Sa Coma Platja Aparthotel

C/ Ses Savines, s/n., Majorca ES-07530, Spain
8.5  / 10
Average rating (72 reviews)
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10 / 10
Loved the Sa Coma Platja.

"i stayed at the sa coma platja in september and could not have wished for a better hotel. Everything was wonderful there from start to finish. The staff were very friendly and helpful, as were the tour reps always at hand. the resort was amazing, entertainment was fun and food was great. I have stayed in different resorts in the past four years and by far this hotel is the best.Iwill definately go there again next year. My friend came with me as a birthday treat, who is disabled and the staff and reps were so helpful. We are not of the younger generation but made friends with young guests who we now keep in touch with. All in all fantastic."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2004

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10 / 10
My family and myself have just...

"My family and myself have just returned from the Sa Coma Platja and would also like to add my comments as others have done so before me.

My best way to describe this place, is heavenly. If you are like my family and myself and up for a good time then you are sure to have it here. When we go on holiday, we look for a nice beach, a few good restaurants and a bit of evening entertainment... And that is exactly what we got.

In the past I have read brochures only to be disappointed by what we got as to what was advertised in the brochure, but this time the Sa coma Platja exceeds all the expectations I could have imagined. To wake up each morning to a beautiful turquoise sea view, a pleasant buenas dias from all the staff and a nice relaxing pool to soak up the sun, it was great.

The apartments are what you would expect from a three star as well as the added convenience of air con, microwave and a very handy ´Spanish kettle´ not that we used these facilities as the resort had so many fab restaurants it would be a shame to not use them!

We went on a few excursions whilst there, pirates and son amar will stick in my memory for a long time, the cosmos reps even go along with you to ensure you have the best possible journey and night as well.

Bart and his friend were the entertainers and were good fun as well as the cosmos reps there too, angie and Gillian’s attitude to life can only be admired and they clearly enjoy there job and seemed to go out of their way to make everyone welcome, they seemed to be there from dawn till dusk.

The only disappointment was a very rude man shouted at one of the reps and staff at the hotel for something to do with a bus, not sure what happened but he swore in front of my children and seemed to completely destroy the atmosphere in the hotel for a short time. Just goes to show the mentality of others can make such an impact. I wish never to see such a rude vile man again, no wonder us brits get such a reputation abroad.

All in all though, we had a fantastic time and would like to thank all staff from the Sa coma Platja as well as the cosmos reps, which are a credit to their company. Keep doing what your doing and we will definitely be returning next year!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2004, Self Catering, booked with Cosmos

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10 / 10
Excellent holiday good location, 2...

"Excellent holiday good location, 2 hours away from airport but worth it. Very clean good friendly hotel. The reps were very helpful, the resort has plenty of good restaurants and Cala Millor is only a short ride away with a wider selection of shops and restaurants which as a bus going there every hour during the day."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2004, Self Catering, booked with Cosmos

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4 / 10
Before leaving London to come to Sa...

"Before leaving London to come to Sa Coma I read the reviews and was generally quite pleased. However, I was slightly concerned about the noise at the so called ‘Britannia Pub’.

On arrival at the airport in Majorca myself and other fellow passengers spent ten minutes looking for the cosmos reps, who had arrived late!

The hotel was relatively clean apart from the lipstick marks on the glasses.

The view was amazing. It was lovely to look out on the balcony every morning and over the sea. The air conditioning helped to.

The only down side to Sa Coma Platja was the dreaded Britannia pub. The review was right!

Our room was directly outside the pub. It gets really loud from about 9pm and lasts until 1.30-2am! My ten year old sister found it difficult falling asleep at night and the listening to drunks singing all night wasn’t too great either.

I approached a Cosmos rep the next day who’s opinion was to ‘join in on the fun’ I told her that I was on holiday with my ten year old sister who is having trouble sleeping and asked what could be done. She said that most kids are up until 2am when on holiday. I said she was not ‘most kids’ and that we just want to relax in peace in the evenings.

I was further told to contact reception if the noise exceeds 12 midnight and reception would call the Police!!!

She took my room number and said she would move us, she did not get back to us.

Overall we had a good holiday but late nights because of the noise meant a late start.

The entertainment was not good and the staff at the Malibu pool bar were not welcoming.

Would I go there again - definitely not!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2004, Self Catering, booked with Cosmos

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10 / 10
Bart rulez

"I dont know why people say they don't like the sa coma platja because I think its great. I'ts in a great spot and with calla bona, calla millor, porta cristo and silot near by theres plenty of places 2 go.

The apartments are very clean but basic and the pool has a full time life guard. The noise isn't that much of a problem apart from the brittania. The kings head is a well good bar and in the day has live football. and there is a gorgeous beach.

