Fereniki Resort & Spa

Crete 73007, Greece
4.5  / 10
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0 / 10
On arrival at the Fereniki Complex,...

"On arrival at the Fereniki Complex, it looked from the outside to be a nice hotel in a good location..............how wrong could I be! I have to say that staying at the Fereniki Complex was a huge mistake. This hotel could not have been any worse.

The rooms were disgusting - damp, dirty, smelly and cleaned once a day by swilling water all over the floor, no cleaning products were ever used. The reception staff were very unhelpful and very, very rude and had a tendency to ignore guests who were waiting at reception (often with a complaint), especially the manageress.

Every day the power went off about 6 times, mostly in the evening when it was dark, so there were no lights. This also meant that the air conditioning wouldn't work, so for everybody who paid to use the air conditioning, this was a total waste of money.

Our board basis was bed and breakfast, but we had breakfast only once because there was not a huge choice and the food that was there had flies all over it.

I do not have one good word to say about the Fereniki Complex and the only advice I could give to people thinking about staying there is DON'T DO IT.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2005, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Med Hotels

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4 / 10
If like me you booked first and then...

"If like me you booked first and then read the 6 horrific comments about this place, don't worry. Its a pleasant 2 to 3 minute amble to the seafront for breakfast. The room was cleaned (properly) every day. Only one change of linen noted though if you are fussy about that.

There were a few mozzies in the room to deal with at night before retiring, but that's the same in lots of places in Crete.

We gave it 4 out of 10, mainly because there were only Germans there. only joking, but there weren't many Brits in the 400 plus rooms. The people above who wrote their comments quite obviously never traveled the Greek islands other than in 4* accommodation.

The beach about one kilometre onwards towards Rethymnon is just great, very, very safe for kids as its all sand and is very slow gradient.

Good luck, just chill out and enjoy.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
After booking this " 4...

"After booking this " 4 star" apartment for me and my partner I was really excited that was until I arrived at the Fereniki Apartments, not only did any of the staff have a clue that we were even arriving but was told we could not get room until 9 which I just didn’t accept as we arrived at half 7 and just needed some sleep, when we entered the room I thought oh no is this some kind of a joke, in the end I could not be bothered with all the hassle trying to get moved as we were only there for the week but tried to make the most of it.

It wasn’t until the next day that we were told you had to walk 10-15 mins to get to the Fereniki restaurant which I think is totally unacceptable, on top of that the food there was revolting and was totally pointless being half board.

I was extremely disappointed when into our 4th the towels nor had the sheets had been changed, every time we wanted to query something at reception there would be 4-5 people all standing about not knowing what to do with over 20 holiday makers screaming and shouting at the state of their rooms, I do recommend Georgioupolis but I do not recommend the filthy Fereniki apartments.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, Half Board, booked with Med Hotels

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1 / 10
After booking a last minute break off...

"After booking a last minute break off Teletext, I was looking forward to 3* accommodation in the Fereniki Complex in Crete. When we arrived (myself, husband and 2 children) all I can say is the overwhelming feeling of disappointment will never be forgotten! I can tell you that the other reviews of this hotel are completely true.

We were allocated a 1 bed apartment, which was situated next to a smelly field with goats and chickens roaming about. We had booked half board and in the past when booking half board, I have never had to walk 15 minutes to get my food. The 6 apartment blocks are not close to each other as is made out in the description available but are spread out around the town. The food was not suitable for kids- chips seemed to be the only thing on the menu that they could eat.

The reception staff were very unhelpful and after complaining about the state of our filthy room, which had no running water and wires coming out of the wall, we were told that we could move in 2 days. We stuck it out in the filthy room for 2 days and then packed up and went to reception. We waited 3 hours to be told that there was no available room now but for 1 night we could stay in the managers sons room! As our original room was not an option we decided to stay there. All of his possessions were left in the room (which also smelt awful) but at least we managed to have a shower.

We eventually moved on the 4th day of our weeklong holiday to a room in the foudoulis hotel. It seems that the Fereniki have 2/3 newish blocks and 3/4 run down blocks. The state of the admin in these hotels is laughable. People are checked in and out in a book written down in pencil as so many room changes are made.

Overall, I would agree with the other reviews - Georgioupolis is lovely but DO NOT WASTE MONEY OR TIME IN STAYING AT THE FERENIKI!!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2005, Half Board, booked with Med Hotels

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3 / 10
This would have been the perfect...

"This would have been the perfect holiday (crystal blue sea, good food, relaxed nightlife, lovely town, lots of activities) if it wasn’t for Fereniki Hotel.

Georgioupolis is a friendly, relaxed town in a fantastic location on the North coast of Crete. It is a comfortable 30 minute bus journey from Rethymnon, which makes it an ideal location to go on day trips. There is plenty to do in Georgioupolis itself with lovely beachside bars, fantastic food (definitely eat at Georgia’s and Mythos), a variety of gift shops selling traditional Cretan produce and an atmosphere which you’ll want to soak up while sipping on your delicious (and very strong) Greek cocktail.

