaner rooms than us. Even the rep from the tour company swapped to a different resort. T

he telephone was not working and the only English TV station lost the sound. Floor tiles cracked from front of apartment to the back and furniture leaning to one side, the drawer unit in the wardrobe had no drawers, the patio door handle was left on top of the shelf in the living room.

The only consolation was the free bus to the dunes. We won’t be going back here again.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Self Catering, booked with MyTravel

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9 / 10
Having just returned from our...

"Having just returned from our holiday, my partner and I felt we had to comment on our week at Maspolamas Lago. Before going we read some reviews and I must say I was expecting the worst!!

However, I am delighted to say we had a fantastic holiday and our accomodation was very pleasant.

We arrived at Lago just after 10.30pm and were greeted at reception by a friendly man, who asked about our flight and explained a little about the bungalows. He pointed us in the direction of our bungalow and told us that the bar was still open for refreshments. Very friendly staff who spoke quite good English were always at hand to help us with any enquiries.

The bungalow itself was clean and simple, beds were made everyday and clean towels every other day. Bed sheets were changed once during our stay. My only moan is however, there was no kettle or air con. You could however hire kettle/toaster/fan etc. We managed fine with boiling water in a saucepan, but we had to hire a fan!!!

The pool was a nice size and cleaned every morning. The beds around the pool were nearly always taken by the time we got there. People put their towels down very early, some the night before!!! This made me laugh!!

The beaches at Maspolamas are truly beautiful and the sea warm. The beach was a 45 minute walk from Lago, well worth walking. Taxis were cheap, no more than 4 euros.

During our week we caught a bus from just outside the apartment to Puerto Rico. This is a lovely place I would recommend everyone go there for a day. We also spent a day at the golf club. I enjoyed marking my partners card, taking pictures and driving the buggy!!!

Overall, we had a lovely holiday (Cockroach free!). We had lovely meals down by the lighthouse and we were sad to leave to come home. For the price we paid for accomodation, Maspolamas Lago was value for money.

Anyone booked to go there, ignore the bad reviews, we had a lovely time.... hope you do too.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Self Catering, booked with Med Hotels

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1 / 10
This was a very bad experience right...

"This was a very bad experience right from the off. Me and my girlfriend spent £700 on a cheap get away package ‘allocation on arrival’. Boy o boy, will I never ever do such a thing again.

The Masaplomas Lago is a horror scene, first night we opened the apartment door - 2 cockroaches the size of a small mouse running about the bedroom. The temperature was intense in the apartment - I went to reception at around and asked for a fan for the room - I was told no not until the morning so we spent our 1st night baked in a very dirty little room and we only found 1 of the cockroaches so we knew that the other 1 was lurking about the place.

Next morning we got the fan, 38 euros for 2 weeks - yes £25. The hotel try and take as much money off you as they can.

The bar food was disgusting. We got a cooked breakfast that they make at the actual bar - the guy cooking it at 11 in the morning was dripping in sweat and my girlfriends breakfast had 3 body hairs on the plate from his head I think. It just gets worse and worse.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Self Catering, booked with Airtours

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7 / 10
We have just returned from Maspalomas...

"We have just returned from Maspalomas Lago Apartments and felt that we should write a review. Although we booked last minute we had a beautiful poolside bungalow with terrace. The apartment was small, however, was big enough for a family of 3. The downside was there was no air conditioning, but we hired a fan from reception.

We do feel that a kettle and toaster should be available in the apartment free of charge if you have paid for self catering, however, we managed by boiling water in a saucepan and toasted bread in frying pan. The food in the restaurant on site was buffet style, was lovely and very cheap. Adults pay just under 6 euros. For those who want to eat out, Faros 2 was just a 10 minute walk to the left and Playa del Ingles was a beautiful 25 minute walk to the right, with plenty of night-life and restaurants.

The Jumbo Centre was brilliant for all ages. For those that want to go to the beach there is a free bus that runs from outside the apartments, do not walk as it very hot and takes around 45 minutes plus. The reason we booked these apartment was that we was told there was daily entertainment, however, this was not the case as the staff contract had finished prior to us arriving. There is crazy golf on-site and tennis courts !! Please note: Lilos were banned from the pool, this upset many people especially children. The gym was a tiny room and there was little equipment. Also the sauna room was not working during our stay.

We are giving Lago Apartments a 7/10 rating, as staff were friendly and the apartments are kept clean by daily maid service and of course, the lovely food!! This is a great base for those who like sightseeing around the island. We would have gave a higher rating if there was daily entertainment for children.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Self Catering, booked with Alpha Rooms

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8 / 10
After reading the comments, was...

