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C/ Aries 2, 07769 (Urb. SA Caleta), Menorca, Spain
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1st Worst Holiday Of My Life!

"The services and goods advertised in the brochure for all inclusive were; 3 meals, early dinner for children, snacks inbetween, icecream all day, cocktails, sangria, beers, spirits, wines, soft drinks, spa, sauna, poo tablel, table tennis, kids club, toddler time, playground, 2 swimming pools each for adults and children. Also parasols and sunloungers by the pools. (There was also a photo of soft play in the brochure, which we assumed was part of the all inclusive too as it was used to advertise the holiday at this hotel).

We arrived at the Blanc Palace at 3pm on the Friday. Lunch was finished, the only snacks available were biscuits. When I asked politely for these for my hungry children I was ignored. There was no icecream, no cocktails, beers were small. (Only one beer at a time per person). Dinner was at 7:30pm and when we saw what it was we were dissapointed.

The next day the breakfast was not much better. Snacks were calamari and cheese. (Not a child friendly snack, not much selection). Lunch and dinner were disgusting.

Here is a list of the foods available at meal times;

Breakfast - bread, boiled bacon, beans, chips, frankfurters, hard boiled eggs, fried eggs, cold processed meats, processed cheese, tomatoes, garlic mushrooms, cakes, crossants, biscuites, sugary yoghurt, sugary cereals, fruit.

Lunch - dogfish, burgers, frankfurters, chicken, pork chops, carrots and peas, broccolli, vegetable lasagne, iceberg lettuice, standard tomatoes, tinned sweetcorn, olives, pickles, hard rolls, packet soup.

Dinner - mushy paella, pasta, dogfish, pork, fish fingers, chicken nuggets, beef, chips, vegetable lasagne, iceberg lettuce, standard tomatoes, tinned sweetcorn, olives, hard rolls, packet soup, broccolli, carrots and peas. Soup was made from the packet, (there were undissolved lumps of soggy powder still floating in it).

All was on a daily rotation and extremely salty. Most was stewed or mushy. Desset was jelly, angel delight and ice cream.

I complained to the rep and the hotel management on a daily basis and all was very stressfull. Staff were rude and ignorant. I had to keep going to see the hotel manager to get anything done. (I was carefull to be polite and diplomatic with my complaints as I did not wish to appear rude).

The pool and table tennis had coin slots, the spa and sauna had to be paid for. If we wanted cocktails we had to pay for them. (This had all been advertised as part of the all inclusive we had purchased).

The English kids club was really good and the kids club reps were excellent. As we have a 2 year old and a 3 year old we wanted the soft play area, but it was non-existant. My 2 year old was not old enough for kids club, there was no toddler time as advertised.

Only one adult and child swimming pool was open. It took 2 days to open the playground. Half the wooden decked sunbathing area around the open pool was closed off as it was dangerous. The reason for this was a baby and a child had got huge splinters in their feet and a doctor had to be called out for them. It took 3 days to get parasols to shade the children, as they were locked away in storage.

Half of the hotel was not fully built yet. We were supposed to be in the Blanc Palace 2 but got put into the Blanc Palace 1 as it was not yet built. That is why not all of the pools were open.

The water was off on the Monday between 9am and 2pm. When we went to shower in the evening the water was cold and brown. The air conditioning was not working anywhere in the hotel, it was very warm and uncomfortable.

Other guests and myself managed to get the dinner time moved forward to 6:30pm by complaining again and again. (There was far too much of a gap between lunch and dinner for all the children at the hotel and all the parents were complaining). If the childrens' option was open for early dinner as advertised this would not have been neccessary. Oddly the hotel 2 managers that I spoke to denied being the managers. Icecream at snack time before lunch was available by the 5th day. Snacks had also got better, but were still only biscuites in the afternoon. The pool bar didn't open until 3 days into our holiday. Cocktails were finally available on the last 2 nights. It took a visit from the Thomas Cook manager to sort things out a bit. The terms and conditions from the brochure had to be brought to the meeting. The hotel manager was refusing to budge for the rep and that is why it was neccessary for the Manager at Thomas Cook to attend.

