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Shore Road Ainsdale Beach, Southport PR8 2PZ, United Kingdom
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Legionnaire's Disease: Courtesy of Pontins

"Upon arrival I had to get out of my car and ensure I hadn't in fact hopped in the Delorean, because I was sure I'd driven back in time to the 70s. "New Pontins since 2011" - seriously? You must be having an absolute laugh. I've seen fossils which look more modern (and hygenic) than Pontins at Southport. If the faded, dank and dirty outer buildings weren't enough to deter you... Wait until you see the chalets.

When we entered the delightful room, we were greeted by an overwhelming smell of sewerage (a smell you will come to know and love throughout your stay). In the living room there was this giant, heavy box... Which I believe may have been a telly. Hard to say, as I was born in 1990. On the wall there was a sign which informed us that we would be charged extra if any damage (such as punching holes in the walls) occurred. This should tell you a lot about the Calibre of the guests here (as if their Adidas tracksuits, Air Max and flagrant disregard for dental hygiene wasn't enough).

I know that some guests feel disgruntled at having to either bring their own sheets or to pay the £10 fee to "rent" some, but you can't say that you don't get added extras courtesy of Pontins. I mean, one of our delightful mattresses had a large blood stain around the crotch area... Why even bother with the selection of arcade games when you can play disease roulette in your bedroom?

If you can stomach the stains of bodily fluids, then you're in for a treat in the bathroom. The shower-head had a wonderful emerald-colored mold encrusted around the edge. Unsurprising really, given that it was constantly dripping. My partner tried to fix this by turning the shower on. The shower then proceeded to stay on for about an hour (there is no off-switch. Perhaps this is because the average guest will never turn the wretched thing on anyway). Legionnaire's Disease: courtesy of Pontins.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering what other gems are to be found here. Why, Athlete's Foot of course! I would strongly recommend wearing appropriate footwear at all times (especially during shower and bedtime), as the floor is beyond disgusting. Simply walking from the bedroom to the living room gets your feet a nice shade of black with an array of dirt and bacteria (including a Vajazzle, which we can only presume came from one of the aforementioned mattresses - heavy night on the Lambrini for our former guests, clearly).

Despite being half-board, we only dared to eat the breakfast. How wrong could you go with fry-up and cereal? Well, I can assure that we are all a stone lighter now... (Another addition for your extras checklist: salmonella).

You might be wondering "why didn't they upgrade"? Honey, that's as good as it gets.

Enjoy your stay!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2015, Booked Independently
1 / 10

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"Please read the visitor reviews and be warned ! ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL, We had to stand in queue to collect door keys,the queue stretched the length of the Club room and outside the doors, some people stood in the queue for more than 30 minutes before they were told that their chalet wasn't ready and they should queue again two hours later.

As soon as we opened the door to ours the stench hit the back of our throats, the floor hadn't been swept, it was covered with clumps of someones hair, left over crumbs, bits of broken toys, and I dread to think what else. The bed settee dirty an covered with crumbs. there was cigarette burns covering the edge of the bath panel. No plug for the bath, although we wouldn't have sat in it anyway, there was no plug for the hand basin in the bathroom either, the water in the hot tap was scalding, no 'CAUTION HOT WATER' sign, so little hands are at great risk of having the skin removed ! HEALTH & SAFETY ...

The floors through out were filthy, badly stained,and covered with sticky grime, our feet stuck to them we had to wear shoes at all times whilst in doors.

The light switches, door handles, cupboard doors etc were caked with grime, skirting boards had several layers of dirt, as did the plinths in the kitchen area.

The saucepans had seen better days, and there was one small glass casserole dish, (CLEAN) probably because it wasn't big enough to use for more than one person.

One of the rings on the cooker had a broken bracket so nothing to hold it in place. The microwave was reasonably clean, but no socket nearby to pug it into.

There were more old crumbs in the small toaster than Warburtons have in whole of their bakery.

