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1 / 10
dont go there accident waiting to happen!!!!!!!!

"Stopped here in Sept 2010, arrived with my husband, sister in law and here partner. on entering hotel found reception to be very clean, that is where it ended. shown to room on 5th floor only to find that A/C did not work. the carpet in the room was filthy, had footprints on the wall, the curtains had holes in them.

when i got ready to go for evening meal i dropped a bronzing pearl on the floor never thinking it would still be there when we left hotel 5 days later but it was. had read reports before we left so too some cleaning products with us just in case, pleased we did.

my sister in law and her partner changed rooms to the 4th floor but air con there not much better..

we went for our evening meal only to find that there were no tables set, only dirty plates and glasses that we removed ourselves. we found the cutlery which left a lot to be desired we had to clean them the plates for our food were the same. that was our first night.

on the tuesday morning went down for breakfast to find food on the floor from previous evening, again cutlery and plates were dirty. we made the most of a bad thing and had breakfast. lunch we had the same problem.

that night we went down for our evening meal which i am still waiting to eat, you may be asking why!! well i got my meal and on returning to the table i slipped on some food left on the floor and went my full length plate went up in the air. the staff just stood and looked not offering any assistance, my brother in law ran for the manager but he ran away and hid in the kitchen, he followed him in and asked what the hell was going on and wanted to know why the floor was left in this state he replied i no understand english very well.

my husband and his sister picked me up and placed me on a seat the whole time picking pieces of broken plate from my arms and face..a kind ladie from france who was a nurse came and checked me out. i was take to reception where we were told the doctor had been called. we waited 3 hours for him to come for him to say as i could stand that there was nothing he could do. the hotel paid for his visit if that is what you could call it that.

we spent most of the next 3 days waiting to see our rep. he eventually arrived on the friday morning and we had a show down with him.. we told him we could not spend another night in this hell hole and he had better find us another hotel. it took him best part of 5 hours to find us another hotel which we had to pay for. we were refunded this on return to england. we found out later that the rep had handed in hid notice because he could not stand the pressure he was under from complaints against this hotel that he had to sort out.

if you want to enjoy a holiday to turkey dont go to this hotel, if you do take your life in your hands and watch were you are walking. staff are not bothered about their clients.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
5 star hotel all inclusive marmaris turkey

"we got a great deal from travel republic going there in march 2012.

it is a 5 star all inclusive dont forget 5 star in turkey is like 3 star in the uk.saying that the hotel is fantastic from the minuet you walk into reception the WOW factor gets you dripping in decrotive polished marble and glass lifts.

the rooms are immaculate with very big bathrooms tv.air-con,safe and wireless internet if you need the laptop.breakfast is at 8am to 10 am. lunch is from 12 noon till 2.30pm .burgers chips and salad pool side from 3pm till 4pm. cakes and biscuits from 5 pm till 6pm.dinner from 7 pm till 8,30 pm the choice and range of food is second to none there is somting for every one they even have a omolate chef and grill chef.

there is 2 big pools and a heated indoor pool if you go out of season. also included in the price is a gym,sauna.and turkish bath.

the hotel provides pool side entertainment and a childrens club.

the tea ,coffee,and soft drinks was open 24/7 free alcohol stopped at 11pm.the hotel was just 5 mins from the beach and local attraction such as swimming with dolphins. there is shops ,hairdresers.barbers.even a tattoo shop.the staff where great meals fantastic atmosphere brill. hope this helps you have a good time

  • Holiday details: Mar 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont eat too much there is sooooo much food
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10

"My daughter and I went here recently for an Easter holiday 2012.. was slightly out of season, so it wasn't buzzing..we had a great time. I am 53, my daughter 10..and we both had a memorable (for all the right reasons) holiday.. I suppose holidays are the same as all of's what you make of it...and we would go back again.. Our room was great..we were on the terrace over looking the pool..we met lots of lovely folk..and the staff are friendly and helpfull. The guys who did the entertainment were enthusiastic and funny as.. we had a ball.. as far as food is concerned, everyone has diffent tastes-we never went fav meal was breakfast.. and if you are that picky..don't go all inc! I would go again-happily.. :))"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2012
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10

"We Have Just returned from Pineta Park Deluxe!!!

