Ses Savines Hotel

Avenida Doctor Fleming 22, Ibiza 07820, Spain
7  / 10
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10 / 10
mrs D southend on sea essex 29/9/2012

"great hotel, very freindly staff, all way pleasent,very acommadeting, clean and comfortable room,food good,adepted rooms are very good for people in wheelchairs, would stay hear again"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"me and my friend came here in august 2012 for a week and really enjoyed it, the hotel room was not air conditioned though and got extremely unbearable so we hired a stand up fan for 17 euros for a week which helped, the rooms got cleaned everyday although there is something you can hang on your door if you wish not to have this service which is what we did when we wanted an afternoon siesta. the reception staff were friendly enough but the bar staff were fab! nicest people you could ask for, they were friendly and made you feel welcome they also were very funny and made us laugh, they are great people and wish i could visit them again however the man in the restuarant area every morning and night was extremely moody we think he was a manager of some sort and he wasnt very pleasant but cannot knock the bar staff they were excellent the beach is right on your door step at the back of the hotel and its a five minute walk from the west end and a couple of minutes to get to the famous ibiza rocks cafe and bar, we also did a boat party called ibiza rocks the boat, it was brill its also a couple of minutes walk to get to the famous linekers bar too. overall what a great holiday!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: defintley do the ibiza rocks the boat, boat party its drinks, party and music and fun, it cost 45 euros and included in the price we went to a tinie tempah concert
  • Good For: Beach

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6 / 10
About par for a two star Spanish Resort Hotel

"I stayed in this Hotel for the first time, two year's ago and did not write a review then and have just returned after a weeks stay here, so I feel, now I can give it a full honest appraisal, so this is what I will attempt to do!

Firstly, as you can see from my Logo, I am more used to cruising, than land based holiday's. I am probably not your usual Ibiza customer, as I am a balding single middle aged man, but I love this Island and particularly the San Antonio bay area, as I remember family holiday's here in the 1970s and cruising is getting ever more expensive for me, now!

As for the hotel, its location is very favourable, just opposite the beach, though this beach is artificial and man made and the water is rather polluted, in fact I remember it, as just wasteland in the 1970s. However, Cala Bassa (best beach on the Island) is only a 2.50 euros bus ride away. The hotel itself is only 10 minutes walk away from the centre of the town and close to all the bay side bars and resteraunts, and is far enough away from the centre of town, to not be too noisy at night, which of course, as an older person, I prefer.

On my arrival at Reception, I was greeted politely, I of course, always begin, even though it is fairly limited, speaking Spanish, which helps oil the wheels, even if you have to fall back using English. All the staff at the Reception desk were polite and helpful to me during my stay. There was only one young man here, that rather irrated me, who when I began speaking Spanish, would always reply, rather rudely in English and in a manner, which I read, as saying, "don't even try and speak my language you cretin", addmitedly, he was bi-lingual (and didn't he want everyone to know it). I did think of counter attacking, in using, my near fluent French, but on holiday one is not interested in point scoring.

The room, I had was on the top floor and quite spacious, though the beds were rather stiff and low down. I did not have a balcony and the room was at the back of the hotel, and looked out on to the car park and further on there was a petrol station and some wasteland that was being built on (not particularly eddifying), but in the distance were the mountains, including Atalaya and I witnessed that wonderful light effect at sunset, which so attracted artists to the island. The bath was rather small, however, there was also a shower, (which worked), but I didn't use it, as I like a bath. Two big headaches to the room though, were an ant problem in the bathroom and air conditioning There is no two ways around it, the Balearics get bloody hot in summer and the rooms need better air conditioning. I suppose, I am spoilt on this front, because even on cheap Cruise Lines, the cabins are thoughrily air conditioned and with a temperature control dial in the cabin. There was some rooms, that had Air con (though you had to pay extra), mine didn't have this facility, otherwise you hired a portable fan from reception, (really not good enough). I was still too hot at night, laying on top of my bed, stark naked and with all the windows wide open. On the plus side again, though, linen was changed regularly and the room kept clean by the daily maid service.

