Grand Yazici Club Turban

Sirinler Mah. Siteler Mevki, Icmeler, Turkey
7.5  / 10
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8 / 10
beware of icmelerexcusions

"we have just returned from a fab holiday in marmaris, we stayed at the hotel turban, its a 5 star hotel & you do get 5 star service, the staff, food, drinks are great as are the rooms but now the downside, we booked to go on a boat trip on-line with icmelerexcursions through ago travel they sent a e-mail stating it was booked & we could pay when we got there we checked their web page & everything seemed above board,they came to the hotel we paid them the money & when the day came to go on the boat trip no one arrived, we got the reception to ring them & they said they were on their way, no one came, we couldnt get in touch with them till the next day & the man who answered the phone said it was he,s BROTHER who took the booking & he would get him to ring me back, im still waiting, the reception staff tried again for me but to no avail, so anyone going to turkey beware of this company,next time il book through the travel company, you will pay more but you will go on your trip!"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2012, booked with Thomson

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8 / 10
Get a Receipt

"Stayed here the last two weeks of the season, thankfully reasonably quiet. The rooms are adequate but short on storage, no drawers and onl 4 hangers in the wardrobe. Our chamber maid (lovely lady) brought us some hangers another guest had left behind.

I found the food very varied and plentiful. Although a lovely hotel it's not 5* by English standards. But as it's beyond the main drag of Marmaris that's very much in it's favour.

I have to agree with a previous reviewer who warned of the 'Paradise' Hotel that was used on the last day Dalyan trip - tne food was only just fit for human consumption.

If you pay for a card for your beach towels make sure they give you a receipt, no receipt at the end of your stay and you don't get you deposit back.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Don't expect British 5*. Do expect a relaxing holiday. This Hotel is not on the main drag of Marmaris so is very peaceful.
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Lovely clean freindly hotel with lots of facilites. Possibly only 4*

"We have just returned from a fab holiday in Turkey. We went as a party of 6 inc 2 children under 10. We originally booked the Green Nature and was a bit apprehensive as on the morning of departure I read the reviews posted the day before stating that the food was awful, queues everywhere and no sunbeds to be found after 8.00am, but at least we knew where we was going. On arriving for our coach departure early hours in the morning we was informed that our hotel had over booked and half our party was going to the club turban. After showing much disappointment the rep managed to get us all to go the Club Turban and we was assured it was an upgrade. We was delighted when we seen the rooms, very large, clean, shower over the bath as well as a walk in shower, phone, tele and air con in every room plus a fridge - no draws but shelves in wardrobes. The staff our very helpful and pleasant. Food nice, plentiful, very continental sometimes only warm. Chefs cook fresh food at every sitting. For those who only like English food and bacon for breakfast etc may be disappointed, however there are always a few choices. At times its hard to find a table but there are lots of waiters who you can ask to prepare an empty table. There is entertainment in the day, Belly dancing, water games etc and in the evening Dolly Disco and a show afterwards. It all finishes about 10.30pm - no partying in this hotel. There are 4 pools, lazy, paddling - very shallow, slide and I main large pool. The large pool shallow end is 1.4mtrs, which is not suitable for families who like to stand in the pool area with their children or for non confident swimmers. There was plenty of sunbeds. The private beach with free sunbeds, pedlos and canoes is lovely but it is stones and children cant make sandcastles etc plus it hard getting in and out of the water. You can hire jet skis and speedboats 150 lira for a boat for 1 hr expensive. The Fitness centre is lovely with free Turkish bath, steam room, sauna gym and cold pool treatments are extra. We had a foam massage for 44 liras each. Be wary all the extras are expensive and you can find them slightly cheaper outside. Dolmus's are great and you can get them to Icmeler or Marmaris for 1.5 or 2 lira. Icmeler is really nice and has lots of nice bars and restaurants. The people are all lovely they make you feel special without pressuring you. Majority of the hotel guests are Russians. Finally Great holiday will go back but TURKEY IS EXPENSIVE"

  • Holiday details: May 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: It very nice