We are 2 adults aged mid 30's and daughter of 11 yrs old.

The whole pineta park deluxe 10 day holiday for us was disgusting....and on speaking to other brits there at the time ....they also thought the same!!

The food was chips and rice and chicken and grilled tomatoes every single day amongst other local things like spicy meatballs( not even shaped like a ball) cold sprouts??? potato wedges for breakfast?? salads galore and no free ice cream at all for the kids!!

drinks were vodka,gin,white and red wine, and 1 local beer!! woo hoo!!! loads to choose from there!

They had a cocktail bar where you had to pay for a drink but was expected to pay more than british prices ... (i.e. 1 Baileys = £6 ???)

when i spoke to the manager egarding the standard of food and drink she tried to say the usual " its not properly opened yet this is turkish winter time...maybe you should have come in May??? "

to which i said " nobody told me it was partly opened with construction going on and building sites all around marmaris at the moment....but apart from that.....Easter is one of our main holidays... so why do you as a hotel still take our money for these partly open/still getting finished hotels that have pour standards???? "

She would not reply

Pineta park Deluxe is more like an 18-30s hotel with Very low standards and food not worth eating.

Best part of the place is the Spa and Gym( which doesn't belong to the hotel its run by a kind man who rents the area for his business)

some of the facilities are free but some aren't!!!

All i can say is...

Before going we booked at christmas and it all sounded great!!

But....then on reading the reviews on trip advisor and others by february it seemed to have totally gone down hill from there...which on arrival...we didn't know what to expect!


1.Weather great

2. Hotel terrible(not just said by us but virtually ALL other brits staying there!!)

3. Great bargains of Fake clothes/Footwear/Bags.

4.Trips are a must but make sure you get good prices first

5.deffo try local food it is a must!!!

6.Never go back to Pineta Park Deluxe its a total rip off Place!!!

Especially when all other Hotels in the area did really better food( i.e. steak,salmon etc)

you will never get good food Or Drinkat Pineta Park!!!!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2012, Booked Independently

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8 / 10
Not as bad as I expected.

"Upon booking our holiday I read many horror reviews of Pinetta Park Delux, all I can say is that the hotel is nowhere near as bad as some people say, although I will not rubbish these reviews as I can only comment on what I experienced.

Myself and my better half stayed at Pinetta Park delux from September 7th 2011 until September 14th 2011 and before leaving I read many horror stories about over booking, filthy carpets, food poisoning and horrible room conditions on dreaded 5th floor. We checked in at around 01.30 hours and were geeted at the door by a very helpful and friendly usher who couldnt grab out cases quick enough and after obtaining our all inclusive wrist bands we were escorted via a fancy glass lift to our room which we were informed was on the 5th FLOOR! I was assured by my girlfriend that the room would be fine and upon entering the room to my horror I was greeted by an air con box that was hanging from the wall projecting water all over the place!! The carpet was filthy ans the head boards on the bed were complete with dirty black marks!! We quickly made our way via the lift back to the reception are to complain. To make matters worse there was a large note stuck inside the lift that informed its guests that there would be a wedding at the locaion on 09/09/2011 which would require all to be away from the pool area at 16.00 hrs on the day so the wedding reception could be set up!!. This was not the best start to any holiday. Upon reaching the reception area we were told that there were no free rooms untill mid day so we would have to make do with what we had until then. Upon opening our rooms door the phone in the room was ringing and upon answering it were told that there was infact a free room which we would be moved into right away. We were once again escorted by the usher to our room on the second floor and was pleased to find a clean tidy room with an air con box which was firmly fixed on the wall. There were no dirty marks or stains so a sigh or relief was breathed.