My 3 year old daughter managed to lock herself into the toilet at the pool side. I was panicking. I kept asking for the key. Staff didn't seem bothered and took a full 10 minutes to get the key. We were all very distressed by this time. I was consistantly and deliberately ignored by staff. When I asked for Sangria the bar lady made it with just wine and soda. I explained how it was made, (obvioulsy with spirits), she pretended not to understand. I said that she was Spanish and as it was a Spanish drink she surely knew how to make it. She understood that and promptly accused me of being racist which I was very upset about. (I am not racist and was not trying to upset her). I had to call the manager and then Sangria started to be made properly..

I was really ill with a stomach upset for 2 days due to the food and my blood pressure was high due to all the stress and uneccessarily overload of added salt to the food. (I suspect all the salt was thtown at the food to disguise the fact that the ingredients were of poor quality and not fresh). Too much salt is also very dangerous for young children.

The beach had excessive seaweed. (It should have been cleaned for the holiday makers in time for the holiday season). We therefore could not use the beach. I was told by another holiday maker that the beach further up was the same. There was wasn't much in the way of shops, bars, restauraunts, ect.

By the end of the holiday I was stressed, ill, depressed and exhausted. It was not a holiday at all. We spent a fair amount of money on this and we are bitterly dissapointed. I can safely say that it is the worse holiday I have ever had in my whole life. I am in no doubt that we were definately miss-sold.

I took photos and submitted a complaint in writing to Thomas Cook. I was informed that it would take 4 weeks for an acknowlegement and 6 weeks to even begin to investigate. When I enquired as to why it takes so long the answer I got was "I don't know".

Please note that I was not the only customer complaining, we all were. (Especially the ones with children as everything was stressfull and lots of things were dangerous. One baby was sick all night from the food. My son was also sick all over the table in the dining room after eating the breakfast. Two children got splinters from the decking). Many customers were unhappy and the rep was receiving many, many complaints. This is the reason for the management meeting with the hotel management and the Thomas Cook manager. Everybody I spoke to were also complaining about this holiday on their return.

I have had some lovely holidays in Spain in the past, some all inclusive, some half board, some full board. I have never experienced food, drink, service and amenities of such poor service on any of my previous holidays. The paella that I have been served in Spain before has been very good and the meat, fish, poulty and salad have been exceptionally good. The salads have been varied and all the ingredients have been fresh.

Thomas Cook informed me that this hotel had been taken off of their books some time ago after many complaints and a lengthy investigation. The next summer Thomas Cook had signed this hotel back up to their books.

Now in the June of 2012 I have noticed that the Head Chef of The Blanc Palace in Menorca has tweeted some new photos of the food. I am glad to see a definate improvement. It looks great! (I just wish the food was of that good quality when my family stayed there). Also somebody tweeted me that stayed in the Blanc Cottage next to the Blanc Palace and said that he had a great time. I am glad that things are improving.

My complaint has been lodged with the Directors Office and is currently being investigated.

The Official Complaint

I took my detailed letter and photographic evidence to Thomas Cook in the High Street the day after I got back explaining what had happened. I was told that it would be sent to Customer Services on the Monday and would not arrive until Wednesday. I was informed that it takes 4 weeks to asknowledge a complaint in writing and a total of 6 weeks to even begin to investigate a complaint. When I asked why this was, the reply I got was "I don't know".

I emailed customer complaints along with the address of this blog. I got a response on the Monday informing me my complaint had been esculated and is apparently being urgently investigated now. I explained further that nearly all of the English holiday makers on that particular week at the hotel were unsatisfied with the holiday and many of them have said that they will complain on there return. (Other people were taking photos also).

I also contacted who were very helpful with legislation and advice. Holiday Travel Watch told me that I have done everything correctly and that I certainly am entitled to compensation as I have definately been miss-sold. Holiday Travel Watch also told me that the blog was a good idea. I was also informed that Thomas Cook have a total of 28 days to respond properly to my complaint.

I have been informed by the Directors' Office at Thomas Cook that there is indeed a CEO and a several Directors at Thomas Cook. I was told by the female member of staff at the Thomas Cook shop in the High Street that there were none???I was also told by the Directors. Office at Thomas Cook that Thomas Cook have 14 days in which to acknowledge a complaint and 28 days in which to respond from the receipt of the complaint. (Not 4 weeks to acknowledge and 6 weeks to begin an investigation as stated by the female member of staff at the Thomas Cook Shop in the High Street). The Directors' Office at Thomas Cook apologised for the missunderstanding and incorrect information and advice given by the female member of staff in the Thomas Cook shop in the High Street.


