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7 / 10
Was ok not as bad as People make out to be

"My first impression of the hotel was really good and the reception area was very nice looking. The hotel has breakfast in the morning then at 2pm till 4pm there is burgers, hotdogs,chips and salads available out by the pool side, and at 5pm there is cakes along from the reception area, then at 7pm dinner starts and then at midnight soup is available from the outside bar. Rooms were great, cleaned everyday the maids sometimes made patterns on the beds with the sheets which were impressive. The plastic cups weren't always clean, I had dirty things floating around my juice before I had even drunk out of it, so check before you dink. The hotel has a gym, a jewellers , a bang & purse shop, a hairdresser salon & tattoo shop, a normal shop and a spa. The spa has a sauna, hot tub, stemming room and indoor pool- all great facilities. Children are allowed to buy laser pens from the shop In the hotel which is very dangerous. One of my children were getting a drink from the drink dispensers and she received a powerful electric shock so make sure when your going to get a drink from there your not soaking wet. Some staff wore dirty clothes, we saw a member of staff with the same mucky trousers on for the whole two weeks we were there. The floors are sticky. Some of the bar staff were rude and didn't know much English as when we asked for cola we received fanta or lemonade! The food wasn't that good but it was okay.the children's entertainment was good, the entertainers made a good job of keeping the children entertained and happy, overall our holiday at pineta park deluxe was good!"

  • Holiday details: Feb 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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1 / 10
Young couples review of Pinetta Park - Do not stay here!

"My boyfriend and I stayed here for a week in September and were appaled with the standards.

- Reception staff rude and did not sepak to us upon arrival

- Hotel room was filthy:

- Stains all over carpet

- Front door to room wouldn't look so had to keep a chair in front of this

- Dirt on walls and floor, not been cleaned

- Broken bits of furniture. Luggage holder falling apart which was very dangerous

- New towels that we were given were not fresh and had marks on

- Found hair in food and cutlery and glasses usually dirty.

Overall the holiday was a disaster and could not wait to get home. Our opinion seemed to be shared by other holiday makers at the hotel.

Could not be paid to be go back to this hotel!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: do not go here

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1 / 10
Heath Hazard!

"I have travelled the world, mostly on a budget and decided to treat my family to an expensive, all inclusive holiday. The worst hotel Ihave ever stayed in in my life. My 3 year old daughter could not even go in the pool the whole stay it was filthy, we had to wait 2 days for a room. The staff were rude, unhelpfull and ignorant. If you have booked to come to this hotel then re-book asap. You will be HIGHLY dissapointed otherwise!"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
Situation Critical

"I went to this hotel for my summer holidays in 2010, this is the worst hotel I have ever been to. I won't go into too much details because am sure you would have read the terrible reviews that relates to this horrific no go zone.

The only advice I have to give to any one brave enough to be going to this place is to trust and believe most of these reviews.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with
  • Advice: Disgusting

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2 / 10
Would not recommend

"had items stolen from the room while we slept!!

The staff are untrustworthy, they have keys and they use them in the night! they could of taken a child for all we would have known!!!

The hotel staff would not accept that it had happened! which it 100 percent did as we heard the door shut after they left!!!

food was horrible and the evening meal felt rushed.

made difficult to get a drink because of queues.

watered down drinks!!

absolutley NO entertainment after 10pm!!

to get a sunbed you have to be there by 6am and sit on it until 7am!!

cheapest 4 star hotel and now i know why, if you want an enjoyable holiday then dont go to this hotel or its sister Pineta Park!!

absolutely awful holiday!!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with on the
  • Advice: hotel was awful area was average
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
What a nightmare?

"Arrived at 4 in the morning with 5 children under the age of 9 to be told we weren't even booked in.One room available for 4 to be shared by 11 of us.Put children to bed and adults slept on floor.Next morning complained again only to be told they could not accomodate all of us until 5 days later so we were moved to another hotel which turned out to be club18-30's accomodation.Just a joke!!!!!!!Eventually moved back to Pineta Deluxe 5 days later to find a whole list of problems

*Dirty floors,cutlery,glasses in restaurant

*Grubby uniforms on staff

*No staff know how to make the cocktails(convenient!)

