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1 / 10
This is the most basic hotel we have...

"This is the most basic hotel we have ever visited. The lifts didn't work, the food was awful, the kids club was a joke.

I wouldn't go again, if you paid me. We were promised a top room with a fridge and air conditioning, which we didn't get. It turned out everyone else had been promised the same thing too!

The rep was un-contactable for the whole 2 weeks. The kids club was expensive and not at all properly run. One young person would be in charge of sometimes 20 children outside. The bar staff were rude and often tried to short change you. Just awful! Don’t do it.

Everyone we spoke to were thoroughly disgusted and no one we spoke to would even remotely consider going back again.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, Half Board, booked with Cosmos

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10 / 10
Before I start I must say this hotel...

"Before I start I must say this hotel was extremely wonderful. On arrival staff were there to help us settle in and the hotel itself was lovely. Our room was set on the 10th floor but was very spacious with a lovely view. For breakfast there was always something delicious to choose from but I especially looked forward to dinner as there was a wide selection of foods to choose from and they were all tasty. I really enjoyed the entertainment staffs company especially Sandro and Phillip, they always made me laugh. They always had a great show every night for both children and adults. The only thing that let me down was the lifts as they broke down quite alot which meant that I had to walk up 10 flights of stairs which was a bit of a let down. I would definitely recommend this hotel for all ages. I would definitely go back to this hotel I miss it.

If you ever want a good time go to dreamers bar as there is good entertainment, I enjoyed it there and also enjoyed max and Boabs Company.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, Half Board, booked with Airtours

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9 / 10
Got back a couple of days ago and...

"Got back a couple of days ago and would love to go straight back. Read lots of reviews about the hotel before I went was very scared, however when I got there it turned out to be really nice. The hotel's not much of a picture from the outside but inside it's really nice. Food's great different things being served every day.

Pool area etc very nice, lifts are quite dodgy they stopped and started a couple of times while I was in them but thankfully they didn’t break down!!

Overall great holiday suppose it’s just like England with the weather!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, Half Board, booked with lowcost.beds

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4 / 10
On arrival around 2 pm we were made...

"On arrival around 2 pm we were made to wait over an hour to get into our room as it was not ready yet. We thought it took this long due to the maids licking the place clean but to our horror we were presented with a dead cockroach lying in the middle of our floor.

The only night we had dinner in the hotel was the first due to the fact we're fans of undercooked food. There was a wide variety of food however it is all Spanish food except from the chips. Breakfast was better but by the end of it we were sick of the sight of sausages. You must be prepared to wait in a lengthy queue to get your eggs cooked.

You have to be up at the crack of dawn to get a sun bed as other holidaymakers were waiting on the doors opening to the pool. The worst part is that these people don't actually use their sun beds until after lunchtime. There is a rule stating that no sun beds are to be saved but no action is taken.

The highlight of the hotel is the entertainment team. They have a wide choice of activities for all ages ranging from water sports to bingo to quizzes. Very friendly staff who keep children occupied the whole day and night. The bar staff at the pool bar are also really friendly.

However the reception staff are not helpful in the slightest. On booking our holiday we were told that the rooms were air conditioned but on arrival it was only superior rooms that were. You have to pay 20 Euros extra a night to get one of these rooms and even if you are willing to pay this, there is very little chance you will get one.

After enquiring about a room we were told one would be available the next morning and we could have it, so the next day we packed our belongings and went to the reception, only to be told that they were all fully booked but to ask again later. After being told to come back later several times we eventually gave up hope of getting one. The situation was made even worse by there being signs advertising these rooms after being told there was none available. The signs could have at least been removed. The staff’s attitude at the reception was a joke as they have to respect at all.

We had an ongoing problem with cockroaches which led us to believe they may be coming from somewhere in the room. This made us want to change hotels, never mind rooms. Once again this was an issue as there was not one single room available. We found this hard to believe as there was over 350 rooms and doesn't seem the most popular hotel in the world. The only help we got in resolving this situation was having to wait half an hour for a security guard to come up and spray our room with insect repellent and leaving us with dead cockroaches everywhere.

There is a maid service everyday in which clean towels and sheets were left. The maids were always friendly also.

In conclusion, we would strongly recommend you do not book this hotel as you will be very disappointed with it. This hotel should not be classed as a 3 star.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, Half Board, booked with Flyglobespan

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2 / 10
Having saved all year for our family...

"Having saved all year for our family holiday I can say that as a family we were truly let down by Direct Holidays. We are a family of 2 adults and 2 children (5 & 3 years) when booking this holiday I was told air conditioning was available in a superior room and I could upgrade to this on arrival. When arriving the reception advised me that superior rooms were only for 2 people and were on the top 3 floors (13, 14 and 15). As you can imagine in 42 degree heat with 2 young children air con is a must and we wanted a low floor so we had no chance of ever getting it! We didn't get off to a good start to say the least.

