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Ataturk Bulv. 2. Sok. No:3 Kusadasi Merkez, Kusadasi 09400, Turkey
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Closest airport: Samos (SMI) (23.1 miles)

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Well the hill should definately not...

"Well the hill should definately not put any one off booking these apartments, our welcome was very friendly and the staff would go out of their way for us. I stayed with another female friend and we had the most relaxing holiday ever. I will definately go back to Ida. Nothing is too much trouble. I would definately recommend Murphys restaurant and the shopping is fantastic. We had no problem with the locals and even as girls on our own we felt very safe, the Turkish people were very friendly.

Fantastic time!

  • Holiday details: May 2008, Self Catering, booked with First Choice
8 / 10

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We knew there was going to be a hill,...

"We knew there was going to be a hill, but how steep a hill was rather a shock. The appartment was nice and spacious, comfortable bed and pillows which was a nice surprise. Appartment was clean but self-catering facilities very basic. We only wanted to make tea and coffee, but otherwise there was a two-ring hob, a fridge and a kettle after we had asked for one. Two large pans , three very small cups and bowls and tea plates. No toaster. We asked if we could have two mugs but the cafeteria couldn't spare us two. Otherwise the staff were friendly and during our stay we found our appartment nice and quiet. There was no entertainment other than a Belly Dancer on the Wednesday night but this suited us. We prefer to go out and have peace and quiet when we return. Drinks prices etc seemed reasonable. Had to go from the premises for food as cafeteria very limited in what they offered. Egg and chips, sausage and chips etc. We saw two women having egg and chips for breakfast. Nice Turkish breakfast though. We were able to keep our room on the last day, up until 11 p.m. for £10. We would certainly stay again but found the hill and the limited menu the biggest minuses."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Self Catering, booked with First Choice
7 / 10

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Just back from 2 weeks in Kusadasi...

"Just back from 2 weeks in Kusadasi what a brilliant resort which i have now been 4 times to. The ida is in a good location and rooms are spacious and amply equiped. the pool area is great but gets shaded completly around 5pm. The staff are wonderfull and will do anything you ask, they never complain and always have a smile to greet you. Yes there is a large hill but you get used to it, drink in ida is cheap and Ayhan the barman is fantastic he made r holiday special and always had time for his customers. There is no entertainment in the ida but if thats what you prefer this place will suit you, a very good base to explore a large resort with many nice restaurants and bars, try out golden oldies bar great craic, and off course jimmys and paddies, you will never get board with the craic down in bar street. Thanks for a great holiday David and Vanessa."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Self Catering, booked with First Choice
9 / 10

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Me and four friends arrived at Ida...

"Me and four friends arrived at Ida apartments early hours or 27th June after having a nightflight. It is situated approx 2km away from the hussle and bussle from jusadasi, up a hill. We were dropped off at the foot of the hill to haul all our luggage up the hill and then up the stairs to check in. We found that the apartment was clean, clean sheets, towels etc but a used shaver still in the shower ! There was to T.V which was disapointing, we missed eastenders ! The pool was cleaned every night, basically the whole place was quite clean ! The music that the Bar man played was a bit annoying, playing the regular cheesy pop music over and over again, YMCA, Macarena, Saturday night, Hey Baby, Cha Cha Slide etc... which the barman tried selling us a copy of his CD when we were leaving. The staff are friendly. There was no Internet access which said there was which was disapointig. Kusadasi is a Nice place, i recomend going into Jimmy's Bar for a good night out, found on bar street but i advise you not to go in Angles bar! after crawlig home and vandalising light on our way we went into the Aura Moonlight nightclub where we recieved flyers for saying that there was a foam rave on. We got in and there was literally about 6 people on teh dance floor and no foam! we then had to pay to use the toilets! I would go back to Kusadasi again but i wouldnt go back to Ida apartments."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Self Catering, booked with First Choice
6 / 10

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Ida Apartments isnt situated in the...

"Ida Apartments isnt situated in the best place, me and 3 of myfriends were droped off at the end of a hill leaving us to haul our luggage up the hill and the stairs upto the apartments. When arriving into apartment, we found out that it was clean, pleanty of towles and clean sheets. There was to t.v. which was a bit dissapointing and we had pay 5ytl a day for the air con, but we cheated that system, we packed an extension and lead it up to the air con so we got it for free ! The pool was regularly cleaned and the cheesy music that the bar man kept playing over and over again was annoying, which he tried selling to us at the end of our holiday which constist of the YMCA, Macarena, Ketchup Song, Saturday night, Hey Baby, the usual cheesy pop party lol. There was no internet which was said there was, we had to find a place in the town 2km away. The nightlife is pretty good there, we found that Jimmy's Bar was the best and Angels was the worst due to the creepy peedo who was getting a bit out of order ! Aura Moonlight nightclub was disapointin too! we were handed leaflets saying there was a foam rave and when we got there there was literally 5 people on the dance floor and we had to pay 5ytl to use the toilet. Alcohol is quite expensive, around 8 ytl for a beer and 12ytl for a cocktail. I would go back to Kusadasi but wouldnt go back to Ida Apartments."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Self Catering, booked with First Choice
6 / 10

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Firstly do not be put off by the lack...

