Imbat Hotel

Kadinlar Denizi Mevki Kusadasi Merkez, Kusadasi 09401, Turkey
6.5  / 10
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4 / 10
No more Turkey for me

"Hotel was located in a great location but management was rubbish. We went with 4 people but we were given a very small room with only a double bed in it. They brought a single bed later on with leaving us no room to walk in the room. Pool was not so big for such a big hotel and smell like toilet. Sea water was clean at first couple of days and then when the waves brought all that moss it covered dirt. Staff was keep raking the moss back to sea and was discusting to walk on it covered upto your belly. Went to town centre and shop keepers was so rude if you say you were just looking and they tod us not to come back if we were just looking. Bought gold from a place where we were told it was cheap by the hotel rep and paid 4 times more then whats it worth ( found out here in uk) All in all no more Turkey for us. Went to Samos for a day trip and people polite, you can go around shops with no bother and the prices displayed clearly. What a difference."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
hotel from hell

"we went to imbat hoptel in kusadaki in turkey it was the worst holiday we have ever had. the meals were rubbish the entertainment rubbish pool,the only deasent thing about the holiday was the sun. we advise people not to go to this hotel."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: no

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4 / 10
Rubbish food

"Dont go to this hotel! we went all inclusive at a cost of £499 each, and ended up eating out most days.If u like green beans in garlic mayo, complete with stalks, you wont be disappointed! The food is lukewarm and looks revolting.Everything is swimming in oil.Imbat caters for mainly Russians and Croations, there isnt any "British" food to be found.The hotel rooms are quite nice and the staff are friendly.Kusadasi itself is lovely, but we would never stay at the Imbat again."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: waste of money
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"I have recently returned from a week holiday in this hotel. We only paid £400 all inclusive each and so I wasn't expecting much! But, when I arrived, the hotel looked stunning from the outside and I couldn't belive it was our hotel! When we went inside the hotel, the pool looked great and the reception area, bar and resturant area looked wonderful. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, when we walked in the room, we had a breath takingly stunning sea view!! The room was big and the bed was huge! They give you 2 bottles of water every day! The restaurant area was superb, looking over the sea with a stunning view of the sunset. The food was fine, a buffet style restaurant with plenty to choose from! The private beach was stunning and the sea was amazing! I found some really negative comments about this hotel and all I could do was rave about it! The staff are lovely and I really cannot say any bad things about it! Great for families or young couples!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: yes
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
felt like a princess

"The staff couldnt do enough for you. The rooms were cleaned everyday. The cleaners would make designs with your towels on your beds ie roses and swans with petals. The staff looked after the english. Every night the waiters in the dinning room came to us and found us a table. They were straight there cleaning up after you had finished.

You didnt need to go out of the hotel through the day as they is everything you need. Your own beach with loungers on a jetty leading into the sea, where you can go for a dip when you get too warm. The gardens are kept very tidy.

The staff are all friendly and make you feel welcome.

The downside was that they were a lot of foreign nationalities who thought the food was going out of fashion. If you wasnt down for dinner by 7.45pm then they was nothing left because they pilled the food on their plates but then left most of it. Also the english would queue and the foreign nationals would come and stand in front of you. The Turkish people who were serving you food would know though and make them go to the back of the queue which was good.

We never got up for breakfast as I like a traditional english breakfast but they were only runny eggs and hotdogs sausages or cereal which wasnt very nice but rest of meals were very good.

The other downside is they only have certain local drinks, if you dont like vodka,gin,whiskey or lager then all inclusive is not a good choice as you have to pay for any other drinks required.

Dont expect much from the evening entertainment as they have to cater for all nationalities and wasnt always to my taste. They is local bars just outside the hotel so if you want a change you dont have to go far.

I would definately go back next year.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Try it, it has everything you require to have a good family holiday.
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Great Value Great Hotel

"Just had a week at this hotel (23rd - 30th June 2010) and enjoyed every minute of it. The facilities were great, no shortage of things to do day and night, and the staff couldn't have been more pleasant/helpful.

Room was cleaned daily,pool area cleaned each morning, and also throughout the day.

Buffet breakfast and dinner was varied and plentiful, although long queues did form for the freshly grilled fish/meat sections. The snack bar was great for burger and chips at lunchtime.

Hotel is ideally situated for local Dolmus (bus into town centre) and only a short walk to the many shops/restaurants on the beach front.

Although the hotel has it's own beach, Ladies Beach is much prettier and is only a 5 minute walk from the hotel if you fancy a change from the hotel pool.

I would certainly stay at this hotel again, and recommend it to my friends. A great all inclusive deal within walking distance of shops/restaurants and beach.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Loved it!

"My sister my mum and i went to Turkey for the first time three years ago, stayed in otel imbat and absolutely loved it! we fell in love as soon as we walked through the front gates!