*outside bar area stinks

*childrens entertainment area was so dangerous

*dirty carpets throughout hotel

Hade to make a complaint to the holiday company as the whole holiday cost over £5,300.Waiting for compensation at the present.


  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with regal

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4 / 10

"Date of Travel: 19th July 2010

No of persons in Party: 8

Booking Ref: T595974T

Total cost of Holiday: £5139

Date of complaint: 5th August 2010

Ref: Complaint to Thomas Cook

This report is been based on the poor quality of service and workmanship with in the hotel. Some major Health & Safety concerns were found during our stay which we feel was a contributory factor in 6 out of our party being ill and 4 of which needed to see the hotel doctor. Prior to going on the holiday I visited some review sites on line about the hotel and I was very uneasy taking the trip as the reviews were not very good. However each individual has their own opinion and we went with an open mind. This is the first time I have felt the need to lodge a complaint about any hotel we have stayed in.


We arrived at the hotel in the morning and checked in, the desk manager told us the room wasn’t quite ready but we could go to breakfast and he would get the bell boy to let us know when it would be ready. The bell boy showed us to the dining room and told us that we were going to be given nice rooms but we were not to tell anyone?

First Impressions:

Once the bell boy had showed us to the dinning room we were greeted with the tables not being cleared of dirty plates and cutlery and the table cloths were disgusting, food left on them and stains on most tables. Not a good start,

Health & Safety Issues:

1. Three drain covers that were located by the pool area were in desperate need of repair, one of which the edges were broken away

Hazard: of Cuts and Trips

2. Plug sockets in various locations around the hotel were in desperate need of repair and some were hanging out of the wall, Hazard: Electric shock

(main corridor)

3. Lamp in room had faulty wiring and was reported but not repaired, Hazard: Possible electric shock

4. Carpets around the hotel were very badly fitted and some parts were lifting and edges were not even meeting skirting boards. Hazard: Trips (picture enclosed)

5. Marble floors were extremely slippery and no signage was evident to warn guests, Hazard: slips that could cause serious injury, members of staff were informed by didn’t seem interested.

6. Broken glasses in various bar areas though out the hotel, approached the restaurant manager and asked him to have a look, he said “what do you want me to do about it” I asked him to remove them and dispose of them and was shocked to find them in the restaurant the following day? Hazard: cuts

7. Balcony glass on 4th floor was cracked in two areas. Hazard: shatter and cause possible serious injury to persons below.

8. Toilet Flushes were always falling off, in rooms and various locations around the hotel.

Basic Hygiene Issues:

1. Floors in Dining room not swept or cleaned daily, food found on floors the following day when diner had finished. At times floor was sticky due to old spillages.

2. Tables in the Dining room were not cleared quick enough and food on table cloths were brushed onto the floor, table cloths were not changed but used for the next guest. If waiters were asked to clear tables they looked at you as if you were stupid.

3. Drinks machines looked as they hadn’t been cleaned or serviced for some time,

4. Cutlery / Plates / Cups through out the hotel were always dirty and most of my party resorted to using straws as some glasses as they were that bad. Even if you asked for clean glasses you were given dirty ones. Cleaning facilities was just rinsing them under the tap, (bar areas) one bar did have a cleaning machine but lacked salt?

5. During our stay no pool attendant was seen testing the pools, chlorine levels were extremely low; doctor also had concerns of pool quality.

6. Pool area cleaning consisted of a member of staff using a hose pipe and broom, no power washing was introduced.

7. No showers around the pool area so guests could shower prior to entering the pool.

8. The pool bar area constantly smelt of sick, and the floor area had food embedded in the tiles and stains were drinks were constantly spilt.

The bar its self was dirty and behind the bar was a complete mess.