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4 / 10
a waste of money

"when we booked this hotel we were expecting to have a really nice hotel and break for 2 weeks.we paid 3.5k (more than normal but were expecting to get our monies worth by the write up)

on our arrival (around 3am) we were really pleased,especially when you see all the other hotels that we dropped off at.the hotel is lovely to look has open plan with big floor to ceiling doors that open all the way round and the grounds looked very well maintained (there were still people up watching us check in...i know now they were thinking look at the excited people,they will soon realise its not all that it seems.we ended up doing exactly the same thing)

we had our bags taken for us up to the room (lovely we thought,great service)but never expect to see them again and as for the write up saying golf buggies to take you around the resort not true just your first day which is not good if you are placed up in the bunglows with all the steps and long walk to the main dining area.

the room was lovely.a surprise as we had booked a standard for me and my partner and boy of 6 yrs and ended up getting a large 2 bedroom,2 bathroom room on the second floor of the main was clean and tidy.

warning do not leave any money lying around as the ladies who tidy your room assume that this is a tip!!

first full day

we were up early around 7am,grabbed some b'fast and had a good look around the grounds.great we thought,except for one of the entertainment lads coming straight up to me and oggling my breats in my bikini right infront of my partner (not good).basically the entertainment team work to earn money and get the girls,we ended up having great entertainment watch them chase the young girls all holiday and found out that even one of them got sacked for it (not surprised) so watch out if you have young daughters!

we went to the welcome meeting and one thing that suck in my head was 'there are more sunbeds than guest' what aload of rubbish,we went high season,so you may be alright if you go low season.

we went for lunch and dinner there and everything was ok,just not alot of choice for kids (my son had the same thing everyday!)

2nd day onwards

found out that you have to get up at before the birds do to get a sunlounger (i ended up dragging myself up at 7am to grab us some and many had been up even before me...but by day 5 gave up as was so tired,i had to reminded myself that we were on holiday and having a lie in is what its all about isn't it)we would ask for some and the lad would come back with one from the beach but we needed 2 at least!we ended up tipping the guy every day to get at least one,but when we decided that we payed for this as a package and stopped tipping surprise surprise there were none!complained to reception for most of the holiday we ended up putting our towels on the grass (it may seem pety but when you spend what we did you at least exspect comfort).

the kids club was ok,again oggled when enrolled him (lucly partner not around to see this)!! and the free ice cream is great if you don't mind cueing for over half an hour (its only available for 1 hour a day)

the bar by the pool is disgusting.wasps everywhere,stunk to high heaven and measurement were 2 mouth fulls if that.staff were very rude,if you didn't give your order in one sentence he would serve someone else.basically don't be polite just shout is what i learnt,because of the german and russian rudness.

so this was our holiday from start to comfort,shouting or annoyed and cueing my life away.basically everyday.

we did very little other than that as we went in july and the weather was hitting around 45 degrees everyday,not even cooling in the evening,so we had not got the energy to go anywhere so had to put up and shut up.

ground hog day springs to mind.

by day 5 we had had enough,we were snapping at each other because the hotel was winding us up so much.

then came the next bit.

we decided to book a night at the al acarte rest' as we were so fed up of the dining and cueing for freshly cooked food in the hotel (again russians and germans will take everything,one lady pushed in and took the whole lot one time and the staff just let her!) and were told by the rep that you had to book the day before you wish to go to the al acarte.wrong.i was told that because of the germans and russians taking avantage and cueing up from early hours and filling the rest' they now just take booking,resulting in everything booked up the whole 2 weeks we were there.

i had,had enough i started to kick off (which in all honesty is the only way to deal with this hotel) and after argueing for what seemed like an hour she managed to fit us all in to all three rest'!!!surprising seeming as she said they were all fully booked.

actaully those rest' are lovely,food was a nice break from the rubbish in main dining.

but by day 7 are tummies started and so it seemed did all of the hotel,so we were put right off that.we ended up not eating b'fast and avoiding lunch and eating out for dinner for the whole of the last week.

we highly recommend this as you can find some lovely places what seem like they are expensive but aren't and the food is fantastic (ended up making the holiday)

so all in all we paid 3.5k to not eat any of their food have little drink,sunbath on the floor,argue till you are blue in the face and spend money on more food which you thought you would not need to do.

last day

there is nowhere safe to leave your luggage,which they leave at the front doors!so we ended up having to take it in turns to sit in the reception watching the bags (as we had spent nearly 2k on shopping to take back...the guy got us buying leather coats!)