As for the food in the buffet dinning room, this was a largely hit and miss affair. The breakfasts were fairly reliable, you had a choice of a full English or Continental, with cereals and fruit provided. Though the Fruit Juice from the vending machine was disgusting and from this same machine, the coffee was, not up to very much either. The self service toaster, was a bit of an irritant, in that selfish guests would feed up the machine with up to 10 slices of bread or more, causing a long queue to form. In the evening, it was advisable to choose your dishes carefully, the tip I would give, is always avoid fish and chicken in cheap Spanish hotel's, it is usually disgusting, native dishes are always a good bet, such as Paella (which I don't like) or Tortilla Espanola (which I adore), meat is ok, particularly the Meat Balls and Pizza's and Pasta is fairly reliable. Sweets are usually a mixture of Tub Ice creams, Flans and fruit which were all ok. There was also soup, but forget this if you dine late, as they run out of soup bowls and don't replace them. As for the service in the dining room, this was polite and friendly, though there is this rather miserable head waiter (who is always holding a clip board), other reviewers, have even given him nicknames, such as Hitler and Dracula, I will stick with the politer, "Lurch". He seems to change the rules for seating single diners each evening, so I would just go up to him with my tray and say rather abruptly (in Spanish), "Where can I sit, this evening", and he would then guide me, usually to a different table, from the previous evening.

The bar was quite spacious and well stocked, as well as reasonably priced, three euros for a pint of San Miguel and the staff here were polite and friendly. They served snacks throughout the day as well, though you have to pay extra for these.

The swimming pool, although quite small was clean and well maintained, though there were the usual inconsiderate guests (all British, I may say), who would ignore rules, such as, No Diving, Smoking by the Pool, leaving towels on sun loungers after a certain time vacated etc. This leads neatly on to the next subjet, the other guests. They were mainly British, with a few Spanish, German and Scandinavian. This hotel seems to attract, slightly more older people and families, than other hotel's in the San Antonio bay area, which of course, I prefer, but funnily enough, I never find the young party goer's in Ibiza a problem, as regards a good night's sleep and here is the reason why! Unlike other places, the nightlife in Ibiza, is literally all night and although on this stay at the Ses Savines, I was put right next door to a group of young partying lads, they were no problem, because they would not arrive back at their room until about seven in the morning (just about the time I am ready to get up) and in the afternoon, when I have my Siesta, they are usually poolside. I loathe, the scenario, far more (which I don't find in ibiza), of a bunch of laracans, returning to their rooms, at about three in the morning and then making a lot of noise in the room for the rest of the night. Anyhow, the hotel has a zero tolerance, towards rowdy and noisy behaivour at night, which I think, is generally enforced.

As for the entertainment, at the hotel, well the phrase, "End of the Pier" comes to mind. There was a Spanish magician who was embarrassingly awful, a couple of ladies who did various comic impersonations of familiar female Pop Divas and another act called the "The One Man show", which is fairly self explanatory. Both were ok. The young English lady in charge of the ents, worked hard and spoke fluent Spanish (many a young holiday rep, take note), though unfortunately, she lost the plot totally, the night of the Fireworks Fiesta, in having a sixties theme night (which was ok), but followed by, lol, Bingo. This was friday night, August, Ibiza, Fireworks Fiesta, how romantic is that! You can have Bingo on a wet monday afternoon, on the seafront at Herne Bay, where it would be more in keeping.

I will conclude on the all important issue of secuirty. You read these horror stories in other reviews of Wallets and Passports being stolen from hotel rooms, in this part of Spain. I personally, carry, them on me, at all time, it is a bit of a burden, but I feel safe that way. There are safes in the room, but they cost quite a bit to use. I think the staff were honest at this hotel, but I didn't want to gamble, on leaving them in a draw in the room. As regards the surrounding area, unfortunately, with any free and easy, rather decadent resort (which San Antonio is), it is a magnate for criminals. The main party poopers, in this respect are these young men (some older women, as well), who are from an African country, possibly Senegal, as it is near to the Spanish Canaries, many, probably got to Spain illegally and they make their way to resort areas like Ibiza. They are a worry and a nuisance to holiday makers, they hassle you to buy various useless trinkets, but this is just a front for there real endeavours, which is drug dealing and wallet snatching. I saw one, during my stay, openly supplying drugs to an English holiday maker and another one attempt to get his hand inside a girls handbag. Other reviewers, quaintly describe these young men, as lucky, lucky men or tick tack men, I will just stick to the more prosaic title of Common Criminal. The local Police are largely ineffectaul, but it was interesting, one night, when the more feared Guada Civil, made a petrol in their van around the bay causeway, because they didn't half scatter. Unfortunately, these petrols are not frequent enough. So, always, watch your belongings, when out at night in San Antonio