"After reading the comments, was frankly terrified of going! Got there worried but had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Staff very friendly, excellent location. I suppose it all depends what you want from a holiday. We only spent one day at the complex, and our evenings.

Put in a room by the restaurant, not quite what we wanted, but then when we realised it had the sun until the last in the evening, were perfectly fine with it. Saw two stray cats on our entire time, and one cockroach, which, if you take the advice of the tour rep can be seen off with a quick spray of hairspray-sticks their legs together!

Everything within a thirty minute walk that you could possibly require on a holiday. The only vermin we encountered were touts which were on every corner. Learn a bit of German before you go, and they soon leave you alone!

  • Holiday details: Jan 2007, Self Catering, booked with Lastminute

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10 / 10
What a fantastic holiday we’ve just...

"What a fantastic holiday we’ve just had! After reading some of these reviews my husband and I were terrified that it was going to be awful so we were very pleasantly surprised.

Very clean, yes a cockroach when we got in our apartment, but the things have to live somewhere! We found that switching on a insect repellent plug in did the trick we didn’t have any for the rest of the week!

The staff were very friendly, and polite and although they didn’t speak very good English, were still very funny and entertaining. We went to a fantastic karaoke bar called the moonlight bar (I think) in Maspalomas which is at a place called Holiday world and it was such good fun for all ages! The DJ and staff were brilliant!! I would definitely recommend it!

I’m not sure what some of these people who write such bad reviews expect for the price of the holiday . Perhaps you should pay a bit more and go 5 star!

Going at the beginning of June is great as it is very quiet but does get a lot busier after this. We had no complaints at all other than that our holiday went too quick!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, Self Catering, booked with MyTravel

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6 / 10
We arrived at 10.30pm which was 2...

"We arrived at 10.30pm which was 2 hours later than expected due to airline delay for an hour, and some woman complaining on arrival that she was going nowhere till she saw the rep manager.

Rather than organise for her to get a taxi and let us get on our way, we all had to wait for the rep manager.

Having left to get to the airport at 11-30am, we were quite hungry by the time we arrived and got to the hotel.

We headed for the bar to get something to eat but was told by another couple who had just arrived that the bar was closed and no meals were being served.

This was 10.40pm. They like to close at 11pm. If busy they may stay open longer as to make more tips.

We had to leg it a place called Holiday World. Not too far away but got a burger at a reasonable cafe type place which led to the amusements and Fun Park for children.

The local Spanish people tend to book up for the weekend in the hotel and absolutely take over the place. Back to normal peace on the Monday.

If you hire a car, you are warned. They do not tend to charge for mileage but ask you to fill the tank which was supposed to be quite cheap. As we had half a tank to start with, we stopped in a place called Terror to fill up again, and only half way fill, it was 25 Euros. So much for being cheap. I get the feeling we may have been duped as a friend told us he was there recently and only cost about 8 Euros to fill the tank.

Roads are very narrow and local drivers on the motorway can only be described as kamikaze. If you drive/or take tour bus into the mountains. (Drivers) Take one of those routes you will see in the reception for bus tours and follow that.

We took the route that followed the motorway to Las Palmas (very busy) and then down the middle. As only one side of the island has motorway. Coming back takes you to the Nublo Rock but I can guarantee you will be impressed with the views. Absolutely awesome. Well worth the hassle of the drive.

It can also get very cold so take a woolie jumper and trousers just in case.

Everything is relatively close and you can walk to the dunes on the beach easily enough. Providing you are reasonably fit and can stand the heat.

We always headed for playa de ingles beach as they cater more there for the holiday maker. The Playa de Maspalomas is/was basically the "rich" part. Expensive shops mostly. Quite windy that side too.

On the beaches, beware of the wind uplifting parasols. One girl was hospitalised when one landed on her leg. And the fine sand that blows up too. Deck chairs were 7.50 Euros for two.

A lot of the restaurants at the playa de Ingles beach employees are always asking you to eat in their place. You have to run a gauntlet at times. And in the Faro shopping centre.

As usual, try and find off the road shops as they are a lot cheaper.

We went to the Gran Chaparral shopping centre. Not much there really but the pub/cafes offered good meals at reasonable prices. There are also a lot of gay people holidaying there. We were there when there was a "gay pride week.”

Heard the parade was good but we opted not to bother going to see it.

We got a meal at the hotel, steak, asked to have it cooked well done. Came to my plate still mooing. Decided to chop it up and give it to the cats that frequented the complex.