as we sat there waiting for our bus to pick us up we sat and watching the new people arrive and felt like telling them to get back on the bus,cause we could not wait to get out of the place ourselves (and having spoke to many others we were not alone,one family had spent 6k on this holiday and they were fed up after 3 days,they themselves exspected alot more for their hard earnt money)

surprising it may seem but we are actaully returning to icmeler this year to a all inclusive but half the price as we feel that you would more than likey get the same service there and as we found eating out cheaper than we thought have a back up plan.but at least we would not be moaning about wasting so much money on what i can only descibe as a butlins in turkey.

our advise is avoid this rip of hotel and if you have booked already don't expect to much and maybe just maybe you will enjoy it oh and take plenty of more money for eating out!or even rebook elsewhere and save your money because this was our worst holiday experience ever.we ended up feeling so disappointed,annoyed and angry the whole holiday....not what you want for your summer vacation.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: over priced and rated
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
fab holiday

"We had one of our best holiday ever. Never been to Turkey before my husband and I with 3 other friends. I booked so you feel responsable.The weather was fab food was great rooms and hotel was so clean, pool fab, if we were pickie the reception staff were having trouble smiling, as we are welsh we are friendly, but it did not spoil the hols as we had a fab time thank you Turban."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: location fab area to walk no hills long walks between ismere and mamaris
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Great Week in Icmeler

"Like many other people we had read the reviews on this and other sites and had some concerns. No need to have been concerned though as the place was excellent. Hotel was a 4 star UK level and very clean. Food was very good in the main dining hall considering the Hotel was full and the seperate restaurants were excellent. Try avoid the wine in the Hotel though it is very poor and the drinks in general are very average at best. Some of the Eastern European guests were rude and very loud, but nothing to severe.

A good beach area and jetty to sun bathe on - fantastic views.

Would definately go again and probably stay at the Turban

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Very pretty, not too much hassle and som e good restaurants
  • Activities: La Grotta restaurant was excellent Italian food
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Dont go there

"We spent a week in this hotel in September. On the fourth day of our stay we went to Rhodes. When we returned, we noticed that from our luggage were missing the watch of my husband and my necklaces. When we told the reception refused to call the police and told us to go there and give explanations. The hotel managers did not want to meet us and refused to take any position on the theft. Employee at the reception trying to explain how far the hotel is the police station and that nobody would come there with us and the policeman speak only in Turkish. Did not find our jewerly. Terrible service. Do not go there."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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9 / 10

"Just had a wonderful stay at this hotel, nestled between Marmaris and Icemar (sic) cut into the mountains and surrounded by Pine trees, fab choice for families, food is fantastic, such alot of choice and all catered for. Pools and private beach are fab too with 3 waterslides on site for the older kids and 2 small pools for the young ones, in addition to main pool, indoor pool and adults only pool.

We had a 2 bed apartment in the separate section to the hotel but heard from other guests that the hotel accomodation was just as good.

3 on site A La Carte restaurants and a choice of bars or entertainment to attend, if none of this floats your boat they have tranquil areas within the grounds to just sit and watch the world go by.

Grounds are well tended and staff are so friendly and helpful we would def recommend and would love to go back one day.

The town of Marmaris is total tourist heaven if you want to barter for cheap clothes, gifts or if you prefer a Karaoke bar for the night, Iceimar is not as spoilt but this location between the two is ideal for a well deserved break.

I would def recommend private transfer as even this takes 1.5hrs although you do get to see some stunning scenery.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Busy, touristy and not relaxing however just a couple of kilometers out is this hotel
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"After much worrying about some of the reviews of the Turban Palace, I wish I hadn't wasted time fretting. I noticed anyway that most of the poorer reviews were not from 2009 - perhaps it was not as good in previous years, but the same can not be said now.

We absolutely loved this hotel. As different people were being dropped off in Marmaris on the way in, some of the places looked dreadful and I think we all held our breath until we pulled past the security barrier at the Turban and then it was a communal sigh of relief all round.

It's a very long transfer from the airport - almost 2 and a half hours if you include the half hour stop at the extortionally expensive cafe on the way.

Check in was very quick and our suitcase were whipped off to our room for us.

We stayed in the Residence (hotel part of the complex) although we were expecting a family bungalow in the gardens with a seaview. But I have to say that when we got to the room on the first floor I saw absolutely no reason to ask to be moved because the room was lovely. We actually ended up being pleased we were so centrally located as some of the bungalows were quite a walk from the pools etc.