The mattresses were filthy, and one of them had a hole in it. The pillows and duvets were not fit enough to pass onto the local dog charity! The outside play area was cleaner than the living accommodation.

After complaining at the 'HELP' desk we were told a cleaner was on route to us. Not sure where from because after waiting for an hour we went shopping for cleaning materials and blitzed the entire chalet. Walls, doors, door frames, sockets, light switches, inside cupboards, including the wardrobe with a whole punched in the back, the furniture was scrubbed, the mattresses were bleached, the cutlery the crockery etc etc,

The entire chalet was deep cleaned, whoever moves in this week , please enjoy your stay with out risk of returning home with SICKNESS and DIARRHEA.(HEALTH & SAFETY)

We stayed in this GHETTO for three days only and in that time the cleaner never did turn up, and the ones that we saw around the site we only saw one that had a mop on bucket on their cleaning trolley. We did see him enter one property armed with this mop and bucket, but he had no floor cleaner/bleach or disinfectant to put in the bucket, and we did wonder if he bothered to put water in it or was it a just a dry mop.

There must be many people that fall ill with various bugs after staying in the dump.

And anyone visiting this Ghetto for a second time must have to be sedated.

For those people that intend to visit, take bleach and other cleaning supplies, wipe the mattress over look at the dirt on your cleaning cloth...you will feel sick. Speaking of sick, don't eat the food from Sachas, twigs would taste better.

The whole site needs to be demolished, there is more fun to be had at Dismal Land.

I feel sorry for the Blue Coats and the front line staff that have to accept the complaints and still smile.

The owners of the Pontins should take their own families and spend a week in the hell hole.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: KEEP AWAY, go some place else
1 / 10

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Minus minimum standard

"Booked for a weeks holiday told accommodation was gold standard asked to bring sheets everything else provided we got there the apartment was dirty heaters not working fridge not working door to one of bedrooms kicked in supposed to be apartment for 8 people seating for 2 people chairs uncomfortable one pot one pan few spoons called reception informed someone would be coming to sort out the heating and fridge it was quite late about 7 pm hungry and tired switch on cooker mains and guess what fridge came on. Two hours later no sign of maintained. Decided to we couldn't' stay there it was so dirty had my 94 year old father with me it was no way he was going to sleep in a cold and dirty apartment. I went to reception asked what gold standard meant and was informed double glazing and a couple of vouchers. When I told her that we were not staying in a dirty apartment she did not seem surprised. It has been a week now no acknowledgement. The whole complex was less then minimum standards. Never again Pontins."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2015, Booked Independently
1 / 10

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"Filthy black rotten the flat was disgusting there were ants it was generally filthy in the chalet the fridge absolutely stank and if it wasn't so dirty I would have been more comfortable sleeping on the floor!!! Please don't bring your kids here it's rotten , most of the staff here are teenagers and either ignorant or stupid."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: DON'T GO HERE
1 / 10

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Pontins southport avoid if possible!

"The wait to book in was long stood in arcade with children and suitcases while others jumped Que easily, organized chaos. Chalet, looked ok on the surface but look close and get a shock! We paid almost £450 for Monday to Friday and basically only used the beds as there was no alternative. Everything on the camp had to be paid for using tokens at £1 each would soon mount up, food on the camp was awful, we did only eat once and my son subsequently spent the night throwing up! No bus into Southport so it was either a walk to Ainsdale train station for a train or as we found it was cheaper to taxi into Southport and back at £8 approx each way. Southport was our saving grace as it became our haven for the week. Some campers only paid £49 for the same holiday as we had! Pontins southport should be avoided if possible, better to find accommodation in or around Southport and make your own holiday!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Close your eyes and take lots of cleaning materials.
  • Good For: Beach
1 / 10

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Don't go to Pontins. Ever!