8. Carpets through out the hotel rooms / corridors were disgusting and were covered in stains,

9. Public Ladies and Gents toilets through out the hotel were disgusting and cleaning was at times none existent, bins not emptied. One even had the flush on the floor

10. Burgers were prepared in the kitchen and left out in the full sun for guests to help them selves, the bread was like rock after a while, various other food products were kept out side on gas hobs set at low,

11. It was obvious that certain food was used for the following day or made into something else. (Salad was a classic)


Staff were shabbily dressed and miserable most of the time, most didn’t speak English and if you had a problem it was the same old thing “ don’t speak very good English”

I have completed this report as I have general concerns about Health & Safety and Basic Hygiene with in the hotel. During our last week the hotel under went a so called safety inspection to carry out periodic pest control and sanitisation, various staff had to be shown how to clean a bar area properly, this got me concerned as this should be a daily occurrence and to be shown how to clean was a bit alarming.

Even though various members of the local authority were on site for a few days things went back the way they were before they came on site, all our concerns were raised with Abi the Thomas Cook representative at the hotel and even she was concerned however she did say that she can only get things resolved if the hotel will work with her and that didn’t seem to be happening.

4 members of my family came down with ear infections all had to see the doctor for treatment. All were unable to use the pool until the infection had cleared up.

My 5yr old granddaughter had very bad sickness and was unable to leave the hotel for 4 days.

My son 14yrs old had very bad sickness for most of the holiday and had to be close to toilet facilities most of the time.

As you can appreciate this was very costly and was it was lucky we had enough money to pay for treatment. One the eve of the day of return we approached the reception to see if we could keep a room on until we are collected as we were due to be collected at 1.05am. The answer was a straight no? However four other families were able to, as the bar closed at midnight we were unable to get hot drinks and has to get drinks from the in house shop, I find this outrageous as they should cater for families that are departing at those types of times.

We have travelled abroad for some years now and you do expect the old stomach upset but we have never had the experience that we had at the Pineta hotel, it is certainly not a four star hotel and in my experience I would put it at a two or three at the most.

Other Photos of our Bathroom in hotel

Broken light / badly fitted tiles around bath / bath not cleaned through out our stay.

Have got photos but some are to graffic to put on web, (ladies loos)

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Dont book, not worth the money

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1 / 10

"i just b from pineta park deluxe?hahaha that worst hotel ever b please if your tink book holydays in there give up taht your best nightmire. cleaness rate- 0 service rate-1 food rate-2 drins no air-con in recepcion area

just back from ther please if you tinkh boos holydays in this hotel give up is oyur worst nigthmire.

cleaness rate-0 service-1 staff never see before rate-1 all places so dirty food-1 night entreteniment no exist rate-0 if you want relaxe in side for drink belive me 40degrese and air-con off tv chanels rubish if you want brandy or wisky need pay 4 that all inclusive pakage but if you dont belive me go and see yourself.

and good luke n.b.hotel rate 1 star

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: no
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
not 4-5* but not all that bad!

"well before booking done some research on the location and misleading info said it was closer to town than it was, it cost 17 lira for a taxi into marmaris, but not that that was bad, so checked some reviews and decided would just ignore them it was booked too late....

on arriving we were allocated room 555 (some people we spoke to didnt have rooms ready when they arrived) but when we arrived the bellboy took our cases put them on the trolley and took us up 1 of the glass lifts that always worked apart from the doors jammed once but was fixed within 3 hours, along the corridor there were carpets that lay 3 inched from the edge (but after speaking to one guest that had been there 3 years previous they were not like that then) on entering our room there was 2 double beds with carpet in the room badly fitted and stained carpet but that is the disrespectful people that couldnt mop up a drink if they spilled it (im sure they would at home) beds were clean we had a baby with us and there was no cot so we called and asked for one...we got something from the arc it had once been a swinging crib/cot but was now a pile of rusty metal rods and poles with dirty mesh sides but clean sheet on lifting the matress there was just a pile of metal rods that formed the base all piled in the middle so no real support on the bottom NO child could sleep in that so we called for another....again we gor a swinging cot/crib which wasnt as bad but still a old rust bucket but with the top sheets of the beds we made it comfortable as we didnt need the top sheets as air con was a CON the 5th floor was air con fail the amounts of complaints we heard about 5th floor air con was unreal...guests in the next room were sleeping on the balcony for 6 nights waiting to be moved rooms ours room 555 was bearable but went off all the time just had to keep switchig it back on previous holidays to turkey with aircon going all night have resulted in waking during the nught shivering and pulling on the blanket not on the 5th floor of the pineta park delux.

