Club Hotel Vallee Blanche

Route du Siou Coulet, L'Alpe-d'Huez 38750, France
6.5  / 10
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7 / 10
Happy Holiday

"Returned yesterday from Alp D'Heuz, what a wonderful holiday. Food excellent and plenty off it. Staff at hotel very friendly and helpful. The ski tech excellent and very handy to have on site, knowledgeable lady. Nothing was too much trouble for the staff and all were upbeat, just what you want when on holiday. Rooms basic but beds comfortable and rooms warm. Would recommend hotel as close to resort centre and piste easily accessable. For a small fee, 3.50 Euro a packed lunch was provided which kept you full for the whole afternoon."

  • Holiday details: Feb 2011, Half board., booked with Thomson
  • Good For: , Skiing

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1 / 10
Disgusting hotel, disgusting management

"My husband and I have just returned from what has been our worst holiday ever. I've never been more disgusted with a hotel in all my life. La Vallee Blanche is no way a 3* hotel but a doss house for the kids that work there.

The lack of communication between Crystal management and holiday makers was appalling. They didn't even bother to tell us that there had been a nasty illness going around, we heard it from the people who were waiting to go home on our first day.

Throughout the week people started dropping like flies, including me. I only managed 3 days of boarding!

It didn't surprise me though because the 'hotel' was absolutely filthy. It's the most scruffiest, shabby, dirty place I have ever stayed in. And as for the food don't get me started!

Complaints were endlessly being made to the Crystal manager about the illness and the cleanliness but all he managed to tell us was 'Its rife in the UK and you've brought it here'. What a cheek!

There is a lot more I could tell you about but I have already spent enough energy complaining to Crystal directly.

If you want my advise think very carefully about booking anywhere with Crystal.

I wish I had looked into my crystal ball before booking!

  • Holiday details: Feb 2009, Full Board, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: , Skiing

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8 / 10
Pleasantly surprised!

"I have to agree with the comments listed already with the result of 8/10 for a stay in Feb. We stayed in this Hotel in March 09. After reading 4 poor ratings for people who had stayed in January, I telephoned our Travel Agent and actually asked them to contact Crystal for me to ensure that everything was ok at the hotel and that if it wasn't they had a concern logged before we travelled. There were four of us in our party including our two children. hence the concern at reading previous reveiws.

We drove ourselves as we don't live in the UK and informed Crystal that we would not be using the flights. It turns out that the rep was looking for us at the airport but luckily only for a short while. We got our departure details informing us when our coach would be collecting us, but again luckily we informed reception and hopefully they took care of that. These details should have been passed on from Crystal to the resort but appear not to have been

On a good note, apart from one young man who appeared to have a can't be bothered to serve customers attitude everything was great. The food was good although most cooked breakfasts were warm if not cold (but I can cope with that), the child care staff were excellent, the hotel it's self was clean and tidy but I have to admit a little tired and the location was also good. There were parking places just outside the door but it wasn't 1/2 term of French holidays so I don't know if you would get a spot at high season. The boot room was over-crowded. I think there was a heater in there but I doubt if it was working. The area was untidy, but I think that is due to the racks not running correctly and people, yes paying customers, being lazy and not putting their equipment away properly.

The snow was excellent. We had a sunny hot day on the Sunday our 1st day and then snow for all of Monday and most of Tuesday. After that lovely sun all week. Even the ski school seemed better in this resort.

Some of the slopes seam to have perhaps the wrong colour grading. Some blues seem harder than some of the reds and the greens in other resorts would possible be blue!

All in all a great holiday and a good time. We had no tummy upsets and the children were in Whizz Kids. They enjoyed whizz kids that much that after skiing with us on the afternoons they went back to Whizz kids instead of having the coffee and cake. Kids can also eat early and again the food looked good.

It was so good I think we're going back to the resort next year, although not the hotel but thats due to the hotel not being available to us now.

It's a shame when people read reviews and then set off on holiday, as we did, wondering what they are going to, hopefully this will help others. It's true what people say, "If only people that had a good holiday would write a review you would get the whole picture instead you only read the bad news.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2009, Half Board, booked with Crystal
  • Advice: Good skiing, expensive to eat and drink - but that
  • Good For: , Skiing

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8 / 10
Club hotel - does what it says on the tin!

"This is a club hotel; the board is chalet board i.e. no lunch but cake in the late afternoon with chef's night off on a Wednesday. The staff are all English (a good point for most people) and went the extra mile to answer queries on the resort and skiing - they were a good source of knowledge. They were youngish (late teens/early twenties, with older management) but conscientious, polite and helpful. I can't imagine why you'd book a ski holiday at this kind of hotel and rating and expect to be called Sir/Madam!

The bathroom and toilet were both clean (rubber seal at base of shower screen needs replacing as quite mouldy and not difficult to do, but is no worse than in most UK hotel chains). The toilet was bleached at least twice during our stay and was up to my high standards. Bed linen and towels were changed midweek and were clean. The room decor was worn and there were stains on the carpet, but these are due to other guests in the first place and we have had worse on previous ski holidays.