"Firstly do not be put off by the lack of reviews on this hotel - in my experience most people only review a hotel when they didnt like it!

This hotel is great - it is more suitable to young couples and young groups than it is to families and older people. There is little for children to do and then there is the hill which is nowhere near as bad as it sounds - yes it is steep but its not that big and at the end of the day you'll probably only go up it twice a day which is nothing!! However anyone with walking difficulties would have a problem. The benefit of the hill means that there are amazing views of the town that make it all worthwhile.

The hotel itself is very clean and comfortable with decent sized rooms but the kitchenette is very basic with only a kettle, sink, fridge and two hobs however there is a snack bar in the hotel that serves food all day from about 8.30am and is reasonably priced and the food is great - the omelettes are a must!! The staff are lovely and friendly and very very helpful. It is only a small family-run hotel so doesnt have the "glamour" of a large resort hotel however if you are looking for somewhere easy-going and relaxed this is the place for you. It is mostly quiet during the day depending on how many guests are there - we went out of the school holidays so it wasnt too busy but there were 50 guests turning up the day we left.

The pool is a good size and has views over the town. It gets the sun for most of the day - if you pick the beds on the back wall you'll get it all day.

Re excursions - we travelled with First Choice and they have a good selection of trips - I can recommend the boat trip, its free drink all day and a lunch for £20. However if you wish to see the roxy cabaret show you can do this for free as it is in a bar in town and you can buy your own meal there at the same time which would be an extra £6 on the excursion cost. Ifyou want to go to Ephesus use the buses - its 1.50 YTL each bus and is only 1 bus each way - I didnt do this myself but know people that did and it saves you a lot of money.

Do not be put off by the thought of haggling in the shops - it is well worth it to get things at a cheaper price. Silver jewellery is very nice out there and you can haggle them down quite a bit - always offer half the price and you should get it for two thirds of the original price.

For the party animals, Bar Street is the place for you - it kicks off at about midnight so dont bother going there before then - there are other bars around town you can drink in beforehand - I can strongly recommend Paddys, that was our favourite. Also try Jimmy's - most of the bars are Irish but really its only their names that truely are! We were dancing on the bars and the waiters are all dancers who put on shows every night.

Restaurants to try are Sef Restaurant which is a seafood reastaurant at the bottom of the hill the hotel is on, Special Restaurant and Murphys which do a good range of food and have a free pick up and drop off service. Planet Yucca is nice but the most expensive restaurant in the resort.

I am 25 and went with my friend who is 34 and we had a fantastic time and want to go back again to the same hotel. Please do not be put off by other reviews - peoples only complaint seems to be the hill but it really isnt that bad!! Check out the website

  • Holiday details: Jan 2008, Self Catering, booked with First Choice
10 / 10

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Just returned from a week in...

"Just returned from a week in Kusadasi, at the Ida.

First worrying moment was being dropped off at the edge of a very steep hill very rugged underfoot in pitch black with suitcase not a good start! made it up long path up 19 steps and into the reception. After being checked in the Ida we got to our room and collapsed into bed.

So the approach is appalling to say the least, and my friend with asthma - not good.

Later that morning out to explore and found out we were on top of cardiac hill!! ok if you`re fit, dont mind 38 degrees weather or want to be marrooned in a hotel for a week, but we were disapointed that what we were sold was not what we had booked. No mention in brochure of cardiac hill, or the lack of equipment in rooms; ie cups, bowls, cutlery, toilet rolls, fans.

If you are thinking of booking at the Ida we suggest you be of reasonable fitness, one gentleman on our coach in wheelchair had to be taken to another hotel.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Self Catering, booked with First Choice
4 / 10

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Lovely small and friendly hotel right...

"Lovely small and friendly hotel right in the middle of the main square. Rooms very nice and welcoming, shower tiny but hey only in there for a wash.

Mostly older couples but we were 3 youngsters to them and we had a ball, the other guests and staff alike made us feel very welcome and looked after. Even kept us sunbeds for the afternoon and Ata the waiter seen us coming downstairs and knew to get the water and the tea for our hangovers!!

Pool area large, well kept and very clean. No comment on the Turkish breakfast as we were never up early enough to see it. But can highly recommend the Ida restaurant food was outstanding and very reasonably priced.

We have found the ideal hotel for our ladies week every year from now on.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005, Bed & Breakfast, booked with First Choice
10 / 10

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