The room itself was more than adequete for our family of 4 (2 adults and 2 teenagers) there were two single beds and a shower room as you walked in and then along a short corridor, a kingsize bed and a shower/bathroom. It was heaven not having to fight the kids for the shower every night. There is a hairdryer and shampoo in both bathrooms. For anyone fussy about cleanliness like me - I couldn't find a bit of mould in the bathrooms anywhere .... absolutely pristine on all levels. It was a bit odd having carpet on the floor (only in the Residence) but it was very clean, with no marks or stains anywhere. Fridge and safe in all rooms and air conditioning is brilliant.

There's a flat screen TV in both bedrooms - only 2 or 3 English speaking channels, but it's enough to keep up to date with world news.

There was a bulb out in the kids bathroom when we arrived and my hubby and I both like an extra pillow. We reported this to reception and both were sorted out for us by the next morning.

The pool area was lovely. We didn't have a problem with getting a sunbed at any point during our weeks stay (14th-21st August) There were always plenty of beds stacked up at the side of the pool, but if you got up late, you might not get what I would call a prime spot (by the bar or by the steps in and out of the pool) - but there was always somewhere to settle. The sunbeds all came with a thick mattress, which was very comfortable. Beach/pool towels are available if you don't want to take your own. It does say you have to pay a deposit for them at the beginning of your stay, but we didn't - don't know if we just slipped under the radar, but we didn't complain!

The edge of the pool can get very slippy. On the first day there, while loaded up with towels, lotions and books aplenty, I took a very embarassing fall onto my knee and actually broke the plastic fins that filter the water round the top of the pool. I went and reported this to one of the barmen and it was fixed within a couple of hours - I thought that was really good service

The holiday reps (one of every nationality you could possibly think of) were very good filling the whole day with different activities if you want to do more than chillaxe. The only disapointment for my 15 year old football mad son, was that for some reason they didn't do football all week, even though it was advertised on the activity board.

The evening shows were a different matter, a teeny bit disappointing. Although when you're trying to put on something for so many different nationalities I suppose you have to choose something fairly neutral in content. The reps did try very hard and my 13 year old daughter loved all the shows. I do have to say that the dancing was very well choreographed - and you chaps should watch out for the riske dancing girls (I'll say no more!) There was one rep, 'Snoopy' who had a very animated dancing style at the side of the stage... I want some of whatever he's on! Overall on the entertainment there's room for improvement, but it's certainly not enough to spoil anyone's holiday.

The main restauant is very crowded, but we never had any trouble getting a table, even if you had to wait a minute or so for it to be re-laid with a clean tablecloth and cutlery etc The waiters were very keen to keep the table tops clear between courses if like me you prefered to have a soup or salad starter and then go back for a main course and dessert ... or if you're like the Russians and prefer to make your very own food mountain on one plate, it makes the waiters job much easier in the plate clearing department!!

Food was very plentiful and varied. Soups, salads ( I luuvvved the salads) at least 4 or 5 different meat dishes, with some being cooked for you as you wait, a couple of fish dishes, a separate pasta area, more varieties of bread than I've seen anywhere, which included our particular favourite - which was the fresh pitta bread with different hot fillings which is made in the stone ovens in the restaurant at every mealtime - gorgeous. I'm sure there's something for even the pickiest eater (my son, who is a bit of a health freak where food is concerned managed to come away after every meal feeling very satisfied) The only thing I would say is that If you're expecting a full English brekkie, you'll be disappointed. There wasn't any bacon or sausages. There were still plenty of choice - eggs cooked every way possible, cooked and sliced salami sausage, beans, loads of cereals, bread/toast and jams, hot freshly made pancakes, salad/cheese (couldn't quite force myself to eat salad at breakfast, but each to their own) If you like a nice cup of Tetley with your meal - take your own Tbags as the local brew is pretty dire. We didn't have any tummy problems at all while we were there, us Yorkshire folks are made of stern stuff!

Minor negative was that there was only ice-cream for the kids at one meal the whole week.

Drinks were of the local variety. If you wanted a branded spirit or beer you would have to pay for it, but I can't tell the difference between a local rum and coke and a branded one, so I saw no reason for complaint at all. There are also drinks machines all around the complex where you can get free coffee (cappuccino etc) and hot chocolate at any time of the day or night. Bottled mineral water is free (we've been to some places where you have to pay extra for this) All soft drinks (Fanta, coke, sprite and a couple of cordials are also on tap all the time) The only thing that was a bit of a con was the freshly squeezed fruit juce lady who was there at mealtimes - you had to pay for this, but we didn't bother.