So far so good....... Unfortunately me and my partner were so disappointed with Fereniki complex that I have to mention it in order to warn those going to Georgioupolis. Basically, don’t stay at the Fereniki.

The reception staff and manageress were among the most unhelpful and frankly rudest people i have encountered. The manageress, whom we insisted on talking to after seeing the state of our allocated room, was not only unwilling to help, but ignored us and left us waiting for an hour in the lobby along with five other unsatisfied and disappointed couples/families. After an hour we realised that she was doing nothing to sort out new rooms and we were left with no idea of what was happening.

We were eventually allocated a new room, which was better than the original, but was by no means a 3* room as advertised. The sheets and towels were not changed once during our one week stay and the room could definitely not be described as clean, even after the cleaner had just been in - I don’t think a single detergent or cleaning product was used to "clean" the room.

I really would recommend Georgioupolis to anyone - it's a brilliant destination for couples and families, but I would urge you not to stay at the Fereniki Complex because you are bound to be disappointed. No one wants to stay at a dirty hotel with rude staff and have their perfect holiday tainted.

Georgioupolis = 10/10

Fereniki Complex = 1/10

  • Holiday details: Aug 2005, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Lastminute

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1 / 10
First thing to mention is that...

"First thing to mention is that Georgioupolis is a lovely little village and I would thoroughly recommend anyone looking for a peaceful and relaxing holiday to check it out - the Tavernas and restaurants are excellent with a wide range of excellent Greek food - and the beach, river, people, and location of the village all contribute to making it a great destination.

Just don’t stay at the Fereniki complex.

We were allocated an extremely substandard room on arrival - complete with broken toilets, doors, and lights. The room was also not even prepared for our arrival at around 6 in the evening (check out time is midday).

After complaining with 5 similarly unhappy groups and couples we were finally allocated marginally better rooms - however this took a long time and a lot of jostling with the extremely rude and unhelpful reception staff.

The rooms are cleaned once a day but are basically swilled with water by the maid who seems to have the whole place (180 rooms) to do by herself! Anyone sensitive about hygiene would certainly be advised to look elsewhere.

My advice would be to check out some of the smaller apartment blocks along the beachfront and to go self-catering as the food really is excellent - check out Georgia’s restaurant, Mythos restaurant, and the Samaria Cafe for cocktails! The road train to Lake Kournas is a great little trip and you can even grab the bus to any of the other larger resorts from the bus stop on the main highway about 2 minutes walk from the square.

Lovely place. Lovely holiday. Rubbish hotel!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2005, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Lastminute

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1 / 10
We arrived at this hotel to find we...

"We arrived at this hotel to find we had been allocated massively inferior accommodation to that we had booked. The hotel was dirty, the self catering facilities were shaking and inadequate for our booking. On complaining to the management they told us to wait until the end of the week, much better accommodation would be available.

We finally got moved to something not much better, but decided to cut our losses and make the best of our holiday.

Our pool smelled and the kids refused to swim in it.

Many other people were in the same situation, and the management and attitude of the staff was not based around customers i feel. This made the atmosphere in the hotel terrible.

I would not recommend this hotel to anyone.

The town, and resort were great.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2005, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Lastminute

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10 / 10
For the Fereniki apartments, I would...

"For the Fereniki apartments, I would give 5/10. Our room was a bit tatty and when we arrived there were no light bulbs and nothing to boil water in. It took 4 people to rectify the problems, as the guy sent to replace the bulbs took over an hour to understand what was wrong! The view from the balcony was beautiful, though.

For the holiday rep, I would give 5/10. She was useless and not in the least bit interested in us.

For the breakfast and evening meal, I would give 3/10, as although the breakfast was served until 10am, if you weren’t there by 9am, the Germans had eaten everything! It was very German based food, not even any cereals for breakfast.

The evening meal looked disgusting and no-one could tell us what we were eating.

We only attempted dinner once and breakfast twice, so maybe we just picked bad days, but it was far easier to pop across the road and buy croissants, to eat on the balcony.

We felt a little cheated, as we had paid for half board, but had to eat elsewhere every day.

For the resort itself, I would give 10/10. It was lovely, not too commercialised and the locals were very friendly. The sea was crystal clear and warm, the beaches were clean and not too crowded, so you could find a spot to be on your own.

The food was delicious, the weather beautiful and we even sailed up a river estuary on our own and saw turtles and large fish in the clear water.

The island itself is gorgeous, the mountain scenery fantastic. We hired a jeep and went into the mountains and saw a rare type of eagle flying overhead. We went up and down various passes, over to the south of the island, but it''s not for the fainthearted, as the drops on some of the roads were frighteningly long!

We spent a lot of our time at the "nerios" bar. It was so quiet in June, we had a whole terrace and swimming pool to ourselves most mornings it was heaven: a waiter to bring us drinks, a lovely pool which could almost have been our own private pool and great food.

We fell in love with Georgioupolis and the whole of Crete and we definitely intend going back to this lovely little resort next year.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2005, Half Board, booked with Easyjet

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