"We had booked a 7 night stay at Pontin's Southport arriving the 4th of July, as soon as we entered the apartment ants met us they were even in the toilet. The floor was disgusting, cooker was rusting away, part of the spring from the mattress was sticking out of the side, my 18 month old cut her foot from something left on the floor, the 'new' arcade wasn't open, the restaurant had chairs with broken legs and were dangerous, none of the staff knew what was going on and the attractions were never opened on time. We stayed one night and left the next day. the time we had spent there we had heard and seen quite a few people complain for various reasons. when we complained of the ants someone came with raid and said 'at least they don't carry diseases'. mold was everywhere and the table in our room had missing pieces on the legs and we only just managed to catch the table from falling on top of my 18 month old.

The place is nasty and should be torn down.

we wrote to head office and have yet to hear anything back.


  • Holiday details: Jul 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't go.
1 / 10

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no complaints from us..

"We've just had a great wk end at Pontins was a bit worried on reading the reviews wasn't expecting 5 star its a Pontins budget holiday ..but the chalet was fine cleaner was still there but was polite and chatty and happy as were all the staff from gate to bar staff and blue coats,chippy was good and the kebabs shop was delish,Sunday dinner in Queen Vic and a good pint were lovely..loved the shows everyone was friendly and although packed everyone had a great time and children were entertained endlessly well done to all who work there we would go again and probably will.."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2015, Booked Independently
9 / 10

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no complaints from us..

"We just had a great week end at Pontins was a bit worried on reading the reviews wasn't expecting 5 star its a Pontins budget hol ..but the chalet was fine cleaner was still there but was polite and chatty and happy as were all the staff from gate to bar staff and blue coats,chippy was good and the kebabs shop was delish, Sunday dinner in Queen Victoria and a good pint were lovely..loved the shows everyone was friendly and although packed everyone had a great time and children were entertained endlessly well done to all who work there we would go again and probably will.."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2015, Booked Independently
9 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Big Fat Gypsy Holiday !

"We arrived for a 4 day stay for Christmas 2014 3 Adults and 2 children 8 and 12. Booked in about 4pm Chalet was ok windows dirty floor dirty, there was a big dent in the bathroom wall where the door had been slung back hard into it, there was no pull on the heater in the bathroom. Kitchen was ok and all the pots were clean. We were half board. plenty of room in the chalets. Went for evening meal at the correct Red Band time and it was chaos they had not finished serving other col bands, we had to queue for 45 minutes. The food was ok, and the staff were very nice. Then the Gypsies arrived they were noisy drunk and the men carried on drinking all night even in the morning at breakfast they were stood with bottle in hand drinking. The men shouted all the time when they spoke. they were noisy at night going back to their chalets. Then another gypsy family arrived then another they were very intimidating. Anyway we kept away from them as much as poss. We had booked in advance for our Christmas meal which was £140 - for the five of us, only to find out on the Christmas day that all half board (red band) people were being given Christmas dinner free in the New Restaurant , also we were told to arrive at 2-40 for our dinner, and when we got there the earlier people from 1-30 had not even had their dinner. So we eventually got our dinner at 4pm. The food was really good when we eventually got it.We put our complaint in at the reception and was told to write in for our refund but up to date have not had any reply either by E.mail or letter or telephone from Pontins. So we are still awaiting our refund of £140.00.

I will say that the staff the Blue coats and catering staff were really good. We stayed because of the children, disappointed not a lot of facilities open outside for the older children, short staffed!! I think after reading all the terrible reviews we were LUCKY to have got the chalet we had. So Pontins get your act together and pay up and smarten up or you wont be staying open much longer.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Go prepared to maybe do some cleaning and spend alot of money. if you are ocd on cleaning its not for you.
  • Good For: Beach
5 / 10

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Awful dirty accomadtion

"Stayed in club class!!! God help you if your in a basic grade, booked for the Ricky Tomlinson weekend, arrived 3pm reception total chaotic, the park is truly in need of condemning, how Sefton council public health department has not shut this park down is beyond belief. Read the rest of reviews on hear before booking. We paid over £200 for three nights, I wasn't expecting five star, but I was expecting it to meet basic standard hygiene requirements of most hotels.