The hotel is brilliantly located, right in the middle of Marmaris and Icmeler - about a mile either way. You can flag a dolmus down outside the hotel every couple of minutes. It's 1.5 lira each to Marmaris or 2 lira each the other way to Icmeler and they never stop running! A bit of bartering at the shops in Marmaris is a must and the genuine fakes are really good - I've washed them since we've arrived home and everything is still the same size, colour etc.

The private beach was made from quite coarse sand, but it was beautifully clean and the sea was gorgeous. The jetty out into the sea complete with loungers was a nice change from the pool.

There are lots of bars around this hotel. We discovered our favourite one by accident as we went for a stoll one evening. I think it's called the sunset bar, and is about 30 meters to the right as you walk by the beach. There are lots of huge bean bags and subtle lighting, as well as the usual takes and chairs. A great place to take in the beautiful scenery or have a game of cards at the end of the day.

Yes, British speaking people were in the minority, but got more plentiful towards the end of the week for some reason; and if I could speak another language as well as all these other nationalities can speak English..... need I say more.

I would recommed this hotel to anyone. When we go away, we always go for 7 nights, but were all wishing we had booked for 10 this time.

If you need any specific question answered please ask.

Have a fantastic holday.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
How very different we all are - and...

"How very different we all are - and wouldn't it be a boring world if we were all the same. Having just seen the last report 5/10, I felt I must add my comments!

We are a family with 2 girls aged 12 and 8. This holiday suited us perfectly. The situation of the hotel was wonderful, the beach and sea are just gorgeous. When you book a large hotel such as this (even a 5 star) you do have to bear in mind that to cater for and entertain 2000 guests is a monumental task. The food was very good, a reasonable choice, my girls adored their breakfast pancakes every day. However, by the end of two weeks you do get a bit bored but that's to be expected. It's also worth being smiley and pleasant to the waiters (they don't like the Russians either). We befriended one in particular called Suat and very often if we had difficulty finding a table he would sort us out.

We did go to the Italian A La Carte and yes, it was a small menu but the beauty was the setting and the fact that you the food was brought to your table and could sit in a small area rather than the massive dining hall.

This is our third all inclusive holiday and so far not one hasn't included having to get up early to secure a sunbed - it's part of the deal I'm afraid. Having said that I got down to the pool every day between 8.30 and 9 and was always able to get a bed. The pool boys will bring the beds and mattresses to you - it's worth slipping them 5 lira a couple of times during the holiday, then as soon as they see you each morning they come over and ask how many beds you want.

I do understand what the previous lady was saying about the relax pool - it was meant to be adults only and was not - and this should really have been enforced. For us however, we needed to be by the main pool as that was where our kids wanted to be if they weren't on the slides which were really excellent, very fast and exciting!

The hotel is right between Icemeler and Marmaris and a dolmus bus costs just 2 lira per person to get there. I would recommend a visit to Icemeler one evening. It's quite loud and boisterous but good fun. If you walk back along the promenade it takes about 45 mins and is a lovely walk at night.

The best part of the holiday was the bar by the beach, it all decked and has lovely cushions and you can sit right at the water's edge and enjoy the tremendous view. On our last night we even saw the sea turtle about 10 metres out - it was brilliant.

Our only - minor - complaint was the volume of the music around the main pool - it was just a tad too loud.

All in all for a family like ours I think we had terrific value for money and we would definitely recommend it.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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5 / 10
I first read comments about this...

"I first read comments about this hotel on the Thomson website and was really pleased as it got 10/10 from everyone. Unheard of, so I thought it must be brilliant. However, then I found this site and it painted a very different, but now that I have come back, much more accurate picture of the hotel. I went expecting a really quiet and peaceful break in a bit of luxury. We had never been 5* or All Inclusive before.

The welcome at reception was pretty poor and although the room was nice, it was at the back of the hotel itself with a view of the yard and a scruffy car park. It did have mountains in the distance though!

One of the things I hate about hotels is having to wake up at the crack of dawn to get your towel out on sunloungers, so I was really pleased to see loads of notices up everywhere saying that if you left towels on loungers before 8am they would be removed by staff. What a load of rubbish - if you go down at 8am on the dot all the sunloungers are already taken; don't believe what the useless rep Alpay tells you about there being more sunloungers than guests..just not true. If you don't bag one at the crack of dawn you won't get one for the rest of the day.