Only one of the cats meowed so we called it meow meow. It always gave the game away when two or three managed to sneak into your bungalow. Only because you leave the door open.

There were cockroaches but I discovered they were getting in through the gap at the bottom of the front door. If you can, leave a rag to block the gap when you go out.

And put it inside when you get back. Get a bug killing spray can anyway just in case.

No kettle, no toaster, only two rings for a cooker.

If you go to Aqualand. Make sure it is really hot. If you go in and out of the water and it is cloudy and windy, which it usually was when we were there, you will be cold.

Don't go on the "Anfi" time share, unless you are really interested in buying. They keep you there all day and it is not really recommended in the heat.

The locals will always tell you to take a taxi but once you get your bearings it is ok to walk. Helps you lose all the calories you put on eating all the ice creams. Going to Playa de ingles from the Lago apartments by taxi is about 2.50 Euros. The bus the hotel puts on only goes to Maspalomas beach, not to Ingles beach. The hotel give you a ticket pass for the bus.

You can easily walk to holiday world from the complex. Avoid the Chinese/Taiwan restaurant. Was not impressed with it. Looks lovely but curry sauce was like dirty water.

Aqua world is not too far either but I would recommend a taxi or the local bus.

This was my first trip to a Spanish resort and it will probably be my last.

The Spanish cooking does leave a lot to be desired. They do cook good burgers though. :) And the ice cream deserts are great. Still to find a place that is friendlier than the Greeks.

Maspalomas is lovely but being a small island doesn't leave much to do. As a teetotaller, nights out in the pub is not my cup of tea.

If you get channel 61 on your TV, you should get BBC world news which is all you get and what you see in the morning is just continually repeated throughout the day. The other channels are Spanish obviously, and German. There will be times when you will watch TV.

The other guests who were getting meals at the complex all agreed that the food was bad. The bread is not good either. If you buy bread, try and have it toasted. Not that you get bread with your meals anyway.

Be prepared to spend loads of money to while away the boredom.

  • Holiday details: May 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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6 / 10
Stayed here for one week, although it...

"Stayed here for one week, although it was low season I found the apartments basic but clean.

Staff were very approachable and friendly. The only problem was the cockroaches.

I believe that there has to be some kind of spray or device, that would draw the cockroaches into it or away from the apartment, this means if like me you do not like cockroaches, you need another holiday when you come home from the lack of sleep, as they only come out at night!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007, Self Catering, booked with MyTravel

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9 / 10
We have just read the recent accounts...

"We have just read the recent accounts of holiday makers and cannot believe the comments! The staff were very friendly and cooperative. Everything was especially clean and we were given a pool side apartment (not reserved for German and Spanish as suggested in previous accounts).

Breakfast was very good, both catering for English and Continental and plenty of it. Beer and spirits are the cheapest in town, nearly half the price of Maspalomas town and local shopping centres.

Our room was kept very clean, bedding changed three times in a week and towels twice. Am sure if you required more changes they would have been more than happy to oblige. Security was very good and we had no qualms at all of leaving anything in the rooms. As for cockroaches we saw one, but what on earth do you expect in tropical climates!

Saw plenty of parrots but nobody seems to complain about them? Mytravel reps were good and very professional, kept us informed. Lyndsey was especially good. We would love to come back again

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007, Self Catering, booked with MyTravel

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7 / 10
Read the other reviews before...

"Read the other reviews before departing and was really worried, having arrived came to the conclusion we were staying on another complex!

We had a pool view, maid service 5 days a week, staff efficient, only saw 2 cockroaches indoors. But this is Gran Canaria and cockroaches are a part of everyday life there and yes, we had no kettle but a pan of water worked very well indeed.

Our holiday rep was very evident by her presence. We stayed on a self-catering basis so can't comment on food in the restaurant and although the kitchen facilities were basic they were sufficient and we cooked some very pleasant meals.

Very pleasant terrace and own piece of garden adjoining the bungalow. No real complaints except maybe the music policy for the poolside bar, someone needs to have a quiet word about what is appropriate music for the time of day.

There is a beach bus from outside the main entrance but if you just miss one it's not worth waiting for the next, we walked to the beach most days and it took us 20-30 mins, pleasant walk through gardens and palm lined roads.

Nightlife in Playa/Ingles was 20 min walk away (Yumbo). Ok it wasn't the Riu Palace Hotel but then it wasn't Riu Palace Hotel prices either! The old maxim of you get what you pay for comes to mind. Would definitely stay there again.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2007, Self Catering, booked with Airtours

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