Tamara Hotel

Cukurbag Yarimadasi Aydin Koker Sok. Kas Merkez, Kas, Turkey
6.5  / 10
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3 / 10
The Tamara Hotel has a lovely...

"The Tamara Hotel has a lovely location; the views are impressive and the landscape of the hotel grounds is very natural and appealing. The hotel provides the necessary elements for a comfortable short break, although there are no facilities on site aside from a bar, restaurant and two small pools. The town of Kas is a 15 min taxi ride away, but there is a limit to how many hot trips along a bumpy road that you can stomach. The hotel also run some mini bus shuttles there during the daytime.

You will do well to keep a constant check on your bar and food tabs as the staff are very lax and the drinks, in particular, are ridiculously expensive (watermelon juice 10YTL, or nearly £5!). There is not a practice of showing you prices for anything unless you ask in advance! Make sure you view each voucher and add them up at the end as the "office" made repeated "mistakes" with our extras at the end of our stay. Needless to say, they weren't undercounting!

We would strongly advise prospective visitors to approach the hotel direct and to avoid the massively over inflated prices and very poor service offered by ELIXIR holidays (for travellers coming from the UK), who failed to pay the hotel for our accommodation costs and are currently being pursued for breach of contract. Transfer costs from Dalaman need to be negotiated with the hotel or you might want to consider a hire car; there are many worthwhile sites to visit within easy striking distance and you will save a lot on taxi fares (one-way to Kas is about £8 currently). If you are negotiating transfers, be aware that the quoted costs tend to vary. We had a turkish spreaking friend do this on our behalf before leaving the UK; the cost should be around 150 YTL (70 GBP). Journey times from Dalaman are longer than advertised; it took us 2hrs 40 mins on a slow return, with traffic. Hence, the high costs I suppose, but nothing to justify the ridiculous round-cost of £295 (yes, really!) offered by Elixir in their pimped-up mini bus.

Would we go back? Not a chance. Sorry Tamara, but you need to ditch the crooks that you are associated with in the UK and advertise independently.

Go independent, plan in advance and hopefully you should avoid some of the mess that we encountered.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Elixir

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3 / 10
The Tamara Hotel is probably the...

"The Tamara Hotel is probably the loveliest hotel on the Cukrbag peninsula, but my wife and I stayed in a neighbouring villa earlier this year and shared the Tamara’s facilities. There was rubbish piled by the front entrance, a villa being constructed next door and while the staff were very friendly, they were clearly not ready for the season.

To be fair, it is the agent, Elixir Holidays, that is to blame. Elixir should never have sent us before the season had fully started. So, if the Tamara appeals, it may be worth a go, just make sure that you do not pay over the odds and certainly avoid Elixir, who took thousands of pounds off us to consistently provide sub-standard accommodation throughout our honeymoon!

  • Holiday details: May 2008, Self Catering, booked with Elixir Holidays

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10 / 10
Beautiful location

"This hotel has a beautiful setting right on the water!


View...the view of the mediterranean is breathtaking.

Size...not a large hotel but it has all the amenities and then some. Rooms are large and many have balconies to sit and watch the sunset. The pool--although not heated--is very clean and large enough for laps.

Layout...the hotel has several levels providing different experiences and privacy.

Guests: many of the guests were national tourists providing a more genuine experience than at a hotel populated exclusively by foreign tourists.


Distance from town...although the hotel has courtesy vans into town, the hotel is several miles from town. We had a car so this was not a problem for us.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008

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4 / 10
Wonderful but...

"We stayed at a standard room at Villa Tamara in late August. This hotel is located in Cukurbag about five minutes from Kas right across from Greek island of Meis. We had a car, so trips to Kas were no problem; otherwise I believe you have to call for a cab. The location is amazing. My husband who recently sailed around British Virgin Islands kept saying it was just as beautiful. The hotel itself is also great, a stone building surrounded with trees and flowers. It has a very nice pool area and a moderate sized pool filled with sea water. However being a Mediterranean girl, I don't do pools. To me, the most important thing is the sea and it doesn't get any better than this unless you are on a blue voyage. The only thing missing was lack of service and showers by the sea, so we had to climb up and down frequently. In summary, we fell in love with this place, and if it weren't for the completely poor management it could have easily become the place we’d go again and again. Now here comes the negative experience which may give you some idea on how amateurishly this place is run:

-We booked by phone and had no idea how to get to the hotel. The manager told me to give him a call when we get to Kas. So I did but there was no answer, we had to ask a few people in Kas and we were lucky enough to find the place easily. It was completely dark when we got to the hotel and neither the parking area nor the entrance is lit. It was quite scary believe me. We entered the hotel and saw two workman who looked at us like we were crazy when we asked about the reception. This hotel has none! It turned out that the manager was helping out with the dinner service, so he wasn’t taking phone calls. He showed us the room (no process for check-in, he didn’t ask for an id or a credit card). You literally have to chase this guy down for everything including payment on your way out. For all I know you could just stay for a few days and sneak out casually.

