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1 / 10
Not 5 Star - Avoid!

"We have just returned from the Club Blue Dreams Hotel & can safely say we will never return to Turkey after this experience! My family arrived in the early hours of the morning & we were greeted by a receptionist speaking zero English informing us that that we did not have a booking. We had booked through Expedia & went on to show him our hotel voucher. We then asked to speak to a manager or someone that spoke English ... Eventually a couple of hours later the receptionist had the hotel manager on the phone & we hoped that given that we were in a supposed 5 star resort he would come to the lobby & sort the situation out but unfortunately this was not the case! My husband spent £85 on phone calls telephoning Expedia who asked for the hotel managers phone number (given there was no English speaking representative in the resort). unfortunately the hotel manager did not take the calls from Expedia or turn up to sort the situation. This resorted in us spending the first night sleeping in the lobby until the hotel manager turned up & we eventually got shown to our room at 11am the following morning. One would hope this was where the nightmare would end but not the case! Once in our 'family room' we discovered it is not fit for a family & our 15 year old daughters bed was a sofa ... We tried to use the safe & were informed that this was an extra daily charge! Never have I been in a hotel (let alone a 5 star hotel where they charge you for use of your safe!) Also do not be fooled by the hotel offering free WI-fi ... this is also an extra charge per room (and only one person staying in the room can use it at a time) House keeping is hit & miss ... we had one day where we were waiting until 7.30pm for them to service our room and provide us with clean towels ... I had to call reception 5 times in order for this to happen! They advertise 'A la cart restaurants' - I can confirm these are definitely NOT A la cart! The food is actually inedible in all restaurants. We used the breakfast hall & buffet restaurant once & after witnessing the number of flies over the food we decided not to chance eating in the hotel again. Therefore we could not take advantage of the all inclusive option & ended up getting taxis into Bodrum to eat. The only positive note I have to say about our vacation is our experience out of the hotel ... we ate in Memedof twice & Tango in the Marina in Bodrum. We had lovely food & wonderful service. There are a couple of nice employees including Rose from Guest Relations & a young Chinese waiter. We witnessed the restaurant manager with ginger hair (unsure of his name) being rude disrespectful & undignified to his staff in front of guests. Also if you are visiting the hotel with a teenage daughter I would not let her out of your sight. Whilst our 15 year old daughter left the pool to return to the room a bar waiter of about 20 years enticed her into a toilet area and tried it on with her in full knowledge of her age! Not a very good experience of Turkey & have uploaded photos of the food as really do not want fellow travelers to waste money if you are expecting 5 star service & food. We actually told the hotel manager our thoughts on the food & expressed the fact that we were having to get taxi's to eat out due to the dire food. His response was that he had only eaten in the hotel once ... Says it all really!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Do not book this hotel - Pure waste of money & time off work

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10 / 10
Excellent!! and we will go back!

"Me, my husband and my daughter went to Blue dreams for 2 weeks from June 7th and when we got there it was 5 past midnight so we explored a bit then went to bed and unpacked in the morning and when we got to breakfast, there was alot to choose from, pancakes freshly made to order to porridge and a LOT, LOT more!! When we were finished our breakfast, we were sooo full!! The main pool was very busy, although you had to get up early to get a sun lounger it was worth it!! It was also very hot sometimes it would peak at 48.C for a while then tone down and once we were in the mini-buses that you get to and from Bodrum, we looked up to the temperature clock and it said 58.C we asked the driver to make sure and he confirmed it!!! We spent most of our time by the pool or in our room! Our room was spic and span it was cleaned to a T daily and we always had clean towels, and the room had a air conditioner that we called the fridge because we always kept it on so when we were toooo hot, we used to go in our room and it would be like going into the antarctic after living in Turkey for 100 years it was soo refreshing! The beach was really good, my daughter was scared so she went in for 2 seconds and ran out grabbed her towel said bye to me and ran to main pool!! The waiters and cleaners were always nice and helpful. Overall it was a great experience and we will go there again soon and it was a good value for money!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Thomson

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1 / 10
will never return.

"not suitable for small children, to many steps 163 to my room food is poor entainment is poor loud music till late, mould all over room, would not give me new room, rep not helpfull, had 4 children me and my partner, only had 4 beds, would not get me a cot, would never go back.."