The entertainment is good, and BART rulez and even comes in on his days off to play with the kids by the pool. hey bart remember me? xxx ;)

  • Holiday details: Aug 2004

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1 / 10
Don’t go there unless you are...

"Don’t go there unless you are German, everything is German, every sign, the tour operator, waiters are great very hard workers but they get dogged by the German visitors all day, food is not good and the animation is eins zwei drei muzik, just like in the old days 40-45, our children had a great time but we adults felt like we where in Austria, even the food combination sauerkraut with chips and bratwurst was disgusting. Stay away, go to Síllot that is where a beer costs 1 euro and all tourists are mixed origin.

Pool very dirty most kids had ear infection and doctors only speak German or Spanish there too :-)

  • Holiday details: Aug 2004, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10


Why ???????????

Because we want to keep it all to ourselves.

This resort and hotel are just the "Best By Far".

Great value for money, Great location, Great staff (both hotel staff and the Cosmos reps, Oh and not forgetting Bart and Sam the entertainers).

We have just returned (yesterday) from the most fantastic two weeks at the resort and were so impressed with the whole package.

Having read some really horrendous reports on other holiday report sites we were not looking forward to coming here at all, after spending our holiday there I guess that some British holiday makers just are not happy unless moaning and complaining.

The hotel location is fantastic for the most perfect beach you could ever hope to find, and all rooms have sea views which are spectacular.

Hotel staff are first class from the reception staff to the bar staff and the maids, everyone was so friendly and helpful.

The place is kept immaculate it seems that no matter what time of the day or night you passed through reception there was a cleaner or two busy at work.

Likewise the rooms are kept to the same high standard numerous times a week, they are fully air conditioned and it was needed as we had about 33 - 35c just about every day with virtually unbroken sunshine.

The hotel pool is great very clean and plenty of chairs around, oh and yes the staff (reps) do remove towels if the selfish souls who ignore the polite notices and reserve beds from the crack of dawn only to not use them until it suited them 10 out of 10 to the staff and reps for enforcing this.

All the negative things that we read before coming out to the Sa Coma Platja really did spoil the anticipation of the holiday but once here all that we were dreading was proven to be totally and utterly non existent.

The local shops and restaurants are all very good with again friendly staff (the supermarket on the corner has a great in store bakery), and the cost of eating nice meals out is cheaper that the UK.

Final few points some reports give the impression that the "Britannia Bar" opposite the hotel is some sort of rave bar from hell (Ibiza), this is so far from the truth, yes it has music until about midnight but it is only popular chart pop music with families enjoying meals and a bit of entertainment, it stops shortly after midnight and was certainly not a problem to us.

Yes the local lads gather in the car park at the side of the hotel with cars and scooters late at night but so what, this is their home town and have a right to be there, at least they are not like the yobs back in our UK towns and cities, never heard any glass been broken or shouting and swearing and litter been thrown around!!!!!! Enough said, hope you get the point now.

And the refuse wagon does come about 1am each night but maybe this is why the resort is so clean (just watch the road sweepers in action from your balcony about 8am each morning, and wonder if our local council employees would ever be so keen).

So all in all we will be back next year I hope nothing changes here in Sa Coma it is a real "gem" that is probably why if those of you that complained and moaned never noticed how many Spanish families were on Holiday here and that must speak for itself.

Thank you all Sa Coma Platja Staff, Cosmos Reps, and Bart and Sam, "Keep Doing What You Are Doing"

Graeme, Rachel and Eleanor (10yrs)

  • Holiday details: Aug 2004, Self Catering, booked with Cosmos

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9 / 10
Excellent family accommodation....

"Excellent family accommodation. Throughout the hotel everywhere was spotless. ALL Hotel staff very helpful and friendly - (Reception desk, bar staff, cleaners, maintenance).

Beautiful sea views, lovely evening walks along the front.

Entertainment/games run by BART and SAM were BRILLIANT - their enthusiasm for what they do is contagious! Both are extremely polite, lively, fun and professional at the same time - always considering safety and welfare of participants.

I really can't praise them enough - they are the ones who deserve the Medals!!

Our children (aged 6 and 11) had a ball.

The only reason I've gone for a 9 instead of a 10 rating is the Britannia bar over the road. It's noise is with you until midnight or just after - and I know it's the only venue of its kind and that other resorts are much more rowdy - but when you're expecting a quiet family resort it's a bit of a shock on your first night to feel like there's a karaoke going on in your bedroom!!

If you allow for this and just accept early nights aren't going to be a part of your holiday it's fine.

If you want haute cuisine on tap, this is the wrong resort for you. You have to look very hard to find anything other than egg & chips, burgers, curry & rice etc. But it can be found!

From my experience having a couple of minor down-sides to a holiday is a pretty good success rate - and the ones I had wouldn't stop me from going here again.