Upon arrival to the hotel in the reception area I noticed straight away the furniture was very worn and stained. The lifts were a joke this hotel was advertised as good disabled access, a fellow holiday maker couldn't get his mother in law who was in a wheel chair in the lift without having to tip her sideways! Plus the lifts were always breaking down. On the 12th night we discovered the lift used by the staff which was brand new!

Can you believe we witnessed several new arrivals having to carry their luggage up 10 flights of stairs because yet again the lifts had broken down but none of the staff had offered the staff lift to their guests!

The room itself was clean and the beds were changed regular, but the balcony a disgrace! We were on the 4th floor, the balconies were basically a toilet for the pigeons it was awful.

The pool area was dreadful, far too small for the size of the hotel, it was ludicrous in the morning queuing up at 8.00am waiting for the doors to open so you could get a sun bed, the behaviour of fellow holiday makers had to be seen to be believed, running for sun beds, some taking 12 beds in one go! Not what you want on a holiday, having to set your alarm and finding your self taking part in this ludicrous behaviour and to be laughed at by the staff, they must think us Brits are crazy!

The pool itself was the worst pool I had ever seen, I was so disappointed on our first morning I sat and cried. The pool had paint flaking off and the water was cloudy, the floor of the pool area was crying out for a coat of paint not a good look.

The food well what can I say, we are by no means fussy eaters we will try anything but the food just looked awful. At breakfast we were thankful for eggs and in the evening we were thankful for salad, yes it's hard to get a salad wrong! We did try the food that was on offer but it was dreadful so we stuck with salad. Our children won't eat salad and it got to the stage where they were asking for sugar puffs for their evening meal. Not very good.

I can say something good about this hotel and that is the entertainment team. The hotel had a Flintstones theme and my children loved this, there was a children’s club but you had to pay for it! Yes 30 euro for 5 days and if you did any extra activities like breakfast with Fred, mask making, trampolining or rock climbing it was an extra 5 euros. I can't comment on how good or bad the children’s club was as my children didn't ask to join but I did notice that the older children did the same as the much younger children so I'm not sure how that worked, personally I wouldn't want my 5 year old mixing with children aged 13 +.

In the evening it was a joke trying to get a table, again the outside entertainment/bar area just is not big enough for the size of this hotel, but I'd like to say the entertainment team did a good job.

The rep was a waste of time, I went to her the first morning to advise her of my disappointment (after my 4th visit to her I dare not go again for fear of loosing my temper) and I'd like to add I wasn't the only one waiting to speak to her, and over hearing fellow guest the same complaints came up time and time again, the air con rooms situation, the food and the lifts.

If you are thinking of staying at this hotel, please reconsider it is literally clinging on to it's third star, it needs knocking down and rebuilding!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, Half Board, booked with Direct Holidays

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10 / 10
I have been to this hotel 3 times and...

"I have been to this hotel 3 times and every time I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay.

There was a range of activities during the day, including football, water polo, volleyball for both adults and children. The staff supervising the activities were also good, especially Sandro, Phillip, Maria and Ariana. There is also a club called the bam, bam club for children, where you could do other activities including pancake making and t shirt painting, but this was pricy.

The food was good, a good variety. The breakfast was filling, despite there not being much choice in drinks. In the evening, there was a good choice, I had a lot of different things whilst there. The evening entertainment was varied, a few good shows a week.

The only down point was the lifts, which broke down 4 times during 2 weeks. I got fed up and started using the stairs instead because they were so dodgy.

I would go again, a good stay, and thank you to everyone there.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, Half Board, booked with Thomson

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7 / 10
Determined and competitive all...

"Determined and competitive all jostling for poll position-no it's not the Grand Prix, it's just the morning race for the sun bed by the pool. But don't let that put you off this kind of holiday, Los Cristianos in Tenerife has a great deal to offer. Both the discerning tourist and the hotel limpet will find plenty to enjoy.

From May to October Whales are plentiful around here and a real experience is to board a boat called the Traveling Lady, with it's laconic Captain, an old sea dog with many years experience. This man appears to have a bionic eye when it comes to spotting marine wild life and on our journey we saw a turtle, at least fifteen whales surfacing and diving and two dolphins.

A short journey by Bus will take you to Aqualand, a beautiful water park with swimming pools, all manner of shapes of slides which means thrills and spills all the way. Add to this a fantastic Dolphin show where amazingly for this type of entertainment, it is the Dolphin Trainers who perform the tricks with the Dolphins as their assistants.

Further afield is Loro Parque, a vast area which houses among other things the largest collection of Parrots in the world, Mount Teide, which you can climb if you are feeling energetic and throughout your excursions you can enjoy beautiful scenery.

