Aslanis Village Apartments

Marmari, Kos 853 00, Greece
6.5  / 10
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4 / 10
all inclusive LITE

"when we arrived at the hotel we were told that the hotel was all inclusive lite, despite having asked the guys at deal of the day several times if it was all inclusive and been told repeatedly that it was. we were'nt the only people who been told this as several other holiday companys had done the same thing. we had only brought a same amount of euros with us and also it was the easter weekend so no where was open until the wednesday. we didnt have the money to get taxis into the next town and we didnt have the money to spend at the bar. the staff and food were all good just these things let us down really bad and spoiled our holiday."

  • Holiday details: May 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: have a car and lots of cash
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Just come back from a two week stay...

"Just come back from a two week stay at Aslanis village. I booked my holiday only the day before and was given "allocated on arrival" I'm 47 and didn't know what to expect, but being a Thomson holiday, they do look at your date of birth, and allocate appropriately.

The hotel is reasonably small, 200 rooms that are basic, but very clean and functional, with a kitchenette. The hotel only has 10 staff including the cleaners and the cooks, but they are very efficient.

The hotel is run daily by Lisa and Anastasia. The barman, Billy is great, and so friendly and helpful. The pool area is surrounded by a wonderful garden with exotic flowers and trees.

The local wildlife is tree frogs that hop up the trees in the daytime, then climb the walls of the hotel at night. They are wonderful little creatures and your kids will love them. The hotel is set in the countryside about 7min from the nearest beach, which is quiet and undeveloped, but with a spectacular view over to the next island.

It's a 15min walk to Marmaris, one way any a 20min walk to Tingaki , the other. Tingaki is the bigger resort, with lots of bars and tavernas, and the only cash machine for miles.

This is also the place to book your trips, a lot cheaper that the tour operators. Bodrum is only 10mins away on the hydrofoil, and Rhodes only 2 hours. There is plenty of transport to hire, cars, scooters, quads, moon buggies, and mountain bikes. If you are xenophobic, remember that the aslanis hotel only caters for British guests, so you can get a sun lounger easily in the morning.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, Self Catering, booked with Thomson

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10 / 10
Before we went on the holiday we read...

"Before we went on the holiday we read the reviews and expected the worst. I can’t believe how wrong those reviews were!

The hotel is in the countryside and is about 5 mins walk from the nearest beach. The town is about 15 mins walk from the hotel but taxis are only 6 euros.

The rooms are basic but very clean, the cleaner was in everyday to empty bins, clean the floors and make the beds. The linen and towels were changed every other day and the whole room was completely cleaned from top to bottom every 5 days.

The actual complex is quite small, with a bar and restaurant, swimming pool, pool table and church.

The Bar is very well stocked with every drink and cocktail that you can imagine, with a brilliant bartender named Billy to serve them all. By the end of the holiday Billy was sitting with us all well after his shift had ended! Fabulous!

The restaurant sells basic meals with a few Greek dishes as well. The restaurant also hosts a Greek night once a week with all you can eat Greek food and traditional dancers. The first week this was good with the dances and musician getting people up to enjoy the night. It is a great way to make friends and is only the price of the food.

The second week, the dancers forgot to turn up! This was a good thing because the hotel receptionist Lisa took over the dancing and ensured that she was better that the trained dancers! She made the night and everyone said that she was better than the originals! All the staff at the whole place were excellent, helpful and could not do enough for you.

The swimming pool was brilliant clean and refreshing. There were three of us, me my boyfriend and our son. Although there was only the pool table and swimming pool, he was not bored once as there were load of kids! The Greek people love children and they get special treatment wherever they go! Out of the complex were the 2 towns, Tingaki and Marmari.

Tingaki is the main one with loads of bars and restaurants and at The Mei restaurant you get 10% discount.

If you really want to experience Kos you need to hire some sort of transport. We hired Cars and also Quads which were great fun. There are loads of things to see and do including Hot springs, water parks and ancient ruins.

One piece of advice is to take loads of insect repellent as the mosquitoes are abundant! I was bitten loads but my partner and son were not! But the repellent helped and not bitten after I used it.

We made loads of great friends and would definitely go back to both Kos and the Aslanis.

Hope this review helped you!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, Self Catering, booked with Select

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9 / 10
Have just spent a week in Aslanis...

"Have just spent a week in Aslanis village and had a fantastic time is does not deserve the bad reviews. Yes there are mosquitoes but they are all over the island and i must admit i never got bit once. The salt lake does not smell that bad as some people have advised and as for the pool being cold it was very refreshing when the weather is hot.

You can get a taxi into Mamari or Tingaki for 6euros and there is a bus throughout the day to Kos and only costs 1.40 euros I highly recommend Meni restaurant in Tingaki they are very friendly and it is excellent service you also get discount there if you stay at aslanis. The rooms in the hotel are basic but that’s what you pay for the staff are very friendly and willing to help.

They do meals in the hotel from salads to main meals. Over all I was very happy with my time there and feel it has had bad reviews I think they have been going to a different hotel I can highly recommend this Aslanis and would go again.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, Self Catering, booked with Thomson

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2 / 10
Went last year with my family. I have...

"Went last year with my family. I have 3 younger brothers and the pool and the snooker table kept them interested and busy but there wasn’t much for me. My mum was bitten by mosquitoes and had an awful terrible reaction which resulted in us traveling miles to a doctor and her being prevented from drinking alcohol, swimming and from getting any sun. The pool was clean and very refreshing.

There is also a go-karting track opposite the hotel but its not suitable for younger children. Most restaurants are a long walk away and the beaches too. Although it is a worthwhile walk to the beach, the sea is gorgeous and the sands soft. Its not really a place for shopping. Kos town is good and we also went to turkey for the day which was brilliant but don’t take your young daughters as several men tried to buy me from my father, it starts off as a joke and a laugh but after a while they take it too far and you feel as your privacy has been invaded. The shopping is brilliant over there, just keep your eye on the men.

We spent the day at a water park which was great but you don’t feel as if it is safe. the slides don’t look it and the pools not that clean. afterwards we were told its not rated. Overall, we had a fab holiday but we made it ourselves. The hotel was simply a resting point for us and we made our own entertainment.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2005, Self Catering, booked with Thomson

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7 / 10
A small block of apartments with good...

"A small block of apartments with good catering but a very cold swimming pool which was a pity because the complex is based some way between Marmari and Tingaki and could have capitalised on its location but tended to drive people away because of its cold pool (the sea is warmer).

You definitely require some form of transport to get around as the bus which is an hourly service isn’t that reliable. The local people are very friendly and make you feel welcome. Because this hotel is out in the country Mosquitoes were a nuisance so take plenty of repellent spray.

The shops in Kos town do not offer much variety if you want a days shopping with some real bargains then catch the hydrofoil to Bodrum in Turkey only takes 20 mins and costs about 15 euros per person if you book it from Kos town and not your local resort which can charge 25 euros, the foil leaves at 09.00 and departs from Bodrum at 16.00. Have a happy holiday.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Thomson

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3 / 10
My first holiday with my boyfriend...

"My first holiday with my boyfriend .It was a huge disappointment mosquitoes bit me over 60 times had allergic reaction no local first aid places. Tony was really nice he was the bar man. nearest shops bout 30 min walk.

All they sell is chocolate and crisps. pool was lovely and refreshing. Rooms ok nothing much. Best time was when we went to turkey for the day which was brilliant ..wouldn’t recommend this resort. Apartments next to a cess pit and next to a salt lake which is breeding ground for mosquitoes.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2005, Self Catering, booked with Thomson

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