The following morning we walked to the pool area which was clean tidy and did actually look like it belonged to a 4**** hotel. We approached the restaurant area which had a nice selection of foods which tasted great along with a chef that was serving omlets which also tasted great. Suddenly everying wasnt so bad. We spend the day by the pool which was brilliant and the pool entertainment(especially Jay)were friendly and welcoming and did their best to make sure that the holiday was fun.

The afternoon food was nice with a good selection as was the evening meals(although it did seem to be the same food every day) the only other 2 bad experiences we had were nothing to do with the hotel but down to the rudeness of a couple of members of staff namely a female bar tender in the pool room area and a male shop keeper in the shop. We asked for pool ques for a game of pool only to be ignored totally by the bar tender and upon asking again was told "IM NOT SPEAKING TO YOU AS ITS NOT 1PM YET) which infuriated me but I bit my tongue and left. The second incident was when I tried to get our li-lo inflated only to be shood out on the shop and told to "GO AWAY" As you can imagine I wasnt happy again!

Overall the hotel if fine although probably not 4****. I can imagine that at one stage the hotel was very grand but now looks a little tired but nothing a little TLC wouldnt change. It dosnt help the fact that it is shadowed by the very grand GRAND PASA which is a beautiful hotel.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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9 / 10
Lovely Holiday

"We stayed at Pineta Park Deluxe Hotel in May and had a wonderful time. Staff were friendly and the entertainment was good fun. The sister hotel Pineta Park had bad reviews so please don't confuse the two. Rooms were clean and the pools were cold but adequate. We loved it so much we sent my daughter there for her honeymoon in July, they loved it too. The tour guide was helpful and we met some lovely people."

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with EasyJet Holidays

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1 / 10
Double Booked-and not the only ones!

"We chose to stay here as we had viewed the hotel from the street when we stayed in Marmaris two years ago.

We arrived at the hotel at approximately 02:03(Our plane was delayed by two hours). When we went into the lobby area there was no friendly greeting at all. It soon became clear that there were no rooms available and we we directed to the settees in the lobby area, where we had to endure a sleepless night. In all I counted 23 people sleeping on the settees-all very disgruntled as they too did not have rooms to go to. We were lucky as we got a room at 2pm in the afternoon, however, this pattern of overbooking seemed to go on through the week and there were lots of arguments and angry guests.

We were offerd a late check out if we signed an empty Double Booked Claim form, which we refused to do. All in all a big disappointment & we will not return there again.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Holiday mate
  • Advice: Take you evening meals in the local bars/restaurants. They are good and very modestly priced
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"Just back from pineta park and all i can say is it was brilliant. The entertainment was daily and nightly. The food was good and the staff are all friendly. The house keepers were fantastic but the animation team really was the best group of people I've ever met, they really did make my holiday all that better so thank you so much and i miss yous all lots. I would recommend this hotel to anyone who is up for having a laugh and a good time."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: go to bar street with the hotel you will have a great time
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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7 / 10
Would Stay There Again

"I spent 2 weeks at the Pineta Deluxe with my partner & our 15yr old son. We had a lovely time. We were given a room on the 5th floor overlooking the ppol, very nice although I don't like heights and the air conditioning didn't work. Apparently they have a problem with the 5th floor air con. However, I compained and they moved us to the first floor over looking the pool. The air con packed up a few times and this is a major issue within the hotel. If you like chicken you will like the food because that's what you get every day. It's very cheap to eat out and we did that many times. Great for shopping and fantastic bargains to be had but remeber to haggle! The Entertainments Team at the Deluxe were absolutely fantastic and made the stay more pleasureable - Remeber, you get what you pay for. I would stay there again although not sure if I would go All Inclusive. They also need MORE SUN BEDS !!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Great Hotel, clean and spacious.

"Me and my sister stayed at the hotel 1stjuly - 8th july. Travelling through marmaris on our transfer we came accross many grotty hotels but were so thankful to arrive outside pineta park deluxe and find that this was our hotel, it was beautiful. Inside was spacious and clean, the reception staff were very helpful and polite. We arrived late friday night at 8.55pm, we had 5minutes to get our tea as the teatime finished at 9pm so the reception staff said we could check in after we eat.