After two offers of compensation from Thomas Cook, I have accepted the third offer in the form of a cheque.

I have had apologies from Thomas Cook for advertised goods and services paid for in the all inclusive deal being with held and charged for again by the hotellier. I have also had apollgies for the fact that the hotellier was not ready for holiday makers at the beginning of the holdiay season.

Things are a lot better now for other holiday makers who use this hotel and I have also had tweets from the chef with photographs of the food which has improved vastly.

  • Holiday details: May 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Hope this hotel has improved since 2012
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Misleading advertising!

"We booked our first holiday in over 10 years to go to Menorca and as Blanc Palace was recommended through our travel agent, and the brochure looked quite good we went for that. We booked a 14 day holiday, self catering. We were told that we would only be allocated an apartment on arrival but as all the apartments in the pictures looked ok, we were happy with that. However, the apartment that we were given to us on arrival was a filthy dump. These apartments did not even feature in the brochure! The bathroom was moldy and filthy, the kitchen utensils were dirty and we had to wait an hour for them to get the apartment ready even though we arrived at 13:00. It was very disappointing for us as a family as we were really looking forward to it and also we had to stay there for 2 weeks! I did go and complain but we were told by the Thomas Cook rep that "Sorry, were really full and so we cannot move you to another apartment" and that was that, case closed #from their side#. If you're planning to go to Blanc Palace then just be careful of the "allocation on arrival" thing. Thank goodness the island was really beautiful and we spent most of our time out and about. Also beware of the all inclusive deal, we had lunch there at the restaurant #buffet lunch# when we arrived while waiting for our apartment, and the food was awful. It was so bad that my children would not eat it and they are not fussy eaters. We ended up having buttered bread rolls but luckily we did not have to eat there every day! Also, my Italian husband was able to chat to the receptionist at Blanc Palace 1 (which is much nicer) and he was told that they put all the British people in BP11 first, and only when they get full, the overspill goes to BP1. They usually place the Italians, Germans, etc. in BP1 because they demand good quality service!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, booked with Thomas Cook

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2 / 10
not a 4star 2 star at best

"Just got back from this hotel booked with Thomas cook,food undercooked no choice food all over the floor most meal times dirty,bellow standard rude staff no good rep wil be writing to Thomas cook for refund, totally spoils our holiday."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: good kids club

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2 / 10
this should be rated 2 * hotel

"just arrived back from Blanc Palace 11 which we were told has just been re furbished, well the 2 bedroom apartments certainly haven't been touched as we had to keep air con on to take away the smell of dampness, the food was either raw or over cooked for all inclusive not much variety and would struggle to be a 2 star rating,we picked this hotel because of the activities available for our three older sons which is advertised in brochure from June till September, on arrival the football pitch wasn't completed and taped off, were told by rep they don't start until July so there was basically one pool with loose tiles and a pool table, you could use the pool at Blanc palace 1 but couldn't get as much as a juice as you are not allowed to use your all inclusive in the hotel,the staff are the most unpleasant people i have ever had to deal with and I think we were totally miss sold this holiday it was not worth half of what we paid for.we arrived at one o'clock in the afternoon and got access to our room at four forty five, and believe me it was not worth waiting for."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: enjoy the weather
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Kiddie friendly

"My disabled wife and I are just back from two weeks staying at the Blanc Palace Hotel. Unfortunately thanks to some girl sneezing and coughing all over me in the flight over to Menorca we both developed Bronchitis for the following two weeks, which put a downer on things. The place itself has it's pluses and minuses. Our room was spacious but the bedroom very dingy even with the lights on. It was cleaned every day, by very polite staff.

The reps were very attentive at all times and made you feel that you were their only concern. The hotel staff were overstretched though. One frustrated girl trying to do bar duties at night, had most of the guests losings their rag, especially when you have been queuing up for half an hour and some cheeky ignorant sod walks up to the front of the queue and is then instantly served. Opening times for the bar is also random, changing their times when they can't be bothered. You can't get a drink at the pool bar till 11'o clock, and as there is no where else near that's open, you sit twiddling your thumbs for half the day. The streets close by are deserted - you'd think it's a ghost town, but it is a very clean destination, there is no litter anywhere. The food in the restaurant is a bit hit and miss. Great choice but usually overcooked and cold. Everyone we spoke to moaned about it. One guy was shouting at the ever watchful manager that he wouldn't feed this crap to his dog.