The food was great - three choices for each of the three courses (including a vegetarian option) to be made at breakfast. 1/4 litre of house wine per person each evening, or no limit for a small charge (€20?) per person. Packed lunches were also available for a reasonable charge. Breakfast selection was good - continental style but cooked breakfast also available for an extra charge. The cake did run out in the afternoon, so get there promptly (or there is always a bread and jam alternative). They even fed us at 9pm on the day we arrived.

The atmosphere was good in the hotel and the bar area was relaxed. It was kept clean enough while we were there and I saw the floor being washed more than once (I think daily).

The boot locker area was poor and cluttered, with the racks not being very robust or keeping on their rails. It was also cold (not heated, I think) so the ski boots did not dry out. I would suggest improved maintenance and some investment in some heating - after all, people are there for the skiing!

We found it easiest to walk the short way from the boot room up the road to the church and then ski down to the bucket lift (beware, it's slightly uphill at the end unless you get some speed up first - not always possible as other people around) or to the chairlift(s) over to Les Bergers. Both take around 10 minutes! Alternatively, you can walk down about 30 steps, but they can be slippery. Coming back from Les Bergers, get off after the first chairlift and you can ski down to the church.

We got our ski hire online in advance from Ski Service 2001 at Hotel l'Ours Blanc (just up and round the corner from the hotel) which was cheaper and nearer than Ze Shop through Crystal. We used the Crystal ski guiding on two days and I recommend it (although I heard they did not turn up for one of the days).

Overall, very good value for money and an inexpensive ski hotel.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2009, Full Board, booked with Crystal
  • Good For: , Skiing

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6 / 10
Boot camp, but fun

"I can agree with a bit of all of the previous reviews.

On the positive;

- great location - a 2 minute walk from the main ski lifts, sports centre also nearby(very good - swimming pool, table tennis, tennis, and an adventure climbing wall and frame)

- friendly, nice staff, mostly kids with an average age of say 20. Good nursery facilities and staff (for our 2 wee ones.

Be prepared for replies like "ok mate" and "no worries" when you ask for anything.

On the downside:

This felt a bit like staying in a youth hostel. The rooms were very, very tired, but well sized and warm with plenty of warm water, and all with interesting stains on the carpets (remember this is a hotel for families with small children). The food was edible, just. Generally cleanliness seemed to be a problem. Many of the kids were sick, as were some of the adults (one seriously). But to be fair when you put your kids in a new nursery, that can happen. You also cannot be sure to blame the hotel - this is a high altitude resort which maybe was a factor.

Would I go back?

To the resort - definately!

To the hotel - no, nice staff, but just too risky.



  • Holiday details: Feb 2009, Full Board, Booked Independently
  • Good For: , Skiing

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1 / 10
Poor Hotel

"The hotel is filthy ,my girlfriend and I contracted a Gastro bug after 2 days in this hotel,along with another 2 of our party (6 in total) putting us in bed for 4 days.We were not alone as most of the guests (like the previous week)caught the bug.

The management were terrible , we were not notified that the hotel has had this bug presant in the hotel for 4 weeks,they had no control of there staff, after complaints about the state of the place,it still was filthy when we left on sat 24th . 1 set of towels to last a week ! The food was cold,the bar & lounge which was constantly filled with off duty staff was filthy.

I would never go back to this hotel unless I knew the staff had been completely overhauled and that the place had been closed for fumigation and fully refurbished.

3.5 * rating from Crystal.... lol!!!!

  • Holiday details: Jan 2009, Full Board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: .
  • Activities: .

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1 / 10
La vallee blanche,please read

"My girlfriend and I went to LVB 17th-24th Jan 2009.

We arrived Jan 17th ,by the night of the 19th we were both very ill with sickness and diohrea , our holiday was over .Our toilet on inspection was filthy,silicone along the side of the bath (to prevent shower water leaking ) had spores all along it ,even after pointing this out ,it was not cleaned !!the staff were unreliable , we were not notified of the previous weeks guests illness,the bar/lounge area was constantly filthy,cake trampled into the carpet , wine and beer staines on all tables from the previous night would still be preasant in the late afternoon.

Staff would talk at the top of there voices at 7am despite knowing nearly all the rooms had sick people in them, when it was pointed out (by myself) to them they still didn't see they were doing anything wrong!!!!! I'm sorry if you have booked up here , PLEASE get in touch with crystal or the Hotel to verify they have made an attempt to properly clean the place as they still hadn't when we left,

The food was luke warm the first 2 nights ,we complained , nothing was done,as we were sick these were the only 2 nights we could eat,our friends informed us the food temp was the same for the rest of the week , the chefs walked around the Hotel with there disgustingly filthy work clothes on,hygean is not on the menu.

If you haven't booked I would reccomend avoiding this Hotel like the plague.The laziest most uncaring staff I have ever came across.Crystal should be ashamed.