the food...there was always plenty of free tables and not many q's

breakfast was fruit, cereals, boiled eggs, toast/bread all jams, chocolate spread etc, tomatoes, potatoes, scrambled eggs in 10 days there were pancakes twice, but outside there was fried eggs or omlettes with choice of cheese, tomato, onion and ham fillings freshly cooked for you, coffee was always a mission finding one machine that was offering both coffee and milk together was tough

lunch was served indoors and was always more or less the same things chips or wedges chicken or turkey nuggets mixed veg always a type of pasta and tomato sauce lots of fresh salads and fruit bread butter there was a choice meatballs, liver, chicken and beef dishes offered on different days some quite tasty

dinner was served indoors or around the pool tables were set with candle light again all the choices from dinner but different meals there was also a bbq on a night with your onions and tomatoes and peppers bbq'd also marinated chicken

but staff would take away your food in a second whether you were finished or not.

snack bar was chips or wedges, salad, burgers, hotdogs & pizza

also served at the pool bar midnight soup & bread

the glasses in the restaurant for juice at bfast lunch and dinner had alot to be desired they were always dirty, but nothing a clean wouldnt fix....

the drinks at the bar in the restaurant ONLY were served in proper glasses so after dinner i would keep the glass and pour drinks in all night rather than dinking out of plastic beakers all night the lager and vodka on all inclusive package wasnt at all bad! they also served plenty drinks at a time and not many q's as there was plenty of bars!

all the bars had self service juice 4 kind water iced tea and coffee, & wine. you had to ask for coke, fanta, lemonade, beer and spirits.

staff appearences were alot to be desired they would work very long hours and their clothes must have been worn for at least a week. not great!

the 2 large pools are both 1.58m so no shallow bits for the younger children floaters A MUST! they were cleaned every night after the bars closed, but the baby pool on about day 4 was absolutly disgusting you couldnt see your hand on the bottom it was that murky, but day 5 it had been cleaned bit too late in my opinion... there is also a indoor pool which is quite cold but nice especially if its hot outside again about 1.58m but nice to get little ones out of the sun for a hour!

the childrens entertainment was a castle shaped building next to the baby pool and has a few bits of lego a table and stools aand smelt... that was the kids club.

the evening entertainment wasnt really much more mini disco at 9pm, then 10pm till 11pm there was either a quiz, bingo, belly dancer, mr pineta, mrs pineta, michael jackson & a film quiz, all followed by the club dance which you can view on you tube!

the daytime entrtainment was darts, water polo, gladiators, and a couple more but mainly for the adults!

there was plenty areas to sunbathe around the pool if you wernt lucky enough to be up early for a sunbed.

any special occasion and be sure to mention it to the blonde haired woman who sits next to the lift selling massages etc, we mentioned it was our anniversary and i was going to have a massage and she let my whole family use the jacuzzi free of charge, massage was fantastic!

there is also a air conditioned (very cold) games and tv room the games room has a xbox @ 9 lira for 1 hour and a playstation also 3 or 4 internets these were about 3 lira the tv room always had cartoon network on for the kids so again another place to take them out of the sun for a hour!

the rooms looked like in there time had been quite modern but were just a little tired obviously taken a battering in the last 3 years,

i read a review somewhere that they had fluffy white towels etc...the towels wernt fluffy but they were clean, also dove body wash in bathroom.

we had 2 bottles of water and 2 fruit juices in our room when we arrived and a fridge in the room along with a tv with english cartoons and bbc news also another 20 channels or so but they never got watched, we also had a safe in our room free of charge (weve always had to pay and its always in the hotel lobby on other holidays)

all in all we had a nice holiday...we were 2 adlut 1 child aged 10 and 1 child aged 1

hope this review is helpful and if you decide to go have a nice time

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont expect 4-5* if you want that then not for you!

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2 / 10
Regrade this hotel to 2 star!!!