- The first room we stayed at was on the bottom floor (#17). It was partly my fault because I made a late booking on such a busy season, but I believe it is hotel’s obligation to tell what kind of room you’d be given. It should be the worst room in the hotel. No view at all, the minibar was unplugged, we couldn’t even turn on the lights properly. The cord of the floor lamp was literally torn apart. The manager said he would switch our room the following day and we pursued him persistently until he did so.

-Our second room was on the first floor. Again not a full view but a nice partial one at least. Several items missing (No soap, no hangers) and poorly lit, (I suspect all rooms are)

- Bathrooms were really weird. In our second room, the toilet was very close to the bathtub, it was OK for me but a torture for my long legged husband. The shower was also very uncomfortable. You cannot hang it, it pops out from the bathtub, you have to hold it the entire time and it has a short cord so you have to bend or sit down. Why on earth would you install something like that?

-We had a dinner, a lunch and two breakfasts at the hotel. For dinner, we had fish and shepherd’s salad. Fish was OK but the salad was bad. Soggy tomatoes are not acceptable by Turkish standards especially if you are at the tomato capitol of the country! I couldn’t believe they charged us 20YTL (~US$ 15) for that small bowl. Same goes for the breakfast, day old lame bread, no variety, cheap stuff that’s a minute away from going bad.

-For lunch, we ordered burgers from the kitchen. They were no good but I ate mine anyway. It was too late when I noticed my husband wasn’t touching anything because he found hair in it! He kindly sent it back asking them to be more careful next time.

The funniest bit is that whenever we made a comment to the management about anything, they went “ oh, but it is because we’re a boutique hotel” . I think someone should explain them what “boutique” really means.

I may still go back there despite all this. After a while it didn’t even bother me because it is so nice out there. It just makes me sad because this amazing place really deserves better than this. If I had the money, I swear I would takeover and rescue this gem.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007

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6 / 10
Perfect location, but service could do better

"Stayed there for a week in a standard room. Absolutely superb location - most probably the best on Kas peninsula (we have been in other peninsula hotels before). Rooms big and comfortable. Unfortunately, several details deteriorated the overall picture: Breakfast buffet managed by two individuals not motivated at all, so we had to ask them to refill bread basket, fruit etc. 25% of sunbeds down near the sea broken, so not enough space for all guests etc.

In a nutshell: Great place to stay, but not concentrated on important details that at the end of the day make the difference. Location is a big part of the overall picture, but not everything. Management shall invest in motivation of staff and maintenance!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007

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6 / 10

"I cannot praise this hotel enough. A beutiful location looking out across the med.

Spotless clean and excellent staff.

It's built on the side of a hill so you'll find yourself walking up and down a fair few stairs.

If you can stay in the suites they are worth the extra. Regular rooms are good but bathrooms very small.

I will go back to this hotel time and time again.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007

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8 / 10
The place where we decided to visit every summer!

"Me and my wife, after spending our holidays in Odile Hotel at Olympos Cirali for 5 years, decided to take a risk by trying a new location and hotel. We chose Kas and Tamara Hotel and that was absolutely our best holiday ever.

First, Kas is a lovely place. We fell in love with Kas and we're dreaming of buying a small house in Kas.

Coming to the point, Tamara Hotel is born to be beautiful thanks to its unique location. It's located on the Cukurbag Peninsula, looking towards the Meis, which is the closest Greek Island to Turkey.

Villa Hotel Tamara has two sister buildings: One is for standard rooms, the other (new) one is for suits. Both are looking towards the Meditterean Sea and you can see the Meis in front of you from balcony.

We chose a suit number 4 for spending our 11 days of holiday. Actually we'd booked for a standart room but when Mr. Mesut, the Manager, offered us the suit we changed our minds at that moment.

Suits are large and confortable, have an incredible sea view from main living area and bathroom. Rooms are air conditioned by a split AC (wall mounted - manuel control). But there was a mispositioning problem with the conditioner: It was so close to the bed and we couldn't leave it open while sleeping.

In every suit there're big LCD screens which you can watch hundreds of local / international channels which are broadcasting via satellite. There you can find a DVD player too, in case you have brought some movies with you.

Bathroom is very large and has the same sea view with balcony. It was a wonderful experience to take a shover towards the blue sky an sea.

There're lots of cabinets and drawers for your staff. And also a small safe is present for your valuable belongings.

Hotel has lots of seperated areas, spread over different areas in different levels. I do underline the word of "levels" because Tamara Hotel offers you a good chance to work-out: There're 40 steps down to "Pool 1 level" from suit entrance. Than 33 steps to "Pool 2 and bar / restaurant" level. And than 85 steps more to the sea level where you can have a sunbath and swim. That's why I do not recommend Tamara to old or disabled people and big families with children.