Los Cristianos is a family resort with plenty of shops and restaurants catering for all tastes. English food is widely available but it is the Tapas Bars that attract the adventurous foodies and most visitors try a Paella at least once.

With guaranteed sunshine for most of the year and friendly people, this is an ideal destination just four and a half hours from Britain and perfect for families.

  • Holiday details: May 2006, Half Board, booked with First Choice

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10 / 10
Sol Princesa Dacil is a great hotel...

"Sol Princesa Dacil is a great hotel for all the family. We stayed at the hotel for 2 weeks and we had a lovely stay. The rooms are very spacious and are cleaned every morning. The staff which work in the hotel are very lovely and were always helpful if we ever needed anything.

The food was always lovely especially at dinner time, you always had something to choose from. The entertainment staff were absolutely friendly and very funny, you always had a good time at night in the hotel as they had a different show on every night which was always good. I got to know Phillip and Sandro very well (entertainment staff) and some nights we would always go to the Irish bar for a good time.

The only bad thing I would have to say about the hotel was the lifts, they were always breaking down and some nights we would have to walk up 10 flights of stairs which wasn't good, but I would definitely recommend this hotel for a family holiday especially if you want a good time. Other reviews might say it's not a good hotel but don't listen to them their talking rubbish.

If you ever need a laugh go to dreamers for a good time, I was in their all the time and it was very good, but I would go back to this hotel as I enjoyed myself so much and dearly miss it!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, Half Board, booked with Airtours

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7 / 10
The hotel was a really nice place and...

"The hotel was a really nice place and there wasn’t too many children about which is always a good thing! The outside parameters of the hotel could have been in a better state of repair. Its close to the beach literally 3 minutes walk! There are several nice places to eat near the hotel as well which is always a good thing as the food starts to get a bit monotonous after 2 days in the hotel eating in the restaurant. Overall a good holiday!"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006, Half Board, booked with Cosmos

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10 / 10
This was the first holiday abroad me...

"This was the first holiday abroad me and my partner went on and we loved it. We were a bit disappointed when we arrived at the airport and it was grey but the weather brightened up although a lot of the days were cloudy.

The Princesa Dacil was excellent - worst thing was that we didn’t have a fridge in the room so spent more than we wanted to on food and drink but everything else was great. Staff were lovely. Hotel was clean. Would go back again one day but I think after two weeks in Tenerife we saw everything and think we need a change!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2005, Half Board, booked with Going Placee

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10 / 10
This was rated a 3 star hotel, but...

"This was rated a 3 star hotel, but having stayed in 5 star hotels around the world I would not hesitate to give this hotel a 3 star PLUS rating. It was very clean. On arrival we upgraded to a superior room because I had read that only these room (on the top 3 floors) have air conditioning. The cost of the upgrade was only 10 euros per day.

The bedroom and bathroom were very spacious and included a sofa bed. There was maid service every day and clean towels, soap, shampoo and shower gel provided daily. Don't rely on the hairdryer though not very powerful - take your own. Pool area was clean, usual reserving of sun beds but there were plenty to go round.

Although we booked half board we only ate breakfast in the hotel, because we prefer to eat out in the evening. Breakfast was superb, there was a huge selection from cooked breakfast to continental style breakfast. Evening meal selection looked well varied - something for everyone.

The hotel was situated only a two minute walk to local bars, restaurants and supermarkets. And just round the corner from the Sunday Market. Taxi from airport to hotel was 18 euros each way. Taxi to Central Las Americas was 3.50 euros. In Los Crisianos a pint of local beer was 2 euros and imported beers 3.50 euros.

Main meals were around 7 euros each. Just a note of caution to anyone buying electrical goods in Tenerife I was sold a JVC digi camcorder which when I returned to the hotel I looked it up on the internet only to discover it was a fake - so I was able to return it to the shop. Although the shops claim to give huge discounts check it out on the internet in the hotel first before buying - I found goods 50% cheaper on the web! We found an excellent Indian restaurant round the corner from the hotel called "Raz", there is also an English book exchange shop round the corner across from the Royal Oak Pub.

I would definitely recommend this hotel - and would return. It was a fairly quite time of year (2nd to 9th May 2006) and the hotel was not at full capacity.

  • Holiday details: May 2006, Half Board, booked with Travel City Dirtect

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3 / 10
This was our forth visit to this...

"This was our forth visit to this hotel, breakfast is boring unless you love eggs. Evening meals generally very good. Lots of choice.

This hotel is starting to look very tired, the crockery is ancient and not always clean. Our room on the tenth floor was in need of a lick of paint and some new tiles. The maid did her very best. The towels were paper thin. Sometimes we actually got a towel with some fluff on it!

We will not be back to this hotel until it’s has a good revamp, and the cats are not allowed to eat of the tables at the pool bar. We do not have kids so can’t comment but they seemed to enjoy themselves.

  • Holiday details: May 2006, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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