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Skytours
  • Advice: The beach at Cala Bassa, eat out fairly cheaply in the bayside bars and cafes, walk into centre of San Antonio at night and soak up the atmosphere.
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
Fab view shame about the hotel

"Having just stayed at the ses savine I can honestly say we must have had the best view in the hotel,it was worth the stay just for that (room 310)mind you we had to fight for that,because when we booked with Sunmaster we paid for a sea view but when we arrived at the hotel the lady said we had only requested a sea view anyway after a bit of debate we got what we had paid for and it was worth every penny.The Hotel its self was very clean but it does need some up dating,the rooms are ok,the bathroom i think is the smallest one i have seen and very dated fixtures,I could run faster than the water that was coming out of the wash basin taps!!!The shower was fine but the step in the bath(people sit in the bath because they are more like a wsah tub)made it a little awkward.There are 2 lots of doors in the rooms,slatted doors which are great for letting fresh air in and full doors for keeping the noise out,the only problem with the latter it got so warm and stuffy you could,nt sleep anyway!The food in the hotel was adequate,the salad buffet was always nice but the main dishes left a lot to be desired sometimes,we actually ate in the hotel a couple of times late afternoon rather than going for the evening meal,and the meals were very nice and good value for money(omelette chips&salad 6euros).The staff at the hotel were very nice & helpful,its a shame because the hotel has a fantastic location and stunning views but it does need some serious TLC."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2011, Half board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Sea view definitly
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
Noisy, not for families

"The hotel is very clean and staff really friendly, however... the noise is intolerable and I was in a so called quiet room (if such a thing exists). You cannot get a sun bed by the pool for love nor money as they are covered in towels from the crack of dawn. The beach is lovely but for two sunbeds and an umbrella costs 15 euro a day, the first day the guy tried to con us into paying 15 euro an hour, no chance. On day three the sea water was out of bounds (red flags all along coast) as it was contaminated with sewage, we still were charged full rate for sun beds. At one stage I saw a used syringe float by in the water. Outside the hotel a young chap was leaning against the wall on a daily basis selling his wares (drugs) quite openly, even my young son could see clearly what he was selling. The food was limited to anything English with chips, not a single Spanish dish on the menu. I had to laugh at the battered veg!

Thankgoodness for the lovely staff, they saved the holiday and the weather was fantastic. I won't ever go back and don't advise people to take young children, not if you want them to sleep at any time on your holiday. Sorry Ses Savines, it is the area that lets you down (and some of your guests!!)

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, HB, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Ear Plugs.
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
awful hotel

"don't be tricked when they say 'air con', only the rooms with a sea view get air con the other rooms have to pay for rubbish fans which you have to wait for. bed sheets get made but there never cleaned, some staff are pleasent but the rest don't have a clue what their doing. the only upside to the room i stayed in was the balcony. The food is digusting and i wouldn't advise eating it unless you want the 'runs'."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Half Board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Make drastic improvements to the food
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
brilliant holiday

"we are going back for the 11th time this year to our favourite place ever. We love Ibiza and we love seeing friends who we have met at Ses Savines over the years. Our kids have grown up there and they now go back themselves as adults with their friends.

so yes we have heard people say the food isn't good, but I don't agree and compared to what it was when we first went in 1994, it's fantastic and I just love sitting outside on the terrace to have breakfast. The staff are lovely and all know us personally which makes it even nicer. We have stayed in both the hotel and the apartments and enjoy both - you have to accept that if you go to Ibiza especially San An, then you are going to get noise, but it really doesn't bother us and we have never had any problems personally with noisy people coming in at odd times of the night.

so we would recommend it to anyone, it may not be your cup of tea, you may want a bit more luxury, but our holiday is not about how luxurious the bedroom is, it's cleaned everyday, towels are refreshed and so for us it's great.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Half board, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Ses Savines 2010

"Brilliant location right on the beach and a 10/15 minute stroll to the town.