We did not try the pools but as we've informed one is salty water. Pools are medium sized (approx. 10-15 meters wide, deepest point 1.6 meters). We spend our day hours laying down at the sea level platforms and swim. There is no beach. You directly jump to the aquarium-like sea. Of course there you can find a small stair to help you go into the sea smoothly :)

Tamara is also have a nice yacht and you can join their trips they set every or twice a week.

The personnel are very young, kind and helpful. Although their intension are good, there're some management problems causes lack of service. For example sometimes it's hard to find someone to ask for something at the sea level because no one is especially assigned for it. This mostly happens between 8 to 11 am.

Prices include bed and breakfast. Breakfast is served between 8 to 10 am but we have not seen the breakfast is ready by 8 am. Visitors love to sleep I think, and that's why they always delay it for 10 to 30 mins. The offerngs are not so attractive in breakfast, but include every basic need: eggs, cornflakes, salami, tomatoes, cucumber, white cheese, some other cheese, some marmelades, tea, coffee, honey and so on.

Restaurant is not bad but do not offer a large menu to choose from. We mostly had our dinners at Kas centre, where you can find lots of different alternatives. At that point I have to share you our top 3 restaurants in Kas: 1) Ikbal 2) Blue House 3) Bahce (Bahce has 2 different restaurants, one is fish and the other is meat. We recommend you the meat one. Good mezes -starters- there!)

Overall, Tamara Hotel is a very vise choice for especially young couples without children. It's peacefullness, quiteness and good ambiance will meet your expectations.

Hotel has a wide range of visitors from different nationalities, mostly from UK, Turkey and Germany.

I think there're so much things to say about Kas and Tamara Hotel, briefly, hoping to help you, I've collected some pros and cons for Tamara below. See and make your choice:


- Incredibly beautiful location

- Good hotel building and surroundings (there're lots of seperated areas and even the hotel is full you do to not feel that.)

- Easy access to Kas centre (there're shuttles from and to Kas - It takes 7-8 mins)

- Gorgeous sea-view

- Good rooms

- Lovely climate and sea (We've been there in July but the season is between May to October)

- Quite, peaceful and relaxing

- Reasonable prices


- Some lack of service

- Bothersome small furnishing details in the rooms

- Average bar and restaurant

- The nearest airports are actually not "near". It takes 3 hours from Dalaman and 2,5 hours from Antalya Airport to the Hotel by car. (Hotel offers transfer from airports. Ask for it. We paid € 100 for Antalya Airport - Hotel transfer.)

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007

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10 / 10
Best hotel of the trip

"This place was wonderful We had been a teeny bit disappointed with a couple of other well-reviewed spots so the Tamara was a dream come true. Beautful huge "standart" room with a lovely view - lots of stairs to climb, though! The approach is a bit harrowing - it is further outside of town than you initially expect, though after a day or two it is no problem. Upon finding the sign that marks the Tamara's private drive, one plunges down what must be about a 45 degree grade that makes you think you will drop into the sea. ( One group of guests actually had a car with a bad transmission that could barely make it back up the hill!)

But once you are there - ahhh! Good breakfasts, good meals, beautiful pool plus beach access -- and the service is superb. We adored Mesut , the manager and got a kick out of Chas (bartender) who both were charming and full of great advice. There is great care taken with all the creature comforts here. Only our frigobar did not work - no big deal. While here we were able to have a cruise to Kekova on a gorgeous boat leased by the hotel. It was $$$ because the day we went, our boat-mates backed out leaving us with the entire cost of the boat. Still, it was amazing and worth every penny. If you do this, try to arrange it in advance and build your stay in Kas around it. Superb. Kas was a nice town but the best meal we had here was the one at the hotel Villa Tamara.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007

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8 / 10
Terrific Getaway!

"My wife & I stayed at the Villa Hotel Tamara for one week & we loved it. The biggest asset was the location. The view of the mountains & the Meditteranean sea were breathtaking.

You should ask for the Turquoise Room. It's amazing. Huge space overlooking the pool, the sea. Just incredible. Overall, the place was an oasis for rest & relaxation & the staff was friendly.

There are two pools -- salt water & fresh water. If you want to spend your time by the sea, there are stone platforms w/umbrellas along the rocky coast to pass your time & take the occasional dip. Evenings are special at the hotel w/an outdoor bar & terrace where you can see the stars (but don't forget to pack bug spray as a precaution). The hotel also has a daily shuttle into the town of Kas where you can shop, eat, and stroll the charming streets & marina.