"This hotel is definately NOT four star it is more like two star. Very basic, the dining area is run down and un-clean. The only thing four star was the bellboys and bar staff. Reception staff are un-helpful and rude. The manager of the hotel is never there, we saw her once and we stayed for 7 nights. It wouold not go back to this hotel.

Mr & Mrs Chahal - Leicester August 2010

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Wouldn't suggest it.

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1 / 10
Worst holiday ever do not book here!!!

"Upon arrival at our hotel we checked in, completed relevant paperwork and were given wristbands the receptionist advised us “No Rooms” he was unapologetic and didn’t really seem interested when we queried this issue with him he advised there was rooms earlier and because we had been delayed they had been given to other bookings as they had overbooked and had not got enough. We contacted the Thomas Cook Emergency number at 12.00am when we advised of the situation the lady on the other end said leave it with me I will see what I can sort out then finally around 2.30am she got back to us and advised they could put us up in 3 different hotels in icmeler, but we would have to get taxis there and pay for it ourselves, which we find disgusting. As this meant splitting up our party of 8 including 3 children under 16. We stayed put and slept on sofas in the bar, staff were unhelpful supplied us with 2 pillows and a towel rather than the pillows and blankets we asked for and did not even offer us a drink we then had to buy our own from the shop within the complex. Other holiday makers told us that this had been happening for weeks at the hotel with the bookings. We were given rooms at 10am the following day.


The rooms that we were provided with were 117,230 and 501 they were all clean and tidy the only fault was room 501 which had air conditioning that did not work properly it blew hot air only. This was my room and I reported this to reception 3 times and to the rep Abi twice to no avail so myself and my partner ended up sleeping with wet towels every night as this was the only way to get any sleep in the unbearable heat. Whilst we were there another holiday maker bought cleaning products to clean the bar by the pool as it was filthy when she raised this with the hotel she was told she was going to be transferred elsewhere the bar areas were blatantly scruffy with the outside bar constantly having wasps swarming around the spilt drinks, further to this the cups/glasses 9/10 were filthy with grease marks off the previous person round the top. Upon getting our evening meal one night one of the chefs was smoking in the kitchen this was clearly visible through the door. One of our party has gastroenteritis which she was told by the hotel doctor this was down to the food several members of our party experienced this and we had only eaten there at this point. The entertainment at this hotel was practically none in the two weeks we were there I saw 1 kids disco and that was the extent of the entertainment. This hotel was completely filthy and is not worthy of a 4* rating

All Inclusive

Never have I stayed at a less all inclusive hotel the only beverages available were vodka, gin, lager, table wine and soft drinks, anything else we were advised we would have to pay for, we were not expecting branded drinks all other all inclusive resorts we have stayed in have supplied island spirits. We feel Pineta Park was totally false advertised. No ice creams were included which is one of the reasons we pick an all inclusive package same as anybody holidaying with kids.

For the amount that this holiday cost we feel this was a complete waste of our hard earned money, the only enjoyable bits of the holiday for us all involved getting out of the complex.


  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Dont bother booking

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3 / 10
this hotel is the pits !

"well what can i say about this hotel apart from all negative !. arrived for check in and the room was double booked ,this had been going on for weeks before and also the two weeks we were there ! staff where not friendly at all and there uniforms were filthy to ! hygeine was terrible plates dirty and glasses to.this hotel is certainly not advertised right ,all lies ! . there was no kids club as stated,well not if two dances with the pool guys is called a kids club ,no entertainment apart from bingo everynight (which was a fix)and karaoke for 30 mins at the most everynight!!!!. rooms in not bad nick although do need freshning up a bit. hotel looks fantastic from outside but enter at own risk !my family and i were there for two weeeks and are just back and feel very let down, this hotel should be a 2 star not a 4 star !. but wait a minute there is some positives ,that is us meeting other familys while there and having a good moan all together,and also the kids playing with other kids or they would be very bored indead!!!!. one good thing about the hotel is the two fun pool guys they made the days a bit better as well as the weather !. food not good more catered for the turkish tourist, but dont worry if you like omeletes then your sorted .we survived on these all holiday and we are now off them for life . this hotel should be taken off all tour operators list for good !!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Libra Holidays
  • Advice: enter at own risk

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