Last but not least - a Huge vote of thanks goes to the Cosmos Rep's - the Kid's club was very well run, and all Rep's were helpful and friendly.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2004, Self Catering, booked with Cosmos

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10 / 10
Having read other reviews of this...

"Having read other reviews of this resort before I went I was slightly worried about what it would be like, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The apartment was top notch and the pool was great. The prices at the poolside bar were rather steep but there was a supermarket across the road and a hypermarket a few minutes walk that had a lot of food and drink that were cheap. In Sa Coma there were a lot of restaurants that were very good value for money (I highly recommend The Royal Oak near the duty free shop).

There was some noise from the hotel entertainment, which I might add was very good and there was plenty of it, for both kids and adults, but it wasn’t too bad and finished around half twelve when the entertainment had ended.

The only problem with my holiday is that it came to an end. So all in all I would highly recommend Sa Coma Platja as a great resort and I think I will return in the future.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2004, Self Catering, booked with Cosmos

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10 / 10
Just returned from Sa Coma and the Sa...

"Just returned from Sa Coma and the Sa Coma Platja, we all had a great time.

The pool was excellent my kids wanted to play in it all day. Life guard on duty all day plus the reps took the towels off the sunbeds if they were not being used.

The rooms were clean and tidy and the view from the balcony was fantastic.

The reps were always about and were keen to help.

The resort was great ,lots of bars, shops and things to see and do. The beach was very good ,clean and you could wade out a long way before it was too deep.

Went to the pirate show it was awesome well worth the money. Animals at zoo not too well looked after, very small cages for tigers etc, animals made to stand out in the open so people can get a good view. All sleeping areas locked so they had to stand outside ,over 90 the day we were there.

Went to the Britannia bar, great music ,cheap drink and meals, just brill.

Would recommend to anyone, perfect holiday.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2004, Self Catering, booked with Cosmos

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8 / 10
Excuse me but I must have been at the...

"Excuse me but I must have been at the wrong place!!!!

I can’t fault the apartments as they were tidy and always clean, the pool was excellent for the kids, The Staff were excellent as well but not a lot can be said for the COSMOS REP'S !!! When we arrived at Palma airport at 10:30pm we eventually found our rep outside in the coach park. once on the bus he informed us the coach driver would show us to our apartments and the rep left.

The welcome meeting the next day was poor and the reps pushy to book excursions. The entertainment was poor except for 2 nights when there was a singer and a cowboy act. The rest of the entertainment was bingo for 4 hours a night or a music quiz, which was in German!!!!

Yes, the Britannia bar is opposite the apartments and it is an excellent night out for all the family with decent entertainment including the Karaoke. There is noise from scooters most of the night but that is easy to put up with if your tired cause you will sleep any way. For other entertainment there is the Music bar around the corner where there a game of bingo and a decent quiz with an excellent happy hour from 9:30pm till 11 where it’s 2 for 1 on most drinks.

My 7 year old son cut his head on the side of the pool and the lifeguard was excellent and so was the receptionist in the apartments. The Doctor was there within 10 minutes and we were sent to the medical centre where he received four stitches. The Doc came back 2 days later to check on him and we were more than satisfied with everything except that a Cosmos Rep never looked near us at all to see if he was ok.

All in all we had a good time as there is plenty in the area to do but was very disappointed with Cosmos and DEFINATELY WOULDNT use COSMOS again.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2004, Self Catering, booked with Cosmos

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10 / 10
Well what can I say? I have just...

"Well what can I say?

I have just returned from the Sa Coma Platja and would just like to make my comments known to any poor people who have booked their holiday and then read all the rubbish on this website! As our holiday was one of the best of our lives!

Firstly... noise? Yes there is the infamous Britannia bar over the road to the hotel, however, the doors are always closed at midnight. This being one of the few bars Sa Coma has, most people tend to frequent it as it has excellent family entertainment.

Secondly the hotel itself- well actually it is all self catering however has all the facilities of a hotel. The staff in the hotel are great, all spoke English and were happy to have a good chat with all the guests. The reps in the hotel were amazing! I don’t know how any one can say they don’t see much of them they were there every day without fail with big smiles, infact even when not on duty they were around and always ready for a chat!

And lastly if there is one thing that we think cosmos do well its the trips out, we went to the Pirates show and the Western water park with the reps and I can honestly say these trips along with the service of reps really made our holiday! They even entertained us on both coaches so made our journey go lots quicker.

We have two children and they fell in love with Sian the sheep and crazy Carlos!- the kids reps. they really helped us out when we wanted some time to ourselves.

With the location of the hotel (right on the beach), the beautiful resort, and the fact that there are no rowdy kids hanging around the resort, you cannot fail to have a great holiday and if you don’t then I feel sorry for you.

Thanks Angie, Stacie and Kerri for a great holiday!

we’ll be back!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2004, Self Catering, booked with Cosmos

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