The paella / chips were stone cold every day, but sometimes if you timed it right you could be in luck at getting a hot spare rib which were delicious. The pizza wasn't a hit with the diners either - resembling a thin square of cold bread without any topping on it.

The soup was nice however, as I say lot's for choice and never repetitive. The waiters were attentive, very attentive - sometimes swiping your plate from under you while you were still eating!!! But they did it with a smile which was nice. The room was big and airy and you weren't forced to eat on tables with other people. The entertainment during the day was great fun, join in the garden games with the reps who were very approachable and genuinely great fun. They also did a kids club which was very well run by the attentive, polite, mad staff. If you have young kids they were very well catered for, day and night. The night entertainment apart from fighting at the bar to get your half a pint (all inclusive - don't fall for that one) was very good, some nights after the mini disco they had live singing which was a nice touch, bingo or Karaoke to win a cocktail which was free anyway? The reps kept kept talking with you all the time, but never intrusive, genuinely nice people, putting up and calming down some very disgruntled & rude guests who maybe should have not have gone to a family orientated hotel like this. The nearby town was lovely, but found that eating out in the pubs very expensive and not that great quality, but we were off colour, so we couldn't enjoy our culinary experiences as much as we might have done. We spent most of the time having lazy days by the pool, which was lovely and clean. Blanc Palace is swings and roundabouts. Half the people staying there were some of the most friendly people I have ever met from all counties, the moaners were some of the funniest. I had a really good time.

  • Holiday details: May 2012
  • Advice: Jump to the front of the queque to get a drink!!

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1 / 10
What a Nightmare!

"Staff are rude, arrogant, ignorant and blatant liers. Service is dissgracefull. Food is disgusting; undercooked or overcooked, most things are stewed, no fresh vegatables, packet soup, paella is dire, dog fish is served, no omeletes in sight, everything contains far too much salt, dessert is angel delight. Snacks were calamari and squares of cheese. Buiscuits only in the afternoon. No icecream around pool. No cocktails. No pints. Sangria is made with wine and soda only. The managers deny being the managers when approached.

Not all the pools open. Dangerous playground and pool area. Waterslide is a death trap. Nosoft play as advertised. Pool and table tennis is charged as is the spa and sauna.

The all inclusive is not all inclusive as the staff try to charge for as many things as possible.

Staff are not friendly at all, infact quite hostile at times. Staff are reluctant to help or communicate, they claim they do not speak or understand English.

Not child friendly at all.

Rooms are clean. English kids club is good. Pool bar is ok, main bar is basic and not good at all, restaurant is like a school dinner hall.

Worse holiday I have ever had.

  • Holiday details: May 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Do not waste your money or time by booking here.

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5 / 10
english not welcome

"We were originally booked into the Sa Caleta Apartments but they didnt have a room for us and were sent to Blanc Palace instead. The rooms were nice and cleaned daily with fresh towels. The staff were very polite some quite friendly and the food was amazing. All the reps were German and I would say most of the guests were 97% german which was a problem in the evening as we didnt understand any of the entertainment and they were not prepared to even translate numbers during Bingo so we were very bored at night and found ourselves staying in our room because most of the places surrounding the hotel, pubs and restaurants have closed down since the hotel became all inclusive. The kids club was run by german reps and we didnt know until our last day that one of them spoke quite good english and she was quite happy to look after our son whilst he played there and he did make a couple of german pals during our week there they seemed to communicate somehow but a lot of the parents were quite unfriendly once they found out we were english. The kids park is great, the pools are lovely and the beach is very close but full of italians and is very small and packed out every day. All in all a lovely hotel but the entertainment was awful for us english, car hire is highly recommended although the buses run regularly to other resorts, Cuitadella is about 25mins walk with some nice shops. If you want an unsociable holiday and some early nights then this place is ideal, we certainly won't be returning."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, booked with sunmaster
  • Advice: Learn to speak German and Italian before you go

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4 / 10
Not 4*platinum

"After going in aug 2010 we have finally rsolved with thompson the fact that this hotel is not any where near the advertised one in the brochure The restraunt was appaling and some of the food uncooked. Staff overworked frequent delays for crockery etc made for a poor experience .advice for 2011 go somewhere elseyour money would be better spent"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Breakfast Included, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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6 / 10
Just back not Platinum

"Just back from blanc palace, we were sold this holiday as platinum, no way flies with your breakfast tea coffee machines not working no saucers generally very dissapointing"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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4 / 10
2-3 star service at Platinum prices

"Just back from two week stay with family. The complex itself is very pleasant-we had a ground floor apartment looking out onto the pools which was great. The apartment itself was adequate and functional although the living area was a bit of a squeeze with-2 kids sleeping on the sofa beds.