Food edible but loads of room for improvement, too British a menu, great if you love chips especially for breakfast although other options are available.

Plenty of shops and eateries surrounding hotel.

Staff friendly and went out of their way to ensure we had adjoining rooms. Cleaners in daily.

Pay the extra for sea view it is really worth it. Sunsets across the bay are amazing

Went 10 years ago and still enjoyed it this time, will go back

you pay extra for air conditioning and/or can hire fans.

Family friendly.

ps. showers arent so good

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Half Board, booked with Co-op Travel
  • Advice: location location location
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
excellent hotel

"i spent 2 weeks in june and 2 weeks in october 2009 at the ses savines,the rooms were clean and a change of towels daily.I think the food is wonderful with a good choice.The staff are very friendly i even know them by name.There is entertainment in the day and evenings and you can also share the Arenal,which is the sister hotel.I am going back again this year in September and looking forward to seeing everyone again.On our second visit we were given a free bottle of champagne,this is how they look after their customers.excellent"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009, half board, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: go see for yourself,fantastic
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Be very careful

"I and my wife have stayed at the Ses Sevines several times before so know what to expect.

The hotel is looking rather dated and slightly shabby ,its a 2 star hotel thats all ,nothing more the staff are pleasent enough .

The food can be a bit repetative and its ok nothing special .

My wife is in awheelchair, so as always we are on the ground floor in a adapted room ,which are ample . When we were their last June ,I noticed that the window had been replaced ,after it had been forced by the look of it . We were in bed on night ,early after too many late nights out .when all of a sudden our window was banged and then again ,so I put the room light on and heard someone running .

Told the reception the next morning and spoke to the security gaurd the next night ,whom later that evening chased 3 Romanian guys whom were trying to break into the rooms on the other side of the hotel . So be wary .

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, half board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Chilled
  • Good For: Beach

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6 / 10
Reasonable hotel and nice food.

" The hotel is dated and although we paid more for a sea view, the balcony was always in the shade, which is probably a blessing in the height of summer! We had never been HB before and were amazed at the choice and quality of the food, which was very plentiful. The staff were quite happy but this could have been because it was the last week of the season.

We were in room 103 above the entertainment (which we didn't go to because of the amount of people smoking indoors) and as has been said by a previous poster the beds vibrate and it is very noisy and the smoke permeates up the open stairwell and into the near rooms.

Think I would stay at the sister hotel the Arenal if we were to go again, which is quite unlikely.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009, Half Board, Booked Independently
  • Activities: Not much to see in Ibiza, especially in Oct, although Playa den bossa beach is lovely.
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
Ses Savines Stay 2009

"My boyfriend and I have just returned from a week half board holiday in Ses Savines hotel... firstly I would like to say that the breakfast was okay although some of it was laced with grease, the dinner was vile I had paella and found a massive hair in it. I did report the paella incident to the head waiter but they carried on serving it anyway! The choice of food served was very odd and i basically ate chips only as that was the nicest thing served.

I would not recomend this hotel if you want to have some sleep after dinner before you go out at night, we got put on the first floor and found that cheesy entertainment music was blasted out so loud that it shook the room from 6 till 12 midnight!.

The rooms were very basic but clean, dont book a wake up call on the day of departure as ours got forgotten much to my annoyance. If you want somewhere to sleep only then this hotel is fine. I have been put off going anywhere that includes food, I would definately stay in the self catering apartments round the corner.

Also be very careful when sunbathing by the pool, a thief with a backpack and cap was stalking my bag in the bushes - thankfully he got disturbed!. Also if you go on a red speed boat trip, dont pay for the photos they are rubbish and they make you pay ten euro per couple - you get the same photos twice complete rip off..

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Half Board, booked with Thomson

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  • by nic-t-

    " American Diner, very reasonable! "

  • by Alan Butler

    " Glas bar is good value for money they do a great full English for 5 euro with tea or coffee "

  • by debster

    " Hippy market at Es Cana well worth a visit "

  • by moon2flower

    " Lots of boat trips, para sailing water sports, plenty chioce of all foods, bus run regular. "

  • by liney

    " Not a very nice beach, sandy, but rubbish washes up daily. "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " Nice walks, flat and plenty of dropped kerbs for the disabled "

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