Our bags were taken to our room for us by hotel staff and the room was very nice and clean. We had a top floor room so we had great views from the balcony.

The poolside was lovely, and they ensured that noone could 'save' there deckchairs at 7am. The food was ok, nothing special but we were very glad because a lot of people who we'd spoke to from the club pineta hotel said there food was that bad they were eating out! it mainly consisted of rice and chips, with meatballs and chicken in different sauces, but it was still nice and filling.

Be aware: THERE IS NO FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST! so cereal and fruit is the main option there! however you can buy a breakfast outside in the street restaurants for only £2.

warning: DO NOT BOOK ANY EXCURSIONS WITH REP - GOKHAN. He is awful, he charged double the amount the street stores were selling, he lied about what was included on all our excursions and he didnt give us any information on our transfer to the airport so we had to do it ourselves, created so much stress to our holiday! We also spoke to another couple in the hotel who'd said the same thing had happened to them, but because it's a Turkish company it was very hard to try and make a complaint.

The hotel staff are very nice, sometimes a little too nice.. one waiter kept harassing me at every meal time asking me to marry him it was a nightmare.

Entertainment was ok, there was usually a trip to Bar Street at 11pm every night for only 5LIRA which was good.

There was a large amount of noise at night from surrounding clubs, including the field opposite which held weddings until the early hours or morning. One night we were woken by the mosque calling at 4am, nightmare!

Overall the hotel was great, the best part about the holiday because marmaris wasn't so great! full of people shouting at you if you don't listen to them trying to sell you things.. great hotel though:)

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: book the scuba diving excursion! ignore people selling you things
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
review for pineta park deluxe

"best hotel in marmaris that i have been to,will go back next year. People are getting mixed up with pineta club and pineta deluxe. Pineta deluxe has everything you could wish for on your holiday."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, booked with holiday mate
  • Advice: great location

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8 / 10
What a great hotel, can't wait to go back

"Just came back from this hotel, went with my mum , we had the best time. Everyone at the hotel is very friendly and accommodating, they really can't do enough for you, the entertainment staff are absolutely brilliant and keep everyone entertained from morning till late into the night. Thanks to Jayhan, Charlotte, Ayko, Ali (for your great Cocktails) and all the rest of the staff for making our holiday so so special. Everyday there's entertainment around the pool followed by the club dance then everyone jumps into the pool, it's great fun. The alcohol selection isn't wide but there's wine beer and vodka n gine and raki all included with all inclusive deals, go and see Ali at the pool bar and he'll do you a lovely Ali special cocktail, he's great. If when you arrive you aren't happy with your room then a word advice is that they leave all the un-occupied rooms doors open so you can go for a nosey around and choose one you like with a nice view that's what we did then we went and told ramadam on reception and he sorted it out for us no problem. If you have any issues with your room then just ask someone on reception and they will get it sorted for you, our balcony was dirty when we got there due to the sea breeze, but we told them at reception and by the time we came back to our room from lunch it had been cleaned up and looked great. I am the fussiest eater in the world but I managed to find loads of things to eat that I enjoyed, I even had 2-3 courses sometimes as there was so many nice things to eat so I can't even fault the food. I can't wait to go back to Turkey and the Pineta Park Deluxe hotel, it was my first trip to Turkey and I loved it and would recommend it to anyone. We tried scuba diving in the pool at the hotel and both loved it so went on the day boat trip which was awesome and totally worth the money (£20 pp), I would recommend anyone trying scuba diving it's the best thing I've ever done in my life, we also went on a few other boat trips, all great fun and really cheap, just shop around and barter with the salesmen and you should be able to get them down quite cheap (I heard of someone paying £12pp for the lazy day boat trip). Thanks everyone at Pineta Park Deluxe Hotel, you made mine and my mums holiday really fun, special and memorable!!!! :)"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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