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3 / 10
Thieves - lock up all your belongings in your room!

"I have recently come back from a stay at the Belvedere Hotel in Salou. I have one thing to say... make sure your valuables are locked away... my mobile phone was stolen out of my handbag in the wardrobe that I had forgotten to lock away in the safe. The only person who could've done this was the shifty cleaner who wouldn't look you in the eye when you walked past. I complained to reception and they were very rude and didn't want to know even though I was visibly upset by this violation on holiday. I became very paranoid since then and locked everything in my suitcase even my clothes, make up etc. nothing was left out in case the thieving cleaner thought she could help herself to my other belongings. The holiday rep at the hotel, although very friendly, seemed to not really want to help as he kept giving me the brush off. I must've spent between 2-3 hours on separate occassions trying to make a formal complaint but to no avail. The rep wasn't there on times he said he would be. I am very angry because it certainly ruined my holiday experience and recommend strongly that you do not book this hotel, if you decide to then please take locks for your suitcase and lock all your belongings away. The area though is fantastic, I would defnitely go again to Salou, we particularly loved Portaventura,the beach, other bars, market etc.

We never stayed once in the pool because by 9am all the sunbeds were taken and the pool was not big enough.

The food was adequate but by the last night, I couldn't stand the same food again so we went and ate out to a restaurant and enjoyed that meal out. The drinks are very expensive too.

As I said, I worked very hard all year for this weeks holiday and am sure all you readers do to and do not want any of you to suffer the way I have so please think twice before booking here. Trust is the most important thing when you leave items in your room, the cleaner should not be snooping through handbags and helping herself to your things. I hope this review has been of some help and I have stopped you making the wrong decision. Enjoy your holiday elsewhere if I was you.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Half Board, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Portaventura, water park, beach, local bars with tribute acts and entertainment etc.
  • Activities: Portaventura, Titanic Bar, Robin Hood, Beach, Market, shops etc.
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10

"nice and clean hotel,staff on front desk not very helpfull and very slow in dealing with you or any problems that you may have.

food could be a lot better same every day even chips for breakfast,food always cold even when first for any meal.

waiting staff could be much happier no manners what so ever , a couple did speak to you which made the other staff members to shame.

no entertainment for kids or evening for adults .

entertainment that was for evening ended at 11 o"clock and that was dancing .

all lights turned off at midnight,all chairs and tables put away.

all things discribed in brochure are not as said.

very little shade around pool.

hotel rated as 3 star but our party rated it as low as 2 star if lucky.

even local bars around hotel closed by 1 am.

thompson rep at hotel very helpfull .

be very careful of pick pockets and muggers, town area full of them , if staying at this hotel always have a high floor as first floor easy to get on to .

balcony doors can be easaily open even when locked.

we will never go back to this area of spain again .

sister hotel just over the road had several rooms robbed the first day of arriving /

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Half Board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: not a hotel to stay in.
  • Activities: none

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5 / 10

"rooms are of a high standard, but food was poor. staff mostly very friendly except for the dining room. be up early to get a sunshade as there arent enough for the size of the hotel. i had a1 yearold and had to buy one from nearby shop. would definitley go back to salou but would choose a different hotel."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, Half Board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: very child friendly and lively
  • Activities: robin hood bar and danny boys
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10

"Food Average. Hotel OK. Be Warned - My disabled partner had her handbag stolen in the hotel bar. THIEVES OPERATE IN THIS HOTEL!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, Half Board, booked with Thomson

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8 / 10
Whats all the fuss about?? What do you expect from a 3* hotel !!

"Myself (22) and my partner (28) have just returned from Salou (Fri 15th May 09), where we stayed for 2 weeks in the Hotel Belveder and I must admit I feel ashamed to be British. I cannot believe the rudeness and ignorance of my fellow Brits. For a 3 Star hotel this was more than what we were expecting, a nice pool area cleaned ever evening and again in the morning. A resonable size bar, a sauna, steam room and massages available all of which were free to use. Our room was cleaned everyday, with new towels and although the maid spoke very little English, you could not fault there work-rate. The dinning room was more than big enugh and the food was more than acceptable, there was a wide variety of choice, freshly cooked meats available everyday, vegetables, salads, freshly baked breads and pizzas. After two weeks you do notice some similarities with the food, however im sure you would anywhere. All staff were friendly and understood your requests.