Criticisms are minor. One is the hotel's boat. The hotel rents a boat for guests to sail to the Greek island of Meis. A bunch of us signed up for the trip. One problem: we never made it to the island! Apparently, the captain & the crew weren't exactly accomplished sailors. Even though it was a beautiful sunny day on the Mediterranean, they claimed the current was too strong & it was too windy. We laughed. We thought they should've taken Sailing 101. The island appeared so close, we considered just jumping off the boat & swimming to the island. However, you do really need a boat to get there. But we still had a nice time.

The complimentary breakfast was very good. Fresh fruit, bread, juices, coffee & tea, etc. They also make a fine latte. Lunch & dinner were adequate -- not great. You're better off eating in town especially Evie's restaurant & the numerous cafes along the marina.

Overall, we highly recommend the Tamara & the town of Kas. You'll love it!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007

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8 / 10
A lovely hotel!

"We visited this hotel in the first week of September 2006 and were really pleased we did! It was booked last minute as a replacement for a different holiday we had been looking forward to all year ( we are still waiting for a refund from the company who went bankrupt! ) so we weren't really expecting much, however the hotel and the staff were all wonderful and the experience helped make up for our disappointment. If you have a choice of rooms, choose the standard ones on the top floor - they are large, airy and the view out to sea is amazing! We were supposed to spend our second week in an "deluxe suite" and after experiencing the normal rooms we were really excited - however they are horrible - they are dark and noisy ( ours was directly under the bar/restaurant ) and not as nice as the standard rooms. We eventually upgraded to an "executive suite" in a separate building which was larger than my own home! The bathroom is amazing! There's a massive plasma screen TV but we could only get Italian porn on it!

Overall the hotel was lovely but the food and drinks were a bit on the expensive side for Kas - £8 for a brandy!!

The manager, Mesut, was very friendly and eager to please, and we would go back.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006

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8 / 10
Breathtakingly beautiful

"We just spent 3 nights at this beautifully located hotel. While not in the town of Kas, it is located about 5 kms just west of the city. There is a shuttle from the hotel to town and back, although it has a limited schedule. Taxis are reasonable and easy to call. As with the other reviewer, we too had a suite. It was beautifully appointed with similar amenities. There are some quirks: hot water faucets not working, no satellite reception on the TV, hallway lights going out after 20 seconds, exposed wiring, no safe in one suite and a safe in the other w/o a key. Most of these go unnoticed when you stay for a few days. They could become a burden over 7-14 days.

There were multiple little patio areas throughout the facility where you could hang out and command tremendous privacy from the other guests. The gardens interwoven throughout the grounds are wonderful. There are many flowers and fruit and olive trees. There was also a bar and two swimming pools, one of which is designated to those in the suites. On the Mediterranean, there were platforms for sunning and provided private access to the water where you could swim or snorkel. From the top floor, there were a lot of steps to climb. For those with limited mobility, this may cause problems. There is no elevator.

We had dinner one night at the hotel and it was good. My wife's lamb casserole was excellent. The other dishes very enjoyable too. It is odd that they don't give you a bill after any of the services. They just total it up at the end. This might be troublesome for some, but our purchases were limited. One of the nice things about Turkish hotels vs. American hotels is that they have no issue with you bringing your own beverages down to the pool area or in to your room.

The buffet breakfast was nice and fairly standard for Turkey. They even had some meats which we couldn't find elsewhere. You got to enjoy it on the deck overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean. There were also an abundance of cats that made for a lot of fun with each visit to the bar or deck. They would frolic constantly.

The service was really excellent. While there are clearly issues with some of the amenities, these are in no way related to the level of service we received from the exceedingly accommodating and friendly staff. They worked with what they had and did their best to make everyone comfortable. They also constantly assisted us in learning Turkish and never grew weary of our questions or attempts at their language.

I think that this could really be a first class place if the owner pays a little more attention to it. Everything is there, they just have to maintain some of the amenities. We would stay there again while visiting the area

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006

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6 / 10
Mixed review

"Just returned from 2 weeks at Hotel Tamara.

Breathtaking scenery and fantastic location for this hotel.

We had a suite at the hotel, which was huge and well furnished with an enormous bathroom, plasma TV (but only with BBC World News).

This could be a fabulous hotel but unfortunately there are some annoying flaws.

No price lists in the bar and restaurant. Every one said that Turkey is "so cheap" to eat and drink and I did not enquire on prices until 8 days into holiday - to discover that a cocktail is £7.50 and a cheese roll £4.

So take a taxi to Kas, where a great meal for 2 with drinks is about £20.

No pool service offered for drinks and snacks.

Phone in room but with no directory - so no room service.

We paid £2,700 for this fortnight to discover that the hotel offers a 'cut out the middle man' booking service. Hence the couple in the suite above us paid £100 per night for the suite including breakfast.

All in all, I felt the owner was 'having us over'.

Would we go back? - yes, book direct and be aware of pricing.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006

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