We were home by 8 pm the next day, that's only due to spending the day off camp in South Port which is a lovely seaside town. The chalet was filthy, we did complain, a duty manager sent a cleaner over, it was still dirty, the curtains couldn't close, they were so dirty I didn't want to touch them, the draft from the windows was so bad I was convinced the windows were open. We've stayed in Butlins and Haven, and NEVER experienced anything like Pontins for the dire accommodation.

The show (the only one we watched) was good, the singers were really good, buy the sound was so loud it was distorted, alcohol is served in plastic glasses only, people seemed to be drinking there own drinks, so you can imagine how drunk some where, which resulted in folk vomiting in public ares yuk. The staff were really nice and tried to help, apologizing for are bad experience, judging by other folks reviews which are all similar, I'd just say stay away.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't bother
1 / 10

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People need to realise this is not the ritz!

"When we went to Southport Pontins in the Summer holidays 2014, we had a lovely time.

First thought when we got there was "hello hello" from the carry on films. The apartments are old but all you need them for is sleeping.

Okay so that apartment is Basic but what do you expect? It had everything we needed for a family of 2 adults and 4 children. double bed in one room, 2 single beds in another room and the sofa bed.

It was clean apart from under one of the beds, so we asked a cleaner to come a sort it out and she was there within 5 minutes and sorted it.

The facilities on site have had a huge revamp and has been made loads better and has more for children to do. Swimming pool has been all sorted out and redone up and is lovely but the pool is a little chilly.

There is a few takeaway places on site as well as the food being served in the pub. It is basic but it is edible.

The blue coats are lovely and put on some good shows/ activities for the children. Plus the crock crew are brilliant with the kids.

We had that much of a lovely time we're going back this year for the Feb half term and the Easter half term.

Don't listen to all these bad stories and go and try it for yourself..

We have been to Brean Pontins, South port Pontins and Camber sands Pontins and had a lovely time all all of them.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: It's for the kids, if they are having fun that's all that counts
  • Good For: Beach
10 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Filthy, filthy, filthy

"Those are the only words to describe Pontins at Southport. I had to ask 5 times for someone to come and clean the chalet floor. The filth was unbelievable. I don't think the floors had ever been washed from when they were built. The windows, window frames, skirting boards were filthy. We had to wear shoes all the time. Under the beds and settee had never even been brushed, let alone washed. I have never stayed in such a dirty place in all my life and never will again. The swimming pool and surrounding areas were filthy and the children's pool had all the lining lifting off the bottom. I took my grandchildren instead to the beautiful, clean Splash world in Southport and paid £7.50 each to go in.

Check in at Reception was absolute chaos. We queued an hour to get our chalet keys. Every time I went to the reception desk to complain for someone to come and wash our chalet floor I had to queue for ages. I complained 5 times before I finally got someone to come. At one point I took a floor cloth which I had wiped once over a small area of the chalet floor to the reception desk and asked them if they would like to stay in such a dirty place. Pontins really lets Southport down because it is a lovely area to stay. Pontins put on a really good firework display towards the end of the week - why couldn't they spend this money on giving the chalets a good clean - that would be a start. Black marks Pontins - I'll never stay in a Pontins camp again and will tell everyone I know who's thinking of going there not to risk catching a disease there. I'm going to write to the Tourist Information Office about Pontins as it's letting the town down because South port is such a nice place.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't go, or if you've already booked, take plenty of cleaning materials with you - you'll need them.
  • Good For: Beach
1 / 10

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    " Southport Pier, Splash World "

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    " Mama Mias and the beach were the highlight "

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    " Pizza Express in Southport was lovely, staff v friendly "

  • by 58829008

    " we travelled to chester zoo and the kids loved it "

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    " you get what u pay for great for kids "

  • by charl86

    " blackpool for the day or the beatles story in liverpool "

  • by clickycat

    " Pop to Farmer Teds in Ormskirk - great for kids loads of activities and hands on with the animals "

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    " better if you can drive so you not tied to the complex and you can go and explore rest of southport as apart from beach nothing... "

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