The evening entertainment was not to our taste, as it featured a lot of Tom Jones type singers. However we had no plans on spending our holiday in the Hotel and enjoyed the local bars and clubs. Danny Boys, Linda's Bar and The Brown Cow are all a must!! All run by English and very friendly. Food in The Brown Cow was brilliant, we went everyday of our second week. A good night club to try is 007's fun entertainment and really friendly staff. Bus Stop the club next door was rather a let down! The hotels location was great 10 minutes walk from PortaVentura Theme Park, 10 minutes walk from the Beach and just 2 minutes walk from the main streets.

For those of you who feel you should be looked after like the Queen mother I suggest you pay more and stay at a higher rated hotel. I would like to know what language visitors want SPANISH staff members to speak. All were more than capable of communicating in English and totally understandable. I agree the hotel was not English based and may of the other visitors were Spanish \ German (for the first week, more English arrived in our second week), however if i wanted to stay in a hotel that was full of Brits I would of stayed in the UK.

Be warned prices in Salou in general are rather high approximaley £2.50 a can of Coke, £1.50 a bottle of water, £6.00 a bottle of Magners, £6.00 for Malibu and Coke. These prices seemed to be across the whole of Salou.

  • Holiday details: May 2009, Half Board, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: Its Expensive
  • Activities: The Brown Cow and 007.
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Fantastic Holiday!!!

"after reading reviews on here about the belverdere i wasnt too happy about staying here but we me my partner 22 myself 25 our daughter 2 and my mother in law and friend both 52 arrived on the 7th october the only downside was having to wait untill after 1:00pm local time to check in when we arrived at the hotel at 11:30 we had to wait in the lobby until the rooms were ready the staff were very friendly tho the hotel food was fab moring and evening lots of choice and plenty to go round hotel drinks were a little expensive athough you would expect that in a hotel the pool was always empty as out of holiday period which was good for us but weather was good the rooms had plenty of room for double bed and cot and kept very tidy and clean maids in every day maid beds and fresh towels left every day. all staff friendly evening entertainment not very child friendly however sister hotel opposite has good childrens entertainment as does the pub/bar round courner and drinks there very cheap. overall plenty to do in area its also much cheaper to catch train to barcellona as excurisions quite pricey with first choice only cost us 5.00 each return on train and saw as much as you would have being stuck on coach all day overall accomodation excellent would recomend it to others."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2008, Half Board, booked with First Choice

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7 / 10
I stayed at this hotel for a week...

"I stayed at this hotel for a week with my husband 2 sons of 11 and 17 my sister her husband and her foster son of 9.We really was enjoying our holiday until the second last day when we went out my son forgot to pick up his mobile when we came back to our room the mobile was gone.We reported it straight away but no one seen it or took it the staff didnt even want to no.The next morning the day we was leaving we were still in our beds at 8 in the morning when our room door opened and in walked a man my husband shouted at him and he took off.We went out after him but he was away before we could get some clothes on.I went down and reported it and told the staff what happened again they done nothing .I told them some one has a keycard for the rooms and they said no no and done nothing again.I was glad i was leaving that day.To think of what happened to maddie and that staff did not care or even check ther cameras to see who it was.We really did like the hotel and had fun at this hotel but would think twice of going back after that .They really need to improve ther security"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Half Board, booked with siesta

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10 / 10
I think review sites are a great...

"I think review sites are a great idea, but some reviews on here are clearly made by people who did not book the correct holiday for their type of family or ages etc. Me and my partner, (he was 24 and i was 21 at the time) booked the holiday (for Sept 07) on the internet and soon after, sought reviews from people who had stayed at the same hotel. I must say that to say we were dreading the holiday we had booked would be an understatement!! we were so worried!! Don't listen to all the negative reviews!! It gets me very angry to read the pathetic things that people on this site are winging about!! I think some people are way to uptight! CHILL OUT!!

On the transfer from the airport, the Belvedere was the last hotel to drop off to and as soon as we entered the foyer, the negative reviews we had read, went out the window!! The staff are very friendly and couldn't do enough to help us. The staff in the dining room are fantastic and by the end of the week we knew all of them and they took their time to get to know us too. As for the people not speaking English, they speak perfect English. The hotel is very 'spanish' and the hotel is not overrun with English people which has also caused a few people to complain in their reviews!!! If you want English food, and English spoken all the time and you won't even attempt to speak to the maids in spanish, (a simple 'Hola' in the morning went a long way) then why go to Spain!!??