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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8 / 10
Beautiful place, spotless, relaxing

"Holiday taken here in mid August, booked via Thompson website. Temps reached low 40's and not less that than 35 day or night all week. However the beach is much cooler, and there was a good breeze most afternoons. The pool area was very hot, crowded and catered to those who need to be contantly amused by mindless loud music and activities ....darts???. If you don't enjoy that sort of thing there are numerous quiet terraces where you can relax in solitute, even in August. Very beautiful gardens etc.

The beach is man made with lots of decking etc. Lovely clear warm water but did find dubious paper products and a condom in sea while swimming! There are loads of sunbeds and mattresses, a bar, and watersports centre all within a minutes walk around the area. I was very dissapointed that although a "scuba diving" centre is advertised on site, in reality the site just offer jetski, parasailing etc all at a price. The pedaloes are 10 euro per 2 people p/hour. The only freeby are the two canoes. Absolutely no scuba diving whatsoever, but I think the watersport guy will arrange a boat trip to do this for you if you want to go.

It is exceptionally annoying that people will get up at the crack of dawn to reserve sunbeds, only returning late in the afternoon to actually use them. However we never went without one, there are plenty. The bar staff work so hard and they are all kind and friendly as are all the waiters etc.

The hotel is made up of several blocks of rooms, terraced up the hillside. Quite a hike from beach to rooms - not for the less mobile! But we just stopped of at a bar on each of the levels and it was quite painless!

I did ask to change rooms after one night. The room we were given was up six flights of stairs, it had no view or terrace apart from a concrete wall and washing line about 3 metres away. There was hardly any daylight let alone a view. Not what you expect from seeing the photos of the hotel. After a bit of begging they did change us to a third level room, with a tiny terrace. still no view tho. Good air conditioning, a bath and fridge were welcome.

The a'la carte restaurants, fish, kebab, chineses and italian were great. Made a nice change from the buffet restaurant which can be boring 3 times a day, after a few days. Make sure you book them on arrival - reservation only. The local drinks were just gin, brandy and vodka and Troy lager which was distinctly alcohol free!! bottled coke/diet coke was available as well as slushes etc. No ice-cream at all apart from payable cornetto's etc.

there is a nice hotel spa, £20 for turkish bath, massage and face pack. They seemed very quiet and eager to do a deal... free faace pack for us! I expected a burly Turk to do the massage but two tiny Thai girls did it. Not too authentic but very pleasant anyway snd hubby enjoyed it more!!

There's a mini bus to Bodrum (15 mins away) from front door, every 10 mins. 5 t-lira return. Bargain. We booked trips from agents on the main road by the bus station. Half the price of Thompson, and excellent in every way. All trips are the same. shop around for cheapest, we found an agent opp PTT the cheapest. They were great. Did a boat trip £9 inc lunch and pick up. Dalyan to see tombs. Cant fault it! ask for a freeby eg Turkish bath if you book a few trips, they're keen for trade!!

Came back at 1.30am this morning. Bodrum airport was carnage! The reps drop and run. Dont go thru to departure lounge - airside until last minute if possible. It's tiny, very few seats, standing room only. Much better to wait in the check in area which is huge and cooler and you can still have your own food and drinks. Be warned! Can of beer was 7 euro, coke 5 euro. chips 7 euro. take your own.

The food on the Thompson plane was beyond vile and I will be asking for a refund for it.

Altogether a great holiday. nice food, cheap excursions. Lovely!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Peaceful and relaxing.. even in August. Sweet staff, keen to help.
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Fantastic holiday

"Just returned from Blue Dreams. We had a fantasstic 2 week holiday. Everything about the place was great. Great food, scenery, staff, etc. Rooms were clean, pool was lovely and they have their own private beach which also did watersports. Food was lovely and there was something to suit everyone. Theres was a varied menu and plenty of choice. The dolmus came every 15 minutes and it was a 10 minute journey into Bodrum. Would definately go back. Well done Blue Dreams"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: You will love it!
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
Poor, glad to be home

"On arrival given room at top of hill, in which you could barely get through the door as they had put a wardrobe behind it, asked for a change which became a demand as they told us to come back later and tried to fob us off. Rooms were small at best with intermittent hot water and a safe which was not fixed to the floor. Room door would only close when key turned in lock, all reported to reception but nothing was done. Music at night would go on until 2am and was so loud that any sleep was impossible. Food was repetitive and choice was at best limited with the same dishes being put out at lunch and dinner. Service was dependant on whether there were teenage girls in restaurant or not, if so then they were like bees round a honey pot and the staff seemed proud of this. At the main bar they actually stopped serving me one evening when a group of girls arrived.