All the staff were so friendly and most spoke very good english and we have kept up with a few since we came back! we returned the following year and enjoyed the same high quality service. We would have returned year after year if the outbound flight hadn't changed airports.

Rooms were comfortable with a nice balcony and everything you would really need. Cleaning staff were alsl efficient and friendly didn't ever pester for a tip. It was fab being all imclusive and we found they catered well for all nationalities which we thought was good as british were really a minority. Italian restaurant was amazing and main restaurant and poolside cafe were good also.

The anamation team were such fun and when you resisted and gave in to the games you couldnt remember by you didnt want to in the forst place!

we hardly left the hotel for two weeks only to go on a couple of trips as we found the local me quite intimidating but you didnt really need to leave as you had everything at your fingertips at the hotel!

I would definatly love to stay at the imbat hotel again as both years we have been were the best holidays iv ever been on and nowhere since has superceded !

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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7 / 10
You Get What You Pay For

"We have just returned after spending a fantastic week at this hotel. The location and views are stunning and there are plenty of shops and restaurants literally outside the hotel gates. The rooms are very spacious but a bit dated and are cleaned every day. OK the food is repetitive but we (3 teenagers, 2 10 years olds and 1 adult) never went hungry and to be honest the cost of the holiday was the same as self catering so you could just have the drinks and eat out. I read the reviews before I went and almost changed to another hotel but boy am I glad we didn't. We had a great time but you have to remember this isn't a 5 star hotel and if you want British food then stay at home or go to Spain! If you want cheap and cheerful and are happy to accept the fact that other nationalities go on holiday too then this is the hotel for you."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
Neever Againn!!

"Arived later than planned at hotel imbat, due to a delay with the flights. We walked up the path with the bell boy who was carrying our things. Everything looked promosing the garden was beautiful , the reception was very nice (the staff where very helpfull) and the scenery was gorgeous! then came the room. We went in to find there where only 2 beds there (there was 4 of us in 1 room). The beds had been said to have been deliverd before our arrival, but obviously not. With two children, being through delays and traveling was bad enough. We all needed a rest but that was hard with no beds. Next came a tiny woman (our cleaner, lovely lady) with two heavy zed beds on her own. So we obviously got up and helped her out. The room on a whole was ok but the bathroom could have been cleaner but hey, it was a holiday. We didnt spend much time in the room anyway. Thee pool was a deathtrap! umbrellas( with big metal stabalisers) falling, the most demented minded chap must have chosen the floor! it was so slippy i fell over atleast 6 times! I know what your thinking , monerr :-( but it was really dangerous. Some staff where so unbeliavably arrogant it was appalling but hey at least the weather was up to scratch and so much more :-) The restaurant was disgusting, not the food, no the bees and wasp and birds flying in your dinner. some people even let them :-o.

we couldnt enjoy any meal without being bothred by the wasps. the birds are just as bad they like to sit in the food. Do you catch my drift yet about what we thought of the hotel.

There was a few good things but... the sea gardan bar which is the most hospitable place ive ever been, the market which is on every wednesday. You need to get a taxi but tell them the market and dont use the meater, fix a price before you get in. we got there for 10 ytl ( £4) which is really good. Some taxis wanted 20

:-o.. One more thing if your looking for a social holiday this isnt one for you, no english speakin people at all apart from 1 little girl and her mum and a family of scotish people.if you want a peacefull 3 star you got it, its dirty, but its just that.

i hope you have learned from this short recap on my holiday

thankyou x

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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7 / 10
My friend and I went to Turkey for...

"My friend and I went to Turkey for two weeks, staying at the Imbat on an all inclusive basis.

It was my first time in Turkey, and I loved it.

Our room was brilliant, spacious, air conditioning and a balcony with a great sea view of ladies beach.

The only slight gripe we had was with the food.

The breakfasts were fine (we both became addicted to boiled eggs!) and the amount of food was great. But when it came to the evening meal we found it to be unimpressive and not up to the standard of the other meals.

The 'hot' dishes werent hot, but were only lukewarm, and they all tasted the same-bland! The quality wasnt that good, although the bbq one night was nice. During our last week we eat out in the evenings, which resulted in us spending alot more money than anticipated. We also both felt ill after we had eaten the evening meal in the restaurant.

There were alot of Russian guests in the hotel, who we found quite rude as they were always staring at us!

The staff in the hotel were nice, even at 6 in the morning when we were coming back from bar street! They still made time for us.The maids did an excellent job and came in each and everyday to change the towels and sheets. They would also leave us two large bottles of water, free of charge, in the hotel room fridge.

The weather was lovely and hot every day we were there. The private beach is gorgeous, and if you walk round the corner there is a quieter sun bathing area with some ladders down into the sea,which is where we went for the last couple of days as there were alot of yound families on the beach itself.

We had a great time. We have already booked to come back next year, but we havent booked the Imbat.

Lauren & Sara, West Yorkshire

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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4 / 10
Just don't expect a 4 or 5* hotel, coz you'll be dissipponted.