The restaurant was completely understaffed with guests having to clear and make their own tables-especially at breakfast. The staff were endlessly running around trying to stock up on plates,glasses,cups,etc. The food was running out faster than the staff could replenish it which resulted in constant waiting/chasing up cutlery,etc...The outside seating area was the most pleasant place to enjoy the canteen style meals however a little more thought and effort could have been given into dressing the area-ie candles,lights to make the experience a pleasant one. The waiter service in the evening was practically non existent and ordering drinks sometimes took a while-we often though of bringing our own wine to avoid the wait and help out the over run staff.

The problem with the restaurant caused us to eat out eight times in out 14night stay-a lot when we had paid for half board! In doing so we found a lovely restaurant on the waters edge just down the road from sa caletta beach called bar Sa Nacra. fantastic sea food and service and amazing views of the bay and sunset-please visit-busy though and reserving a table is advisable. There is another lovely restaurant further around called bahia-also lovely views and amazing food.

we had a lovely holiday despite the issues with the hotel-we would not return to this hotel but definitely to Menorca.

We travelled with Thomson who claimed the hotel was Platinum 4 star. This was definitely NOT the case and we are writing to Thomson accordingly.

We realised half way through our stay that a large apartment block next door was also being accomodated in the hotel restaurant-probable reason for awful restaurant experience. Management should review this. Also sunbeds impossible to obtain by 10am and we were next to the pool!

On a positive note the restaurant did in fact improve the service over our stay as the complaints were noted!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Half board, booked with Thomson

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10 / 10
Excellent hotel, highly recommended!!!

"We have just got back from a fantastic 2 weeks at the Blanc Palace. It was our first time abroad with our two year old son, and it couldn't have been better!!

The hotel is clean and the rooms are very spacious. Our son loved the kids disco and although he did not attend the kids club in the day, other parents said it was great!

I'm not sure what the food was like, as we went self catering and didn't eat there at all.

The area is very quiet, but the bus stop is literally outside the front door and buses to cuitadella run every 20 mins or so. From there, you can get buses to any part of the island. They are not like UK buses, they actually turn up, are clean and fully air conditioned!

The pool is a great size, and I have never seen a kids pool that was so big.

I can go on and on with the positives and have NO NEGATIVES. We are already planning to go back in a couple of years and I am counting down the months!!!!!!!!

  • Holiday details: May 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Can't comment on food, as we did't eat there!!

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10 / 10
Perfect famly destination

"The shiny floors and big entrance into this hotels reception is a clear indication of the service you will get here. The apartments are spacious and very clean with fresh towels and sheets delivered every other day as well as the floors swept and mopped. The buffet restaurant is the best I have come across with excellent quality, quantity and varitation. The chef is only to happy to prepare fresh if there isn't enough on display for you! Wine and soft drinks on tap we were amazed to find the cost for two adults and one child to be only 34 euros, thats three courses and drinks! The entertainment facilities are fun and you are invited to partake but never preyed upon, the children adore the hosts. The Kidzone staff are dedicated, caring and the kids love them too, these sessions are run for two hours a day (5 out of the 7 days) allowing parents some relaxation time knowing their kids are having fun and being looked after. The location is fab too being just a ten minute walk from a cheap supermarket and two cove beaches both very clean and with utilities. Nearby restaurants you have to try include a paella at Bahia while the sun goes down and the Ocean restaurant caters well for kids with bouncy castles galore. A short 7 minute bus ride away is the beautiful town of Cuitadella where you can shop until one in the morning or wander down into the harbour and pick out your desired restaurant from the many on display. Cala n Bosch is a 20-30 min bus ride away and is a bit more vibrant but has more great eateries available and the AquaRock park for the kids ( a great waterpark with slides galore). There is so much of this island we never got around to doing, the boat excursions, Mahon, Ferreres to name but a few so we'll be back. This is a great place to stay in and we met many people who visit year on year."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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    " Bahia and shopping in Cuitadella "

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    " good beach poor facilities and staff "

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