There was only one pool where there were beds, but if wanted shade it was limited and the music loud and always the same (the cd must be worn out by now). Admittedly the views accross the bay were excellent from the pool area.

We used the bathing platforms but get ready for a scramble, not for sunbeds , but for the mattresses as there was not enough and they were mostly wet first thing in the morning and everbody was hunting for the few dry ones. Some soft drinks at the beach bar ran out mid-week and were not replenished.

This hotel is classed as 5* by the Turkish tourist board and 4* by Thomson, no chance 3* at best.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009

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2 / 10
DONT,much better around.

"just got back,really tired but have to write this.on arrival reception looked not to bad,mmmm mistake.bellboy great 2 cases and loads of steps which he climbed like a mountain goat.4am so to bed.up and in the shower,oops shower falls off wall, sign off things to come i`m down the steps to explore but dont trip because all the wooden railings would not stop a childs teddy.staff really great but if football on tv thats your tea or coffee in room but surprise you can hire a kettle.pool ok,buffet good but repetitive. a la carte dineing? drinks not included,trying to make this review positive but hard.and when it rains thats your lot folks off to bed to watch dodgy tv.american bar over resturant not to bad but reluctant to open it.pool bar good but entertainment rain or shine,sorry bingo.guy in buffet sat & tue evening for 1 hr should hire him more.guitar/vocal.animation team lol 3 days they couldnt be bothered.same music all day,even xmas songs,disco 12 till staff get bored or pull,music so out of date,even for us over 50`s.lost the will to live now so overall,they want to bore you to death so you go out,and they make more money.1or 2 star at if you want a holiday by the pool doing nothing 24/7 this is a 5 star hotel.this is a shortened version but sure you get the idea!!!"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009

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4 / 10
Average, noisy hotel in a superb location

"Travelled with friends - 3 adults, a 10 yr old, 6 and 5 yr old. 10 nights.

Great location being very near to Bodrum and very easy to get a Dolmus into the town at a cost of 2.5TKL each. Easy access to airport. Beautiful bay.

Beach is a thin strip and pebbly. Very quiet and the water is very clear. Some watersports at additional cost like parasailing, jet ski etc which our children really enjoyed. Superb snorkelling. No dive shop but you can book diving from there. Dived out of Bodrum where there are 2 wrecks and really enjoyed this. Cost was EUR75 for qualified diver.

Only one pool that you can sunbathe by and a bit suspect as one of our kids got an ear infection as did other travellers we met. Limited sunbeds so had to be up by 7am to reserve or they were all gone. Very noisy "pool fun" three times a day which is not my cup of tea (throwing people in pool etc). Non stop bad music played loudly all day.

Restaurant was very average and boring food. Kids ended up eating non-stop pasta or boiled rice by the end of it. And we are used to travelling a lot so it was not the "foreign" food that put them off. All bar 2 of us had tummy upsets all week which is the first time in 7 years of coming to Turkey. Did not try the a la carte restaurants - Chinese, Fish and Kebab.

Staff were very welcoming and friendly and great with the kids. Mini club was one room with a small baby pool and our kids only went in there twice. The staff were not interested in looking after them and doubled up on the aqua gym/pool fun teams so were not dedicated. I think it might be ok for toddlers but not for school age kids. No activities for them to do bar colouring!

Rooms - we had a family room which comprised a twin and a double with shared bathroom. Our friends shared a twin room which was very small. Needs refurb as curtain and door knobs fell off. TV was ancient and appalling reception. Room was quite basic but ok if you are just sleeping in it. Safe is chargeable at around £1.80 per day. Not kept that clean and only beds were made. We dropped a glass on the floor which was not swept up properly so had cut feet. Aircon worked and a relief from the sun!

Very very noisy. You have the shows at this hotel plus the one next door (Rixos) going on from around 9:45 until 3am. It is like being outside Wembley Arena without a ticket to an Iron Maiden concert. Barely slept the whole time.

The hotel itself is quite charming, pretty and very hilly. A small hotel made up of lots of little apartment type blocks rather than one big block.

I will NOT be going back as although we had fun with the kids on the watersports, we had expected to have some chill time by the pool with them in club for the mornings which was not the case. Also the food was too bad and the noise overwhelming.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009

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10 / 10
Unforgettable... x

"OMG!!! I loved it!