"I had booked this hotel as it was advertised as a 5* All Inclusive. I was to be dissiapointed.We arrived there at mid morning, and walking into the reception i was already disapointed, in the receotion area lay a tatty, faded sofa, the reception looked like it had been there since the hotel was built which was well over 30 years ago. Positive thing the staff where fab, and helpful. The bell boy was great as well, good service. He showed us to the room, which again dissapointed me, the furniture, was old faded, chipped, scared. The t.v looked about 30 years old, the bedding was fadded, the carpets where frayed, the bathroom, was very old, but on the positive side it was clean and had a hairdryer, and little shower gels etc.Ok changed an down to the pool, no comaplints here, nothing special but clean, and somewhere to cool down. Plenty of sun beds. Lunch had finished so had snack, from snack bar. Normally in All Inclusive hotels they lay out chips, burgers, pasta etc on hot plates for you to help your self too, but here you ordered what you wanted, and most times you ended up waitin in a cue for them to be cooked etc, and the quality and choice was poor. Over all this was the food, at lunch, tea, breakfast, to quality was poor, and the choice for main meals was poor. If your a vegatarian, you'll be fine, they had plenty of salad stuff can't fault them on that, but i draw the line at 5 lots of hot veg, and only 1 or 2 hot plates of main corse. They had a gridle of meat, which most nights where ok, but some nights it was processed meat, not real meat. Breakfast, contained, salad stuff, eggs, omelate, and bread, bread and more bread. Which is fine for a 3* hotel but not 5*The alcohol is not like alcohol, it has no effect at all, not that i was going to get drunk, but atleast i enjoy that warm feeling it gives you, not here, i drank 5cocktails, 2lrg G&T's and 2 Irish Creams, an didn't even feel tipsy, or warm or anything. Same with the beer, it tasted like beer but no effect, i had one bottle of beer at a restaurant outside the hotel and i felt tipsy after finishin it, so gives you the idea, of the quality of the beer in the hotel.

This hotel is not horrific, or disgusting, its just not a 5* its lke a 3* we made the most of it, and just excepeted we where on holiday, and we had a choice to go home or just try and enjoy our selves, but i would never go back, or recommened it to anyone else. So if you ain't booked yet, DON"T, or if you have booked, just don't have too high an expectation ;)

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008

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4 / 10
In spite of what happened to us we...

"In spite of what happened to us we had a fantastic holiday. I wouldn't normally write a review but feel compelled to do so after our experience. One of our party almost got killed after he fell into the drained plunge pool in the Turkish bath area. The area had poor lighting and was not cordoned off. He ended up badly injured. He was in his room for the whole of his holiday and we missed his company. If you were to do a risk assessment you wouldn't go to Turkey in the first place, but I have to admit on being hooked on the Turkish people and beautiful countryside.

I went with his daughter, a Turkish national and lawyer, to see the manager after it happened. He listened for 15 minutes and the next day he took our friend to hospital. He also sent a bowl of fruit to the room. Call me cynical if you want, I feel that had something to do with the fact that it was a family of lawyers that he was dealing with. The same man knowingly allows genuine fake perfume to be sold at his hotel. If the price of the Chanelle Madmoiselle EDP is too good to believe its because it isn't even toilet water.

As we went all inclusive, I admit to having my fair share of Efes, the national lager and the red wine was very palatable as well. I laugh when I think of going for another beer late one night and the barman said he had run out of glasses so I couldn't get one. I wasn't laughing however after rushing back from Kusadasi one afternoon, looking forward to another beer at the beach bar and being told I couldn't have one because they had ran out of beer. I did mention to the barman that my holiday didn't stop when his keg ran empty but that's Turkey for you. Can you imagine my face when he said there was no beer for me at 5.30pm. I am starting to sound like a lager lout but honestly I was in great company and really enjoying myself.

The weather was fantastic. At the beginning of September the sea has the heat of the whole summer in it and the setting is fantastic. The food was great and the head chef took pride in his restaurant. We met some really lovely Romanian, Dutch and Turkish people. The Georgians were a bit aggressive when their towels were removed from the beds at the beach bar and they threatened to fling a Romanian into the sea. He turned out to be a professional wrestler and was very calm about the whole thing. I would have loved to see them try with hindsight.

I heard that the hotel was in the process of changing hands and that an Irish consortium were taking over. Apparently it was just bad luck that we had come at the end of the season and most of the staff were waiting to get paid and finish. In the end I had a fantastic time. I think it is all about who you are with and who you meet when you are on holiday. To sum up; 5 star marble floors with a 1 star management. Turkey is a great destination, but also it can be very dangerous. Perhaps when they join the European Union safety standards will improve. Have a great holiday.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Holidays-Direct/ Co-op

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  • by julesthesunworshipper

    " Lots of marble steps to pool/reception areas can get a bit slippy at night. "

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