As for the selection of food in the food court in the morning and in the evening (we were half board) we could not believe how good it was. We even questioned the price of our holiday as the selection was unbelievable! My partner is a body builder, eats around 8 times a day and is extremely fussy with what he eats. I am the opposite and on holiday, enjoy eating different things. We were both extremely chuffed with the hotel we chose and to top it off, the beach was only ten mins away with a supermarket en route which was extremely handy. Port adventura is highly recommended too and that was only a 15 minute walk in the opposite direction. The town in Salou was great for everyone. There was the typical tourist part with the souvenier shops, selling the traditional spanish things, and then there was the more upmaket part with the designer shops etc. The places to eat and drink at were each individual and there was a place for every type of budget. Further along there is also a harbour with quite a few seafood retaurants too and the setting was beautiful.

We are returning again this september (2008) and are staying in the Belvedere for the second time. We can't wait!!

By the way, of 102 hotels just in Salou, the Belvedere ranked #26. I think people should seriosly think about what they write on review sites as at one point we seriously wanted to change our holiday. Im so glad we didn't listen. A holiday is what YOU make it.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Half Board, booked with First Choice

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9 / 10
first of all there really is some...

"first of all there really is some winging people who are not happy unless they are moaning and this is in reference to the winging comments left on this site.


Myself, wife, our 6 year old daughter and a 4 year old son. The belvedere is a very good quality hotel. We were there only for a week and wish had have booked two weeks. It was fantastic, the rooms were an Ok size, air con which was good, safe in the room, towls changed everyday, beds made etc. Bar staff, room cleaners and the entertainment staff were all excellent, reception staff not that knowledgable in English but not the end of the world. Food was OK but could have been better. Rep Andy was good. The gym on site is a little crappy, but who goes on holiday to work out??!! reasonable sized pool & pool side bar!!! Hotel I think is well placed, about 10 mins from the golden beach, 10-15 mins walk to theme park. Night life was excellent, plenty of choice to eat and drink. I would recommend the 'Titanic' bar, excellent entertainment and it's just across the road(stumbling distance). If you got chance defo go into the centre of salou near the beach ay night - there is a wicked fountain display with colours and music but be warned there are a couple of 'delboy's' trying to flog watches and sun glasses but they happy to haggle.

Would defo recommend anyone to go!!!!! Wicked holiday, really enjoyed (I were after dropping my passport down the grid before we come back so I could stay lol) and we are booked to go again next year.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Half Board, booked with First Choice

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9 / 10
3 Adults and 3 Children ages 11,10,9....

"3 Adults and 3 Children ages 11,10,9. Peak season 1st week of August. This is the first time I’ve ever written a review, so I hope it helps.

I just got back from Salou this morning and boy do I wish I was still there! Must admit after reading all the negative reviews about the Belvedere I was a little bit nervous about going, but now i've been I WILL definitely be going back to the Belvedere next year. It was better that the 4* R.G Hotel that I stayed in 2 years ago. The only real complaint we had was we requested 2 rooms together but got 2 rooms with someone else in-between. So let me break it down for you; Location to the beach (10/10) 10mins slow walk, Location to Port Aventura (10/10) 25mins slow walk), Room cleanliness (10/10) towels changed daily, bathroom cleaned, bed tidied, sheets changed after 3 days, Rooms size (8/10) a good size 2 double beds side by side and still room to maneuver, balcony with 1 table and 2 chairs, Aircon took time to kick in because electricity switches off when you leave the room and it’s a little noise when on full (didn't think about the old Tesco Club card trick tried using a playing card to keep electric on but it didn't work). Hotel bright and airy, staff (9/10) friendly and polite, Food (8/10) good selection – caters for all tastes, fresh, well presented, however, did have to queue for Omelet’s and pancakes and food they cooked in front of you. Drinks were expensive Eur2.50 for soda and EUR 1.30 for water (suppose they have to make money somehow), and they don't have Ice in the restaurant. Pool (7/10) size ok, closed too early at 7pm, looked clean but I couldn't see whilst swimming under the water with goggles, Inflatable’s were fun and the water was warm. Turkish bath (8/10) Sauna (8/10) Gym (4/10) non-existent, 2 bikes, 1 rowing machine, and a step machine, No air-con so it was like working out in a sauna. They also have a little shop and a nice bar on-site. Didn’t see much of the old age pensioners; there was a good mix of people from different EU countries. Didn't watch any of the evening entertainment because we spent most of our time at the theme park/beach. Overall good value for money.