Its one of those holidays that you just wont forget in a hurry!

Everyone was so lovely, the bar stuff, photography people, the animation team, the chefs...everyone.

Everywere was so clean!

A holiday that everyone needs!!


  • Holiday details: Aug 2009

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10 / 10
Fantastic please ignore negative comments - this was a fabulous holiday & value for money - we could not find fault

"We have just got back from Club Blue Dreams; we travelled with our 3 daughters 17, 11 and 4yrs. Looking at some of the comments on Trip Advisor we were a little worried – I can now say PLEASE try to ignore these as we have just spent a wonderful week at CBD. Everything about the hotel was wonderful, the food (so much choice and very tasty), the service (staff do speak English, are friendly, attentive and professional), rooms are nicely decorated (excellent air-conditioning), we felt the hotel was spotless so again am confused by some of the comments - I can’t comment on the TV channels but we were having too much of a good time to be watching TV!! The animation team were fantastic, our children and us all benefited from the activities and shows run by the team, this group of people worked so hard and although they asked you to join in they never harassed you – all of our children loved this team.

Yes it’s true the hotel has many steps, I had a 4yr old who managed and I have recently had a knee operation and managed no problem. The setting of this hotel = steps but wait until you see the views. The hotel has so many different areas to chill out, have fun and we all found our favourite spots. The A la Carte restaurants were all great; with the Chinese being our favourite again the views are just fabulous.

All in all, we had a wonderful time and will definitely book to go back again (I work in the hotel industry and could not find fault). Enjoy!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009

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6 / 10
I would go back tommorrow!

"The hotel is not far from the airport which was one reason we chose it.

The hotel is clean and tidy, and the rooms were sufficient, although we had many power cuts whilst there. There is a lot of stairs to climb but no one complained, and the youngest was 6.

There was plenty of food choice, and you could eat day or night! There was a few down sides like any holiday but the staff there were the best in the world and come home feeling like i have left my family behind! Entertainment was great and they had everyone involved! Look out for the Micheal Jackson impersonator not seen anything like it!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009

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4 / 10
Not sure where it gets it's 5* rating, I would give only 3*, poor holiday, never again!

"Just got back,We are all pretty fit so the 80 steps just to our room did not bother us too much, but all I can say is if your not very good on your legs or suffer from shortness of breath do not book this hotel, as it is set on a hillside and there is alot of steps and I mean alot!!. They do however have one lift down (otherewise about another 80 steps!)to the beach which is open at 08.30am-11pm.

Rooms - Air conditioning worked well, however out of the 7 days we only had hot water from the shower a few times, they do supply small bottles of toiletries and clean towels daily and change bed linen every other day.

If you want to use the safe in the room you have to pay £1.80 per day.

The fridge on arrival had 3 cans of pop and a bottle of water which is free, after that the only thing they replemish is a bottle of water each day which is free.

TV only has 2 English chanels, the news and comedy chanel with not a good signal.

No need to take your beach towels as they supply you with a card at reception on arrival

to exchange for beach towels.

Restaurant - Not what I call 5*,not much selection and the same selection every day for breakfast.

Lunch in the restarant is the same at dinnertime as it is for the evening meal on the same day, not much choice, One chef would be cooking the meat (which is only one type of meat!!)and as you can imagine a big queue would form.

The waiters English was not very good, and if your like me and have a 17 year old daughter the male waiters can be very annoying as they kept letching and were very obvious, in the end we tried moving around the restaurant but they would hunt us out and come over!! Not very professional!!!

The hotel had lots of tip boxes scattered everywhere, not sure why when you have paid for all inclusive so that you do not have to carry money around??

Bare in mind not everything is included in the all inclusive ie: ice creams, drinks at the speciality restaurants etc.

For a 5* hotel I was very suprised at how dirty and unkempt certain communal areas were and how the only cleaners around were the room maids and the odd one or two scattered around the complex.

Overall we were glad to leave and will not be recommending this hotel to anyone.

We have stayed in many 5* hotels in Turkey and this certainly does not meet our 5* standard, if your happy with 3* standards then it would be ok.

For you sun lovers weather was good, hitting the early 30s everyday.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009

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    " The amphitheatre - which has a mini disco for kids at 9:00pm and a Great show at 10:00 for everyone, the show is always... "

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