One of the reasons we chose this hotel was because it had an adult only relax pool away from the noise of the main pool. To tell truth it is beautiful and in a really quiet location...shame then that the Russians seem to think they are exempt from any of the rules and that their kids can use it as their own private swimming pool at all hours. They were awful, screaming and shouting, jumping from the parapets where it clearly states no jumping in a number of languages. At first my husband tried pointing out the adult only notices to these families to be met by a sudden complete lack of understanding of English or a 'not my problem' reply. After the third day I'd had enough of this and went down to complain to public relations (never complain to reception, they just don't want to know). A security guard came to the pool, smiled at all the children and walked away. So again I had to go down and refused to move until the guest relations lady came up to the pool with me and sorted it out, which she did. However, this had to happen every day with myself, my husband and two other Brits being the bad guys. Honestly we had Russians pointing at us, talking about us (I understand a bit of Russian) and their children giving us evils all the time. Now I know you may think me a killjoy and that I hate kids, not true. In fact I'm a teacher and spent most of my year really enjoying yongsters. That's why just for one week in a year I would like a quiet break. If the pool weren't covered in notices saying adults only and if it weren't advertised a such then it wouldn't bother me if kids were in it, but it's like saying it's all inclusive and then asking you to pay for stuff. In the end the impression I got was that we were just a meddlesome pair of Brits and that once we were gone the kamikaze kids (as another holiday maker called them)could enjoy their hols, after all they are special....everyone else uses the 3 kids pools but they can have exclusive access to their own!

Despite what people have said about the food, I thought it was brilliant and was glad I wasn't there for two weeks as I would have had to delclare myself as extra baggage on the plane back! But then I am of Eastern European descent. My husband, a true Brit, didn't think it was that brilliant. We found that with our booking we were allowed one night at the A la Carte. Don't bother. We sat at our table and when we saw the menu decided we were better off at the main diner. It's not a la carte - it's a choice of either or, and not that thrilling a choice either; margarita pizza or mushroom pizza/ chicken or beef/ tiramisu or cheescake. You can have most of these things every night in the diner plus a choice of 10 other things too for every course.

The diner is cetainly a free for all and reminds me of our school canteen. If you don't turn up right at the start you are lucky to get a table, even luckier if it has all the cutlery on it and then one of you has to sit on it to save it while others go and get their food. We found the Russian guests extremely rude in the diner (and everywhere else I must say, even saw one blind drunk and rolling about on the corridor carpet outside their room at 2pm!!), they would load up a plate with 20 peaches for 3 people leaving none for anyone else, children would be putting fingers in food or picking it up and putting it back. There is no staff service, in fact the pancake lady at breakfst was even on her mobile phone during service! Rooms were also not cleaned that often, or cleaned really late at 6pm, apart from our day of departure when they were knocking on our door at 7.30 am! No free toiletries as you'd expect from a 5* just Lux soap dispensers attached to the walls.

The drinks were plentiful and I thought that the bar staff were very off hand but you still got served as it was your turn.

This is sounding really negative and I don't really want that to be the case. The location and hotel are beautiful. I have lived and travelled for a long time in Mediterranean countries and found this part of Turkey to be a beautiful surpise, lush and green with spectacular views. The hotel has lots to offer, the beach bar at night is lovely and we were regularly sitting on the big cushions in the lovely breeze, relaxing and drinking our 'rola cola'!

But when you go on holiday you want it to be spot on and this wasn't. There is no attention to detail or to customer service. I have had much, much better service, cleanliness, food and welcomes from 4* hotels. Don't expect luxury, be prepared for other guests with a very different view to manners, don't rely on Alpay(rep) for anything apart from selling you trips, nab a sunlounger and dining table early on and enjoy the beach bar at night. We wold love to come back to Turkey but not to this hotel!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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10 / 10
best holiday of my life so far...

"best holiday of my life so far

absolutely amazing hotel with lovely people

entertainment is very good and defo a good place for the family and young people

hoping to go there for easter

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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  • grand yazici hotel turban
  • grand yazici resort turban
  • turban palace
  • turban palace hotel
  • turban palace marmaris

Address: Sirinler Mah. Siteler Mevki, Icmeler, Turkey