Enjoy your stay!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Half Board, booked with Med Hotels

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4 / 10
where shall I start? Well, as this...

"where shall I start? Well, as this review is about the hotel I will stick to just that, but briefly I will say that if you book by 'First Choice' a holiday, then good luck!

The hotel was clean and 'fresh' and the rooms were made up everyday if you wished them to be. rooms very small and cramped-even for 2 people, but you only sleep and shower in them so thats ok.

I had no chairs on my balcony when I arrived, and asked the 'Fat Controller' staff member behind the reception desk 2 days running for them. He is extremely rude, as are most of the staff there. They really dont care about the English. I was even told that by the rep from First Choice. I eventually got 2 chairs after speaking to the male rep who demanded them taken up straight away.

The pool is small compared to the size of the hotel, but there are over 100 loungers with some having large shade umbrellas-however, unless you get up at 6.45am every morning to 'reserve' one, forget getting one or any place near the pool. an absolute disgrace. I complained on the first day to the rep, and he said he would talk to the management and get it stopped. Nothing happened. We never got around the pool for the whole of the holiday.

Entertainment was rubbish. Nothing for the kids to do, and the same music played nearly every night. There was a cabaret act including an Elton John tribute French!

I think the only excitement most holiday makers got for entertainment on the Saturday night, which gathered everyone on the resort in one place, was an argument between a French couple on the 6th floor, who had a fight and she pushed her partner through the patio door-whilst closed. Glass showered down from the 6th floor to the ground near the pool covering various loungers-luckily no one was on them or passing at the time. what I found disgustiing was that the glass was just left and not swept up, and people were walking around in bare feet. This was like it still when we went to bed-2 hours later.The guy who went through the glass was taken to hospital with severe cuts to his body, after passing out with blood loss, but is ok apparently.

The food-mainly catering for non English holiday makers was terrible in the morning at breakfast. My 14 year old took one look at the selection and just couldn't eat any of it-not even the cereal. Evening food was far better with a wide selection of hot and cold food, freshly cooked-even some of it in front of you while you wait. Very good.

The bar prices are extremely expensive-a coke was more expensive than a coke!

There is a shop/supermarket if you come out of the hotel, turn right, right agian and go along to the roundabout, look left and there is a shop on the corner with a big red supermarket sign, go in there. Very cheap and very friendly.

you have to vacate your apartment by 10.30am on departure day, otherwise if you leave your room you wont get back in as they change the key cards!.

You can put your luggage in a store room downstairs, but there is nowehere to leave your passports or tickets if you have the rest of the day there before your late flight back. No saftey deposit storage. when i asked at reception they were very rude and just couldnt be bothered helping. Terrible.

The pool closes at 7pm every night-on the dot. Lifeguards are horrible. I was watching children taking inflatables in the pool from my balcony and the whistle soon went for them to be removed.

On the whole it was very dissapointing, and I dont recommend it.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Half Board, booked with First Choice

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5 / 10
we have just come back 2 days ago...

"we have just come back 2 days ago (husbund and 4 kids 18,13,8,5)and how disappointed we were. i will start with the plus side first, its very clean,fresh towels and room cleaned every day. close to the beaches which are fab,close the theme park and thats all the good i can say. having spoken to most of the british holiday makers the feeling was the same. the pool was too small for the size of the hotel and shut too early, the food was awful unless you ate chips and salad everyday, they catered for everyone else but the english, the entertainment was average nothing for the kids unless you class an hour of the same music for them to dance to everynight, the adult entertainment was not much better. where it states there is a tv room its in the bar and not even put on. i do think that if the food and entertainment were better it would be a better place to holiday, within two days of arrival we had decided that we were going in a villa next year. overall not a good time was had and i would advice anyone going ......dont unless your prepared to go and eat out every night and find your own entertainment. if you are going with first choice then dont bother going to the male rep he is all for the hotel and does not listen the girl rep was the best and agreed with everything we said and even handed her notice in as it was that bad. be warned."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Half Board, booked with First Choice

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