3.5* rating they give it,the rooms are very basic,unclean ,the carpets are filthy through out,the beed linen is dumped over night on the corridor floor for a room change the next morning,no plastic cover to protect them from the filthy carpet and the germs in the air.

We were told the Hotel would need to close for a week to clean it properly by the manager, this was never done , they havenleft it to hundereds of guests to suffer so they would not lose a weeks takings.DISGRACEFUL.This matter is now with the legal team at Crystal as hundereds of guests want refunded for the week at LVB

  • Holiday details: Jan 2009, Full Board, Booked Independently
  • Good For: , Skiing

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8 / 10
I would agree that the general state...

"I would agree that the general state of the hotel is tired. However it is in a good location.

The staff are English, very helpful and friendly. We had a large 4 bedded room on the 3rd floor with a south facing balcony with amazing views. The bathroom has obviously been 'done up' because it was lovely.

We thought that the food was very good and understand that cooking for a large number of people required a limited choice, but the menu was changed daily. Breakfast was excellent with plenty of choice whatever your preference. Afternoon tea was very welcome. We would return.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2008, Half Board, booked with Crystal

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8 / 10
Had an excellent ski holiday at this...

"Had an excellent ski holiday at this hotel over the Christmas period.

Staff were all very friendly & helpful.

Food - choice of 2/3 from each course.

Only downside was the childrens menu could only be cooked/served at 5.30pm. Not sure why chef couldn't rustle up pasta/chicken bites and chips etc with our evening meal (especially as all meals were pre-ordered at breakfast anyway). Our children only attended the children's sitting once as it was too much of a rush to get him back from ski school. Saying that, they ate with us every other night choosing from the main menu and managed to find something they liked - apart from the starters which were mainly soup (which they don't like!!), but ate plenty of bread for their starter.

Rooms were basic, although very spacious - bathrooms were very big and had looked as though they had recently been updated.

There was a short walk to the ski lifts - once you get up into the ski school areas there are plenty of lifts/runs for the beginners.

Lovely outdoor heated pool and ice rink which can be used free with your lift passes.

Went to Smithys on the hotel chefs night off - food there was lovely and plenty of it.

All in all we had a great time in Alp d'Huez over Christmas. Our children enjoyed seeing Santa at the Ice Rink on Christmas Eve where they also put on a firework display, which was a nice way to spend the evening.

On the negative side - transfer time took a lot longer than stated in brochure - also we were left sitting on the coach for 1 1/2 hr at airport before going to resort as we had to wait for another flight to come in - no rep bothered coming to tell us that on the coach until we'd all been sitting there for at least an 1hr.

Would recommend this hotel - just remember it is not a plush 5* - but it was comfortable and clean - and who spends much time in their hotel room on holiday, anyway?

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007, Full Board, booked with Crystal

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6 / 10
We stayed here in March 2007 with our...

"We stayed here in March 2007 with our 1 and half year old daughter. The hotel in general is a little scruffy - I would say definitely at the low end of the 3* rating.

The room was great - on the first floor with lots of room, a balcony, and amazing views. The hotel was handy for the bucket lift but beware if you are travelling anywhere with a pram as it is down a steep flight of steps.

The staff were helpful and nice, but the food only scraped average. The crèche is fantastic, and they take the children outside to play in a safe area across the road from the hotel on a quiet nursery slope, as well as lots of indoor games.

Our only issue was with baby monitors - we had booked one, and it didn't work properly - it took them 2 days to get a replacement, and even then, you can only really sit in some areas of the hotel, as the reception on the monitor is not great.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007, Half Board, booked with Crystal

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9 / 10
Whilst the hotel was a bit scruffy...

"Whilst the hotel was a bit scruffy and sometimes a bit dis-organised, we thought the food was good for both adults and children.

However the main reason for writing this review is to praise the Crystal staff who looked after our 1yr old monster William and 3 and a half year old Isobelle.

The children loved every minute of the crèche and whiz kids during the day and snuggle club early evening. This left us free to ski without worry and get showered in peace ready for a well cooked meal.

Our room was a large family room on the 2nd floor, fortunately far enough away from the bar to remain quiet, however just on the limit of the baby monitor.

I hope this review is seen as positive and whilst nowhere at these prices is a palace, we would recommend Vallee Blanche to other families.

Transfers were 2+ hrs and we were dropped off last, which didn't make sense, as all the families were staying at VB.

Still a great resort.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2007, Half Board, booked with Thomson Crystal

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9 / 10
Agree with previous 2 reviews but...

"Agree with previous 2 reviews but would add the following points:

1. Family rooms now on 1st floor, just above the dining room, so quite handy.

2. Kids food not so good.

3. Kids clubs all fantastic, Pyjama Club in the evening particularly useful.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2007, Half Board, booked with Crystal

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  • by Still Game

    " good resort for boarding , very expensive to eat out/ lunch out "

  • by Hamhill

    " Great. A bit expensive for food, but all in all, a great resort for families and skiing "

  • by fi_barnard

    " Taking cable car up to Pic Blanc (wait for a day with good visibility) "

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